Disclaimer: I don't own anything!

This is the newest story to my humor collection! It's called "Dates gone wrong" You guys like the sound of that? The whole plot of this story is about horrible dates which means I'll need horrible couples and that's where you guys come in! I need you guys to

1. Give me the most off the wall couple you can think of. (I'll do straight and gay couples or accidental same sex date like if Duncan actually made a date with Geoff online thinking he was a girl)

2. Tell me if it's a Blind Date/Pity date or someone who has a crush on someone and wants to go out with them (Which of course will end horribly)

3. Anyone from the new or old cast will be accepted.

I would like to get started on this Tonight or Tomorrow so send me the couples you would like to see first! If you write an Anon review with a suggestion that's fine just give me a name to address you by in the chapter.

I'm anxiously awaiting the couples you have for me.