This Life I Live: A One Direction FanFiction (Chapter #16)

Zayn's POV:

Cara and I woke up early. Just being able to say that. Me and Cara. Cara and I. I love the way it sounds. Ok Zayn, stop being gay, tell her your plans for the day, I commanded myself, shaking my head slightly.

"Cara, do you want to go on a picnic to the beach?" I asked, smiling at her. She returned my smile lazily, reaching up her hand to trail her fingers through my hair. Almost as if she couldn't believe that this was for real.

"Of course! Let me get changed!" I left Cara to get changed, and walked into my own room. I ran my fingers through my hair, and decided to take a quick shower and maybe shave. I know, if I was considering showering for this girl, she must be really special!

As soon as I was clean, I walked over to my closet. I wanted to look nice for her, surprisingly. No more of that "homeless teen" attire as my parents called it, that I had started wearing when she had been away.

After a serious internal debate, I settled upon black pants, a white T-shirt, a dark jean-jacket, black trainers, and a red hat. I mussed up my hair the way Cara liked it and walked over to her room.

She seemed to have had the same idea as me about showering, since her hair was slightly damp and she smelled of vanilla.

Together, we went downstairs, and made sandwiches for our little adventure. Cara grabbed a picnic basket, and put them inside, along with chips and soda.

We got in the car, put the basket in the back seat.

"Haven't even looked at my phone," Cara said, turning it on airplane mode. "This way we can't be disturbed" she said, with her signature laugh. I couldn't help, I started similing hugely, as I pulled out of the driveway.

I put on an Olly Murs CD in the background, and took Cara's hand as I drove. It fit so nicely in mine, and the conversation flowed naturally as we drove.

About an hour later, we reached the beach. I parked close, and we got out. The sun was just coming out from behind the clouds. "Oh look the sun! I forgot that existed!" cara joked. There was a slight wind, mussing up her hair, and she looked amazing.

"Its so gorgrous," Cara exclaimed, staring at the sunlight hitting the frothy waves in the distance. "Hold this," she said, handing me the picnic basket. Then she ran towards the water, doing a triple cartwheel and then a round off. I whistled through my teeth and ran to catch up with her. We were the only two people on the beach, since everyone else our age was at school, and everyone older was working. That's the nice thing about being a pop star, I guess: school is kind of optional.

We set up the picnic blanket and the basket, and ate the food we had brought. We ate slowly, both relishing the moment. After we finished, I pulled her onto my lap, and we cuddled. There was something just so comforting about the warmth of her body.

" I promise you that there hasn't been a day that I stopped wanting you," I said quietly into her hair. I didn't expect her to hear me, but she did.

"Why are you saying that?"

"I just want you to know that I'm really, really happy right now." Cara made no reply, but just leaned up to kiss me.

We spent the rest of the afternoon idly talking. It was perfect. Just the two of us.

As the sun began to set, we decided to pack up and head back to the car. Cara stared at her phone, which she had left on her seat.

Cara's POV:

I groaned, staring at my phone. But I needed to call Patricia and tell her that Zayn and I would be home soon, and not to worry. I really needed to stop freaking out my host parents so much!

I loaded the phone as Zayn pulled out of the beach parking lot and got on the highway. There were nineteen new messages from Niall and five voicemails. I smacked myself internally. What else had I expected, really? That Niall would just forget that I had dated him for four months, and that I had given him my virginity, and that I had told him I loved him? Come on Cara, be realistic, that was never going to happen.

"What's the matter, love?" Zayn asked, staring at the pained expression on my face worriedly.

Before I could explain, my phone started ringing. I stared at it for a brief moment.

"It's Niall." I think my tone sort of conveyed how worried I was about answering it.

"Bloody hell, can't the boy take a hint?" Zayn spat, rolling his eyes.

"Be nice, Zayn," I murmured.

The phone rang again and I debated turning it off.

"Oh come on Cara, answer it already! You should end things once and for all, this time." I wasn't really sure I wanted to do that. But I had to. For Zayn.

I clicked the 'accept call' button with shaking hands. Zayn reached over, and pressed the 'speaker phone' option, before I could fight him off. Well, he was my boyfriend now, this wasn't exactly a private call. He was now just as much involved in this mess as either Niall or I!

"Cara, just what the fuck is going on?"

Niall's desperate voice filled the Range Rover and all at once, memories of Mexico, and Nandos, and his apartment came flooding back. I started shaking in earnest. I couldn't do this.

"Niall, we can't be together anymore. I'm sorry, but its just not possible," I choked out, looking everywhere but at the phone.

"She's with me now, mate," Zayn cut in, his voice icy. I felt the remanants of my heart jump around in my chest. Why was Zayn being so cruel? I felt so torn up for Niall.

