MLP FiM Fanfiction - Through the Storm by Lunafyre (L.A. Moonfyre)

Please note: This fanfiction was written as a direct follow-up to In The Rain by EbonMane, the Silence alternate ending. Please read that fanfiction before reading this one for proper coherency!

Chapter One: The Buildup

The two finally pulled away from each other, leaving the sky blue pegasus gasping for air and both mares blushing. "Well, Twilight, I'd say that's one way to get your point across," Rainbow Dash breathed between her panting.

The twilight colored unicorn holding her looked away with embarrassment. "So… you don't mind, then? The way I feel about you?"

Following her words, a silent flash of lightning from above illuminated the gentle smile on Rainbow's face, and in the ensuing darkness she gave her answer in the form of returning Twilight's kiss. This response made the unicorn's heart race, and she moaned softly against Rainbow's imploring tongue.

After they parted this time, Rainbow Dash whispered in a heated voice, "I'm thinking we should go back inside and continue our sleepover…"

The new implications of this hit Twilight suddenly, sparking a rush of heat throughout her entire body. Whatever she had been expecting from the opportunity of the storm and Rainbow crashing into her library that night, she never imagined it would escalate so far and so quickly.

Smiling to herself, her horn glowed dimly for a moment as she gathered power before enveloping the two in bright purple light. When the light faded, they were both back inside of the library and on Twilight's bed.

Rainbow Dash chuckled lightly and said, "Your level of magical abilities has always impressed me."

"Really? Because your flying talent has always impressed me," Twilight replied. The silence that followed was filled with shared admiration, the two mares quietly taking in the presence of each other as much as possible.

Outside, the storm continued to roar the proof of its power, every roll of thunder sounding its heartbeat as it raged on. The steady pitter patter of the heavy rainfall against the window seemed to fade under the escalating beating of Rainbow's heart. "…I never expected this to happen between us, Twilight. Ever. I didn't know that these kinds of feelings could feel so… good either."

The unicorn nodded, nuzzling up against the warm pegasus as close as possible. Her ears lowered as she spoke in a small whisper, "To be honest, I don't know what I would have done if you turned me down… it would be hard to stay here in Ponyville…"

Her words fell silent when she felt Dash lightly nibble on the edge of her sensitive ear. "Now come on, Twi. I don't wanna hear that kinda talk, especially because the thought of you leaving now sucks! I like having you beside me," Rainbow said softly into the ear she had nibbled.

Twilight sighed as Rainbow licked along the length of her ear, the sky blue mare's caresses stirring that heat within Twilight's body. She started to lightly pant when Rainbow trailed kisses along her neck, and she whispered, "I-if you keep doing that, I'm going to go mad! It makes me feel so hot and… weird."

Rainbow drew away only long enough to reply hotly, "It's making me feel like that, too, but I just can't stop. There's so much desire in me that I didn't even know was there… All because of you, Twilight."

When Rainbow resumed her seductive kissing, a shiver passed through the unicorn's body and she gasped from a new sensation rising in a particular area of her body. "By Celestia's mane, Dash! I… I want you so badly!"

The sky hued pegasus smiled and replied, "Good, that's exactly what I was going for." She kissed her newfound love deeply then, both mares sharing their breath and a similar racing of hearts.

Breaking the kiss, Rainbow Dash studied the fiery desire burning in Twilight's expressive eyes and grinned. She stood up on the bed suddenly, using a hoof to easily roll the unicorn onto her back and promptly climbed atop her. Twilight released a cute, "Eep!" at the unexpected motion, but when she felt Rainbow on top of her, she found her breath very hard to keep. Her body trembled ever so slightly when she saw the look in the eyes of the pegasus; she was both scared and excited at exactly what that expression meant, a blush rising hotly across her face.

On top of her, Rainbow was starting to breathe harder. Twilight could feel Rainbow's building excitement almost like a physical force, and it strongly fueled the hot feelings within the unicorn's body. "Twilight, I hope you're ready for this…" the rainbow bearing pegasus breathed, her wings beating slowly.

