Author´s notes:

First, I will try not to make more author notes until the end. I swear, I´ll try. The exception will be the translation of the Spanish fragments.

Translation of the Spanish bits:

"Hello, I´m Edward Cullen."

"Hello, Edward, I´m Maria Eugenia, the owner of Granada. I hope you´re ready to work nonstop."

"I don´t understand."

"Oh, my god! Carmen, come here. This one doesn´t speak Spanish at all. Who was the genius that thought he could work here? I hope he can keep up."

Second, please, pay attention to the dates.

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I want to thank Breath-of-Twilight for being a marvelous friend and for betaing this. I´m a wee bit headstrong, so the mistakes are mine, she did try to make me see sense. Thank you Kelli, love.

Also, I want to thank JA Mash for the beautiful banner. I adore it, and you, Jess.

This is an Edward and Bella story, even if the first twenty-two chapters are about Edward´s past. I actually had intended to write Bella´s past also, but decided against it. I swear they´ll be short. And they´ll set eyes on each other soon.

Girl of Smoke and Glass

September 5, 2002. Somewhere in Central America.

A Restaurant´s kitchen

"Hola, soy Edward Cullen," I say to the lady who is obviously in charge, almost exhausting my Spanish repertoire.

"Hola, Edward, soy María Eugenia, la dueña de Granada. Espero que estés listo para trabajar sin parar," she fires back.

"Er… what? I´m sorry, yo no entiendo."

"Ay, Dios mío!" she exclaims and turns to yell. "CARMEEEEEN! Carmen, ven acá, éste no habla nada de español. En qué cabeza cabe que va a trabajar aquí, espero que no nos atrase todo!"

Carmen turns out to be her daughter, her young, beautiful, voluptuous, sexy-as-fuck daughter.


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