"Cara, is that true?" Niall's voice demanded, thick with repressed emotion. I bit my tongue. My silence was all the answer he needed.

"Look, I'm not some puppy dog. I'm not going to keep coming back!" Niall shouted. I heard a smash and, part of my brain wondered what he threw to the ground in his frustration. Maybe a plate.

"Niall, I'm so so sorry…" I mumbled, holding my head in my hands. Hearing him like this is breaking my heart. Why couldn't have I had this conversation face to face? It might have gone better that way…

"Cara, I'm the best person you could have had. And you knew that. And now you're destroying that."

I was crying now, for real. His voice was filled with a malice I couldn't even fathom.

"Oh and Zayn? Fuck you!" With that, Niall hung up.

The sound of the dial tone filled the car. Without thinking, I grabbed the phone and slammed it onto the dashboard. The screen went dim and the sound petered out with a crackle.

I desperately wiped at my eyes and oriented my body away from Zayn. I didn't want him to see how upset Niall was making me.

Zayn sped up, and before I knew it, we were back in the driveway of our house.

Silently, Zayn undid my seat belt and pulled me onto his lap. I felt small and vulnerable in his strong arms. His chest was warm, and the constant lull and fall to his breaths was comforting. I gulped in his scent, became dizzy with it. Dizzy with relief.

"I'm sorry Niall said those things," Zayn breathed into my hair, stroking it.

"He's hurt. Its understandable," I said in a defeated voice.

"Not really, Cara. He needs to learn to leave you alone." I sigh. Zayn has a point: Niall is being awful. But I hurt him first. And even being with Zayn, I can't deny that what I had with Niall was really great, really special. He was the first person I ever loved. I couldn't forget that.

We got out of the car and went inside slowly, hand in hand. Zayn seemed to understand that I didn't want to be left alone, even for a minute, or else I would just break down entirely. He led me up to his room and we collapsed onto his bed. We seemed to be spending a lot of time in beds recently, the dirtier part of my mind noticed.

"School tomorrow," Zayn muttered, stroking away the tear stains on my cheeks absentmindedly.

"Yeah," I agreed. The thought of seeing Niall and Liam made me a bit nauseous. Actually, it made me want to find the nearest hole, crawl into it, and never come out. That was basically my 'coping mechanism', quite sad, really.

Zayn seemed to know I wasn't in the mood for talking, so he let me lie on his bed and text Evie, without interruption.

Eventually, he dimmed the lights, and slipped under the covers beside me. "Goodnight, love," he said softly, kissing me lightly.

I fell asleep in his arms, but not even that was enough to dull my nightmares, all of which centered on Niall yelling at me, over and over again.

The Next Day:

"Zayn, if you don't get up right this minute, you'll be in so much trouble, you won't be doing anything with the boys for a year, I can promise you that!" Patricia shouted, banging on Zayn's door.

Thank god it was locked! Neither Zayn nor I had decided to mention the new sleeping arrangements to Patricia. No need to make a fuss, right? Besides, we both loved having a bit of privacy to kiss and... stuff.

Zayn groaned, and his eyes fluttered opened. He gave me a crooked smile. "Morning," he whispered, rolling his eyes towards the door. "Sorry," he said. I chuckled.

"Coming, mum!" Zayn called, hauling himself out of bed. He walked over to the door and opened it a sliver, sticking his head out. He turned back to me. "Coast is clear." I grinned and ran to my room - before Patricia caught on to the fact that I was spending my nights locked in her sons arms.

I stared at my wardrobe for only a short second, before tugging on a fresh pair of black jeans, a grey V-neck, and a leather jacket. I shoved my feet into my Vans slip ons and walked downstairs in time to have Patricia shepherd me out the door. Zayn waved sheepishly from the Range Rover, and I hopped into the front seat.

He handed me a piece of toast, without butter, but with jam, just the way I liked it.

On the way to school, all I thought about was seeing Niall. The thought of his beautiful blue eyes made me physically sick.

"Are you sure I can't just skip school today?" I asked hopefully, making puppy dog eyes at Zayn.

"Is this about Niall? Are you nervous about seeing him?" Zayn queried. Damnit, he knows me so well. I nodded. There was no point in hiding it. Zayn pulled into a parking spot in the school lot, got out, and opened my door for me. I got out reluctantly and gave him a light kiss, making sure that nobody else was around to see us.

"Don't worry, love, it'll be fine," Zayn said, spinning me around and massaging my shoulders gently. I let out a sigh. Probably not, but better to face up to it, I reasoned.

