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Chapter 2

After the incident that had occurred a few hours ago (probably one or two), we had begun walking, where I didn't know but it seemed Nami knew the way. Thankfully my nose had stopped bleeding awhile ago so I didn't have to keep looking up at the sky. I watched Nami walk like she knew the place, somehow feeling like I should know it as well. But why was that? I didn't even know the name of this land, or whatever you want to call it.

We walked in silence, even though I had millions of questions. But as we approached a fork in the road and I prepared to talk, Nami just up and vanished. I looked around but she had pulled a Houdini; there was nowhere for her to have gone but she wasn't anywhere visible. I let out a sigh and scratched the back of my head. Well if she's gone then she's gone. Guess I'll just have to find my own way.

After a bit of looking at both paths for a good while I decided to go left*, mostly because I could but also because it almost felt like I was supposed to go the left. I kept walking, enjoying the scenery, taking in the view that the forest offered me. The way the light beamed through the trees was just brilliant. I may not be a big fan of the outdoors, but I regret that every time I look at nature like this.

Before I could enjoy it anymore though, someone bumped into me from behind. Apparently they had been running since they had caused me to fall face first into the ground, hard, and them on top of me. I lifted my head enough so that it was resting on my chin. The person quickly got off and wailed when they realized what had happened. "I'm so sorry mister. I just got away from someone and I wasn't watching where I was going," the owner said.

I stood up soon after, back to them and popped it. "Yeah, thanks for that by the way," I said as I began to turn around to face the person. "Next time pay more attention or-" I cut myself off there when I realized the person was a girl. She was about my height, maybe a few sixteenths of an inch more, and wore a torn white shirt, knee-high, worn-out, black pants and brown boots, probably for light labor. As for physical features, she had shoulder-length, black-ish brown hair, a dull blue eye and a brilliant blue eye and tanned skin. She was also blushing a bit, probably embarrassed by her blunder. I just stared at her, not really sure with what type of expression, guilty for yelling at her. "Er, nevermind." I scratched the back of my head. "Sorry about that." She just looked downwards and shook her head.

"N-no it's my fault, not yours," she said a bit quietly. It was my turn to shake my head.

"While that's true, I was apologizing for being so rude." She looked up at me a bit quizzically. "We just met and until you truly know someone you shouldn't be as rude as I was nor mean. A person should act courteous and polite to another they meet." Her blush grew as she looked away again.

"R-right. S-so what brings you to the forest?" She asked as I scratched my head.

"I don't know. I just woke up here." She looked at me curiously, but shrugged it off and looked away again. This was kind of awkward. "Do you, by chance, know how to get to the closest town?"

"Y-yeah," she said very quietly. She began twiddling her thumbs soon after. "I-I was just on my way there myself for help." She soon snapped out of her shy trance and bowed. "I'm sorry, but I really need to get out of here." And with that she ran off.

I just stood there and watched as she went on her way. But before she got too far I ran after her. After all, she was on her way to town so I might as well follow her to find out where it is. If I was any farther behind I'm sure I probably would have gotten lost.

After what felt like hours of running, she just stopped and stared at whatever was in front of her. I stopped a bit behind her and caught my breath. I looked in the direction of where she was looking and saw what it was she was looking at. There was a fire a few yards ahead of us. It wasn't too big, but it was big enough that it couldn't be put out by only one person. She shaking a bit, but other than that she wasn't really doing much else.

Before the fire spread too much though, she turned left and ran away. Though confused I decided to follow her anyway. She had picked up her pace, probably wanting get away from here for whatever reason. It wasn't soon after that we had exited the forest and a town stood right in front of us. She spun around on her heel and looked directly at the fire. I turned to watch as well, the place burning brighter than a Christmas tree. Such beauty had been destroyed.

I turned to look at the girl, only to see tears streaming down her face. But she wasn't looking away. I walked over and put my hand on her shoulder, snapping her out of whatever trance she'd been put under. "I'm sorry. The forest must have been special to you," I said calmly. She looked at me, but her eyes were slightly blank.

"It was." She looked back at the forest and sniffled, "That forest was my home. I've lived there since I can remember." She stood firm, but it looked like she was barely holding back. "I-I've been living there since I was 6." She shut her eyes and covered her mouth and nose with her left hand. "I-I can't stand it." My expression softened a whole lot, considering I knew what she was feeling. Nami rescued me from a burning building, the very building I'd been living in for 7 years, and that was only last year. This girl probably lived there longer than I had in my building, giving her a deeper connection.

