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Emily lay in bed, her light green and white covers rapped tightly around her body as she snuggled in closer to her pillow. Beams of crisp light seeped through the blinds filling her room with warmth. She flipped over her pillow and buried her head deep under it shielding her eyes from the bright sun. She could hear the slight pitter-patter of feet rushing down the stairs and towards her room. The door swung open with an awful squeak and the floor panels creaked as 12 year old skinny little doe eyed Elisia Kathryn jumped up on to the bed. Her dark brown braids wiped her in the mouth as she bounced up and down.

"It's 9 Mommy, wake up! You know what today is right? You do remember?" Elise yelled ripping the sheets of her sleeping mother and throwing them across the room in a pile. She flopped herself down next to Emily and surprisingly snatched the pillow away from her face.

Emily let out a loud groan then rolled over to face Elise. She slowly opened her eyes and squinted as they adjusted to the light. She mustered up a tired and annoyed smile as she rubbed the sleep from her under eyes and said "Good morning Baby!" She reached over pulling the little girl in for a loving hug.

Elise squirmed around in her mother's arms for she was too excited to sit still. Today was the first time in years that Emily did not have to work so she had promised to spend time with her daughter by taking Elise shopping in New York and to see wicked on Broadway. Elise loved Broadway almost as much as she loved chocolate and wicked was her favorite. She knew all the lyrics to all the song and for Halloween she and her best friend Katy were Galinda and Elphaba. Elise scurried over to her mother's dresser and picked out a pair of dark-wash jeans and a bright colored shirt tossing them on the bed. "Get dressed before I bite you, and don't think I won't!" she exclaimed as she disappeared into the kitchen for some cereal.

After taking a warm shower and getting clothed Emily made herself a cup of coffee and sat down next to Elise at the counter. "Mommy?" Elise asked as she took another mouthful of honey nut cheerios.

"Yes darling."She answered looking at the time and thinking about how long it would take for them to get to New York. 'Good thing we bought tickets for tomorrows show.' She thought as the big hand slowly past 10 o'clock.

"Why were you out so late last night?" Elise questioned cautiously as she sipped the last of the milk in her bowl leaving a tiny milk mustache on her upper lip.

Emily went completely silent she thought that her encounter with her former Interpol College was just a dream. How was it possible that Shawn was really in that bar telling her that Ian Doyle was out of prison and coming after her?


"Emily Prentiss" he greeted with opened arm as she met Shawn at a far table in the corner of the bar. He was a large man with a strong Scottish accent and a beard.

"Shawn. How are you?" she replied as they exchanged smiles and for a moment then Emily broke the silent's that pierced through that rests in the jazzy piano background music. "So I was going to call you back, I just got busy on a case and Elise has a lot of sport on right now..." She sounded to apologetic for being late but none the less she would not be so happy to see her friend with what he was about to tell her.

"Oh it okay I had to be in D.C anyways." The pleasant grin on Shawn's face began to fade as the reason he was meeting Emily jumped back into his thoughts. He could not hold it in any longer "Ian Doyle vanished from prison." He said quietly as not to draw attention to them. "Interpol can't find him."

"What are you saying?"she asked concernedly

"He's off the grid Emily." he whispered trying to make his point clear.

"Do you think he's headed hear?" she waited for his answer as a tear slowly formed in her eye. The feeling of utter loathing filled the pit of her stomach as images of his terrifying face flashed through her mind. Her heart started racing her pulse rushing and her head was reeling as she began to think of this terrible awful man hunting her down, it was an unimaginable horror. She hoped he didn't know about Elise, she just couldn't handle the thought of losing her baby at the hand of Ian Doyle. Shawn's silents could only mean one thing and that was that Ian was inevitably on his way. She took a deep breath then swallowed hard "Am I in danger?"

"We all are" his words made her heart stop completely and her face turned pale as a ghost.


"Mommy?" Elise asked concernedly as she watched her mother staring of into the distance. She could see the tears forming in the corners of her eyes and the sad expression painted on her face.

"Sorry Elli mommy was just thinking about something." Emily said shaking her head and looking down at Elise. The last time Emily was so late going out she came home in tears, she barely talked to her daughter and she was so disoriented that it was virtually impossible for Emily to care for Elise at the time and the scared Elise more than anything.

"Oookkkaaayyy…so anyway who are you more excited to see Kristen Chenoweth of Idina Menzel? Personally I'm thinking Idina Menzel!" Elise learned very quickly to change the subject when something was upsetting someone and that she did.

"Umm… I'm not really sure." Emily said as she snapped back to reality and wiped her tears. "Well, we better get going if you want to get to Hollister and Forever 21."

