This Life I Live: A One Direction FanFic (Chapter #1)

"This is your stop, miss," the cab driver stated. "Let me get your bags." I got out of the car and stared at the large brown stone townhouse in front of me. Although I couldn't help but admire the house, which was much nicer than any of the others we had passed on the short drive from the airport, I still couldn't stop shaking with nervousness.

The cab driver placed my single black suitcase on the top of the steps leading to the front door and gave me an encouraging smile. Perhaps he sensed how much I was freaking out.

"Don't worry, miss, the Maliks are a good family," he said with a smile, before getting into the cab and driving away. I sighed, wondering for the millionth time if choosing to take a year abroad in Bradford, England, had really been such a good idea. What if the Maliks, my host family, were mean or didn't like me? I had enough trouble getting people to like me at the small school I attended in upstate New York. I was somewhat shy, and it took me a while to feel comfortable and act like myself.

Quickly, before I could talk myself out of it further, I knocked on the door. I gripped onto the handle of my suitcase sure that at any moment I would faint from all my nerves.

A smiling brunette lady opened the door and pulled me into a fierce hug.

"You must be Cara! I'm so glad you made it here safely!" she cried holding me at arms length.

I couldn't but smile at how friendly and nice she was.

"I'm Tricia by the way, but you have to call me 'mum', alright?" I nodded, hoping to thank her for her kindness for letting me stay with them.

"Mum, let her get a word in…" a girl at Tricia's elbow who looked to be about twelve said.

That's when I realized that there were five other people standing behind Tricia, all smiling at me encouragingly.

"Come on inside," a tall man wearing a Manchester United shirt (who I assumed was Tricia's husband) said, ushering me inside.

"Zayn, help Cara with her suitcase!" he ordered, pointing to the suitcase I was positioning awkwardly on the top step.

"Oh no it's fine, I can do it," I cried. The last thing I wanted was to be a burden.

"No please, let me do it," a voice said. I looked up and almost fainted. The most beautiful boy I had ever seen was reaching for my suitcase. He was attractive not because of his gelled black hair or beautiful dark brown eyes. He was attractive in the way he was looking at me, his face both innocent and caring. Usually I like to do things for myself but I was so overwhelmed by his good looks and the kindness that seemed to radiate from him that I just nodded meekly as he picked up my suitcase.

I followed everyone into the kitchen. Wow, their house was as nice on the inside as it was on the outside! The kitchen was large and spacious, and the countertops and appliances gleamed in the soft natural light.

Tricia and the rest of the family were all talking a mile a minute, and I couldn't keep up with any one conversation for more than a few seconds.

"Introductions!" Patricia exclaimed after everyone had sat down on the kitchen's bar stools.

"This is my oldest daughter Doniya," Patricia said, touching Doniya's arm. I smiled at her, and she smiled back. Her hair was a beautiful raven black, and there was something mischievous in her smile.

"And this is Waliyha and Safaa," Patricia said. Both girls ran up and hugged me.

"And I'm Yasser, but like Patricia said earlier, please call me dad," Yasser, the Manchester United man, cut in. I nodded quickly, watching from the corner of my eye as the attractive boy who had taken my suitcase entered the kitchen.

"This is my oldest, Zayn," Patricia said, running her hands through his gorgeous hair fondly.

"Hi," I murmured, trying not to stare at him, but not really succeeding. Come on Cara, you don't want him to think you're some weird freak, I thought. Hahaha, well he will found out soon enough, anyways, I decided. Yes, I talk to myself in my head. Further proof that I am a freak.

"Zayn stop staring at her like you've never seen a girl before," Doniya said whilst smirking. I looked away as fast as I could and pretended to be admiring the countertops.

"I wasn't staring," Zayn said quickly, sending Doniya a dirty look.

"Oh stop it you two," Patricia muttered. "Cara, I'm sure you're exhausted from all your traveling today, so let's get you settled in for the night. Doniya, show her the guest bedroom, alright?"

I followed Doniya through the kitchen. When we walked past Zayn, I couldn't help but notice how good he smelled. Like aftershave. Oh god Cara, get your hormones under control, I commanded myself.

We made our way up the stairs and down a long hardwood corridor.

"This is my room," Doniya said, touching the first door, which had a sign with her name on it done in neon leopard print.

"This is Waliyha's and Saffa's room," she said, touching the next door, which had a collage of Justin Bieber pictures. The door was slightly ajar, but all I could make out was a lot of purple and pink.

"They're Belieber's?" I asked, chuckling.

"Yep, we're big fans around here," she joked, rolling her eyes.

"This is Zayn's room," Doniya said, touching the plain white door beside Waliyha and Saffa's door. "And this is yours," she said, opening the door next to Zayn's room, the last in the hallway.

