Gotta Love Magic: Anonymous asked you: Regina catches Emma trying on one of her Evil Queen out fits and teasing ensues "This brings a whole new meaning of getting in my pants Miss Swan"

She had heard her lover grunting and groaning for a good ten minutes before she finally decided to go inside to their expansive walk in closet, which really, was the size of her room back in Storybrooke, "Darling, what are…? Oh…" Regina couldn't help the giggle that escaped her mouth as she saw Emma, "Well… This brings a whole new meaning of getting in my pants Miss Swan."

Emma turned around quickly and tried to cover herself as if she were naked. She rolled her eyes at herself and sighed, "I just… wanted to… see…"

Regina smirked and nodded like she would nod to Henry when he was getting upset and trying to make a point, "Of course you did Darling… but umm…" She walked over and ran her hands along the burgundy felt of the blazer's arms then over the lace covered chest and down the blazer's buttons before coming to rest on leather clad hips, "You know that you see with your eyes and not with your entire body…?"

Emma pursed her lips, "Yes… I do… but I wanted to see it on me… and that required my whole body… By the way…" She took a deep breath, "How the hell d'you breath? Like… ever? How the hell can you breath? 'Cause the only time that you seem to be able to breath would be when you're naked or when we're sleeping… which is usually naked…"

Regina pressed her hand against' Emma's back to straighten the woman, "Well.. Proper posture tends to help, Princess…"

"Oh Jesus… With the 'Princess' shit again really?" Emma looked at Regina.

"Honey… you can't escape what you are…"

"But I don't want to be a princess…" Emma looked at her, "I'd rather be… not a princess… Can you be princess and I just be that girl that sleeps with you and cuddles with you and has a son with you?" Emma asked.

"No, but I can be your support when you need it." Regina said, "This won't be my first time around… it'll be the first time that I use my position for good… but the basics are the same…" Regina shrugged.

Emma leaned in and nuzzled Regina's nose before she kissed her, "Regina?"

"Yes, my love?" Regina looked into Emma's eyes.

"Can you please get me out of this? I think I might die or… pass out… or pass out and then die if I don't breath soon…"

Regina laughed, "Yes, let's get you out of the Evil Queen's outfit."

"Is that why you don't wear this stuff anymore? 'Cause Babe… you'd look booby-licious and sexy in pretty much every single one…"

Regina shrugged, "Yes it's why I don't wear them anymore… but I might be able to get variations of your favorites… just for you." She winked at the blonde as she undid the buttons on Emma's front and the back of her neck.

"I think I'd like that very much." Emma nodded, "Can I pick all of them for you to get variations of?" Regina laughed and shook her head, "No?"


"'Yes', 'no'? Or 'Yes' I can?"

"Yes you can pick them all…" She leaned in and kissed Emma's cheek, "I love you."

"I love you too." Emma grinned as she kissed her back, "You know… the only bad thing about these outfits is the amount of time they take to get on… and off." The blonde waggled her brows as she pushed Regina out of their closet and across their bedroom to their bed.

"Mmmm, yes… Luckily I have magic…" Regina waggled her own brows back as she clapped her hands twice and they were both naked instantly.

"Gotta love magic!" Was the last cohesive thing either of them said for the next few hours.