ヒラギノ角ゴFenrir's POV

I stalked my mate, lazily. Biding my time, knowing I had just about all the time in the world. My husband tired easily over his chore, with a certain glow about him. Despite being covered in sweat, with messy outgrown hair with half-wet clothes, he looked gorgeous to me. And it wasn't just me, being his mate. I would think him beautiful no matter how he looked. Others had been starting to notice. No matter how over worked or tired he may seem, his skin glowed to others and his scent shifted to always smelling of a rich, fruity aroma. Like the worlds sweetest fruits had been left to ferment and turned into the spiciest, yet sweetest wine nature had to offer.

You'd think much of us would understand what was happening. Harry never noticed and I never thought to question. My mate always had a glow to me, anything I could have noticed would have been ignored subconsciously. It wasn't until our love making, a few months after his first change that I noticed something different. Something that wasn't normal for a new wolf.

You see, after a persons first change into their wolf, their appearance changes even as a human as well as new abilities. Harry no longer needed glasses, often touching his face out of habit, to push the wire higher on his nose. Before his change, most of his flesh was soft. His muscles gave in easily to my grip. Although, I never found frustration when making love, I had to remain careful as not to bruise him. The first time I had Harry in my bed, we woke up the next morning to find his limbs littered with bruised. I apologized over and over until Harry kissed me and ordered me to shut up over the subject. But now that has changed. His skin remains as soft as ever but his flesh is firmer, more resistant. It allowed for rougher play in bed. I would never dream of harming Harry in any way, but sometimes he just wanted to be taken in such a way... What kind of husband would I be to deny him any pleasure? Not just the pleasure he has literally begged for... on several occasions, with... very good results.

Even with all his wolfish changes, I started to find myself, kissing down his body to find his stomach swollen. The first time I noticed it, I dismissed it as my mate finally having some quality food and rest, therefore was beginning to gain weight. He was so thin, all weight gain is definitely healthy. For several days, I repeated the same process. Noticed weight, cherished his health, (occasionally grinding my teeth at the thought of his health with the wizards), and then continuing to please him in any way he desired. But after a while, I noticed the swell becoming larger. It didn't seem like healthy weight gain anymore. Even if it was, it would have been more... spread out. Not just one soft lump in the lower regions of his abdomen. It wasn't something you could have noticed without getting as intimate as this. Rather then dismiss it again, I worried. Harry noticed at the end of our love making.

"Is something wrong?" He asked cautiously, as I cleaned his cum with my tongue, as I always did. His tone worried me, twice as much as the lump in his stomach. I laid beside him and took him into my arms.

"No, love. Why would anything be wrong?" I rubbed my hand down his back, caressing his sides, hips and ass. Even after taking him, I could never get enough of touching him. Luckily, he loved this attention. He said it always calmed him. According to my mate, these touches were always more then enough to sooth him into sleep.

"You seemed distracted. I thought you were bored." His voice cracked at the last word. I sat up and couldn't help staring at him in horror. I could easily put together his thoughts. His green eyes were flooded with tears in a second.

"No, no, Harry." I picked him up to cradle him against my chest, littering his face with more sweet kisses then he could handle. Rather then attempt to hold me or return some form of loving touch, Harry crossed arms at either shoulder and attempted to curl in on himself.

"I k-know I can't make y-you happy yet, b-but I'll try harder." He mumbled, luckily keeping his tears. This emotional display killed me anyhow. Somehow I could just tell this wasn't something that had occurred to him only now. The first night he voiced concerns with this but otherwise didn't say anything. It didn't cross my mind again but even now, I knew it wouldn't have left his mind easily.

"You make me very happy, Harry. The only thing that could distract me from enjoying making love to you is my worry for you." I assured him, petting his arms and back. He looked up at me in confusion while his trembles slowed to a stop.

"W-what?" I sat up, supporting Harry's shoulders with one arm so I could use the other to rub the lump in his stomach.

"Have you noticed this?" I asked, making him look at himself. He shrugged.

"I figured it was just a wolf thing. I didn't notice it getting that big though." Harry's hand joined mine to rub over the flesh. He subconsciously leaned closer to me. His eyes held a small measure of fear and uncertainty for the first time in a very long while. I shook my head.

"Its not. You would have gained weight and your muscles have become harder but this," I rubbed his stomach again. The swell was warm and strangely comforting to the touch. "It isn't something I could have expected. This is something else entirely."

Harry's hands dropped over mine. He clutched more at my hand then he did his own stomach. It was almost like he was scared to see it and wanted me to keep hiding it from sight. I kissed the top of his head and subtly began inching down.

"Maybe I'm wrong." I allowed. Harry twisted to lay his head on my arm while his hand draped itself over my stomach. I sighed at the familiar feeling of his fingers as the stroked a small crevice of muscle. Harry liked touching me like this. I think it reassured him.

"It's probably nothing." He breathed his agreement as he snuggled closer. I kissed my mates forehead and scented his hair before falling asleep. My last thought was just simply it's nothing.

But it wasn't nothing. Harry's swell continued to grow. His scent shifted all the more until I could barely recognize it. Soon, I no longer worried about what it was, because it was becoming pretty obvious what had been going on with Harry. He remained blissfully unaware for a little while longer. I knew the news would be received differently for him. Me, I wanted to howl to the heavens in triumph. I was ready for the gift we were given. Yet I knew my mate would react in fear. He would worry before he saw the joy that I saw. No matter how I feared he might feel, I had to tel him anyway. The next night, I performed my usual ritual of kissing his body before I paused over his swell and kissed that too.

"I know whats happening, my mate." I whispered up to him. His face was still calm with bliss as he hummed, acknowledging that he heard me. I paused, with my chin just over his belly button.

