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Genre: Romance, Comedy

Summary: Tsukuyo is out on the surface for work, and Gintoki stumbles upon her. Add an odd request and a weird circumstance, and a very exciting moment will occur. TWOSHOT.

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A Gintama Fanfiction

By Kurasuchi~


CHAPTER 2: Feelings



Gintoki just stared at the sight in front of him. The girl that he'd been looking for was within his arm's reach, and even though he hesitated at first, he tried to extend his hand and reach out to her.

"O-Oi… Tsukuyo, I…"

But as once as Gintoki took a step forward, the girl looked back at him with a threatening glare. This, as well as the sudden realization that he had upon seeing her, made him gulp in frustration.

Tsukuyo was drunk. And given that fact, he knew that she was on a rampage again.

"Heh…? Ah, Gintoki… I've been looking for you… S-Seriously, where have you been? Why are you here, huh? Don't tell me… you've been doing lewd things with the other courtesans?"

With those words, Gintoki inched himself away from her. He knew perfectly well that Tsukuyo is off-limits whenever she's drunk. He knew that from experience.

Gintoki waved his hands in denial. "I-It's nothing like that at all, Tsukuyo-tayuu.. It's nothing like that at all.. But anyway, I'm going out to the surface since it's getting so late, so I need to go now.."

"Huh? You're going home at this hour? Gintoki, don't you have something to say to me, huh?"

He gulped the huge lump on his throat. Indeed, he had planned to talk to her tonight in order to apologize, but with her like that, he knew that all attempts would be futile.

"I do have something to say to you, but I'd rather say that later," he replied, beads of sweat already trickling down his skin. "It can wait till tomorrow, right? So I think I should go now, right?"


With a hiccup coming from the blonde courtesan, Gintoki knew that he was in trouble. Hence, he tried to escape his inevitable fate by running away. However, he only took a step away from her until he noticed that she had already grabbed his hand, with no intention of letting him escape.

"Gintoki… let's have fun, shall we~?"

The silver-haired samurai shivered in fear. "H-Have fun? How are we going to do that?"

Before he knew it, Tsukuyo had already pulled him towards her, crushing her lips forcefully with his.

Gintoki was surprised with what just happened. He knew that he still owed her one from that earlier incident in the dark alleyway, but he never expected it to be like this. She was dead drunk, and he can even taste the booze in her mouth. To kiss her like this was… far too intoxicating, both literally and figuratively.

She pulled away from him after a few seconds. But before he can even react, she suddenly pushed him down, and pinned him to the ground.

"O-Oi… Tsukuyo… S-Stop this.. You're drunk.. OIIIIIIIIIIIII..!"

Tsukuyo didn't take any heed of this as she flashed him the most mischievous grin that he had ever seen her do, and she chuckled to herself, which made the poor silver-haired samurai shudder in fear. She tightened her hold onto him, and he couldn't help but to stare at her in confusion.

Just by looking at her, one could know that she was drunk, and hence, wasn't in the right state of mind. However, the look that she gave him seemed to depict something else — there was something in her eyes which even he could not comprehend, but he also knew that deep down, that look wasn't even something that someone who is drunk would just give. It had… something more.

Whatever that look may be, it was directed to him — and with that realization, Gintoki stared at her in silence.

Much to his dismay, Tsukuyo then flashed him an ominous glare, and he, in turn, gulped in nervousness as the blonde young woman attacked him all of a sudden.


He screamed at the top of his lungs, until he noticed that she had stopped halfway. He was then surprised to see her fall down on knees, until her whole body had fallen against him abruptly.

Tsukuyo had lost consciousness.


Hinowa was at Hino-ya, despite the fact that it was already past midnight.

She was alone. Seita was already asleep a long time ago, and even though her shop was already closed, she was still awake, gazing at the clear, night skies. Moreover, she had that knowing smile plastered on her face, as if saying that she had just done something and it turned out to be really successful.

