Chapter Five point Five: Midnight Downpour

Eventually, Twilight lowered her head and cast her gaze away from the motionless door. Her ears drooped, and despite her best effort to hold her emotions in check, the tears fell from her eyes again, as endless as the raindrops from the storm outside.

"Oh, Twilight…" the sky blue pegasus murmured, tears welling up in her eyes once more as well. Rainbow Dash gently embraced the shaking unicorn, letting Twilight hide away from the world by burying her face into a multi-colored mane. When Dash glanced at the pink mare sitting by the two, she saw that Pinkie Pie was crying again with them. She motioned to the earth pony to come closer.

Pinkie Pie watched the other two mares with sadness, her blue eyes clearly stating that she still felt responsible for the pain inflicted on her friends. When she reached towards Twilight to coax the unicorn away from Rainbow's mane, the pegasus couldn't help but notice a familiar spark light up in those bright blues. Twilight turned to look at the pink mare, and when her deep purple eyes met Pinkie's gaze, a light blush grew on Twilight's cheeks.

Rainbow Dash felt her heartbeat quicken as she watched the curly haired Pinkie lean intimately close to Twilight. Her breath tickled the unicorn's wet cheek, and Twilight trembled in Rainbow's hold when Pinkie slowly kissed her tears away. The earth pony did not stop, taking her time with her movements and never pulling too far away. Then, she started to lick the unicorn, as if she wanted to clear away all of Twilight's tears and pain.

She drew back to softly whisper, "Let me try and put some smiles back on those faces…" Her tone left absolutely no question about what exactly she meant, and even though Rainbow had fought desperately against her growing tensions, she still felt her wings fully expand after hearing that. The air pressed heavily against her body with that tell-tale electrical charge, informing the pegasus that she was not alone in those feelings.

Twilight was starting to lightly pant, her gaze fixated on those blue eyes. Already she could feel her body heating up, making her whimper a bit. Though still crying a little, Pinkie Pie smiled when she knew that her offer and her feelings had been completely accepted. She glanced into the eyes of the rainbow-bearing pegasus for just an instant before she passionately kissed the unicorn mare. Her intensity elicited a sensual moan from Twilight and a small gasp from Dash at the same time, the pink mare quick to slide her tongue into the warmth of Twilight's mouth.

Again the unicorn moaned with her growing fervor, leaning back and placing her head on Rainbow's lap while Pinkie eagerly climbed on top of the lilac mare. Oh wow, that's unbelievable… the pegasus thought, hungrily taking in the sight of the two mares that were practically laying on her. Watching Pinkie Pie kiss Twilight with such erotic force was almost painfully arousing, Rainbow noticing that tingly feeling building up the longer they continued.

When the pink mare pulled away, Twilight was completely breathless. Those blue eyes turned on Dash, and before the pegasus knew it, she was tasting cupcakes. This time when Pinkie pulled away, Dash was left in a slight daze. The dreamy expression on her face made Pinkie Pie giggle softly, and Twilight smiled at last.

"See? Doesn't that feel a lot better, Twi-Twi?" the earth pony asked.

The librarian mused on it for a moment before replying, "Mnh, no… Maybe you should do it one more time?" Again Pinkie Pie lightly giggled, grasping Twilight's head and hotly kissing her while pushing against her body. Twilight tightly wrapped her forelegs around the earth pony, moaning into her sweet tasting mouth and rubbing against her.

Pinkie did not let the kiss last long before drawing away from Twilight's mouth and giving attention to one of her sensitive ears. The pink mare took the tip of the unicorn's ear into her hot mouth, and when she sucked on it Twilight gasped and shuddered. Rainbow took the opportunity to join in, giving Twilight's free ear a torturously slow lick.

The unicorn mare cried out, the tension in her body skyrocketing and now immensely unbearable. Her voice quivering, Twilight said, "I c-can't take it anymore!"

Dash chuckled softly into her tingling ear. "That's too bad, Twi. We've only just started…" she breathed, her words earning a whimper of desperation from the magic filled mare. Pinkie pulled away, leaving the ears to Rainbow Dash so she could turn her efforts lower, to the unicorn's neck. Just as Pinkie gave Twilight a light nip, Rainbow nibbled along the entire length of the ear she had been teasing.

