To whom that might actually give a damn I do not own smallville I just thought id mess with their lives a little and put a new person in. constructive criticism is great blah blah blah

I walked out of the school it was about 2:30 and the rest of the mindless drones were in a pep rally which I really wasn't all that interested in. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a little silver car coming towards me and I knew exactly who it was when I saw the front license plate it said "LEX" so either it was him or someone jacked his car either way I don't really care. I saw him get out of the car and walk towards me damn that man makes black look good *oh my gosh did I just say that lex luthor looks good?? Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod I did. Oh well think of dead puppies and it will go away yeah there it goes its gone

"Mina are u ok u look like your off in some foreign land with no hope of coming back to this wonderful town"

"Oh hey Lex what brings u to this hell hole I like to call high school?"

"Im just dropping off some papers for Chloe. Why aren't u in class right now?"

"2 words PEP RALLY"

"ahhh yes those things where u all go and sit in the gym and pretend like u actually give a damn whether or not the football team wins."

"yeah those things, so how bout givin a lady a ride home so she doesn't have to walk"

"Only if the lady is u Miss Rice"

"well actually I was talking about my dead grand ma but yeah I'll accept the ride, u gonna go drop those papers off or what?" I said when I noticed he was staring at me

*get a grip luthor u don't like her shes 16 and a sophmore in high school even if she is cocky and cute shes what u want but god knows u had your share of under aged girls 2 of which go to this school even if those relationships didn't work out u and chloe and lana are still friends but Mina is what u want shes chloe and lana combined and a little Victoria on the side*

"what, oh oh yeah hold on a minute and ill give u a ride"

"so what cha doin tonight luthor?" I asked on the way to my house just to break the silence

"im having this business party that's going to be boring as hell and u should come by"

"Lex are u calling me boring?" I asked nothing pissed me off more than when someone calls me boring

"no not at all u are anything but, im just saying u should come so it wont be boring."

"nice save lex. I'll think about it I don't know if I can handle being in a room full of stuffy people"

"well we could always go up to my room and have a party of our own" he said with an evil grin

* Lex what in the hell are u doing now you're flirting with the girl oh yeah this is gonna be an interesting night*

"Well Mr.Luthor if I didn't know any better I'd say u were flirting with me"

"and what would u say if I was"

his hand gently stroked my cheek

"I'd say that we were at my house and I need to go get out of these clothes and get into something more comfy, want to come in or do u need to be somewhere at the moment?"

"I have a little time"

"good lets go inside and talk about this little party"

he stepped out of the care and came around and opened the door I got out and shut the door then took his hand and led him inside

*what are u getting yourself into mina this is lex luthor the richest and hottest guy in smallville and your standing in your kitchen holding his hand and looking into his eyes holding his hand isn't all he wants u to do, oh what the hell you've done worse a little kissing isn't going to hurt anything*

"Lex im gonna go change help yourself to whatever and ill be right back" all of a sudden I felt his hand on my stomach and his lips on my neck I let out a little moan

"Lex what are u doing" I had to ask even tho I ddnt want him to stop

"u said to help myself to whatever and u are what I want so im helping myself to what I want"

"Oh ok well help yourself to all u want" I turned around and met my lips with his. His lips were a lot softer than I would have imagined and he could work miracles with his tounge. I pulled away "Lex" he looked concerned

"Whats wrong?"

"I ran out of air about 15 seconds ago and we need to stop before this goes somewhere were both not ready for it to go"

"Who says im not ready for it to go somewhere didn't u ever think of the possibility that I might actually have feelings for u?"

"Yeah I thought about it but then I remembered who I was thinking about and the fact that hes one of the most eligible bachelors around then I totally got rid of the thought."

He looked down at his watch. "ok look mina I have to go and get ready please come over tonight and we'll talk about this ok?"

"Yeah ok I'll come over but the first time I see u dancing with someone else im leaving"

he laughed "ok ill see you around 7" he kissed the top of my head then said "I love that shampoo"

laughing I said "Bye lex" as soon as I saw him get in his car I called chloe "CHLOE come over quick I gotta get some clothing advice"