I Grinned. "Let's find Justin." I said. "Justin, The cute blonde?" Josh asked. Davie nodded. "He's cuddling with some guy on the couch in the bar." I gasped. Josh looked at my clothes, "He dressed you didn't he?" I nodded. He laughed, "Go get changed it was a joke." "Meet ya back here in 5." I said and angrily stomped away. I changed back into my normal clothes and met the boys at our little spot. Davie's really cute.

"Hang on." I said,picked up my phone and traced the last history call..Ryan's number. I grinned. I hit the call button. "Hello?" He said. "Ryan?" I asked. "Yeah..I'm at Abbie's house..Who are you?" He asked. "It's me Abbie! I'm at some club with Justin in Seattle." I said. "What's it called and Where's Justin." I looked to Davie, "What's this place called?" I asked. "Rainbow Seattle." He replied. "Rainbow Seattle and Justin's off with a boy I think." I replied.

"He's mad isn't he?" The younger man's boyfriend asked. "Yeah.." I finished. "He tell you about Tony?" Ryan asked. "Kinda.."I said. "Stay away from Tony..you see him anywhere leave." Ryan said firmly. "Ok.." I replied. "Buh- bye. I'll be there in an hour." Ryan said and hung up.

"Should we tell Justin..His boyfriends coming?" I asked. Davie looked sad. I nodded, "Yes your guys' god sent has a boyfriend." "Is he cute?" Shawn asked. "He's Justins." I said flat out. We walked over to Justin to see him fighting with some guy. "Get off me you sick little S.o.b." He snapped at some really ugly guy. I walked up with my head high, "You are?" "Just a guy." He said. "What's the problem Justin? " I tried to ask sincerely. "He wants me to jump him." Justin said annoyed Big girl Abbie came to the rescue. "Go find another guy to get in the sack with." I said.

"Why?" The boy asked. "Cause she's mine." Justin said and pulled Abbie in for a kiss. He got mad and walked off. He pulled away about a minute later. My jaw dropped. Blushed. Oh No! I gasped. I laughed. He looked at me, "Sorry only think I could thing of." He said. Davie looked at him, "You mean the only thing you could think of?" He nodded, "That's what I said." Shawn protested, "No it's.." I cut him off, "Who cares!" Shawn leaned in and whispered in my ear, "I think someone curious." I laughed, 'Him? I doubt it." "Ryan.." I said. "What about him?" Justin asked now looking in my eyes.

"He's coming.." David said. Shawn elbowed him. "You called him Abbie?! Why!?" Justin snapped now upset. "'Cause.." My voice trailed off. "God you're so stupid!" He said. I could have said something like "At least I'm not a hellbound queer." But I don't think gays are going to hell and queer is an evil word. "Why? Because I called your boyfriend when you went off with another guy?" I said.

"God!!" He said upset. "Now he's going to be pissed at me!" He finished. "I'm sorry." I managed. "It's ok..I know you didn't mean anything bout it." She grinned. "Let's sit." Davie said. We took a seat. This really fine male waiter walked up, "Ma'am you want a drink?"

I nodded, "Tequila please." Shawn smiled at his lover across the table. I smiled at Justin. Justin grinned, "I'm sorry for yelling at you Abbie." He said. I nodded, "Uh-huh." I picked up my cell and dialed my home phone, "Hi." I said. Rudy had picked up, "Hello?" "Hi Honey. I'm at a club. You guys can chill ok?" I said. "Here?" He asked.

"No In the ocean." I joked sarcastically. I heard him snicker, "You're the greatest baby." "Thank you honey." Abbie said and shivered. Justin slipped an arm around her waist and muttered, "You ok." "Rudy I'm going to go." she said and hung up. Justin looked in her eyes, "Abbie you looked spooked you ok?" She nodded and slinked into his arms. He layed his head on her shoulder. She blushed. He was perfect. Like Rudy but better. I think its because he was didn't want to have sex with me I thought.

He giggled and looked into her eyes, "What are you thinking about?" She grinned although she knew he'd never be attracted to her, "You." She admitted. He smiled, "Awh! A girl..thinking about me." Shawn laughed and stuck out his tongue, "Loser!" he jokingly commented. Davie had this look on his face, You don't mess with the cute guy.

I laughed. They're all so cute.. They're all so gay.. "What's funny?" Justin asked. "Thinking." I said. Shawn looked around, "About?" "Funny stuff." I replied. Justin jumped up, "Let's take the other ferry home and let Ryan be here by himself." I laughed, "That's kinda mean." "So." He replied pulling me to my feet.

We had taken Dave and Shawn to get on the ferry and head to my house. I love men! So when we arrived The first words out of Rudy's mouth were, "Ryan's gone." We chatted for awhile untill Ryan came back. Ryan started to protest and Justin hopped up and gave him tongue. Rudy pulled me close. This was the first time I'd felt safe in a long time and it felt wonderful.

Author's Note-This is the end..I think.. I may write a sequel.. ( Thanks for reading!!