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Harry Potter and the Millennium Eye.

Yugi, Ryou, Malik, and maliks siblings were the last to leave after the battle city tournament, they all stood looking out across the sea in deep thought. "Wow, I'm so glad battle city is over." Yugi said, Ryou, Malik, Ishizu and Odion all seemed to be in firm agreement with him. Their silent vigil was soon interrupted by an emotionless voice, "I wish to talk with you all, it's a matter of great importance" Shadi said as he materialised behind them.

"What do you want Shadi?" asked Yami who took over his hikari, and gave the fellow item holder a curious glance.

"Come." Shadi replied simply gesturing for everyone to follow him into a nearby warehouse away from onlookers, Malik grunted in annoyance, he hoped maybe, just maybe he could of given the pharaoh the Ra forsaken rod and ditch his cursed life as a tombkeeper, but no, yet again this man, shadi, interferes making things difficult, he growled thinking back to when Shadi blamed his father's death on the Pharaoh and caused him to abandon his duty as a tombkeeper to instead search for revenge on Yami.

Ryou looked around nervously as they entered the warehouse which was dark save for streaks of sunlight beaming in from the windows, he wasn't sure if he should be here, 'oh well', he thought 'may as well see what whoever this is wants, at least i don't have the ring anymore.' He was very relieved when Yugi told him he took the ring away from him, but at the same time, he kind of missed the reassuring weight of the item around his neck and dare he say it, the presence of his yami, even though his yami hardly ever talked to him, and whenever he did it was mostly threats or to hurt him, however, Ryou was still a light, who needed his darker half.

Shadi stopped when he reached the middle of the building and turned giving each person a glance with his pupil less eyes, "There is another written prophecy, another destiny that needs to be fulfilled and it is my duty to see it through the first stage." He explained roughly.

Malik groaned in annoyance, "Look! I'm done with all this. I have nothing to do with the millennium items anymore, my job was fulfilled the moment i gave the pharaoh the items in my possession and showed him the scar on my damn back! I want nothing to do with this destiny stuff anymore." He said almost desperately, Ishizu glared at him and mumbled him to be quite under her breath. The surroundings suddenly changed around them, for now they were in the shadow realm, the group stared around slightly annoyed, Ryou looked more nervous though, memories of his banishment to the shadows were not pretty, it was so cold in the shadow realm, so lonely, Bakura, his yami had been there with him, but he was perhaps the worst company to be with, only answering him with grunts and annoyed glares and even hitting Ryou once or twice in frustration, not that Ryou wasn't used to it.

Yugi separated from the pharaoh as to see what was going on properly, because whilst in the shadow realm spirits took more solid appearances and could be seen by more than just millennium item holders.

Shadi ignored the looks he was getting and began, "My Pharaoh now is not the right time to pursue your memories. You must hand back out the millennium items you took from Ishizu, Malik and Ryou." He said with the same emotionless voice.

"What, why? I thought i had defeated the evil, Yami Malik, now am i not entitled to retrieve my lost memories?" he asked taken aback, at this new development.

"I shall explain once you have handed back the items, and sorted a few things out." Shadi replied not giving anything away. Yami with slight reluctance at being denied his memories first handed Ishizu the Millenium Tauk, She took it, a hint of confusing in her controlled expression, she place it around her neck with only a slight hesitation, she took in a sharp breath as the item glowed dimly, and warmth spread through her as if acknowledging its bearer once more. Yami then took the Millennium Rod from the bag he was carrying, Malik was more reluctant then his sister, on one hand he did not want to touch the item again, it seemed to house a lot of haunting memories Malik wished to forget, but on the other hand he loved the power he had with the rod, and the comfort it gave him. He took it in his hands and it also glowed signalling its pleasure at being with its original bearer, Malik like his sister felt a warmth flow through his very soul.

Finally, with heavy reluctance Yami took out the Millennium ring, which housed the soul of his foe, the Thief King. He turned to Shadi sharply about to voice his concern for Ryou, when with a bright flash of light it disappeared from his grasp, he gasped in surprise.

The terrified Ryou knew what would happen now, after the many times of trying to throw the ring away. Merely a second after it left Yami's grasp it appeared glowing dimly around his neck.

/Host! Where were you?/ demanded Bakura his yami angrily, only to grow even angrier as he realised he was not in his soul room anymore, but in fact in the shadow realm with the bloody Pharaoh, and his group of muppets as he so kindly referred to them.

"Thief!" Yami said as per greeting.

"Pharaoh." Bakura seethed.