"This is amazing!" I shouted, staring at the beautiful hardwood floors, pale gray walls, and all black furniture. In the center of the room was a giant four poster bed, covered in beautiful purple and grey bedding.

"I'm glad you like it! The bathroom's just down the hall, but let me know if you need anything else. You probably want to rest now," she said, waving as she left the room, and closing the door behind her.

Doniya was right… I was tired. I had barely slept on the plane from New York, and had been much too excited to nap during the cab ride. I opened my suitcase and pulled on my pajamas. I would worry about unpacking the rest of my things tomorrow.

I collapsed into the bed and replayed the day's events in my head: awesome host family, awesome house, awesome room, sex-god host brother.

My host family was amazing, that was obvious. Now I just had one problem: how was I going to survive the next year living with only wall between myself and the hottest person on the planet?

Zayn's POV:

After Doniya showed Cara her room, I went to my room and found my laptop and power cord under a pile of crap on my desk.

I logged in to a group chat on msn, and sighed in relief when the names of my four best mates from school, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis, appeared. He didn't know what to think about Cara. She was easily the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, with her soft blond hair, pale skin, big green eyes, and the way she just seemed so nice…. Oh god, this was bad. I was half in love with her already, and I'm supposed to be her host brother. How sick is that?

Yeah, I definitely needed to talk to my four best mates about this.

Bradfordboi217: GROUP CHAT NOW

I drummed my fingers on the keyboard as I waited for the other boys to reply.

Hazzalovesyou: Heyyy guyz. Did that exchange gurl arrive yet?

All of a sudden I wasn't so sure I wanted to tell the other guys about Cara. Only Liam had a girlfriend and the rest were always talking and flirting and hooking up with girls without a second thought. It sounded crazy after only knowing Cara for a few minutes, but I would never want her to be subjected to their womanizing teenage-boy ways.

Blondleprechaun: If so, I call dibs.

Only Niall would call dibs on a girl he's never even seen before over the internet... and this was just the kind of thing I had wanted to avoid…

Ihatespoons22: You can't dibs a girl over the internet, Niall -.-

At least Liam understood!

Ihatespoons22: Besides you don't even know what she looks like! ;p

LouBearTomlinson: Ten quid shes hot

Typical Louis.

Hazzalovesyou: hotter than me? ;)

Typical flirty Harry. I shuddered to think what he would do if he ever got close to Cara.




Hazzalovesyou: YOU GUYS ARE MEAN!

I couldn't help but laugh. Oh Harry….

Blondleprechaun: I just needa remind everyone that I have dibs

Bradfordboi217: NOBODY HAS DIBS

Hazzalovesyou: …say I'm hot and I'll agree…

Blondleperchaun: In your dreams, Styles

Ihatespoons22: R u bringing her to school 2morrow?

I sighed. Cara would be starting in my form tomorrow, though I had no clue what her schedule would be. Hopefully, I would have all my classes with her, without the rest of the boys. I mean, obviously they would run into Cara eventually… I sighed again and typed back in defeat.

Bradfordboi217: She's in our form, so yea, guess ill bring her 2morrow

LouBearTomlinson: Make ur new "sister" wear something hot, eh? XD

Blondleperchaun: afhjkimfibvbk

Ihatespoons22: Niall?

Blondleperchaun: FUCK

Blondleperchaun: Spilled my nandos chicken wrap on my keyboard… AGAIN gtg see u guys 2morrow!

Blondleperchaun has signed off chat

LouBearTomlinson: REMEMBER: SHE MUST WEAR SOMETHING HOT jk jk bye bye now lads ;)

LouBearTomlinson has signed off chat

Hazzalovesyou: Nobody told me that I'm hot… …. Have to go cry now… bye

Hazzalovesyou has signed off chat

Bradfordboi217: U hav 2 go too Liam?

Ihatespoons22: Not yet. Nobody else is online except Danielle + she and I had a major fight last night (

Danielle and Liam were always fighting, breaking up, and getting back together again. It was pretty damn confusing.

Bradfordboi217: Christ man, ditch her if you fight that much!

Ihatespoons22: U don't understand, u hav never been in love…

At least that much was true. Sometimes it was scary how well Liam knew me.

Ihatespoons22: FUCK Danielle is calling, she wants to apologize…. Ttyl!

Ihatespoons22: Oh and goodluck with the "sister" ;)

Ihatespoons22has signed off chat

Why does Liam act like he knows everything? I could never date Cara…. She's basically my sister, and plus I barely even know her. Before I could think more about any of this, I got into my bed, pulled out my ipod, and put in some TuPac to drown out the world.