I sighed and looked behind us at the town. I had no idea how to cheer her up after losing her only home. But I knew how to at least get her mind off of it for a bit. I moved my hand from her shoulder to my pocket. "Come on, I know how to get your mind off this for a bit." She slowly nodded and turned around, looking around after doing so.

"Um, where's the town?" She asked as she kept looking around. I just stared at her confused. She started to getting frantic and moved around sporadically. "W-where is anything?" She stopped and looked back at me and tried feeling around with her hands. They hit my chest and she looked directly at me. "W-what's happening?" Tears streamed down her face again and she literally ran into me, both hands grasping my shoulders. Normally I'd be weirded out by this, but she had let fear grip her and she wasn't too stable.

I just brushed her hair, not knowing what else to do. There was a creaking noise and a burning limb fell from a tree near us. I did the only thing I could think of and pushed her away as the limb fell down on me. It wasn't too heavy but it did still hurt when it hit my back. I fell to the ground with a soft thud. The girl just looked around, unaware of what was going on. I got up and grabbed her hand, leading her towards town. It hurt to move, but I forced myself to. I found a place that looked like a restaurant and let go of her hand, reaching into my pocket. I couldn't find any money and turned towards her.

"Sorry, but I don't have any money to buy you something to eat," I said almost embarrassed. This was probably the first time I'd brought a cute girl to buy her lunch, only to end up having her buy her own lunch. She seemed to laugh a bit at the irony.

"That's OK, I'm not hungry anyway." She looked to her left and shock spread across her face. "Whoa, did you just walk me over here?" I looked at her confused. First she could see, then she lost her sight, and now it was back. Her stomach began growling a bit soon after. A blush spread across her face as she looked down, definitely embarrassed.

"Looks like you were oblivious to your own appetite," I said, earning another laugh from the girl. Whoever she was, she either had a good sense of humor, or she was very giggly when times weren't serious. "So, you want to go inside?" I asked, earning a nod.

We both sat down at a table near the door. I shook my head and looked her in the eyes. "I'm sorry, I just realized I'd been very rude." She looked at me confused. "I never introduced myself. What kind of gentlemen am I?" I said as I bowed my head. "The name's Rin. A pleasure to meet you madam." I looked up and a blush covered her face.

"I-it's OK, don't worry. You're actually the first person I've actually talked to in awhile." She extended her hand. "Luna, otherwise known as the Girl of the Forest. Or, formerly known as I should say." She retracted her hand and slumped into her seat. A waiter walked up for our drink orders and we both ordered water.

"If you mean your home, I'm sorry for your loss." I looked at her and she had begun staring out the door at the forest, no longer ablaze. "I know what it's like to lose a home, believe me." She looked at me confused but just shook her head.

"So that's why. You brought me here to get my mind off of it." She then gave me a mock look. "And then you go and have me pay for a date after you invite me? That's very smooth." I just scoffed and looked at the wall to her left.

"Two things wrong there. A) This isn't a date. And B) I didn't invite you. I pulled you here and you didn't object." The waiter returned with our drinks and set them in front of us. She grabbed hers and took a long sip.

She set it down and looked at me, a look of amusement on her face. "You're not from around here are you?" I just shook my head. "Thought not. Where are you from?"

"Tokyo, Japan." She looked at me confused and then sighed. "What?"

"You came from where Ginta came from. That other world." It was my turn to be confused. "Somehow you were summoned here from your world. Think of this as a different dimension almost." I nodded my head, accepting the explanation. What else could it be? I mean I've studied the geography of all of Japan, a weird Clown thing came out of nowhere, another dimension sounded like the sanest thing of all.

"OK, so what is the world called?"

"It's called many names, but it's most common name is MÄR Heaven." I nearly spurted out my drink after hearing that. I couldn't place it but it sounded so familiar to me. "It's a world of magic and mystery. But it's also a world of violence." I looked at her confused.

"What do you mean? Everything seems peaceful now." She shook her head.

"Yes, but not always. For instance that fire was set by a member of the Chess Pieces. A group of people seeking to destroy MÄR Heaven. That's their only goal. About 17 years ago they first appeared, but were stopped by a man from your world. 10 years later they tried again, only to be stopped by that man's son, Ginta. Both times the war raged all over MÄR Heaven, turning this world of peace into a world of fear. 7 years later, they make a movement for some reason. It's all of a sudden, but they should have disbanded after Phantom was killed." My eyes shot open at the mention of that name. Why did it sound so familiar?

"Who's this Phantom?" She looked at me like I was an idiot for not knowing, but then remembered I was from another world.