"Shadi, why are you handing out the millennium items again, Bakura cannot be trusted, he will take over his hikari forcibly and run amuck, trying to reach his annoyingly clich├ęd goal of world domination." Yami almost growled out, highly annoyed at the thought of having to deal with the mentioned tomb robber.

"He is not all that he seems." Shadi said simply in answer and walked calmly up to Bakura, who stubbornly stood his ground glaring death at him. Shadi gathered the shadows to him, and held out a finger to touch bakura's head, which unintentionally flinched at the contact as fear creeped into his maroon eyes. Shadi forced the shadows to kick out a particularly nasty part of what everyone thought was Bakura's soul only. Bakura gritted his teeth with the onslaught of pain flooding his soul, and let out a yell of pain, which he quickly controlled for prides sake, fists clenched so hard blood started to trickle and splashed lightly on the ground. The being in his soul seemed rather stubborn and it took some time to get rid of it, but Shadi managed with almost all his strength going into it, everyone gasped as a black shadow appeared next to the thief who looked somewhat relieved. No one could make out the beings shape as the edges were smudged, but the rage was rippling off it in waves, angered that someone had taken his servant from him, he growled ferociously sending chills down everyone's spines before darting towards the shadows and vanishing.

"You... should rest." Shadi said trying to control his weariness, as he took in bakura's exhausted deathly look, Bakura looked at him and nodded a little thankfully, and disappeared to his soul room. Shadi turned taking in the various shocked expressions; everyone's mouths were hanging open in bewilderment.

"What in Ra's name was that thing? And what was it doing in Yami no Bakura?" Malik said in slight alarm.

"I will explain after." Shadi said to everyone, he then turned to a still shocked and very confused pharaoh, "my Pharaoh there is something else i wish for you to do, though you may not agree at first. It must be done it is for the best." Said Shadi who looked slightly grim.

"What more could you possibly want from me Shadi?" Yami said growing more and more irritated with the lack of explanations.

"I need you... to free Yami no Malik." Shadi said hesitantly. The reaction was instant, gasps of more shock, then growls coming from Malik, Odion absent minded laying a hand on Malik protectively.

"NO!" Yami shouted angrily, "I cannot! Will not! Allow that... that, thing! In to this world again, i am lenient to an extent with bakura, but Yami no Malik, He is made of anger itself, it took me long enough to put him in the shadows, i will not allow him back out to torment anyone again!" Yami said royally pissed off at Shadi's absurd demand of him.

"My, pharaoh it must be done. Yami no Malik will be weak, Malik will be able to hold him back, lock him in his soul room if he should get of hand. It will be safe i assure you, the prophesy must..."

"SCREW THE PROPHECY! WHAT ABOUT ME! Don't I get a say in this? I DON'T WANT HIM BACK IN MY HEAD TRYING TO TAKE MY BODY AWAY FROM ME!" Malik yelled desperately, he thought he got rid of his yami for good, he didn't want him back, not ever.

"I'm sorry, but Yami no Malik never left." Shadi said simply, stunning everyone again.

"What do you mean? If he never left then why are you asking me to bring him back." Questioned yami suspitiously.

"What i mean, my pharaoh, is that, Yami no Malik is different to you and Yami no Bakura, in that he is a part of Malik, born from him, he may be in the shadow realm but he still has a link to Malik. I will place his soul in the confines of Maliks Millennium Rod so that he can be controlled easier, as it will make him a more separate entity." Shadi explains, Yami sighs, he knew he could do nothing about it, so he gave in, using the puzzle which flashed with a golden light to let Yami no Malik out of the shadow realm, Shadi quickly chanted an ancient Egyptian spell, making the glow.

"There he is now the spirit of the millennium rod." Shadi confirmed, just then the rod glowed again, and an insane laughter echoed through the shadows as Yami Malik emerged standing, arms crossed, eyes half lidded next to his hikari.

Malik instinctively stepped back from his overly psychotic yami but still glared at him venomously and growled at him. Yami Malik regarded this in amusement, before scanning over the other people, all of whom had also stepped away from him, although Yami had actually stepped forward eyes narrowed, Ryou was staring wide eyed at the Yami that sent him packing to the shadow realm after Bakura had lost the yami no game on the blimp, Yami Malik saw him and grinned sadistically licking his lips in insane anticipation, freaking Ryou out more.

"You fool's! You will regret freeing me from my shadow prison!" he laughed maniacally, before Malik cut in glaring.

"HA! You think?" before he smugly tried sending his yami into his soul room and locking it behind him.

"yeah! I did it!" he said feeling rather pleased with himself, as everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"Now, explain Shadi." Yami demanded.

"There is great evil approaching Pharaoh" Shadi began before being interrupted by Malik who was chuckling.

