It was dark. That was it. Couldn't even see his own hand in front of his face. Couldn't feel the ground beneath his feet. Beneath his feet? 'Am I even standing?' he thought to himself, or did he say it out loud.

He didn't know how long he had been here, a few thousand years possibly? He didn't know, and he didn't really care, he gave up on believing he would leave this darkness. He thought of his past life, he was once a very powerful, high priest in Egypt, proud to serve the pharaoh, his friend, his cousin. He hated when he went against the Pharaoh, he could never forgive himself for it, and prayed he would have a chance to redeem himself more, by serving the pharaoh again. But instead, it seemed he was punished, left in utter dark for all eternity.

Suddenly, the dark seemed to start disappearing, light poured through in all directions he closed his eyes tight, what was going on? Were his prayers answered? Did Ra feel sorry for him? Had he died? He opened his eyes when he was sure the light would not blind him and looked around, he was in a big stone room, it looked a lot like an Egyptian temple, drawings on the walls of various monsters, ka's, he realised and then gasped, as he looked up to behold a massive carved drawing of his love, of his most favourite monster. "kisara?" he mumbled, he really did miss her, at least her soul was still alive in her ka, he turned abruptly, not wanting his emotions to overpower him, he suddenly heard voices coming from a door just in front of his, he opened it, and walked out into a seemingly never ending hallway, with another lighter coloured metal door across from him, he was about to press the button which would hopefully open this modern door when the voices became clearer and stopped him, he turned to his left and saw instead of more of the hallway or a wall, a screen, which seemed to show another person's perspective, as if he were looking through his eyes. 'am I inside someone?' the priest asked in shock, he listened in to the now clear voices.

"...will you stop your pathetic argueing!" asked a voice that seemed to come from the person whose perspective he was looking through, he saw through this persons eyes, two people, one with white hair and another with multi-coloured hair, they seemed to remind him of something, but he pushed the thought away for later, the body he was in seemed to be travelling down a set of stairs in a building, it then turned, and walked towards a open door which showed what looked like a kitchen and a long table, the priest walked towards the screen and found he could walk through it, his conscious seemed to be asked what he wanted to do even though he heard no voice, or other being, he thought he should take over this body and see what was outside, then everything flashed white.

Kaiba walked behind the other three, through the door to the kitchen smelling bacon and eggs and feeling rather hungry, but suddenly he felt something tug at his very soul and everything went blank.

Ryou, Yugi and Malik sat down at the table, their yamis came and sat next to there hikaris in spirit form.

"Hey Kaiba, what are you doing standing there, come sit with us you big grump!" Malik called seeing Kaibas hesitation and taking great joy in it, Bakura and Ishtar laughed and they all looked up, they all did a double take, being hikaris and yamis themselves they could easily pick out changes in people, and Kaibas change in appearance did not go unnoticed. He was an inch or two taller, his eyes were slightly sharper and if possible, more blue then before, his hair was not as neat as before spiking out slightly, and it was a shade darker brunette. The priest had now gained control and stood, back straight head held high as he scanned the room with his icy blue eyes, they came to rest on the three spirit forms of Ishtar, Yami and Bakura, his eyes widened and he made to go other to them when they disappeared, he blinked even more confused but not showing it much, he was taught in the palace, to always stay cool and collected. He felt a wash of shadow magic and turned to the source to see that the three spirits were now in the bodies of the three look-a-likes, 'maybe, the Pharaoh and the other two are the same as me?' he thought putting two and two together, then did a double take. 'OF COURSE! THE PHARAOH!' he walked over to them and bowed his head to Yami, who looked back shocked, "My Pharaoh! I can't believe you're here, I was in the dark for so long, I never thought I would be able to redeem myself again." He explained then looked at the other two people, his eyes narrowed at Bakura and he stalked over grabbed his collar and left him up to his face, "Thief, what are you doing with the Pharaoh!" he growled.

'oh no..' Yami thought, thankfully at that moment Ishtar thought it would be a good idea to open a group mind link. ~what the heck is Kaiba doing the clown! Wait, you don't think...~ Ishtar began before Yami interrupted him, ~ITS PRIEST SETH!~ he shouted out and stood up placing a hand on the priest who turned to see him, dropping Bakura roughly back in his seat, ~Bloody priest!~ Bakura grumbled angrily.

"Kaiba," Yami began putting emphasize on the name, "We need to discuss something, come with us." He said and pointedly looked at Mrs. Weasley, Serius and a few teenagers they did not yet know the names of, who were sat their staring at Seth as if he'd grown another head. Seth nodded, 'perhaps, I should of thought twice before shouting about, seems these people don't know they are in the midst of a pharaoh, thief and high priest' he then followed Yami out the room, the thief and other spirit followed he noted.

They reached their bedroom and sat down on their own beds staring at Seth who just stood there really not knowing what to do.

"Seth that is your hikaris bed." Yami said pointing to the bed left over, Seth grew more confused and now pretty annoyed, 'what the heck is a hikari?' but he sat there anyway, back straight against the headboard staring at nothing in particular.