"Ready or not, all I know is how much I want it," Twilight whispered, reaching up to gently touch Dash's blushing cheek. The pegasus pressed herself more against Twilight's touch, and the unicorn smiled before softly kissing Rainbow Dash. Her tongue easily slipped into Rainbow's mouth, and for the first time the unicorn felt one of those tell-tale tremors run through Rainbow's body.

So, this is real… and so are her feelings for me. Oh, Dash… Despite herself, Twilight felt the familiar sting of tears building up, and when they began to fall the sky blue pegasus noticed. She pulled back, almost moving from on top of Twilight, but the unicorn held her firm and said, "Wait, Dash. I'm just… happily in disbelief. It's not a bad thing."

Rainbow gently kissed away all of Twilight's tears before she whispered a reply, "That's okay, then. I just don't like to see you cry. It… It hurts." The small waver of her voice validated the truth of her words. Twilight felt her heart thump particularly hard at this, and urged Dash down to kiss her deeply, tasting the sweetness of her own tears on the tongue of the pegasus.

Softly the winged mare gasped, rubbing her body against Twilight's soft form and making them both tremble. Rainbow Dash pulled away from the unicorn's irresistible mouth to start kissing along the side of her neck, grinding against her again as a loud crack of thunder from directly overhead shook the tree. Twilight cried out when Rainbow started to bite her, this new sensation driving those intense feelings in Twilight's body to higher extremes.

The twilight tinged unicorn realized that she felt an odd wetness growing in a certain area, and for a moment she mentally cursed herself for not reading up about how a mare's body reacted in this sort of situation. Maybe she won't notice… Twilight faintly thought, but when Dash pressed her lower region harder against Twilight, the unicorn felt the unmistakable sensation of wet warmth against her coat from the pegasus. It told Twilight that it was a good sign, but she was a little surprised at how much she felt escape from Rainbow Dash. A lot of unrealized desire…

She cried out again when intimate wetness touched intimate wetness. "You're driving me crazy, Dash!" Twilight gasped.

The sky blue pegasus chuckled and replied with light jest, "I love having that effect on you, Twi. It only feeds my ego!"

Another tremor ran through Twilight's body when Rainbow resumed her slow kissing, her mouth now making its way across sensitive areas of Twilight's chest and getting lower by the moment. It wouldn't be long before the rainbow marked mare was no longer directly on top of the unicorn, but the burning sensations in Twilight only grew hotter. Her breathing rate was now entirely beyond her control, and her sounds were getting louder even though she was trying to stifle them with a well placed hoof.

She was just glad that Spike was away in Canterlot for the night by special request from Princess Celestia. If she were thinking more clearly, she would have noticed how all of these seemingly unrelated events had led her and Rainbow right into each other's embrace and hearts, as strong as the force of destiny. Right then, though, the only thought that dominated Twilight's mind was being alone with Rainbow Dash while the storm of the pegasus raged on powerfully outside.

By now, Rainbow's mouth was already grazing along Twilight's unexpectedly susceptible lower belly and almost to the unicorn's most sensitive place. When at last Rainbow got there, Twilight was drenched. She released her loudest cry yet when Dash tasted her for the first time. After several breathless moments, the lilac mare found herself thinking, For never doing this kind of thing before, Dash really appears to know what to do… by the Moon!

Another loud cry escaped Twilight; Rainbow Dash had started to suck lightly. Her simple yet seemingly practiced techniques stimulated the unicorn's body rather quickly. With the next explosive roll of thunder, Rainbow heard as well as felt Twilight's overwhelming climax. She pulled away, her face covered in wetness, and gave her Twilight-soaked lips a slow lick while meeting the unicorn's purple gaze.

The magic filled mare was blushing hard, looking at Rainbow with such intensity that the sky blue pegasus stopped breathing for several moments. When she didn't move, Twilight gently urged her to sit up and moved to lick her own warmth from the other mare's face. Rainbow sighed deeply, climbing again to lie on top of Twilight while the unicorn licked her face clean.