In my first class, Biology, Harry gave me a huge grin. "Good to see you back," he mouthed, as the teacher began lecturing. That was probably the most surprising welcome back, I grinned to myself. But it felt nice, no less.

I saw Niall once in the hallway, but I ducked into the girls bathroom so I wouldn't have to face him. I was a coward, what could I say?

Then came lunch. I walked out of my class. I began to write a new text to Zayn asking him to come sit with me at lunch. I felt a hand touch the small of my back and I whipped around to confront Zayn.

I smiled despite myself. "You waited for me after class?"

"Isn't that what boyfriends are for?" Zayn murmured darkly, ignoring the glares every other girl in a twenty foot radius was giving him. He took my hand and I let out a sigh of relief. Maybe I could do this after all.

We walked outside into the courtyard, but Zayn was practically pulling me along, because of how much I was dragging my feet with reluctance, shame, and fear.

I caught sight of Niall. I didn't mean to, but it just kinf of happened.

He was a wearing a navy blue snapback, turned to the back (obviously), a white Henley, navy pants, and a pair of dark black Ray-Bans. His head was down, so I couldn't read his expression, but he was chugging from a water bottle. I stopped dead in my tracks.

"Zayn, do we have to?" I hissed through my teeth, shooting him a pleading look. With a roll of his eyes, he turned to face me.

"Cara, I know this is hard for you. But you have to confront these things head on, right? Besides, I'll be right beside you the entire time." Zayn mumbled the last part, pulling me into his chest and kissing the top of my head.

"Fine," I relented, and took his hand again. Together we walked to the table.

All four of the boys, except Harry, and some brown-haired girl I didn't recognize stared up at us. Niall promptly looked away, Liam just gaped at us. The brown haired girl gave us a very confused look. At least Louis gave us all a warm smile.

"Hey guys," Zayn said, throwing his backpack down and sitting down. I followed his example.

"Hi," Louis exclaimed. Nobody else said anything, and we sat in a prolonged awkward silence.

"Lou, where's Evie?" I hissed through my teeth. The brown haired girl visibly recoiled, and gave Louis a pissed-off look.

Louis, who had just taken a big gulp of Gatorade, choked and spit the Gatorade all over Niall.

"WATCH IT MATE!" Niall yelled, slamming his hands on his table. I cringed into Zayn's side, and he rubbed my arm comfortingly.

"Sorry, sorry!" Louis spluttered. "Uh, Cara, Evie and I broke up. Didn't you read my texts?" Louis' face suddenly turned the tiniest bit down trodden.

I gave him a blank expression. Was he joking or something? He and Evie were the most perfect couple on the face of the planet. Them breaking up would be ridiculous! Just... no. The thought of them not dating was completely wrong!

"Yeah we broke up! Like you and Niall!" He continued. I watched wordlessly as Niall reached for the water bottle and drained about half, wincing. Beside me, Zayn flinched visibly.

"Yeah, no big deal, really," Louis exclaimed brightly, regaining his signature cheeky smile. "But I don't think you've met Eleanor yet!"

"Eleanor?" I gave him another lost look.

The brown-haired girl smiled at me and offered a hand. I shook it numbly.

"Eleanor Calder."

I was so shocked that all I could do was quote mean girls:

"Does she even go here?"

Louis looked highly offended, but Eleanor seemed to ignore my rudeness. "No, I do independent study."

"She's a model, you know," Louis cut in. "For Hollister." Eleanor started to blush. "Just a floor model, nothing really special…" The two began arguing, and I studied Niall at close range.

He hadn't said a single word to me since Zayn and I had sat down.

Suddenly the bell for the next class rang. Eleanor and Louis were still arguing back and forth, but then Eeanor flipped Louis the bird and walked away and Louis got up to go chase her. Yeah, that relationship seems to be going great, I thought to myself sarcastically. Oh yeah, I use sarcasm in my head, I'm cool that way :p

Liam, who had been staring at his phone the entire lunch period, being super quiet, grabbed his school bag, stood up, and walked away to his next class wordlessly.

Zayn stood, and I got up too. We walked to the doors of the school, and I stared back at the lunch table. The rest of the area was basically deserted, with only overflowing garbage cans as proof that high schoolers had ever been there. Niall was still sitting at the table, his hands clenched around the water bottle, his face a mask of pain.

"Zayn, you go on in to class. I need to talk to Niall," I murmured, trying to make it sound as casual as I wanted it to be.

Zayn shot me a deer-in-the-headlights look.

"Cara, you won't, y'know do anything with him will you?" Zayn asked, his eyes filled with worry.

