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Four years later:

Bella's P.O.V.:

Four years have passed since everything. My human life improving, Laurent coming to take me to Rome, meeting Diana, falling in love with Marcus, marrying Marcus, having the babies, the trouble with the Cullens, it almost felt like it happened just yesterday.

If only, ok not really. Our lives have been peaceful ever since we killed off the moon children and their newborn vampire army. Marcus and I were still in love, and everything had fallen back into place just like we hoped it would.

The twins were now four years old, and like I had hoped they grew like humans. According to Dr. Bellows though, they would stop aging once they drank human blood and they would begin to have cravings when they hit puberty. He found this out when he tested their blood with venom, but we agreed with Aro and Caius that when they turned seventeen they would be given blood. I didn't know if Kyra could one day have kids, but Arthur said since she's a natural vampire it's likely so.

Speaking of kids, the Volturi now had the twins, and four new ones included with them. It turns out that my power could extend to others, my conception powers at least. Eleazar, called up by Aro, figured out that only married vampires could be given the power, and if they truly desired children so in a way my power could choose for itself. Happiness was all around us, especially with all the couples and their little bundles of joy.

Angela had given birth first, and she gave Demetri a little girl they named Marissa Jane. She was a sweet child with her dad's keen tracking abilities, her eyes were green, probably like Demetri's when he was human, she had her father's sandy blonde hair, and her mother's face. They had fought over baby names, Demetri wanted something old but Angela wanted a newer name, so they settled on Marissa. She was almost four, but like Kyra and Aiden she would grow like a human until she reached seventeen.

Jessica gave birth a month after Angela, and had a strong little boy they named Connor Ray. He was strong like his daddy, but his voice was deep and powerful like Jessica. He looked just like his father, but he had his mother's heart and personality. He was going to be a great addition to the Volturi.

"MOM! Connor won't give me back my book!" right now I was busy watching these four in their little playroom, and so far the only trouble was Connor teasing Aiden to no ends while the girls played with their dolls.

"Connor what have I told you about taking things that aren't yours?" I gave my best glare, and Connor handed Aiden his book.

"Sorry Aunt Bella, but he wouldn't let me look at it."

"That doesn't give you the right to take it, now apologize." He crossed his arms and huffed at me.

"I don't wanna!" I stood up.

"Do you want your mom in here? Remember what happened last time you got in trouble?" he paled and looked at Aiden.

"Sorry I took your book, I won't do it again." Aiden smiled.

"Ok I forgive you, here you can read it now." He gave him back the book and Connor sat down to read. These boys fought constantly up and down, but they got along like brothers. I was watching them because their parents were feeding, and Marcus had to take care of some business with Aro and Caius.

"Bella." Sulpicia and Athenodora came in with their little babies, both about five months old. When they became pregnant Aro and Caius about fainted, well they couldn't but they looked like they could. Aro was overjoyed at becoming a father, and though Sulpicia worried he would want a son he told her he didn't care as long as the baby was healthy. She gave birth to a boy, and I think that was what she wanted since she liked boys more than girls; they named him Xavier Carlisle, and he seemed to possess an ability that let him project thoughts into other people's minds, real or fake. He was a curious little boy, and he would be like his dad one day, but only good if his mother had anything to say about it.

Athenodora had given birth around the same time as Sulpicia, maybe a day or two after. She had a little girl which she named Galatea Estella. She had her parents fair blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, but she also had a little power of her own. She was telekinetic, but she only lifted small objects to amuse herself and apparently little Xavier liked it too.

My kids had their own gifts as well, Aiden like me was a shield but he was more physical than mental. Kyra was like Marcus, her gift was similar but it wasn't quite the same. I'm not sure how to describe it but she's definitely a daddy's girl. The children had grown so beautifully, I couldn't imagine any of us being this happy.

"Hey guys, come on in join the party." They laughed and sat down. Kyra and Marissa ran to play with the babies, they loved it.

"They're a handful aren't they?" I nodded.

"I don't mind, I love them all." I sat back watching them, this was the perfect life. And then a knock came to the door.

"Men entering nursery, is it clear?" it was Marcus.

"Clear to enter boys." We laughed, in entered Marcus, Aro, and Caius.

"Daddy!" Kyra and Aiden ran to Marcus and he scooped them up into his arms.

"Oh my…" Aro laughed and he took Xavier from Sulpicia. "These children are growing up too fast."

"Oh don't worry, just wait until they reach their teens." I laughed. I wasn't sure if any of us could have more children, but maybe in the future we'd find out.

We weren't the only ones though, I had learned from Carlisle that somehow Esme and Alice had fallen pregnant a month after they left Volterra. Their children were born after Xavier and Galatea, both had boys, while Esme and Carlisle's had Esme's looks, Alice and Jasper's was just like his daddy. I congratulated them and sent them gifts, which they gladly accepted. Esme named her son Thomas after her father, and Alice named hers Peter after Jasper's nomad friend.

