The Cybertronian Chipmunks

A Shared History

The story opens up showing a desert, many years ago, during the night and in it is the town of Roswell; there is a nearby military base and there are cars driving and people walking on the sidewalks. There are also animals living happily nearby. There are lizards, hawks, snakes, and some chipmunks that were wearing miniature clothes.

Suddenly there was the sound of Optimus Prime's voice saying, "Earth, the home of the human race and many other species and nations."

On his next sentence there was the image of some hawks happily feeding their babies in a nearby nest on a rock, then some snakes attacking some mice.

"Species much like our own; capable of great compassion, and great violence."

When Optimus said his next sentence the animals and a few soldiers looked into the sky to see something huge falling out of the sky, on fire, and it crashed into a rock formation, and some soldiers and animals, including chipmunks, climbed moved to the rock formation to see what it was.

"But because of our race's war, our kinds have crossed paths, throughout both our histories."

When Optimus continued his statement the animals and soldiers had climbed up to the rock formation to see a giant metal space ship that had suffered damage and had holes in it that were on fire. On top of the ship was the symbol of the Decepticons and the door to the ship smashed open and an alien robot with red eyes walked out looking at them angrily.

"And some things should never have happened."

Present day

The Nest team was now approaching a military base in Mexico; they drove some military jeeps with guns into the area with some Autobots following them. Optimus drove in truck form with his trailer; Ironhide drove next to Wheeljack, aka Que, (Optimus brought them both back to life with the Matrix) and Mudflap and Skids drove behind them (they survived Egypt). Three new Autobots drove on a different road and were behind; there were five motorcycles that had holograms of guys who would be in a motorcycle gang. One of them was a three wheeled motorcycle, two at the sides and one in the back, and two of the other ones drove at its side and the other two drove behind it. The one at the left of the three wheeled one was green and the one at the right was a purple one with orange hot rod flames; the back left one was red with black stripes and the one to the right of it was blue with red flames on it. The Autobot that was driving to the left of the motorcycles was a police car with flashing red and blue lights. The one that was driving to the right of the motorcycles was a blue Volkswagon Beetle. They drove near the base while Lenox rode in a military jeep with three guys and scanned the area with an Energon detector to check to see if there were any Decepticons nearby.

Lenox: "Alright, someone gave us a call and informed us that they have seen signs of aliens. There could be Decepticons."

The jeeps pulled over near the military base and a bunch soldiers walked out with guns and some scanned around for Energon readings.

Suddenly Lenox heard a beeping and said, "I've got a reading. Four actually, one of them is huge!"

Suddenly a nearby tank transformed into a Decepticon that looked like the one they encountered their first time (in the first movie). A military jeep transformed into a Decepticon that stood on four legs and looked like Rampage and it had Cybertronian symbols on it like leopard spots. An old military chopper transformed into a Decepticon with the blades on its back and an arm that had a glowing red hook for a hand, it also had two heads. Finally, a large machine used for construction transformed into a Decepticon that looked like Demolisher. The large one that looked like Demolisher turned his hand into a gun and started shooting the military jeeps then left with his two large rotating wheels. He headed for one building in the military base while the two headed one shot some and then retreated on foot. The soldiers shot at them and the leopard one and the tank one, but they retreated as well.

Lenox spoke into a head set he had and said, "Twins, we need you to handle the one with two heads; Ironhid, you and Wheeljack take down the tank. Road Block, you and Alpha and Speeder handle the leopard. Optimus, we need your help in killing the big guy!"

Road Block, Speeder, and Alpha were chasing the leopard Decepticon; the police car transformed into Road Block, an Autobot with four arms who had metal muscles in both his arms and legs and he had a face similar to Ironhide and Rachet's. The five motorcycles, without stopping, joined together and formed Speeder; the three-wheeled motorcycle transformed into his torso and chest and the two back motorcycles transformed into his legs, which had wheels for feet, and the remaining motorcycles transformed into his arms that had the front wheels in his wrists between his arms and hands and the two side wheels of the one that made his chest when on his shoulders like armor. The Voltwagon Beetle transformed into Alpha, an Autobot that had the robot form of a dog, he had flexible metal ears that hung over the sides of his head like a dog and he had legs and paws like a dog and a tail that had a metal ball with spikes on the end of it; he also had sharp spikes for teeth. Like Bumblebee, Alpha's voice operator was damaged in battle, but unlike Bumblebee, Alpha could talk some but he could not talk in a human like voice, he sounded as though he was choking and his words were sometimes hard to understand and he could not always speak in complete sentences.