"I would never, ever, cheat on you," I said, staring him dead in the eyes. And just to make sure he understood that, I grabbed the back of his neck, and pulled him into a deep kiss. I disentangled myself quickly and he gave me a last longing look, before turning the corner to his next class.

I walked back to Niall's table with a renewed sense of purpose. I had to make this right. Niall looked so lost, pathetic, and pained. I knew the feeling.

I sat down, and Niall looked up then quickly back down.

"The bitch herself," he muttered, taking another sip of his bottle.

"Niall, give me that!" I demanded. He looked up, clearly surprised. He did not, however, surrender the bottle. In one quick movement, I reached over and plucked it from his hands. I unscrewed the top and poured the entire third of vodka down my throat. I swallowed, trying not to grimace, and tossed the bottle over his head and into the trash can behind him.

"Niall, I know you're upset about what happened, but you can't come to school everyday trying to get drunk out of your mind on the sly. You can't act like some wounded animal and then treat me like shit at the same time!"

"Oh please don't pretend like you actually care!" he shot back.

"Niall I still love you!" I cry, and just like that, Niall is taking off his glasses, and I can see his eyes are red and bloodshot from the alcohol, but also beautifully blue. And full of angelic hope. He reaches out for my hand, but I instinctively pull away.

"But I love Zayn. And with Zayn it's different. I don't know what it is, but it's there, and I can't ignore it anymore." Niall flinches as if I have tried to brand him with a hot coal.

"You're a really fucked up person, Cara. You're poison, the way you love passionately but then not at all."

His words hit me like a soccer ball smacking my face. I closed my eyes. I couldn't stare at him anymore, I was struggling to even form words with him acting this way.

He hated me. One of the people I adored most hated me. Niall was right, I was a really fucked up person for letting that happen. I sighed.

"I'm so, so sorry," I said, tracing a pattern in the wood of the table with my index finger, so I would have somewhere else to focus my attention other than his face.

"You're saying you're sorry, but you won't change," Niall said, turning away from me and crossing his arms over his chest.

"If I could, I would," I mutter. Even I realized how pathetic that sounds.

Niall snorts. "You ruined a really good thing. I hope you realize that sometime soon," he spat, getting up.

"Oh and I take back that 'I love you'. I could never love someone as petty as you," he said, walking away.

I couldn't help it. The tears slid down my face and I was powerless to stop them. I laid my head down on the rough table and sobbed silently.

Liam's POV:

As soon as I stepped out of class into the deserted hallway, I did a little moon walk of happiness. I twirled the bathroom pass above my head like a baton, completely realizing how much of a dork I would look like if anybody else decided to walk by. There was nothing I hated more than French class with Madame Marshall, and even a five minute break from the agonizing verb conjugations was amazing.

After being in a cramped classroom, I decided I needed some air, so I walked towards the courtyard.

I surveyed the empty courtyard—well, almost empty. There was a lone figure slumped against the table where I usually sat with the lads.

I stared at the figure one second longer before realizing that that wasn't just any girl. That was Cara.

Despite my better judgment, I walked closer, until I was standing right beside her. She was crying, and didn't look up. I stayed standing there, with my hands locked at my sides, for almost a minute, without her even registering my presence. Finally, I reached over and touched her shoulder. She shuddered.

"You, um, okay?" God, Liam, you are such a twat! She is crying her eyes out and you're asking her if she's okay? This, mate, is why you don't have a girlfriend. Well that, and you're obsessed with a children's film…

Cara doesn't reply, though.

"Are things going badly with Zayn?" I ask, trying to keep the malice and hurt out of my voice, as I say Zayn's name. It's not his fault Cara chose him. At least, that's what I tried to tell Niall last night when he showed up at my house drunk off his face and screaming about how much he missed her.

Cara shakes her head miserably sniffling and wiping at her face.

"No, with Niall," she mumbles. More tears are leaking out of her eyes and as she speaks, her voice is wavering.

"God, Cara, you fucking broke his heart, you know!" I exclaim. And mine too.

"He came over last night you know, and all he could talk about was Cara this and Cara that!"

Cara just cries harder.

Ok, fine, maybe I'm being a bit harsh. Clearly, she's not exactly happy with the state of things. I know I shouldn't care about her, after she chose Niall over me, and then Zayn. Yet somehow I can't deny that I love her so, so much. More than she'll ever know.

That's the real reason I sit down beside her and hug her to my chest. Not because I want her to be ok (I do want that, too, of course), but because I'm selfish, and I'll take whatever chance I can get to be close to her. She smells like vanilla and I breathe it in carefully, without trying to be obvious about it. Her skin is soft and her body is wonderfully warm, despite the December chill. Pressed against me, she feels wonderfully human and alive. Oh don't be such a poetic dope, Liam.

