"What exactly do you think that this is going to accomplish, Nicklaus?" Tatia asked her captor as she remained tied up in the backseat of a—presumably stolen—black sports car some sort. Tatia couldn't really tell due to the fact that she barely knew what a sports car looked like. He raised his eyes up to meet hers in the rear view mirror.

"Don't call me that." He replied in a flat tone, returning his eyes back to the road directly after the words were out of his mouth.

"What? Nicklaus? Why? That is your name."

"Yeah, I go by Klaus these days, Love."

"Whatever you say," She said with a sarcastic ton, causing Klaus to look up into the mirror again. "Nicklaus." His eyes narrowed at her but she didn't even wince at the sight of his heedful eyes like everyone else seemed to. Quiet on the contrary she smirked at him with a teasing grin and eye roll. "Oh, aren't you scary. Honestly Nicklaus, a thousand years and this is the best you got? Elena showed me some…what did she call them again? Movies, I think…Well anyways, in the ones that she told me were produced with the purpose to frighten people, the bad guys we quite demented. A lot worse than you; that's for sure."

"Can't you just call me Nick? Bekah still does and you were the one who gave me that nickname."

"Nope, sorry Nicklaus."


"Did time make me more tolerable in your memories?"

Klaus heaved a deep breath, doing his best to keep his temper under control.

By this point she was quite content with herself for getting Klaus all riled up. Who knew what he'd do next, but she found herself excited by the danger he was capable of. She knew that one toe too far over the line would set off his temper. But why should she be worried about him? He shouldn't be complaining at all! He wasn't the one tied up in the back seat of a random car, zooming towards God only knew where. The main trouble was that she was unsure if they were even still within the city limits of Mystic falls or not.

"Where are you taking me?" She finally found the guts to ask.

"Home." Was all he gave in return. However this answer caused even more questions to begin to race inside her head. His home? Her home? Where their old house used to be? Was he bringing her back to her grave? Perhaps he was driving her back to Elena's. Though the last one seemed highly unlikely, Klaus didn't seem like the type to show any sort of mercy, but she could still hope, couldn't she?

They pulled up next to a rather large lumber house. The surroundings were nothing but forest, with a paved driveway that led out onto the nearest road. Truth be told it was a rather beautiful scenery to have a home but also creepily secluded from the rest of the world. There didn't appear to be any sort of neighbors. Of course, why would he want neighbors? He couldn't have anyone nearby to witness any of the shenanigans that go down around this house.

Tatia waited patiently as Klaus hopped out of the car and rounded to her door in the back. He pulled the door open, staring at the sight he'd laid before him.

"What are you going to do, Nicklaus? Throw me over your shoulder like a caveman and drag me into your cave?" She spat at him, only to have him follow what she said to a near tee. She was flung over his shoulder carelessly and carries into his house. She couldn't see much due the angling, all she saw was the different types of flooring whizz by underneath her. This was ridiculous and incredibly surreal.

She continued to spit wise alack cracks at Klaus and it was begging to get under his skin. He flung her down on his couch, huffing out angry breath. He glared down at her, trying to figure out how he'd ever be able to stop loving the woman before him. He'd have to find a way to wean himself off of her. But how? Killing her would do no good, she'd been dead for a millennium and he'd still hadn't been able to stop himself from caving in weak.

They stood there just watching each other, trying to gauge a certain level of disdain that may have been developed over the years. They didn't like one another at first the last time they had met, maybe this was the same sort of situation. Or maybe they'd both been changed forever, neither one of them able to tweak themselves for the other.

"Tyler…what are you doing here? And with Tatia?" Rebekah feigned as she walk through the threshold into the living parlor. Klaus rumbled about how the act could die now; Tatia knew it was him. Rebekah's eyebrows shot up in surprise, he had told her after all he did to pretend to other people that he was the jocky Lockwood boy.

"I've things to attend to, keep your eye on the zombie until I get back." He uttered to his sister before turning and charging out of the room with a commanding step.

"Don't be offended by the whole zombie remark. My brother can be a bit—"

"Dramatic. I know Rebekah; he is no stranger to me." Tatia interrupted her best friend, reminding her that she had indeed known her brother once upon a time. "On the contrary, I find his comment quite humorous actually."

Something flickered across the blond vampire's face; it was a moment of recognition. Her eyes widened only slightly, a small smile hinted at her lips, and some color reached her cheeks at the thought of it. Tatia narrowed her gaze on the other girl, trying to decipher what she could possibly mean by this expression. Rebekah shook her head a little, trying to push the moment away from their conversation. Tatia was not one to give up easily however.

"Rebekah Mikaelson, you have never kept anything from me as long as I've ever known you. Now I demand you tell me what that face was for right this moment!" Tatia said with a playful tone, staring Rebekah straight in the eyes. There was the sparkle of mischief and wonder that had always been there. At this moment she realized that her best friend from a thousand years ago was truly back, breathing, and sitting before her with the same enchanting smirk on her face.

"How is it even possible?" She wondered aloud.

"How is what possible?"

"He is so much harsher than he was last time you saw him…"

"Are we talking about Nicklaus my dear Rebekah?"

"He's done a lot of wrong, he's killed so many people. Not that I'm much better but, you are pure and caring…"

"What are you getting at Bekah?"

"I'm speaking of the fact that you are still in love with my brother!" She burst, throwing her hands up in the air as if it should have been obvious.

"Don't be silly Bekah." Tyler's voice echoed from the doorway. Both the girls whirled around with a gasp to spot Tyler standing there with an irritable look upon his face. "Leave."

The only original sister rolled her eyes at her brother as she got up and left the room, glancing back at her tied up friend with an empathetic smile. She wasn't the only one who had been held captive by Klaus. Her brother made her a slave of the dagger in a box for most of her life. She decided that she had to do something because of the fact that she'd never wish that fate on anyone else.

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