Road Block pointed at the leopard Decepticon and yelled, "Take him down!"

While Road Block ran, two guns came out of his lower forearms and he began shooting at the Decepticon; he nailed a few shots but the Decepticon was still running. Speeder was using the wheels he had for feet like roller skates and two large guns came out of his shoulders and he started shooting at the Decepticon. The Decepticon screamed in pain as he was shot but continued to run. He jumped over a few abandoned trucks but Road Block, Speeder, and Alpha did the same with no difficulty and Alpha jumped onto another old truck, then jumped into the air and dug his claws and teeth into the Decepticon's leg but the Decepticon shook him off. Suddenly a gun came out of the back of Alpha's throat and he shot missiles at the Decepticon's head. The Decepticon fell down with part of its head gone and Road Block clapped his top two hands together and they formed one big gun and he moved to the Decepticon, causing an explosion which blew it into an old building.

It was still alive so Speeder skated to it and ejected a long rifle out of his chest and caught it in his hand and pointed it at the Decepticon and said, "Buenos Nochas!"

He shot the Decepticon and killed it to the point where its front right leg was gone and there was a huge hole in its chest.

Alpha looked at it with his tongue hanging out like a dog and said, "Dead!"


Mudflap and Skids were chasing the two headed Decepticon as electric cars. While they were still cars, weapons came out of their sides and they shot missiles and explosive rays at the Decepticon. They hit it many times but then it turned the helicopter blades on its back and started to fly. They were between some large buildings, so Skids transformed and turned his larger arm into a grappling gun and shot the grapple to a building at the left. Mudflap transformed and a small gun came out of his left forearm and he started shooting the Decepticon's back. Skids swung around the building and pulled out a large green and silver war hammer and swung into the Decepticon, knocking him to the ground. Skids hit his hammer against one of its heads and destroyed it, but the other head now had complete control over the body. It punched Skids but Mudflap came and rammed it into the wall of a building. The Decepticon knocked him away and Skids through an alien grenade at it and Mudflap shot it to increase the force and damage it would inflict. The explosion from the blast and the grenade was so powerful that it blew the Decepticon into a building that had gasoline tanks in it, then it blew up and killed the Decepticon.

Mudflap and Skids punched each other's knuckles and Mudflap said, "Two bots are better than one, not two heads!"


Ironhide and Wheeljack transformed and Ironhide shot the guns on his forearms at the tank Decepticon. The Decepticon took a few steps back to keep itself from falling because of the shots it turned one of its hands into a long gun and shot Wheeljack. Wheeljack was fine and a slot opened in his chest and he pulled out a huge Autobot rocket launcher and he shot it at the Decepticon, causing him to fall down as his left arm blew up.

Ironhide looked at Wheeljack and said, "You know how to make stuff to kick someone's ass."

The Decepticon pulled himself up onto his feet and Ironhide pulled his two rifles off his back and shot them both at the Decepicon with so much force that there was a hole in his chest and half of his right leg was gone.


The soldiers were in their military jeeps while chasing the huge Decepticon that had large wheels and they shot him but it had little affect. Suddenly Optimus drove perpendicular and he transformed into his robot form and his trailer transformed into a huge metal ring loaded with different weapons. He chose some swords and guns and then jumped onto the Decepticon's face and stabbed him in the eye. The Decepticon kept going but Optimus used one of his orange glowing swords to cut off the Decepticon's top wheel. The other Autobots were directly behind and Speeder transformed and joined together and started shooting the Decepticon's wheel that it was using to move. There were a few explosions and the wheel shook from damage; then Road Block transformed and his top right arm turned into a grappling gun and he grappled to the Decepticon's shoulder and swung to the wheel. He held onto the metal stick holding it in place with is two top arms and he used his bottom arms to pull out small rifles and he shot the wheel repeatedly; the wheel blew up and the Decepticon fell down near the center of the military base. Then Ironhide came and pulled one of his riffles off his back and shot the Decepticon in the head, killing it.

The rest of the military jeeps came and the rest of the Autobots there transformed and Alpha looked at the dead Decepticon and said, "Punk ass!"

Lenox looked at it but then he got another Energon reading and said, "Hold up, we've got another Energon reading, and it's a big one and it's coming fast."

They looked up to see a huge military plane fly over them, then they saw it transform and start to fall down. It was a Decepticon that was bigger than the other one; it looked like a giant robot T-Rex that had glowing red eyes and guns on its back where its legs connect to the rest of it.