She looked behind her when she sensed a presence in the area. It was a Hyakka.

"Hinowa-sama," started the Hyakka, lowering her head towards the highest-ranked Tayuu in all Yoshiwara. "Here are the reports about the relationship developments between Kashira and Gintoki-sama."

Hinowa smiled at this. She then grabbed the envelope that the Hyakka member was holding, and took a peek on it.

Inside was a picture of a drunken Tsukuyo kissing a surprised Gintoki. And upon seeing this, Hinowa gave a small chuckle.

"It seems that your plan was a success, Hinowa-sama," said the Hyakka who was still smiling as she took a glance at the picture. "Kashira seemed to be more honest now towards her feelings."

Hinowa nodded in response, still smiling. "Yes," she agreed. "It was quite obvious that she was really smitten with Gin-san, after all. All's well ends well, I guess."

"The alcohol seemed to have worked this time."

The Tayuu smiled at this. "Absolutely."


Gintoki looked at the koi pond as he sat on the engawa, with the unconscious Tsukuyo's head resting on his lap. She was still sleeping so peacefully, which is a complete contrast to her earlier behavior, her drunken stupor making her unable to think of any coherent thought. Sighing to himself, he then took a glance at the Shinigami Tayuu's sleeping face.

She looked so happy and contented now, and Gintoki was intrigued by this, given the fact that he had done something wrong to her earlier that night. But still, just looking at her sleep without any care in the world made him feel at ease, and he was contented on staying like that, even for a little while.

He was then startled as he noticed Tsukuyo stir in her sleep. He was about to ignore this and look at the koi pond once again, but the Shinigami Tayuu woke up.

Tsukuyo slowly opened her eyes, and what immediately greeted her was the sight of the silver-haired samurai looking straight at her, smiling that arrogant smile of his.

"Yo," he greeted.

She blinked for a few times as she tried to convince herself that seeing Gintoki that close to her was just a dream…a good dream. However, she then realized that everything was true, and that Gintoki was looking at her straight in the eyes. Embarrassed, she immediately got up and crawled a few feet away from him.

She shot him an accusing look. "Gintoki… what are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here? I don't know it either," he replied, and looked back at her, dismayed. "You better ask yourself. You're the reason why we're here, after all."

Tsukuyo was taken aback by this. "What the hell do you mean by that?"

"You fell unconscious back when you attacked me," he explained. "This is the closest room that I could find, but I didn't bother going inside. It's fine like this, right?"

Upon hearing this, Tsukuyo fell silent as she looked down on the floor, not knowing how to answer. However, as soon as she did that, Gintoki called out to her.

She looked at him, curious on what he was about to say.

"I guess with the way things happened earlier, I suppose that makes us even now."

"Huh? What do you mean by that?"

"I kissed you, and you kissed me. That makes us even."

Hearing this reply, Tsukuyo immediately became flustered in embarrassment. Did he just say that she had kissed him? Did she really kiss Gintoki back when she was drunk?

However, she decided that whether she really did that or not, it wasn't that important. What's important to her right now was something else.

She wanted to apologize to Gintoki. She needed to apologize to him. Deep inside her heart, she knew that a part of her did not even want to push him away, back when he had kissed her senseless earlier that night.

Thus, strengthening her resolve, she looked back at him and started to say something, but—

At that exact moment, she and Gintoki spoke at the same time.

"Uh, Gintoki, what is it?" she asked. "What is it that you wanted to tell me?"

"You first."

"No, you first."

"No, you."


"Then it's me," scoffed Gintoki as he gave an awkward laugh, his hand already finding its way on his permed hair. He then looked at her straight at the eyes, and gulped nervously.

"Well, I've said this to you back then too, but I… I… just wanna say that I…"

Tsukuyo just stared at him in silence, as if waiting for him to continue.

"…That I—"


Gintoki tore away his gaze from her for a second, before staring at her once again.