I can't help myself: I rub her back soothingly and run my fingers through her soft hair.

Her chest is resting on my shoulder, and she is starting to take deep gulps of air.

Eventually Cara pulls away, her hand still locked in mine.

"Liam, Niall said he hates me." Her eyes are filled with so much worry and pain. I honestly don't understand Niall. Even after everything that Cara has inadvertently put me through, I could never not want her.

"He doesn't hate you! Well, he might right now…" I add. My words don't seem to be helping.

"Besides, Cara, sometimes you just have to accept that some people can only be in your heart, not your life."

"Liam, I can't take it! He's treating me awfully! I know I deserve it, but I told him I loved him! I gave him everything, and now he treats me like some kind of annoying and unimportant…"

"Shh, shh, don't get so worked up." I murmur, reaching over to stroke her cheek.

"You don't understand it. For the longest time, he made me so happy. And now he's making me so, so miserable."

I hugged her again. If it helps, I'm in love with you, I think to myself.

"Whatever happened to us?" I ask suddenly, and then immediately wish I could take it back.

"Oh, Liam, don't! Please don't do this to me."

I nod. "Look, let's just not…bring it up. I won't do that anymore. Sorry."

"No, it's not your fault. I just really can't handle anything more right now." I understand.

"No, Cara, you don't have to explain. I get it. Besides, I think we're better as friends." Lies, lies, and more lies. You're the only person on the planet who makes me look forward to tomorrow.

"Friends. Ok. Friends." Cara pauses. "Thanks so much, Li," she continues, touching my cheek. "I honestly don't know what it is about you, but you make me feel ten million times better."

"I try," I said weakly, wishing I could just kiss her right here and now and end this impossible "friends" bullshit.

The bell rings signaling the end of our last class. I get up and offer a hand to Cara, who takes it and lets me help her up.

Students begin to our into the courtyard, yelling and chatting amongst each other noisily.

Cara and I spotted Zayn walking towards us at the same time. Cara dropped my hand instantly, a guilty look spreading over her face.

"Liam, can we not mention this to Zayn? I don't want him to know how weak and pathetic I am."

"You're not pathetic, Cara. Niall's just a bastard," I reply. She laughs but then a pained expression flashes across her face.

"You shouldn't say that! He's your best friend! Look at me! I've only been her a few months, and I've already fucked up all of your friendships!"

Before I could think of a reply, Zayn had reached us, and was swinging his arm around Cara, studying her face with an intensity I had never seen him use before.

"Got to get to track practice," I mumble, backing away from the couple. Cara waves and Zayn gives me a fist pound. I stumble away.

You fucking idiot. Cara is perfect. You're just hurting yourself by trying to be friends with her, when you know you're in love with her, the more rational part of my brain argues.

I feel a buzzing in my pocket and pull out my phone.

1 New Message from Cara Johnson:

Thanks again, Liam. Thanks for making me laugh when I don't even want to smile.

I felt as if I was being punched slowly in the stomach. Multiple times. "Friends" was the last thing I wanted to be with Cara. But maybe, just maybe, if I became her best friend, I could get her to fall in love with me.

Zayn's POV:

I drove Cara home, wondering how I was going to break the news to her. I barely had any time left.

Once we got home, Cara went up to her room to shower, pecking me on the cheek lightly.

Just tell her, already. She'll understand. But somehow I couldn't. Mainly because I myself didn't want to confront the reality of leaving her for a whole month, as the boys and I went on another tour.

Cara's POV:

I went upstairs to shower, but just as I was stepping in the shower, my phone started buzzing.

My brow furrowed in concern. The only people I could really imagine it to be was Liam, Zayn ( which didn't make sense since he was just downstairs) or Evie.

Evie. Shit.

I had promised myself I was going to call her right away, as soon as I had seen Eleanor and Louis together, especially since I hadn't seen her at school. I had a million questions for her, and I realized that in the past few weeks, I had been a really bad friend, focusing all my attention on my own life, while her relationship was disintegrating.

I grabbed my phone swiftly.

"Cara, do you realize how many times I have called and texted you this week?"

"I know! I know! Evie can I just say that I am so completely sorry for –

"Cara, Louis and I broke up!" Evie cut in, her voice completely even. Shouldn't she be hysterical or crying or something?

"I know," I replied, as I walked to my room, in only my towel. I made my way over to my closet and stared at my clothes critically.

"And I'm dating Harry! Actually, we're living together too-"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed, dropping the phone and my towel in the same second. "Fuck! What? No! What? Ah, I don't understand?" I exclaimed, too stunned to pick up my towel.

"Cara, what's the matter?" Zayn asked, shoving himself through my door into my room. His eyes ran me over for the briefest of seconds.