Yami cleared his throat and Seth turned his head sharply looking at him intently, Yami seemed slightly uncomfortable with the look he was receiving but pushed it aside, "Seth you are not in Egypt anymore." He began but Seth interrupted snorting, "Yeah. I kind of gathered that, what with sitting around in nothing but darkness for what seems like a couple millennia's. Skip the pleasantries, where am I, what am I doing here?" he was growing more and more irritated.

"Shut up, priest. Me, Yami and Ishtar went through this as well, don't act like you deserve special treatment." Bakura growled out, earning a very icy glare from Seth, causing him to double take, he was too used to Kaiba's glare, but Seth's was slightly different it was more intense than his hikaris.

"I didn't ask you, Thief. And who's Ishtar?" he asked.

"That would be meee!" Ishtar said grinning sadistically, Seth was either ignoring him, or just not intimidated at all by it and looked away again uninterested, Ishtar growled in annoyance.

"Seth, you are right, it is now 3 millennia into the future, lots has changed, but i'm sure your hikari can explain technology... he does love the stuff" Yami added at the end, thinking about Kaiba and his business.

"Okay, that's one answer, but what the hell is a hikari?" Seth demanded, slightly less annoyed now he was finally getting somewhere with his questions.

"he, is the lighter half of your souls, you each only have half a soul and he is the light, you are the dark, hikari is Japanese meaning light, so is yami but it means dark. You share that body with him, you each have soul rooms, that are joined by the soul corridor, you can communicate with him through a mind-link, and if you have not got control of the body you can also come out in spirit form." To demonstrate, Ryou, Malik and Yugi came out of their soul rooms in spirit form and waved Yugi beaming, Malik grinning amused, and Ryou with a nervous smile. "These are our hikaris, Yugi, Ryou and Malik." He said pointing to each one. "Yugi and Ryou are reincarnates of me and Bakura, whereas Ishtar was born from Maliks hatred, but is now a separate entity and resides in the millennium rod, your hikari is called Seto Kaiba and is the reincarnate of yourself." Yami continued to explain; Seth's face lit up at the mention of the rod, but fell just as fast when he realized someone else owned it. He glared dangerously at Ishtar and Malik, who grinned tauntingly back making Seth growl almost like a blue eyes. "Okay" he said understanding now what was happening, "Which item do I reside in then, seeing as someone STOLE my item from me!" he ground out eyes lighting with icey fire. "err... the millennium ankh." Yami said a little nervous of the yamis anger, he didn't want to have to deal with another fight, Bakura just looked incredibly amused.

"WHAT!" Seth yelled, but took a deep breath and calmed down somewhat, "Fine. Okay. Now, where is my hikari, I would like to meet my reincarnate?" he asked, he wanted to see, if his reincarnate was born with some of his traits or if he was just going to be added on to his growing list of disappointments.

"erm.. I guess the force in which you took over his body made him unconscious you have to wake him." Ryou spoke up in a small voice, 'that is the thief king Bakuras reincarnate?' he asked shocked at how nervous and reserved the boy seemed, he almost laughed out right at the irony, Bakura saw his shocked expression at his hikaris shyness and growled warningly.

Seth ignored him, sighed and closed his eyes, when he opened them he was in the soul corridor, on the right was his soul room, dark stone walls and a grey stone door with a gold eye of Horus, on the left were clean white walls that almost blinded him and the same light grey mechanical door he was going to open earlier, this time he walked over and did press the button, there was a buzzing sound of the intercom and then, "Who is it." A voice almost exactly like his own said seemingly from everywhere at once, being used to magic, he shrugged it off and spoke to the ceiling not seeing or knowing the speaker that was there in front of him, "it is I, Seth, your new... er.. Yami" he declared, there was a sarcastic grunt and then the door opened automatically, Seth marvelled at the door only for a second before stepping in gracefully.

The walls were the dull office cream colours and had posters of blue eyes white dragons and blues eyes ultimate dragons, a bookcase covered all of one wall and on the opposite side of the room where the book case and desk was, was a luxurious king sized, four-poster bed, dark blue curtains surrounded the bed so you could not see inside.

Seth walked to the foot of the bed and clear his throat, he was starting to feel nervous of meeting his reincarnation, what was he going to say to him, his thoughts were broken when the curtain was ripped aside and his hikari stepped out and walked up to him, Seth stood there shock hidden from his face carefully as he took in the reincarnates appearance, 'this Seto certainly looks like me.' He thought staring at the slightly shorter teenager.

"I can't believe I've been dragged into this mess, and now I guess its official, I'm part of the crazy group, seeing as I'm now a hikari!" Kaiba ranted, trying to hide the shock at seeing a person who looked like a twin brother of his.

"Sorry." Seth said, although he wasn't sure why, then, "I'm sorry for taking over your body and shoving you in here." He said blandly as he glanced around the room.

Kaiba recovering from his shock remembered what had happened and glared icily at his other, his yami, "Yeah, you better be!" he said, but was surprised when Seth looked at him straight into his icy blue eyes, (which no one ever dared to do when he was glaring at them) with only slight surprise, but then turned abruptly and walked towards the door.

When Seth reached the door he turned back and was amused to see his hikari staring in open shock, 'guess he's used to people being intimidated by that puppy dog glare' he laughed to himself, "hey, you can take over now." He said and then walked out the room not looking back.