It shot at the military jeeps and blew them up while stepping on them and turning quickly. It grabbed one in its mouth and bit down on it, causing it to explode. It turned around and ran through the walls of the military base and picked up a dead Decepticon that was in the center. Optimus ran to the ring full of his weapons and it transformed and merged with him to form his jetpack and other guns and he flew into the air. The Decepticon tried to run away with the dead one but Optimus shot his guns at it and the missiles and rays he shot exploded on impact. The Decepticon opened its huge jaws and released the dead one.

It turned its head and said, "Optimus!"

Optimus pointed his guns at him and it ran away to escape.

It turned it's head and said, "You will all face the wrath of The Mighty!"

Optimus shot one of his guns at the Decepticon's face and said, "Not today!"

The Decepticon transformed into a plane and retreated.

Lenox looked up at it and asked, "What the Hell was that?"

Optimus's jetpack transformed and moved into his back until it was no longer visible and he said, "That… is Tyrannotron!"

Lenox looked at the dead Decepticon that Tyrannotron dropped and said, "Why was he after this?"

Optimus kneeled down and said, "It can't be! This is an old Decepticon that was escaped near the end of the war."


There was a hawk that was standing on the roof of one of the buildings and it flew away and landed on the hood of an empty ice cream truck that was far away from the military base. Strangely, a smile appeared across the face of the hawk as it looked up at the speaker of the ice cream truck.

Suddenly a voice came from the speaker, and it said, "Well?"

The bird suddenly said with a voice slightly different from a talking parrot's, "They took the bait."

Then the voice said, "Excellent!"

Then the ice cream truck transformed into a Decepticon and it ran into the desert with the hawk flying over it.

The next morning at the Seville house

The Chipmunks and the Chipettes woke up and got out of bed. It was now Summer Vacation and they were happy to be out of school.

Brittany: "This is going to be a great summer vacation!"

Simon: "Yeah, two months of time together and with Dave."

Alvin: "And we can do whatever we want!"

Brittany: "Alvin you had better not ruin our vacation like you did last year! Remember how you got us stranded on that island."

Alvin: "You know you guys could have tried to stop me."

Jeanette: "He does have a point."

The Chipmunks and the Chipettes changed out of their pajamas and the Chipmunks put on their sweaters and the Chipettes put on their dresses (ones they wore in The Squeakquel). They walked into the kitchen and climbed onto the table to see Dave put down six plates of toaster waffles with whip cream.

Dave: "Eat up guys!"

Theodore happily dove his face into the whip cream and started to eat his toaster waffles and Alvin did the same. Theodore and Alvin had whip cream all over their faces; Brittany slowly ate the whip cream as she did not want to look like a pig. Simon shoved his face into the whip cream and ate the toaster waffles but he did not do it the same way that Alvin and Theodore did. Jeanette ate her toaster waffles the same way Brittany did but didn't mind if she had a little on her face. Eleanor ate the whip cream and made her way to the waffles and Brittany turned to see the whip cream on her face.

Brittany: "Um, Eleanor, you've got some whip cream on your face."

Eleanor wiped it off and said, "Thank you."

When Alvin finished eating his breakfast he had whip cream around his mouth and he looked like he had a beard like Santa Clause. Theodore stopped and looked like he was wearing a mud mask that was made of whip cream. When they were all done with their breakfast they went into the backyard and everyone except Alvin sat around the tree. Alvin was in the tree and he spun around on a small branch like he was a gymnast flipping on a bar.

Simon looked up and said, "Alvin get down before Dave sees you!"

Alvin: "Chill out Simon nothing bad is gonna happen."

Dave walked outside and Alvin jumped off and landed on a hose which he accidentally turned on and sprayed Dave.

Dave was soaking wet like had just fallen in a pool and yelled, "Alviiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!"

A few hours later

It was the afternoon and the Chipmunks and the Chipettes were now tired and they were staring up at the sky. Suddenly when Alvin looked up at the sky he thought about outer space.

Alvin: "I wonder what kind of aliens there are up there in the universe."

Simon: "Alvin there are no aliens."

Little did they know that while they were talking an adult Chipmunk that was twice their size was watching them, he was holding on to the edge of the fence and looked at them with a determined expression. He was wearing a suit, with no pants, and he had a necktie; his hair looked like a combination of Simon and Alvin's.

Brittany: "Yeah, and thank goodness. They'd probably be ugly; not like us, especially me."