"Um, how about you explain after you cover up?" He asked, turning around on his heels. I shrieked even louder a second time, if that was even possible, while I re-wrapped myself in a towel. "I'm decent," I muttered, blushing a deep shade of crimson.

Zayn turned to face me, chuckling. "Don't worry, it was hot," he flirted. I rolled my eyes. "We have bigger issues, here, Zayn! Evie and Harry are dating, apparently!"

"Oh yeah, you didn't know?" Zayn asked, clearly surprised.

"No!" I exclaimed. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Oh, I didn't think it was some kind of big deal..." he trailed off, before his perfect features contorted. "You don't, uh, like Harry, do you?" he asked uncertainly.

I burst out laughing and pulled him to me, hugging him close. "No," I said, in between chuckles, "No, not at all!" Zayn breathed out a giant sigh of relief, and his shoulders became less tense.

"Well that's good to know," he said, leaning down to kiss me. His hands rested on my hips. Oh god, please don't let the towel slip, I though silently, as I wrapped my tongue around Zayn's.

"Oh shit!" I exclaimed, pulling away and picking up my phone fro where I'd dropped it on the ground. "I kind of hung up on Evie! Oh my goodness, I still can't even comprehend that the two of them are dating! I thought she hated him?"

"I thought so, too," Zayn admitted. "But things can change pretty quickly, I mean, just look at us!" I nodded my head, that was very true.

"I'm just dying to know how they act around each other now that they're dating," I remarked, my curiosity getting the better of me. "I kind of think they'd just be all over each other all the time," I said, shuddering. Zayn sat down on my bed and laughed at my reaction. He grabbed my hand, and pulled me onto his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and just as he leaned down to kiss me, Zayn pulled back.

"I've got a great idea, how about you call Evie back and invite her and Harry to go to dinner tonight?"

"That's perfect!" I decided, getting up. "Just let me put on some clothes!"

Zayn helped me up, grinning. "Fine... clothes... whatever..." he sulked, turning away as I got changed. I called Evie and after I apologized about the whole dropping-the-phone-from-shock thing, I invited her and Harry out to get food.

"What food?" I could hear Harry asking in the background.

"Tell them pizza," Zayn said, nibbling on my shoulder, as I tugged on a T-shirt over my tanktop. I shooed him away.

"Zayn says pizza," I replied, as Zayn fiddled with my bra strap.

"Oh, and tell them that I have something exciting planned for afterwards," he mumbled, his breath hot on the back of my neck as he left a pattern of love bites along the curve of my shoulder blade.

It took everything I had to suppress a moan.

"Zayn says, that, he, uh, has something, like, exciting planned for after the pizza," I said, my mind barely functioning because of Zayn's hands, which had migrated to my butt.

"Zayn stop!" I cried out, with a giggle.

"You know what, you guys sound busy, I'll let you go. See you at the pizza place at six!" Evie replied, trying not to laugh at us. I hung up and turned on Zayn.

"Get out, you're too honry!" I exclaimed, playfully, trying to kick him out of my room. He overpowered me easily before giving me a long, tender kiss.

"Sorry for distracting you," he mumbled innocently when we came up for air.

Evie's POV:

I hung up the phone and then stood in Harry's room cracking up for a good minute. Harry was sitting on his bed, playing around with his phone, but he looked up at my reaction.

"God, you're such a freak," he muttered sarcastically. I crawled onto the bed, and into his arms, kissing his cheek. "Maybe, but you love it," I replied.

"Whatever," he said, shaking hsi head, and pushing me away gently, focusing his attention on his phone. He finished sending his text, and then looked over at me. "You never told me what was so funny?" he asked, his voice deep and throaty. Just hearing it sent a thrill of pleasure down my spine.

"Hah, it's nothing. Just as I was saying goodbye to Cara, I heard her giggle and tell Zayn to 'stop that' and I'm just trying to imagine him doing something really dirty to her!" I said, shaking my head and chuckling.

"You think they do dirty things?" Harry asked, pouting. "Dirtier than we do?" I had no idea, I hadn't thought about it. As sad as it was going to sound, Harry and I hadn't even gotten to second base yet, even though we'd had more than enough opportunities. We just wanted to take it slow. Well, we had. I was feeling bave; perhaps now was as good a time as any to try some stuff.

Instead of answering him, I posed a question of my own:

"Harry can we try something?" I asked, biting my lip and crossing my arms.

"Yeah of course, babe," Harry agreed, throwing his arm around me casually, his voice getting a tiny edge of excitement.