"ahh, here we go." He muttered still chuckling, even Ryou and Yugi smiled slightly in amusement. Ishizu nudged him to shut up. Shadi ignored him barely giving the amused tombkeeper a glance and continued, "I believe in order to defeat this evil we must work together, i believe the items work at the highest potential when on their own with separate bearers." He said.

"What is this evil? How must we fight it? When is it coming?" Yami reeled off wanting to know everything to the tiniest detail.

"As if he's going to tell us everything." Malik muttered to himself dully.

"I cannot reveal everything pharaoh," was Shadi's reply, Maliks eye roll went unnoticed, "All Hikaris and Yamis are main figures of the prophecys, it is centered around them, they must bond. Stay together. Unify. For if they should separate, and go alone, they shall fail, and the world will sink into despair."Shadi finished before vanishing into the floor, the Shadows going with him.

"Hikaris and yamis." Yami suddenly said after a moments silence from everyone. "That's me, yugi, Ryou, Bakura, Malik and... Yami Malik?" Yami said unsure of what to call the psychotic yami.

"We'll just refer to him as my surname, Ishtar, same as we do with Ryou's yami, Bakura." Malik said looking a bit bored, Yami nodded and continued his hypothesis on what happened, "so that's why Shadi allowed Bakura and... Ishtar to come back" he frowned suddenly shaking his head, "How are we going to bond with them. They are my enemies." Yami said in an almost sulking tone before going back to his soul room to brood.

"I'm sure we can become good friends easily right guy?" Yugi said once in control, beaming at the other two boys. Malik nodded in answer when Ishizu nudged him.

"Sure, Bakura and Ishtar will need to gain my trust though, and that may take some time." Ryou replied smiling slightly, he couldn't believe the turn of events, and then something struck him, "hang on a minute! Shadi never explained what that shadow thing was that he practically exorcised out of my yami." He suddenly said frowning.

"Oh yeah." Malik said, "wonder what it was, seemed kinda angry don't you think" he said smirking slightly.

"I'll try and get my yami to explain, he is fast asleep at the moment though" Ryou said, Yugi and Malik nodded and they turned to go.

"Well I think its settled then," Ishizu said walking towards them after having a silent discussion with Odion. " We will stay here in Japan, so Malik can bond, and be prepared." She said looking grim, she hated that her brother was being whisked off to do something that could be even more dangerous then what battle city was. Malik looked slightly disappointed at not being able to go back to Egypt, he missed his home country, plus he was slightly nervous about this whole 'got to make friends with his ex-enemies to save the world from doom' thing that he was being forced to do for yet another stupid prophecy, surprise, surprise.

Sighing they all walked out of the warehouse, a sense of foreboding hanging on them, who was this evil force they were preparing for? Why did it concern them? Was this evil being after the items? Why were they being forced to work together? What sacrifices would be made to get to their goal? And when will this all come to pass?


Same Day, Malfoy Manor, England.

"Wormtail, have you and the other death eaters finally managed to get hold of all the information regarding the millennium items?" asked a hissing voice belonging to a red eyed man who was sat in a chair in a dimly lit room.

"Y-yes my lord, we have tracked down three shadow mages who have millennium items in their possession." Replied a stuttering voice belonging to a rat-like man who was shaking in fear.

"What are their names, wormtail?"

"Ah... Y-yuugi Mutuo owns the millennium puzzle. Ryou Bakura owns the millennium r-ring, and M-malik Ishtar who owns the millennium rod. They all live in Domino City, Japan a-although Mr. Ishtar visits his home country in Cairo, Egypt f-frequently." the man Wormtail stuttered.

"What about the millennium scales, key, eye and tauk?" The snake-like man hissed, growing more irritated.

"W-we are n-not sure m-my lord, we b-believe a one, Ishizu Ishtar, Marik's sister one but we are not certain, we know of a muggle man named Maximillion Pegasus who owns the millennium eye. " By now wormtail was visibly trembling as the snake-like mans cruel red eyes glared at him.

"Very well, i did not expect the quest for the items to be too easy, i will go to this man 'pegasus' personally to retrieve the millennium eye. Meanwhile get Lucius and a few more death eaters to tail the three known shadow mages, and when they are sure they are ready, they can take action."

"Y-yes my lord!" he replied, and with a quick terrified bow Wormtail hurried out the room to perform his masters' wishes.

The Dark lord sat back smirking, he was so close to his goal, it would not be long now.

As he sat there, contemplating various strategies and schemes, he never noticed a shadow lurking in the furthest corner of the room, patiently watching... waiting...