Lightly Twilight flicked her tail against Rainbow's flank, silently telling the pegasus it was okay to move. Rainbow Dash shuddered hard when she did just that, rubbing intimate warmth against intimate warmth. Twilight was so wet, so heated…

Rainbow felt like she was wildly spiraling out of control through electrified clouds, lightning discharging all around her as she twirled endlessly through the heavily ionized air. Her wings were completely outstretched and trembled slightly, her face flushed bright red. She didn't realize it then, but later Rainbow Dash learned that the overwhelming storm-like sensations pressing against her were caused by Twilight's magical aura charging up from the unicorn's romantic feelings.

Friendship is magic, but young love is overpowering.

The strong electric sensations caused every short blue hair to stand up on Rainbow's coat and stimulated every single feather on her quivering wings. "T-Twilight…" she softly stuttered, the tingling of her body nearing madness for her.

The unicorn could hear the desperation in the pegasus mare's typically boastful voice. The need within it was new to Twilight, and she found that she loved it and wanted to fulfill that desire. Sitting up completely, Twilight smiled and said, "Turn around, Dash. Let me return the favor…"

The shaking of Rainbow's body became more pronounced as she rose up on all four hooves, doing as Twilight had softly commanded. Now with her gaze turned to the window, Rainbow Dash couldn't see what the unicorn was doing behind her, but she heard faint shuffling as Twilight moved on the bed. When she felt warm breath tickling across her wet heat, Rainbow released a small sound and gazed up at the clouds in the sky.

Several minutes later and the pegasus had her face buried into Twilight's pillows to try to reduce her sounds. Neither she nor Twilight ever expected it, but Rainbow Dash screamed the proof of her pleasure. The sky blue mare later claimed that Twilight was using a bit of magic to amplify the sensitivity of her body, but she wasn't entirely sure that was the only reason for her volume.

The storm beyond the unicorn's bedroom seemed to increase, its powerful symphony growing louder as if it was trying to over-shout Rainbow's cries of euphoria and maintain the secret of their new love affair. Although neither of them wanted to admit, they were both harboring tiny seeds of fear within their tender hearts, both mares quietly thinking of only negative reactions if any other pony ever discovered the two together in such a manner.

What would the other mares within their tight circle of friendship do if they ever found out? Rainbow Dash consciously pushed the hurtful possibilities aside, but Twilight could not. Though the change was subtle, Rainbow could still feel the shift of emotions radiating from the unicorn slowly licking her. She lifted her head a bit from the pillows to say something, but instead of speaking Rainbow could only gasp sharply and then released a shuddering cry. Her wings beat furiously while her entire body shook and a bright flash of blue lightning cut the clouds in half directly outside of the window.

Twilight had made Rainbow's body peak for the first time.

Trembling violently, Dash collapsed onto the bed while small whimpers escaped her. In all of her life, the blue pegasus had never felt such an absolute moment of intensity, and it was that precise instant where the bond was permanently sealed. Rainbow's heart would forever belong to Twilight with life-giving loyalty, the pegasus certain with every facet of her being that it was meant to be.

Watching Rainbow trembling in a heap, Twilight's heart felt that moment of bonding with the pegasus mare. The unicorn knew it was sealed forever, and found her spirit soaring with pure joy. Her heart brimming with powerful feelings, Twilight slowly moved to lie on top of Dash and tenderly nuzzled the back of her neck, taking in the amazing scent of rain that emanated from the pegasus mare's multi-colored mane.

Rainbow panted and shook slightly; she realized that she really liked the way Twilight felt mounted on top of her. When she had caught her breath enough to speak, she tenderly breathed, "Twilight…" The named unicorn lightly licked her ear and moved when Dash shifted to stand.

After a quick bed readjustment, the two mares laid underneath Twilight's blankets in a mutual embrace with hot bodies pressed tightly together. Dash could see out of the window and watched her storm, Twilight lovingly nuzzled against her wild rainbow mane and already breathing deeply from sleep.

So… this is what love is… Rainbow thought as her eyes drifted shut, the steady drumming of the rainfall serenading the sore and happily exhausted pegasus to sleep.