Evie, you can't just ask for him to feel you up, or to give him a bj. I mean, that's not something you should have to ask! Like, he should ask, you cannot just bring it up! Besides, if he isn't trying anything with you, that means that he doesn't want you!

Ugh, okay, I was chickening out on this one.

"What did you want to try?" Harry asked, giving me an innocent smile. Okay, yeah, I'm not asking, I decided.

"Can we go get some ice cream after the date?"

Harry gave me a confused look and shook his head lightly. "That's really the 'new' thing you want us to do?" he asked, clearly puzzled.

"Yeah... we've just never done it before..." I faltered. Luckily, Harry brushed off my weird behavior and agreed.

Later, at the Pizza Place (Zayn's POV):

"I thought you guys hated each other!" Cara blurted out, as soon as we sat down at the small booth. Harry and Evie were already seated together, facing us.

They both burst out laughing. "Not anymore," Harry replied, leaning over to give Evie a little peck on the cheek. "Aww, how cute," I teased, but Harry just rolled his eyes at me. "Suuuureeee mate."

We ordered pizza, and ate almost all of it.

"Oh my god, I'm so full, no way I can finish this last piece," Cara joked. "Come on, you used to date Niall! Didn't you pick up some of his eating skills?" Harry teased.

It was as if all of the air was sucked out of the room, and Cara gave Harry the most frigid, bitchy look I'd ever seen. Literally, I was so scared for Harry.

"Harry, Niall and I aren't together anymore," she said, practically spitting out the words.

"I didn't mean..." Harry trailed off weakly.

"No it's fine, that was my fault, I'm sorry, it's just been a long week," Cara said with a sigh, taking my hand.

"Hey, no hurt feelings!" Harry said, giving her a friendly smile to prove his point.

"Didn't you have some kind of surprise for us, Malik?" Evie asked, turning to face me. Yes, I did, more than one. But I still didn't know how to break the less pleasant one to Cara... that the boys and I would be leaving on tour in only a few days. Being apart from her would be unbearable for both of us.

"Yeah, come on, it's outside."

We paid the bill, and together, we piled into my Range Rover. We drove for only a few minutes, but the entire time, the others were bugging me about where we were headed.

"Relax, guys, I'm not going anywhere illegal!" I exclaimed. What we're doing there might be a little illegal, though, I thought to myself with a little grin.

I parked on a deserted street on the outskirts of town, near my old house, the same house I'd lived in until I'd joined One Direction and we'd had enough money to move somewhere nicer.

On one side, there were the dirty, broken-down apartment buildings that I knew like the back of my hand. On the other side, was a brick wall, separating the city from a barren field.

I got out, and opened the door for Cara, as Harry did the same for Evie.

"Are you sure this place is safe, mate?" Harry questioned, looking about him as if someone was going to mug us. Which they could, if we stood around here any longer!

"It's fine," I assured, taking Cara's hand. I grabbed the plastic bag from the trunk that'd I'd gotten especially for the occasion. Harry put his arm Evie as we crossed the street.

"Here," I said, handing Harry the bag.

"Spray paint?" he marveled, pulling out a blue can of the stuff. "You want us to vandalise the city?" He asked. At first, I thought he was going to laugh, and hand the bag back to me, telling me that I was crazy for even thinking about it.

Then, I remembered this was Harry Styles; danger was practically his middle name.

"HELL YEAH!" Harry bellowed, grabbing three more cans. Together, he and Evie started attacking the wall in front of them.

"Here," I said, handing a can of red paint to Cara. "Want to help me?" I asked, as I opened up another can of blue.

Slowly, I wrote out my message. "Trace it," I whispered, putting my arms around her gently. She looked up at me with a goofy grin and nodded happily. She shook the can vigorously, and then traced the letters. Together, we stood back to admire our handiwork.

"Wow," she breathed, stealing the word out of my mouth. "It's perfect."

Zayn + Cara: When Words Aren't Enough For Love, U Draw A Picture.

Beneath the slogan was a heart with a caricature of us, holding hands. I'd practiced for days to get the image just right, so that anyone could tell instantly that the couple depicted was us.

"The more boys I meet, the more I realize I only want to be with you..." Cara said, quietly. Then she grabbed my jacket, and pushed me against the wall. Her lips as she kissed me were gentle, soft, but somehow urgent. As if she felt we were running out of time. As if the world was ending. And in a way it was.

"Oi, knock it off!" Harry yelled, taking off his shoe and chucking it at us. We both dodged, laughing, but not letting go of each others hands.

"Look what they made! How cute is that? Harry, why didn't you make me something like that?" Evie demanded. We turned to stare at what she and Harry had drawn. Harry had a very tasteful dick and halls, done in hot pink, and Evie had sketched a picture of Justin Bieber.

