There are not many people who can say they weren't affected by what happen on September 11th, 2001. Some felt it closer to home than others. The Northman family was one who felt the pain and anguish that has plagued their family for over nine years.

Sookie has had a few years of nothing but pain. More than any person could be asked to bear. But she's persevered and came out a stronger person. With the passing of Gran, she decides that the best course of action is to leave Louisiana for brighter and better pastures. Low and behold, Sookie ends up in New York working for Viking Publishing as their new up and coming lead publisher. But there is more at work here than a new employee starting a firm. Can the fates, destiny and the soul of those lost help heal two families and make them one.

Join Sookie as she places her heart first and her head second as she learns how to love, trust and look at a future she never thought was imaginable.

Where were you on that fateful day is a questions generations have asked themselves when tragedy has faced this nation. But sometimes it's not where were you we should be asking but what do we do once we are on the other side of a tragedy.

A/N Please note: This story will have the backdrop of one of the most tragic events I've ever lived through. It also will deal with death and how we grieve. By no means do I take the deaths that day, the tragedy the family faces or even the death of loved ones and children lightly. I lived through that terrible day and lost many of the people I had known for years. I started thinking of this story the day they announced that had found Bin Laden. I used the concept and the event as a backdrop of this story. This story will also mention abuse, pain and suffering. If any of this is a trigger for you, please forgive me. As always, I try to be careful in handling sensitive topics. I truly hope I do it justice.

This story is dedicated to the lives that were lost that terrible day, the families they left behind and last but not least, the strong and brave Americans who have risked their lives that day in New York and overseas to keep us safe. I thank you more than you know.

Shell, you are gone but not forgotten. Your smile is etched in my brain and burned into my soul. I miss you always.