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You and I: Chapter One

"I go wherever you go," he says, launching us into the water. This is our start. This is the moment it becomes real. We are married. We are infinite. Me and Conrad. The first boy I ever slow danced with, ever cried over. Ever loved.

All we could do was kiss. Me in a white dress and him in a classic black tuxedo. Sopping wet, our hair dripping, we pulled ourselves out of the water. "Hey, do you think we could make one more stop?" I asked. "Where are we going?" he said, looking confused. "I'll drive." Winking, I pulled the keys out of his pocket.

I knew he knew where we were going ten minutes before we got there. He never uttered a word, but just sat there staring straight ahead. As I pulled in the Women's Shelter, I could see pain written across his face. "I thought we needed to see her, at least a part of her, on this night," I whispered. He just looked at me and nodded, I knew I had done the right thing. I kissed him on the cheek and climbed out of the car, him following me. We walked hand in hand to the garden. Her garden. Susannah, the one who had always known we'd be together, who had asked each of us to take care of each other. This was where we needed to be.

"Thanks Susannah," I whispered. I gently laid my bouquet, which I had brought, on the wrought-iron bench in front of us. "I'll be in the car," I said squeezing his hand and turning away. I had just turned the car on and rolled all the windows down, letting the beachy breeze float around me, when he came walking up. I didn't say a word; I knew he wanted me not too. "Let me drive," he said sliding in the driver's seat. "You alright?" I said. Maybe I hadn't done the right thing. "Yeah," he said smiling. "I'm glad we went."

We pulled in to the Cousin's House. We were staying here tonight, all alone, before going to the airport the next day. I couldn't help but blush as we walked up the stairs and he unlocked the door. "Are you alright?" he asked. "I am perfect," I said leaning in to kiss him.

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