Aro worried about our population growing too much, but we assured him and Diana that if things got too out of hand we would find a way to fix it, without killing anyone. Charlie and Rena though, I didn't know if they were expecting or not, but if they did then it would be nice to have a half sibling.

"Has there been any word from Diana?" I looked at Aro.

"She wishes you the best of luck Isabella, she's going to retire for the next year."

"Galen with her?" after Diana returned to Rome she and Galen got married a month later. She was happy, and she deserved to be. Galen wasn't king, he didn't want to be, so Diana still ruled as our queen but she wanted more time with her new husband.

"He always is, but for now we will take control; especially with our new little miracles." Aro nuzzled his son's nose and Xavier giggled at him.

"Master." We turned to see Alec come in holding a note. "We just received word from the Irish, Rosalie Hale has found a new mate." Caius took the letter.

"Hmmm, says here he's Irish, and he was in fact human but after a few dates they fell in love and she turned him." He showed a picture of Rosalie standing with a tall, lean young man with brown hair, in his late teens. "Name's William Mortar."

"As long as he learns the rules, he is fine." Rosalie's sentence would end soon, and if she wished to return to the other Cullens she would be free to. She sent me a well written apology a year after she left, saying she was actually happier with the Irish but she stuck to her diet. She was sorry for what she said, and hoped we could stay on civil terms; I wrote back saying we could, but not BFFs we were way too different for that.

"Glad she's gotten over Emmett." Emmett had stayed with Carlisle and Esme, and he did in fact find a new mate but she was as tough and brash as he was. He sent me a picture, and she was beautiful, black hair, fair skin, lovely young woman. They moved into a new home, but they weren't too far from the Cullens and they were still family to me. I hoped to meet her someday, after they spent more time with each other.

"Definitely, it's too bad about Edward though, the boy still hasn't found a mate yet." Edward had let go of his crush on me, but he was so depressed for a while he didn't even bother to go look for a mate. He had one out there though, he just needed to get over himself. Tanya returned to her coven after her isolation period was up, and she enjoyed being home.

"He will eventually, where's Jess and Ange?"

"Still feeding, they'll be here shortly." Speak of the devil there they came through the door.

"Mommy Daddy!" little Marissa ran to them.

"Hey sweetheart, we weren't gone that long." Connor ran to his parents showing them the book he had.

"Ok this room's too crowded, let's move somewhere else." All the kids joined us into a bigger room, where I saw Charlie and Rena coming in, unexpectedly. "DAD!" I ran to him and he lifted me up off the ground twirling me.

"Hey Bells, miss me?"

"Yes I missed you, so did they." The twins ran up to us.

"Grandpa!" he wrapped them in his arms. Rena hugged me, we had gotten closer as stepmom and stepdaughter, but she couldn't replace Renee. The last I heard about Renee she and Phil stayed in Jacksonville but she still mourned me and Charlie. I missed her, but this was for the best.

"You kids miss old Grandad?" they nodded and he pulled out two little presents from his pockets. "Well look what I gotcha."

"YAY!" they opened the presents and revealed beaded Quileute tribe necklaces with wolf pendants. Jacob must've made them, and speaking of Jacob I heard he found a new girlfriend, an imprint mate I think. She went to Forks High, but she was a computer nerd from what I heard and Jacob fell in love instantly.

My Jacob in love, oh it was too cute to imagine.

"Dad you shouldn't have." The kids were admiring the gifts, and then he pulled out some more tossing them to the others.

"I know, but you know me, I'm a granddaddy and I love spoiling the kids."

"Typical Charlie." Rena laughed. "We had such fun, so much we grew homesick so we decided to come back." We hugged for a moment.

"Glad to have you back."

"Charlie you were greatly missed." Marcus and Charlie shared a brief embrace.

"I know, I always am." That made everyone laugh. Marcus came back and held me in his arms as we joined the family to another room where the kids started playing with their parents and cousins.

"Marcus, I love you." I whispered to my beloved husband.

"I love you too Isabella, more than anything." We hugged and shared a kiss, Marcus and I were part of the happiest coven in the world.

We had it all, a family, friends, a home, what more could we ask for?

I know I didn't have to ask for anything else, I had found my date with destiny, and it became my destiny to become the vampire princess.

The End.

That's it! The End of a beautiful story. Thank you all for the beloved reviews and favorites and follows, they were greatly appreciated. Here are the names of the children just to be safe:

Kyra and Aiden ~ Marcus and Bella's twins.

Marissa Jane ~ Angela and Demetri's daughter.

Connor Ray ~ Felix and Jessica's son.

Xavier Carlisle ~ Aro and Sulpicia's son.

Galatea Estella ~ Caius and Athenodora's daughter.

Thomas Cullen ~ Esme and Carlisle's son.

Peter Cullen ~ Jasper and Alice's son.

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