Alvin looked at Simon and said, "How can you say there are no aliens? What about those alien robots you hear about on the News and see on the Internet!"

Simon: "I don't believe that stuff Alvin! That stuff on the Internet is all fake; and the people that they interview about those things are just crazy."

Theodore got up and said, "I wonder if there are any friendly aliens out there."

Simon: "There are no aliens guys."

Jeanette suddenly said, "I don't know Simon."

Brittany was surprised to hear this from her sister and said, "You believe in aliens Jeanette?"

They all looked at her as she continued.

Jeanette: "Well, I believe that it's possible. The universe is very big and there could be planets out there that are able to sustain life. I believe there are things about the universe that we don't know and probably never will, and maybe that's one of them."

The Chipmunk that was watching them quietly said to himself, "You will know."

Then the Chipmunk stealthily left without anyone noticing. The Chipmunks and the Chipettes walked inside and were about to turn on the TV when suddenly the door bell rang. Dave walked passed the chipmunks and answered it; he looked out the door and saw no one. He looked back and forth until he heard a squeaky voice.

The voice said, "Down here."

Dave looked down to see an adult chipmunk standing in front of him; the chipmunk was wearing a business suit and tie, unlike the other guy, he was wearing a pair of pants that had a hole for his tail to go through. His voice was squeaky like the Chipmunks' but it was also deeper than theirs because he was older than them.

Dave was surprised as he said, "Hello."

The chipmunk said, "Hello, is this the home of the Chipmunks and the Chipettes?"

Dave said, "Yes."

The chipmunk asked, "May I come in?"

Dave let him in and the Chipmunks and the Chipettes saw the adult Chipmunk who was twice their size.

The chipmunk said, "Hello Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor; please let me introduce myself. I am Leonard Melville, the president of Jett Records. I became the president after Ian Hawke was fired."

Simon looked up at him and said, "Nice to meet you."

Alvin suddenly asked, "What are you doing here?"

Leonard answered, "I am here because I know of how popular you kids are and I have a proposition for you."

Simon suddenly said, "Sorry but we would not like for you to represent us because our guardian Dave manages us already."

Leonard chuckled and shook his head while chuckling and said, "No Simon, I do not want to manage you; I am here to invite you to a little party I am throwing at Jett Records in nine days at seven o-clock. Many of my wealthy associates will be there, some humans, some animals like us. It will be very classy and I'm sure you will like it. Please take it under consideration."

The Chipmunks and the Chipettes looked at each other with smiles then they looked at Dave and he nodded his head meaning it would be okay for them to go.

Simon said, "Thank you, we'll give it some thought."

Leonard: "Thank you. And if any of you feel upset of think you could use some advice, just ask me, I'll be glad to help you."

He turned around and walked out the door and waved goodbye as he jumped into a limo he had.

When he was gone Theodore looked at the others and said, "What a nice guy."

Alvin: "Yeah."

Meanwhile at an apartment in Washington

Sam Witwicky had returned from work and he entered his girlfriend Carly's apartment and put down his suitcase.

Carly walked to him and put her arms around him and said, "I see my hero is home from work."

Sam smiled and said, "Glad to see you too."

They walked into the bathroom but left the door open and Carly said, "It's good to see that my man has a good job."

Sam said, "Oh you're embarrassing me."

They were interrupted when they heard a voice say, "You gonna sleep with each other or what!"

Carly screamed and yelled, "You again!"

They saw Text standing in the medicine cabinet behind them; Text was a small Autobot that would transform into a cell phone. Text looked like a monkey as he had a tail and he had hands for feet and his arms were longer than his legs. Text would turn into a red cell phone that had keys instead of a touch screen and had keys for texting that one would pull out of the side. Text had some of the text keys over his knuckles in the order "911" and they looked similar to brass knuckles.

Text said, "What? I'm just enjoying the show!"

Sam picked him up in his right hand and Text stood up in the palm of Sam's hand.

Carly: "He is a pain in the butt."

Text chuckled and said, "I'd like to be a pain in her butt!"

Sam slapped him and then they heard a voice say, "Cut him some slack the chick's hot!"

They turned to see Tune, another small Autobot who transforms into a blue iPod, laying on a shelf on the wall with his hands behind his head and his leg resting on his knee.

Carly then said, "Look, I'm beginning to think about our relation ship; I'm not talking about breaking up, but I think we should talk soon."

Sam heard a knock on the back door and opened it to see Brains and Wheelie standing there.

Wheelie: "I keep telling you this is not right! Make us live in a box on a balcony, next to a beast, like a wild animal!"

