Hi, it's me again! If you're just tuning in, you may want to go ahead and read chapter 29 of "Pilot Light" (the chapter called "Angel at My Door") to really know what's going on, but it's not necessary. This is the morning after Lucifer and Balthazar first have sex. (Seriously, you should probably read chapter 29 of "Pilot Light" first.)

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Tongues are violent,

Personal, and focused,

Tough to beat with

Your steady mind.

But hearts are stronger after broken.

Wake on up from your slumber,

Baby, open up your eyes.

Lu woke up the next morning incredibly sore. It should have been cause for alarm, but he didn't feel any terror. Still, he ached all over and he wasn't quite sure why.

Assessment: facedown in bed, eyes closed, arms flung wide. His left hand was fisted in his sheets but his right hand was open, palm down. He flexed his fingers and discovered they were about the only part of his body that didn't hurt. His neck ached in several places, his back felt like he'd been flogged—he smirked a bit at that thought—his knees felt like they'd been roundly abused, his ass—


Suddenly, he was in panic mode. His eyes flew open and he twisted, staring around his room. Empty, except for him. What the—

But then his bedroom door opened and Taz Lords, clad only in his boxers, sailed in with a towel and a bottle in his arms, took one look at Lu with his eyes wide and worried, and said, "Damn."

His heart rate slowly came back under control. "Oh." He swallowed. "Morning."

"Sorry," Taz murmured, sitting at the edge of his bed as if concerned about hurting him further. "I was hoping to be back in here before you woke up." He held up the towel. "Let's see the damage."

Lu nodded and gingerly turned onto his back.

There were four shallow scratches down his chest and three more down his left side, all from Taz's nails. As the older man looked him over, his eyes sweeping over the scratches and bites on his neck and torso, Lu's eyes honed right in on the one purpling bruise on Taz's neck. So he had managed to mark him. He felt an unnecessary amount of pride over that fact wash over him.

Taz shook out the towel and placed the bandages wrapped in it off to the side. He unscrewed the cap from the bottle and poured a bit of the clear liquid onto the towel. Without even a "this may sting a bit," he pressed it against the deepest of the scratches. Lu hissed, only partly from the pain, and closed his eyes tightly.

"Sorry," Taz murmured again, gently dabbing the towel across the scratches and then up to the bite on Lu's collarbone. The blood from that particular wound had smeared against his skin and into the sheets beneath him. He couldn't quite believe just how far his teeth had sunk in the night before—he must have been insane. Or infected with whatever the Hell had made Lu demand that pain, making him only too willing to inflict it.

The most worrisome part of the whole ordeal was that he actually enjoyed it. He hadn't encountered his sadistic side before last night and now that he had, he had to confront it. But later. Right now, he had to focus on cleaning up the mess he'd made of his Luce the night before.

He reached for one of the bandages, the biggest one he had, and pressed it carefully against the bite, which was turning a sick, bruised purple underneath the clear skin. As Lu's eyes opened again, he lightly kissed the bandage.

Before he could get out his next words, Lu grabbed him by the back of his neck and kissed him hard. Taz barely caught his breath before Lu's tongue met his own, sending a shiver of desire through him. For a few long, hot moments, he propped himself up on his elbow, letting Lu kiss him and savoring the taste of him first thing in the morning. But then he pulled back and Lu let out a huff of annoyance.

"Turn over," Taz said softly. "I need to see your back."

"I'm fine," Lu muttered but turned himself over anyway.

Taz bit his lip. There were a lot more scratches than he'd expected, and a few were pretty deep. He seemed to recall drawing blood the night before, but he hadn't realized… And then there was another bite on Lu's shoulder blade that hadn't quite broken the skin, for which he was grateful, but it was already bruising as well. Good God, what had he done?

He swallowed and started cleaning the scratches on Lu's back, focusing first on the ones over his wings. He prayed he wouldn't scar—it would be horrible if those beautiful black and red wings were permanently marred. Fortunately, the scrapes didn't seem quite deep enough for that. "Sorry," he murmured again, eliciting another huff from the younger man.

"Stop apologizing, will you? I'm fine. I'm not gonna break."

"I didn't intend to hurt you."

Lu turned his head so he could glare at Taz over his shoulder. "That's funny, because that's exactly what I told you to do. I would be demanding an apology if you hadn't hurt me."

He was quiet for a moment. "So you really enjoyed that?"

The sharpness behind Lu's blue eyes softened and even though his head was turned, there was no way Taz could have missed the nervous swallow. "Yeah, I did." His gaze fell from Taz's face to a point against the wall, just below the window. "I'm guessing that freaks you out."

It figured. Last night, it seemed like he'd really found someone who understood him and what he wanted, but obviously, Taz had thought it was a one-time thing. His chest tightened. He hated to admit it, even to himself, but wished he'd kept his mouth shut last night. He'd rather have a lifetime of mediocre sex with Taz than one night of mind-blowing sex with him and then nothing. He closed his eyes and tried to will away the pain in his chest that had nothing to do with any physical damage that could have been inflicted on him.

Taz was too important to him already. He felt sick with that realization.

"Actually, what freaks me out is how little that actually bothers me." Taz's hands paused and Lu waited for him to continue, afraid to even breathe. "In fact, I rather like it, a lot more than I anticipated. So, just so we're clear, you're a full-time masochist?"

"Pretty much," Lu murmured.

Taz leaned over him and bit down on his shoulder. Lu moaned softly, moving to increase the pressure and bunching his sheets in his fists. "I can handle that," Taz breathed, releasing his skin.

