After all this moving getting a bite to eat sounded great I thought. I jumped in my red '66 Corvette and drove in to town. I'm in a bad spot here I thought. I'm new in Glory and I don't know anyone I thought.

I passed a diner on they way to my house didn't I? I thought. I found it and pulled in. I took a seat. A boy about 16 years old approached and said "Hi I'm Zane Are you new here?" I nodded and said, "I'm Abbie Dock." "Can I get you something tonight?" He asked. "Salad please." I said. "Anything to drink?" He asked. "Ice tea if you have it please." I replied. "Coming right up." He said.

He walked off. I tried to think back 6 years ago when I was 16. Wow that was ages ago. A man in a sheriff's uniform walked in. He walked up to me and asked, "This seat taken?" I replied, "No." "I'm Rudy Dunlop." He said. He extended his hand. "Abbie Dock." I said. I shook it. He has soft hands. Easy to hold.