"He's hot, okay!" she defended herself, as Cara and I fell into each other laughing.

"Time to get home, I think," Harry decided, smirking.

"Okay, fine," Evie conceded, as the pair got into the back of the Range Rover. I leaned over and gave her a final kiss.

"Being with you is fun. That's it. And I love that," I said, giving her a smile. She was my world, she was all I wanted.

The Next Morning (Liam's POV):

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

I groaned, and slammed my fist against the alarm clock before I forced myself ouf of my bed. I tugged on my sweats and Nike's, and slipped downstairs. Hurriedly, I grabbed a pop tart before I shut the door of my house.

I loved to go jogging, especially in the early morning, which was basically the only time I could run without being stalked by fans.

I shoved my ipod headphones in my ears, and began to run. As I ran, images of Cara ran through my head like some kind of movie. Before I knew it, I was in what my parents always referred to as the "sketchy" part of Bradford. There were dumpsters overflowing with trash and broken bottles littered the street like the remains from some whacked-out bender.

Usually, I never strayed this far from home, but for some reason, I couldn't stop myself. When I reached a stretch of wall, I collapsed exhaustedly.

Five minutes, I decided, to rest, before heading back. I breathed in and out slowly, trying to erase the painful memories of Zayn and Cara together.

I stared at my watch: my five minutes were up. I stood up slowly and then broke into a jog.

That's when I saw it. I stopped running instantly, and stood stock still in the center of the street. Wordlessly, I stared at the wall. Amongst patches of gan signs and other tags, there was a detailed cartoon of Zayn and Cara, holding hands.

Without even thinking, I threw up on the side of the road. I stood there a second longer, dry heaving, my body unable to cope with the rage, sadness, and pain I felt.

Okay, I was putting Plan Cara into action today, as soon as we got to school. It was decided. Oh hell, Zayn had no idea how charming I could be when I wanted to! Bastard.

Harry's POV:

"Mmmm, but I don't want to get up," Evie protested, sleepily. Her voice in the mornings was adorable. "Come on," I murmured, nuzzling her until she opened her eyes. I gave her a light kiss, as I got up and headed into the bathroom to shower.

The hot water hit my body, and I instantly relaxed. It didn't do anything for the constant loop of worries that had been plaguing my mind for the past few days. I wanted to take it slow, physically, with Evie. I'd never cared about another person the way I cared about her. I'd waited so long to be with her, the last thing I wanted to do was take it too fast and ruin things! But I was so afraid of hurting her, that all we'd done was kiss! I knew pretty soon, we'd get there. Call me a gentleman, but I just didn't want to pressure her.

Ugh, Styles, grow some balls, I commanded myself. Besides, you have to break the news of you leaving soon, anyways.

I got out of the shower, and threw on a towel. I walked back into the bedroom, where Evie had dozed back to sleep.

"Come on, wakeup up!" I growled playfully into her ear, and she sprung up. "Shit, Harry, don't scare me like that!" she cried laughing.

"Hey, can we have a talk?" I ask, taking her hand and playing with her fingers. "Yeah, sure, about what?" she asked, her eyes instantly clouding over.

"I'm going to be going on tour soon..." Her face fell instantly, and my heart felt as if it was being kicked repeatedly. Call me reckless, stupid, crazy, impetuous, but I had to invite her along! "...and I was wondering if you'd come with?" I ask, my voice shaking. What if she says no? What if she's getting tired of me? The one girl I really like and now she doesn't feel the same...

"Harry, I'd love to!" she exclaims, her face lighting up like a kid on Christmas morning.

Thank god!

"But..." she trailed off, giving me a knowing smile.

"But what? I'll do anything! You can even bring six suitcases, if that's what it takes!" Evie shook her head laughing.

"But you have to promise me that i get to be in charge of room temperatures!"

I laughed along with her, leaning in for another kiss. "Deal," I said, just as our lips met.

I wonder if Zayn is planning on bringing Cara, I pondered, as Evie got up to take her turn in the shower. I kind of doubt it, they are still in the "honeymoon stage" of the relationship. Which Evie and I are definitely no longer in!

To prove that, I slapped her butt as she walked past me. "Hey!" she said, turning on me and looking pissed off for only a second before her face fell back into the familiar smile that I seemed to be addicted to.

"You're just lucky I like you enough to keep me around!" Evie said.

Yes, yes I actually am. The luckiest guy ever, I thought to myself.

"One more kiss?" I begged. She bent down and our lips met for the briefest of instants before she pulled away.

I must have been a god in a past life to deserve a girlfriend this good, I decided, as I collapsed back on my bed with a contented smile on my face.

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