"I don't know if you'll like it." I admitted, gently rubbing his arm. My mates skin has always been very soft. His pretty green eyes opened so slightly. Our nightly senses made candle light unnecessary but sometimes I liked lighting one anyway. It wasn't one of those sappy 'set the mood with a scented candle' deal. I just liked how the flame danced, causing little shadows to dance over Harry's body. Right now, it was turning his green eyes into a shifting brown haze. Almost like tiny pools of chocolate.

"Tell me, Fenrir." Harry's voice was husky. His hips twisted every so slighting, angling for more pressure on his thighs and half erect member, which pressed against my right breast. I kissed his stomach tenderly. One of his hands lifted to my head, stroking my temple while his fingers laced through my hair. It was growing longer, much to Harry's pleasure. He liked it.

"I explained to you, females aren't the only ones who can be pregnant..." I whispered to him. He blinked slowly. He was tired and the sexual haze continued to linger.

"Draco is pregnant..." Harry mumbled. Yes, my beta's mate had been blessed with young. He was at least a few months in. His swell was about twice the size of Harry's. More obvious that he was with child. Bill wore a grin everyday. He'll be a great father.

"You are pregnant. This is our baby." I stroked and rubbed the swell. Harry's haze disappeared. A moment ago his face was blissfully calm. Now his chest rose and fell quickly as he breathed faster. His face turned to worry and his eyes widened, filling with tears. I sat up and pulled him into my arms. For the first time he resisted, putting his hands on my chest, not allowing me to really hold him.

"No. No. I can't be pregnant. N-n... Oh god!" Harry gasped and gasped. Like he couldn't breath. I tried to hold him, rub his back, something! It killed me, not being able to offer my mate comfort. Even more, knowing he wouldn't let me. His elbows were locked, keeping me away, even though I was still straddled over his legs.

Tears poured down his face and his chest heaved. Soon, he began to hyperventilate. Gasping for breath and rocking slightly as his entire body shook. His lips quivered as if he were trying to speak while his eyes darted back and forth. He made a choking noise before a flurry of words spilled out.

"Can't! Can't be... I can't raise a-a baby! How am I going... Oh god, Fenrir..." Harry broke down. He seemed to collapse into crying. I grabbed him, ignoring any attempts he may had made to stop me and all but crushed him to my chest. Harry sobbed into my shoulder anyway and I rocked, petting and rubbing. Desperate to calm my mate.

"Harry. Shh, its okay, Harry. Tell me whats wrong, my mate." I crooned into his ear when his cries seemed to stop. His arms wrapped around my neck. I kissed his temple softly and held his little body as gently as possible.

"I can't be a... a parent. I just... Can't. I don't know how to take care of a baby. How can I... I mean, a baby!" Harry's tremble lingered although he did visibly calm.

"You'll learn. It's going to be okay. You won't be alone, love." I assured him, keeping him on my lap. His body clutched at mine even tighter, as he pressed his face to my neck. Scenting me for comfort. I purred my content.

"I'm not ready." His voice was so frightened, I instinctively kissed his hair and rubbed at the nape of his neck. My mate should be happy. I understand he grew up in a world where carrying the young of your mate was not always a good thing, but it was so different for me. I never saw a husband or wife happiest than when they were pregnant with their mates young. The same for the dominant half. I've heard more than once the primal urges they faced when seeing their mates, heavy with pups.

"You have plenty of time, Harry. Its going to be a long time before the pups are ready, so you have more than enough time to think. I'm sorry this isn't easy for you but it won't be as hard as you think." I knew I said something right the moment I stopped speaking. Harry let go of my neck and allowed himself to settle on my lap. He gave me the smallest of smiles. I could still see the shadow of fear in his eyes but it was over for now.

"Oh, it'll be hard. I've babysat the neighbors kids before and I'm happy I'll never see those little bastards again." I laughed at this, forcing Harry to as well. He relaxed even more, allowing me to simply hold him.

"Were they so bad?" Harry's face fell while his eyes widened in absolute horror. I looked over my shoulder for danger as a reaction.

"Yes. Those kids would make my life a living hell while they were in the house and then for a few hours after they had gone." I grimaced.

"After they'd gone?" Harry nodded.

"They liked to be rowdy and often broke things. And when the Dursleys got back, realized what happened, they would cane me. Hurt like hell, especially if I still had to clean up afterwards." I ground my teeth at this. I hate what the muggles done to my mate but there was nothing I could do about it. I assured Harry, time and time again that if he ever needed it, I would pay them back for once of pain he suffered at their hands.

Harry instantly reached up to stroke my jaw. I relaxed and showed him a smile, to prove I wasn't truly angry. He looked down at his naked swell and sighed. Seeking the comfort of my scent, he rested his forehead on my chest, inhaling deeply.

"I don't want to have kids." He admitted in a whisper. He sounded almost ashamed of it. I rubbed his back, kissing his neck.

"I know. I'm sorry, love." I hoped he wasn't thinking what most humans would have been thinking. Wolves don't believe in abortion, mostly because no one is unhappy with their pregnancy. The idea of it alone is horror to most wolves, disgusting to others. I don't think Harry would consider it but I also didn't think he would be like this when pregnant.

"I don't want to think about it right now." Harry decided, pulling away from me. I watched him blow out the candle and lay down, closer to the wall. He took my hand and tugged me down. I happily laid next to him, opening my arms. Harry moved closer, resting his head and shoulder on my chest while his arm draped possessively over my waist. I merely smiled and kissed his forehead.

"Am I going to be a mother?" He mumbled absentmindedly as he eased into sleep. I grabbed a fistful of a fur blanket and made sure my mate was covered.

"Yes, you are." I assured in a whisper, even though I knew he was asleep now.

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