A Timelady's Secrets.

Hello! I'm Don'tDissTheSonic and this is my first Doctor Who fanfiction. I'm hoping on updating every week at least, but I might not have time or I might update a few times a week. I'm not sure yet. I hope you enjoy my fanfiction!


Her boots where frozen and her hands numb, even with three pairs of mittens on, she felt as if her hair was iced over so she could never be able to move it again. If she did it might snap apart.

The snow crunched under her, careful not to slip on the ice. Only the sound of wind filled the air, stinging her face.

She missed the warmth of the sun, the feel of grass and mud between her toes. Flip flops and shorts, birds and caterpillars, she missed her mom and brother.

This little girl missed lots of things.

Including the blue box in front of her. She missed that terribly. It was on its side now, stuck in the ice like everything else. The Dalek frozen, barely in view, she could see its eye stalk and part of its body still frozen yet visible.

Around here there where many frozen once dangerous monsters. All dead and gone, or so people hoped. They still didn't venture out into this part of the world. London.

London was a horrible place, at least it was now. The girl had heard stories and remembered fuzzy memories of London being a wonderful place to visit.

Big Ben was close by, tilted like the blue box, and frozen. The clock had long stopped working, and part of the top had cracked off.

The sky was what set off everything though, it made everything seem more…artistic. She couldn't find another word for it. Real, maybe? The orange sky highlighted all the once great buildings.

And from looking up at the blue box, it seemed more wonderfully beautiful with the orange sky behind it.

With that thought she remembered what she had to do. It took her a few steps until she found the side with the sign and the lock, but that was frozen solid. There was no way the key would get in.

A rumbling, a small rumbling in the back of her mind appeared. It was always there, but it was getting larger, angrier. Panicked she grabbed the key and shoved it against the ice, it didn't even crack. Again and again she tried, the rumbling getting closer.

No, not now! It can't come now! He promised! She screamed inside her head, the rumbling shook the ground. As if her legs weren't shaky enough, it was trying to make her drop and lose the key.

"No!" She shouted. "I won't let you do this! Not after what happened before! If you want me, come and get me!"

A scream let out.

And no one was left to see what happened to her, but the lonely blue box and the long dead Dalek.

Horrible fate was, is, to anyone. And everyone.

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