Lu grinned, allowing Taz to resume cleaning off his back.

There wasn't much that could be done for the bruises lining his neck, so once Taz went to put away the towel and bottle of hydrogen peroxide, Lu dug a clean pair of boxers out of his dresser and went straight for the shower. Hot sex aside, he still had to be at work in an hour.

Once he emerged from the shower, impressed with the bandage for sticking through the water, he located his clothes from the previous evening strewn all over his apartment, but Taz had already picked his up, apparently. He went back into his room to discover the older man fully dressed, sitting on the edge of his bed. "Are you working tonight?" he asked, starting to hang up his suit and making a mental note to take it to the cleaners. He hoped the answer to his question was no.

"Yes. Fridays are always busy." He smiled at Lu as if he'd anticipated the disappointed look on his face. "I'll try to skive off early, though. My boss will probably take some convincing, but I'm sure he can be persuaded."

Lu laughed.

"Want some breakfast? I'm afraid all I know how to make is toast, but it's bloody good toast."

"Yeah, I could eat." As Taz hopped off the bed and darted out of the bedroom, Lu smiled and picked out another suit to wear. By the time he finished dressing, he smelled toast from the kitchen. He draped a tie around his neck and followed the scent into the kitchen, where Taz was just setting out two plates with toast on them.

Suddenly, Taz really wished neither of them had to work that day. Lu in that suit, cut just right in the shoulders and making his ass look, if possible, even more perfect than it was, was almost more than he could take this early. If he had his way, he wouldn't even drag Lu back to bed—he would just bend him over the table and fuck him until they both went blind and Lu was hoarse from screaming.

Fortunately—or unfortunately, depending on who you were—Lu didn't seem to notice Taz's sudden distraction. He finished off his toast in four huge bites, somehow managing not to drop a crumb on his suit, and fixed up his tie in about ten seconds. "You can shower if you need to," he said, setting his plate in the sink. "I gotta go, but you have my number."

Taz smiled and grabbed him by the tie as he passed. He gave him a quick but deep kiss. "Have a good day, Luce," he whispered.

"You, too," Lu said, running his thumb over his cheek for a moment.

What seemed like a moment later, he was out the door.

The day seemed to drag on. The only truly interesting part of work was the inevitable glance toward the bruises on his neck and the raised eyebrows, and by three, he was already growing bored of those. He didn't bother trying to explain to anyone the source of the bruises because that would lead to more raised eyebrows, but he did call Gabe around lunchtime.

"Hey," Lu said.

"You sound happy," Gabe answered.

Lu stared at his phone for a moment. All he'd said was "hey"! "How the fuck—"

"Magic. What happened?"

Lu rubbed his forehead. "Taz came over last night."

"And let me guess. He left this morning."

"Probably. I mean, he was there when I left, so for all I know, he's still there."

"So, tell me, how many dogs are you planning on getting?"

"W-what?" Sometimes, it was a little hard to follow Gabe's train of through.

"Y'know, when Taz moves in."

"He's not moving in," Lu hissed.

"Why, is he a cat person?"

"Gabe, I swear to God—"

"I'm just fucking with you," Gabe laughed. "I'm happy for you. It didn't happen quite as soon as you tried to convince me, but it did happen."

"Yeah." He leaned back a bit, kicking at the back of his chair with his toe. His shoes were resting on the seat.

"Are you sitting on your desk?" Gabe asked suddenly.

Lu jumped and scanned his office. "Okay, seriously, do you have a camera in here or something?"

Gabe cracked up. "Lucky guess. Don't you have work to do?"

"Today's the last day of my court case. We're just at lunch right now."

"I see. I better go before Lilith pages you for something."

Lu scoffed. "Whatever." He hung up his phone and a moment later, the phone on his desk beeped.

"Lu? Zachariah's on line two."

Lu blinked. Seriously. How the fuck does he do that? "I got it, thanks."

Finally, he arrived back at his apartment, exhausted but wishing Taz was there. He knew he wasn't, though, because he hadn't locked up before he left but apparently Taz had. He closed the front door behind him and flipped on the light. Immediately, he dropped his briefcase, loosened his tie, slid off his jacket, and unbuttoned the top three buttons of his dress shirt. He went to the kitchen to clean up after breakfast, but the plates weren't in the sink anymore and the counters had been wiped down already. He gave a pleasant hum of surprise and went to his bedroom to strip the sheets.

Too late. Taz had apparently already washed his sheets and made his bed again, because the whole damn room smelled clean and when he pulled back the duvet, his sheets were spotless. He checked the bathroom, too, and sure enough, all of his towels had been neatly folded or hung up.

He smiled and slid his jacket back on.

It was still early when the first few people came in, so Taz was the only one there, but once Chuck came in, he passed the bar over to him to do inventory. Mary arrived about an hour later.

"Hey, Taz. Have a good day?"

He nodded, half-smiling, as he set down his folder. "Brilliant."

"Good." She smiled knowingly. "That's an interesting bruise on your neck."

Taz grinned. "Like I said. Brilliant."

"Who is it?"


"Oh, God, you don't even know, do you?"

He feigned offense. "I know exactly who he was!"

"Well, that's good. So? Who was he?"

"Goodbye, Mary," he sing-songed, picking up a case of Budweiser and bringing it out to the front.

The front door squeaked as it opened, and Taz turned to see who it was. And then he smiled as his eyes locked with Luce's.

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