"..I'm sorry. I really am. I shouldn't have done that to you, and I—"

"I'm the one who should apologize."

With those words, Gintoki was startled, making him unable to continue what he's saying. He just stared at her, wide-eyed.


"I said, I'm the one who should apologize," she stated, and inched closer to him, her eyes boring its way into his. "I'm the one who should apologize… for doing such… cruel things to you.."

Gintoki was surprised at her sudden statement. Scratching his head in confusion, he furrowed his eyebrows and scowled. "What? Are you crazy? I'm the one who did such cruel things to you, oi!"

"No, you didn't. I just pushed you away. I should—"

"..But I kissed you!"

"Yeah, but I didn't even kiss you back! No matter how I think about it, it's just unfair to you!"

"How can it be unfair to me? I'm the one who forced myself on you!"

"No, you didn't!"

"Yes, I did!"

"No, you didn't! Because it won't be called 'forced' if I also wanted it!"

And with that statement, both of them stopped on their tracks. They just stared at each other in disbelief, as their heads started to process what the blonde kunoichi had just said.

Gintoki was the first one to react.

"Tsukuyo.. so you mean… that you also wanted to kiss me..?"

Embarrassed by this, Tsukuyo looked away from him, and grumbled to herself. "I-It's nothing like that, idiot! I'm just saying that I don't mind — I don't mind you… k-kissing me like that.."

The silver-haired samurai cannot help but to stare at her, dumbfounded. He tried to decipher what exactly those words of hers had meant, only to arrive at one conclusion.

"Heh," he snorted and gave her a smug look, smirking at her. "I know — you like me, don't you?"

Tsukuyo was flustered at this. "WHAT? How in the world did you arrive at such a conclusion? Don't kid yourself, you moron!"

"But isn't that the most logical conclusion of all? If you didn't like me, then why didn't you mind the idea of kissing me?"

"This and that are completely separate matters! And besides, kissing someone doesn't necessarily mean that it's equal to love!"

"I know that. But if it wasn't that, then…what is it? Unless you've become a pervert now… Did you become a pervert?"

The Shinigami Courtesan felt a twitch of annoyance as soon as she heard those words. However, she tried to restrain herself, as she knew that provoking him would only lead into trouble. However, all her efforts were in vain.

"Heh. As if you're the one to talk," she retorted, which made Gintoki deepen his scowl even more. "I bet you're so desperate now, that you've even resorted to such petty matters such as forcing a kiss on someone. You've never kissed anyone before, haven't you?"

Gintoki gulped to himself. She had just hit the bull's-eye with that comment, and he knew that there's no more hiding it. But even though he was obviously affected, he tried to mask everything by putting on an unaffected facade.

"That's bullshit! I've kissed someone before! Yeah, I've kissed… k-kissed someone before…"


"It's true, dammit! I've been kissed by lots of women! What do you think I am, huh?"

"A cherry boy," she replied a matter-of-factly, which made him shudder in frustration, since she had guessed right once again.

He frowned. "You sure do know how to hurt my feelings, don't you?"

"And you sure do know how to spout something as flimsy as that even though it's quite obvious that you're just bluffing, don't you? Admit it — you can't even kiss someone without even forcing yourself on them!"

"Oh yeah?" he scoffed, irritated. "Do you really want me to prove it to you?"

"Prove it to me? Yeah, right. I bet you'll just invent something and lie—"

Much to her surprise, she was rendered speechless as she suddenly felt a pair of lips crush onto hers, shutting her up in the process. Losing herself at the sudden touch, she blinked for a few times before it had finally dawned on her.

Gintoki was kissing her. And this time, it was far gentler than any of the kisses that he had ever given her.

Reveling herself on the feel of his lips, she then closed her eyes and puckered her lips to his.

And after a few moments, Gintoki reluctantly pulled away.