"Phantom was the most powerful Chess Piece besides the King and Queen. He led the Chess both times and was killed both times. He stayed alive thanks to something known as the Zombie Tattoo, granting the bearer eternal life. The only way to kill him was with a special key. The people who followed Ginta took down Phantom using that key. After that, he was dead for good. That should have been the end, since they also killed the King and Queen. But for some reason they're active again." She stopped there and looked at the burned down forest. Her fists clenched and the glass that held her water cracked a little at the top.

An idea popped into my head upon seeing her do this. "What about revenge?" She looked at me confused. "I mean, an eye for an eye, in more than one sense." I pointed directly at her dulled eye. "They took your home and damaged your sight, why not get them back?" She smiled a bit in understanding and nodded.

"Well, when you put it that way, how about after we get checked out to find out what's wrong? I know a great doctor here." I nodded and we both agreed that after we ate we'd go over there. We ordered our food and ate in silence. But one thing still bugged me, what happened to Nami?

*Third POV*

Nami stood at the far edge of the burned down forest, looking at the fork she had left him at. "He turned left*, wonder if it's a good sign for us," she turned her head towards the town, "or good news for them." She stretched and her clothes changed from the uniform to what they had been the first time. Only this time, she had on three addition rings on her left hand, one with a flame-like design, one with a couple of bubble indentations on it, and one with a single wave patter on the top, and she had an earring in the shape of a Queen Chess Piece.

She turned around and walked away from the town. "Well whatever. I have to get back to them quickly. If that man thinks he can just waltz in, say he's been alive for thousands of years, and just take over he's got another thing coming." There was a rustle nearby but Nami paid it no mind. "There is no way I'm letting my Chess be run by some Demon wanna-be," she said, putting emphasis on 'my.' She stopped for a minute and looked up. "And don't think you can stop me little musician." And with that, she faded away like mist.

Someone stepped out from the bush and looked at where Nami had just been standing. It turned out to be Alviss, not really looking much different. "Looks like she really is back. I better tell the Queen and her ladyship." He ran off in a different direction, but still not near the town. He didn't understand what was going on, but he knew he had to tell them. That was all he could do at the moment.

*Rin POV*

I leaned against the wall as a doctor looked at Luna's eyes. The doctor was a male with short black hair and had on black pants, a yellow short-sleeved shirt, and blue sandals. His eyes were hidden by a pair of rectangular sunglasses, his hair was blonde, and his skin was pale. He took a step back and scratched his head. "Well, good news and bad news. The bad news is that I can't diagnose why you're vision went wonky and why it is wonky right now." She looked down, expecting that. "But the good news is I know the cause." She looked up surprised. "It was a Darkness Ärm. There are a few that rob your sight, but this one was incomplete. Whoever used this Ärm wasn't strong enough to use its full power." She sighed and stood up.

"So it'll act up in my other eye occasionally." The doctor nodded. "OK, thanks Dr. Hedgelen." She walked over towards me, only to miss by a few feet and almost hit a wall. She felt around, eventually grabbing my cheek really hard, and turning towards me. "OK Rin, your turn!" She said gleefully.

I just shook my head quickly. "I don't need it, you're the only one who needed to be examined." She poked my sore cheek at that response.

"You can't fool me, I heard that branch fall on you. Now get over there or else." I just sighed, now knowing if she was serious or not, and walked over. "OK doc, let's get this over with." He nodded and sat down on a stump.

"Where did you get hit?" He asked. I turned around and pointed to my back. "Alright, lift your shirt up just above the injured area." Reluctantly I complied, cold air hitting my skin and making me shiver. When nothing happened I just looked over my shoulder at him.

"Is something wrong? What happened to the examination?" I asked as I saw his face one of horror.

"W-where did you get that?" He pointed at my back. I took an assumption and answered his question.

"You mean the pink fairy shaped mark? That's a birth mark." He shook his head but didn't lose that look.

"Not that, I'm talking about the tattoo." I looked at him confused. What was he talking about? I was about to ask when a loud scream filled my ears. I let go of my shoulder and turned towards Luna and saw she was shaking.

"R-rin, what's your last name?" She asked, her voice shaking badly.

"Phantom, why?" I was starting to get afraid myself, not knowing why they were being so scared.

She took a deep gulp and kept staring at me. "Because you have a fully manifested Zombie Tattoo on your back."


* - This is a reference to a Doctor Who episode. "Turn left to save the world." My sister quotes that every time I make a left turn or often times she makes a turn, not driving or driving.

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