A loud groan sounded from the unicorn at these sensations, Twilight shifting around from obvious discomfort. She could not wait much longer, and again she pleaded, "P-Please… It hurts…"

Pinkie sat up and replied, "Aww, well since you put it like that~…" The earth pony stood, giving Twilight a quick kiss before she turned around. Leaning down, she looked over her shoulder and rubbed her curly tail against Rainbow's face. "Dashie~…" the pink mare said in a sultry murmur, "would'ya mind…?" She gave her raised rump a wiggle and lifted her tail, perfectly revealing every juicy detail to pegasus and unicorn both. The scent of her excitement from teasing Twilight hit Rainbow hard, a violent blush flooding her face as her still extended wings started to shake.

To answer Pinkie's request, the pegasus released a small moan before burying her tongue deeply into the mare with the curly mane. "Ooh, Dashie~… Heehee, so fierce~…" The earth pony let out another delicate moan and then she lowered her head completely, her breath hot as it caressed Twilight's intimate wetness. Lightly she kissed the unicorn, Twilight shaking underneath her and moaning.

The pink mare ran her tongue along Twilight's entire wet length, getting a good taste of the unicorn and deciding that it was now one of her favorite flavors of all time. I wonder how good Dashie will taste… Pinkie quietly mused, the idea of that making her blush. A tremor ran through her body when she felt Rainbow's tongue swirling deep inside of her, and immediately she decided that she was going to find out about Rainbow's exact flavor next.

Following Rainbow's cue, Pinkie Pie mimicked the same swirling motions against Twilight, feeling pleased with the noises she could get out of the unicorn. When the pegasus added a bit of sucking with her motions, the pink earth pony shuddered and followed suit, in turn causing Twilight to cry out. Aha, there's her weakness… Pinkie thought, increasing the force even more. The unicorn's body responded beautifully under Pinkie's tongue, the air around the three nearly crackling from Twilight's excited aura building up more and more. Her sounds became more desperate the closer her body was to that moment of euphoria, Twilight shuddering from the intense sensations.

Softly Pinkie moaned against Twilight's wet heat, Rainbow Dash relentless with her tongue deep inside the earth pony. The efforts of the sky blue pegasus were well rewarded when the mare with the curly mane tensed up and trembled for a moment. The unicorn underneath her gasped loudly as the immense pleasure shot through her, her release and the sensual flare of her magic aura spurring Pinkie's climax almost instantaneously. The pink mare easily caught all of Twilight's unique flavor in her mouth, whereas Dash clumsily attempted the same.

The rainbow-bearing pegasus sat back with a small sigh, glancing down to where Twilight's head still rested on her lap and into her deep purple gaze. The unicorn was blushing and smiling faintly while watching the sky blue pegasus. When she saw Twilight's smile Rainbow then realized that she was grinning as well.

"Isn't life so super-duper-tastic when we can all smile?" Pinkie asked, standing to slowly trot around the other two mares.

Rainbow watched her stand, and the pegasus finally had to ask, "Say, Pinkie… You seem to know a lot about… about this kind of stuff… Why is that?"

In reply, the pink mare giggled and waved a dismissive hoof as she replied, "Well, Lyra and Bonbon like to throw some crazy parties, and you know me! I never turn down the chance to host a stellar party!" She came to a stop beside Rainbow, and when the pegasus turned her head, the earth pony gently grasped her to hold her still and proceeded to lick her own wet warmth from the right side of Rainbow's cheek. Upon seeing this, Twilight sat up and joined in, now placing Rainbow in the middle of the torturous teasing.

Both mares could feel the pegasus tremble in between them. Rainbow started to pant, physical excitement rapidly rising within her body. Pinkie didn't linger long before she trailed down Rainbow's body with her tongue, eager to find out how the sky blue mare tasted. By Pinkie's gentle urging, Rainbow leaned back and against Twilight, the unicorn moving directly behind her to support her.

Now behind the pegasus, Twilight lightly caressed those trembling wings while slowly kissing the side of Rainbow's neck. Heated groans escaped the rainbow-bearing mare, her sounds only growing louder when she felt Pinkie's tongue dancing against her sensitive heat. The sonata of the raging storm outside was nothing more than a whisper compared to the voice of the pegasus, her cries ringing out long through the night.

Even with their hearts wounded and the immediate future uncertain for their friendship, the three mares found solace within each other that night, and found the strength to make it through the storm.