Brains: "Yeah, we should be in the house with you guys."

Sam: "Listen, you wanna be in here you need permission."

Brains and Wheelie walked in and Wheelie said, "Yeah talk to Miss blandy about that!"

Wheelie hopped on the couch and Brains climbed onto the table in front of it and started eating some old nails.

Wheelie: "Yo what's up Text, how you doing Tune."

Tune climbed onto the table and laid on his chest next to Brains' foot and said, "Pretty good."

Text held a bolt in his foot and said, "I'm feeling good today."

They were watching Paul and Wheelie said, "Oh I remember this part, this is when the pervert guy gets weird."

Suddenly there was a knock on the front door; after Sam changed into his casual clothes, he went to the door to see his fifteen year old cousin Ben Witwicky. Ben was the only relative of his that knew about the Autobots.

Ben walked in and said, "Yo, what's up Sam."

Sam asked, "What are you doing here?"

Ben: "I asked Mom and Dad if I could stay with you for the summer, and they said yes."

Sam: "Oh yeah I forgot."

Brains, Wheelie, Text, and Tune turned to see Ben and Ben said, "What up playas!"

Brains said, "Not much!"

Text: "Glad to see you finally made it."

Ben put down his suitcase and said, "I brought my PS3 that has Netflix!"

Wheelie: "Sweet!"

He then turned to Sam and said, "Oh and Sam, I got a little surprise for you."

Sam looked out the door to see his college roommate Leo and his ex-girlfriend Mikayla. Sam was surprised to see them both, but he was more surprised to see Mikayla; suddenly Carly walked in and saw them. Mikayla looked at Carly and Sam turned back and forth with nervousness.

Ben watched this and said, "Awkward."

Mikayla: "High Sam, this is your current girlfriend."

Sam turned to Ben and said, "What did you do?"

Ben: "I invited Mikayla to come to see if you guys would get back together. I think you two should never have broken up. I can't believe you left her for Carly."

Then he turned to Carly and said, "No offense."

Carly: "None taken. I don't mind it actually."

Ben: "You don't?"

Carly: "No, I don't like that you did something that could make me lose my boyfriend but I think it's nice that you're doing this for him."

Sam pointed to Leo and asked, "Why did you bring him?"

Ben started to plug in the PS3 and sat on the couch and said, "I thought you'd like to see your old roommate."

Sam turned to see Leo and gave him a high five and said, "It is good to see you."

Leo looked and saw Carly and said, "You're girlfriend's hot!"

She looked at him with an expression of being annoyed and he smiled innocently.

Wheelie looked at Mikayla and said, "So the warrior goddess's back."

Mikayla saw him and said, "I see your eye healed."

Leo saw a shiny cube of metal and said, "Hey what's that?"

He reached for it but Ben yelled, "Don't touch that!"

Leo: "Why what is it?"

Brains said, "That would be Autobot shit."

Ben came with a plastic bag and picked it up like person picking up their dog's poop and he put it in a box.

Ben saw them staring and said, "I recycle it."

Mikayla: "You recycle their poop?"

Ben: "Hey what they don't know won't hurt them."

He was referring to the people at the recycling center.

Ben walked to the fridge and opened it and said, "Sam you guys don't have any Cool WHip."

Sam: "What did you say?"

Ben: "You don't have any Cool WHip."

Sam: "Cool WHip?"

Ben: "Yeah Cool WHip."

Sam: "Why are you…"

Sam suddenly realized what he was doing and said, "Ha ha, very funny!"

Ben: "Ha ha ha, thank you."

He walked to the couch and Brains, Wheelie, Text, and Tune high fived him.

While Sam, Carly, Mikayla, and Leo continued to talk, a pigeon was standing on the balcony outside and it had high-tech goggles that showed that Mikayla had a key ring that had tiny Cybertronian symbols under the paint.

The pigeon tilted its head like it was preening but it spoke into a tiny microphone and said, "The ex-girlfriend has the ring."

It said this to a Decepticon that was underground somewhere; the Decepticon had arms but no legs; it had three large tails like Driller did. His hands transformed strange hands that had long metal tentacles instead of fingers, which went above the surface and hacked into some satellite transmitters and receivers.

When he heard what the pigeon said he said, "Parasite acknowledges; Decepticons retrieve it."

Author's Note: Even though this is a crossover the characters are in a way separate. There will be no parts where the Chipmunks and the Chipettes or any of the characters from the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies will use curse words, but the characters from Transformers will.