I smile slid across Elise's face "Okay! Let me just grab my bag." She leaped out of her seat and raced to her room. She pulled the door open and reached her hand onto a hook grabbing her brown purse by the strap. "Shall we go now?" she said in a sassy British accent as she began to laugh.

"I guess so! Be good Sergio, don't eat the fish this time." Elise let out another laugh at her mother's comment as she remembered finding the disassembled bones of her former red beta fish Mushu scattered around her room. And that wasn't even the first time he cat had done something like that. He was a monster of a pet but she loved him none the less.

Alone with over twenty huge bags in her hands, Emily practically had to drag up the stairs Elise. After multiple long day of shopping the child was completely exhausted. Elise let out a tired smile and waved as they passed there neighbor in the hall her eyes were slowly blinking shut. Emily reached into her pocket as grabbed her key, shoving them into the key hole. She began to laugh a bit as she noticed her daughter slowly falling asleep against the wall. "Did you have fun?" Emily said quietly as she flopped the last of their purchases on a chair.

Elise squinted as the lights flicked on. She moseyed her way over to the couch, slumping down and let out a loud sign. "You already asked me like ten times. I think by now you know the answer." Elise rolled her eyes as she watched her mother look through the refrigerator.

"Okay smart ass, go to bed." Emily teased with a grin as her little girl's attitude began to in increase.

"Night mommy, love ya." He she yelled as she disappeared to her room.

After Emily could no longer hear a sounds coming for Elise's room she nervously walked through to her bedroom, crouching down she opened her safe and retrieved a large brown envelope, taking it into the dining room where she sat down with a heavy sigh and started to examine her old undercover identity and passports. Emily suddenly felt her heart beat rapidly as her fingers lingered on the picture of Doyle but the shock of Sergio jumping onto her lap caused her anxiety levels to soar through the roof. She stroked the black cats head as she held tight onto him before she suddenly heard a noise coming from the apartment, certain that Elise was still in her bedroom Emily kept a hold of Sergio as she stood up before the cat jumped out of her arms. Drawing her weapon Emily kept talking to Sergio as she checked the apartment, gently opening Elise's door she breathed a sigh of relief as she saw the girl was fast asleep. When she reached her bedroom Emily's gaze was instantly drawn to her curtain as it blew in the breeze. Immediately Emily closed it and looked around the room before she went over to her phone.

"Hey it's Emily, yeah I just wanted to see if you left the bedroom window open?"

"Oh yeah, Sergio slipped out and I remembered that Elisia told me one that if you open the window he will come back soon enough. There was no water damage was there?"

"No I was just wondering that's all. We'll talk to you later this week I might need you to watch Eli for a couple day but we can discuses that some other time. Bye."

Emily let the phone drop onto the bed as she tried to steady her heart rate down but then her attention was instantly brought back to the device as it started ringing once again. Cautiously Emily looked down as she saw that it displayed 'Caller Unknown' she stood back and let it go through to her answer phone, unsurprised when the caller hung up without leaving a message. Immediately Emily's thoughts turned to Doyle and that she must keep her little Elise safe, whatever the cost. Quickly Emily armed herself with some of her glass ornaments from the bookshelf in her bedroom, balancing them on the window ledges before she made her way into the hall, pushing the large wooden unit against the front door before she carefully balanced the vase on the edge. Her mind was whirring and her breathing fast as she sat in the dark, staring hard towards the front door as her loaded weapon sat heavy in her hand.

The morning came ever so quickly for Elise. She laid in bed for several moments staring blankly at the ceiling before the silent of her home began to alarm her. Normally bye now her mother would be taking a shower and getting dress but Elise listened she could hear no loud faucets or the sound of howling coming for the bathroom.

Once dressed she wandered out of her bedroom and towards the living room but she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks as her eyes focused in on her mom, sitting on the chair with her eyes closed but her finger rested on the trigger. Elise opened her mouth ready to speak but as she saw her mom's eyes open she was at a loss at what to say, especially as Emily turned and instantly pointed the gun at her.

Emily's heart skipped a beat as she realized that it was her daughter standing in front of her, immediately she dropped the gun down, making it safe and placed it on the chair, only then did she ran over to shaking Elise who was stood frozen in shock her eyes wide as saucers.

"It's okay sweetie. I'm so sorry."

Elise took slow deep breaths as she tried to calm herself. He skinny arm shook as she rapped the around Emily. he bottom lip quivered as she spoke "mommy what's going on?"

Emily didn't speak she kept her silent's as she thought. She couldn't tell Elise unless she wanted her daughter to be scared out of her mind for who know how long. But on the other hand her little girl was very smart she would eventually figure it out and then Elise would be upset. Emily didn't know but she was terrifying her baby and that wasn't fair.

"Elise, can you keep a secret?"

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