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The Honeymoon: Part 1

"The Dominican Republic?"

"Uh- well, yeah I just thought that-well that um, it would be nice for us to go somewhere nice, you know?" Conrad stammered out. "I mean I was only trying to make you happy. I have everything planned out… we have a car, a hotel, flight reservations. If you don't like it though I could always cancel…"

"No babe it's perfect! But, I mean can we really afford this? With you just finishing up medical school (A/N someone tell me if this isn't right!) and I just finished too, we don't have jobs…" I dwindled my worrying question down. "Belly," he said, "please don't worry about all that! If anyone should worry, it should be me, but there is nothing to worry about!"

How could I have been so stupid? Of course I'd known that Conrad wouldn't do anything to hurt us! I looked up at him and he looked down at me with sad eyes. Shit Belly, first day of your honeymoon and you hurt your man's ego. I closed my eyes, stood on my tip toes, and pressed my lips hungrily to his.

I started to pull away; we were in the middle of a public airport. Conrad wasn't having any of that though. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer into him, he draped his arms around my hips and I did the same to his neck.

"Last boarding call for flight A538 to the Dominican Republic."

I lowered myself back to the ground, winked at Conrad, grabbed my ticket, and headed towards the gate. I think he was still a little shocked from that last kiss. I had to admit I felt a little off balance and had to really work to keep myself upright. Honestly though, I felt like that after every kiss with Conrad.

I had already gone through the gate and I was walking down the hallway to the plane with my carry-on bag in hand when he caught up to me. "Um, Bells, you can't just kiss me like that then walk away!" I just smirked at him and kept going.

"Baby, wake up," Conrad said, gently shaking me. "Belly, come on get up we're landing. Bells, get up! ISABEL FISHER!" he finally shouted. I shot right out of my seat, "oh my God! Conrad we're on a plane you can't just shout!" He just shrugged. I looked around apologetically and then turned to look out the window.

I could see the ocean from here and it was amazing. The water was crystal blue and the sand was as white as paper. "Conrad look out the window it's so beautiful!"

"So are you."

I turned around in my seat and looked at him, blinking several times. I mean of course he had called me beautiful before but never just out of the blue like this. I liked it.

He looked at me, and it took my breath away. His eyes were blue, bluer than the water to my right. His face was so defined, his jawline perfectly sculpted. His eyelashes were so long and dark, I was jealous, the way the brushed his cheeks when he closed his eyes.

"I was going to wait- well, until we got to the room; maybe go to a fancy dinner. I can't though, so I'm going to give it to you now." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a little blue box. Tiffany blue. My eyes immediately filled with tears as I took the box out of his outstretched hand.

It was a charm bracelet.

It was gorgeous. It had an infinity charm on it, just like my necklace. It also had a wave charm, a sun, then two custom ones. The first was a "B&C" charm, the letters were pressed together and the next one was a heart with our wedding date on it. On the other side of the heart the word "forever" was inscribed.

The tears spilled over and Conrad gently brushed them away with his thumb. "It's so beautiful Conrad, thank you so much." I leaned towards him and pressed my lips to his. This kiss was sweet; none of the hurry that was in our last one in the airport was present.

He smiled at me and slipped it on my wrist.

I had a fleeting thought about my other charm bracelet, the one back in Cousins. Cousins. Jeremiah.

No, Belly this is your honeymoon.

I felt the plane jolt as we landed on the tarmac and I grabbed Conrad's arm. He chuckled quietly and I pinched the skin where his forearm met his upper arm.

*fast forward*

We were standing in front of our hotel room, the air was warm and it smelled like salt water. I heard the familiar *ping* of the lock on the door when it had registered your key and I was about to step inside when Conrad grabbed my wrist.

"Not so fast my bride," he winked at me. Before I could ask what he was going to do I was being lifted up and carried over the threshold of the door. I giggled loudly and smacked him in the chest. "God, you're so cliché Conrad!"

"Yeah and you're violent!" This only made me laugh louder.

He set me down and I looked around the room, we had a suite, I could tell. The room was large, there was a small living area with a couch, two recliners and a TV, this area connected to the kitchen. To my left was the bedroom, connected to a large bathroom with a claw foot tub and his & her sinks.

"I think it's pretty nice, the views great…"Conrad mumbled. "Conrad!" "Hmmm?" he asked, glancing over at me. "Stop talking."

I grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him roughly to me, my lips crashed into his and I felt what I had back in the airport at home. The urgency, the rush. I suddenly felt panicked; I need to feel him on me, in me.

I yanked his shirt off quickly and pushed him into the bedroom. I could tell he was pleased I was taking charge and in between his kisses on my neck, I began to take my clothes off. I knew there would be no foreplay this time, we needed it too much.

As we fell on top of each other I couldn't help but feel complete. Satisfied.

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