He studied her face as soon as his lips moved farther away from hers, and smiled to himself. Contrary to what she'd been saying just now, as well as to her earlier actions when he had first kissed her, she was now more… willing, he supposed, for the lack of a better word. She just sat there facing him, cheeks a tinge of deep red, her eyes still closed. Realizing that Gintoki had already pulled away, she then slowly opened her eyes, and found him staring at her, an attractive smirk now adorning his face.

"So, do you believe me now? I told you I didn't need to force someone just to have a kiss."

Tsukuyo smiled back at him. "Maybe. But you still haven't proven me anything."

"Do you want me to prove it to you again?" he whispered, now dipping his head down, his lips moving closer and closer to hers. And much to his surprise, Tsukuyo had closed the gap between them, kissing him fully on the lips.

And at that moment, Gintoki could feel the sensations which he had felt earlier that day, back when he had forced himself onto her. In fact, kissing her like this made him realize just how sweet she tasted, and he only noticed this as soon as he took hold of one of her hands and cupped her face to his, deepening the kiss.

When he pulled away once again in order to breathe in some air, he then noticed that Tsukuyo's arms had somehow snaked itself around his neck, and that he had somehow wounded one of his hands on her waist, and the other still cupping her face.

Crimson and lavender orbs now meeting with each other, no more words were needed as without a moment's hesitation, they closed the gap between themselves, digging in for another kiss.

Their kisses grew more and more frantic now, their mouths devouring each other as their lips parted, only to meet once again. Followed with the movements of their mouth were occasional moans and heavy breathing, and as they drew apart, they broke out a small sigh, only to go back and revel on the feel of their lips against each other.

Gintoki then pulled away, and leaned his forehead onto hers. "I guess you believe me now," he mumbled to himself, his lips so close to hers that it was practically brushing.

"I still don't," she replied, smiling as she felt Gintoki drag her closer to his arms, hugging her in the sweetest way possible.

"Oh, I see. I just have to prove it to you then."

He then took hold of both of her hands that had settled itself at the back of his neck, and brought it closer to his mouth. With one brush of his lips on her alabaster skin, he inched closer to her, and smiled. He could feel her warm breath against his skin, enthralling him as he gave her a peck on her forehead, down to her temple, down to the top of her nose, and down to her lips.

Capturing her mouth with his, he then tilted her head closer, so as to deepen the kiss.

Truth be told, Gintoki was surprised with his actions — no, both of their actions, since he had never thought that Tsukuyo would also kiss him back with the same anticipation as his. Never did he expect that he would kiss her so passionately like this, and never did he know that he was even capable of doing something like this, given the fact that he had never done this before.

Somehow, this kind of thing just happened between the two of them. And as he kissed her deeper and more fervently than he had ever imagined, his suppressed desires kept on swirling deep inside of him, and he realized that he wanted more — something more than this, more than he had ever wanted. He needed to have more.

He wanted her.

And as if by instinct, he pressed her closer to him, and somehow, he had managed to lay her down the floor as they kissed, pinning her in his arms. His hands now pressed against the wooden surface, he then pulled away from her, and gave her a smirk. He took a glance at her dainty lips, which were now red and swollen from too much kissing, and he somehow felt a tinge of pride as he continued to gaze on his handiwork.

"So… don't you think that I've won now?" he remarked as he traced the contours of her lips with his thumb, smiling to himself. "I told you I'm a good kisser."

Tsukuyo smirked at this. "You've never said anything like that, idiot."


And their lips met once again — hungrily, wanting, full of passion and desire.. He then nibbled on her lower lip; his hands grew bolder by the second, and he instinctively touched her in all sorts of interesting places now, his fingers roaming all over her skin. As he felt her whimper against his mouth, he then inched his lips away from her own, only to end up touching her skin, tickling her with each contact. He gave a trail of kisses towards her jaw, to her cheeks and to her earlobe, all the way to her neck, which he discovered was her sensitive spot.

He then breathed in that womanly scent of hers, a scent that was both a mixture of the faint fragrance of her perfume, as well as of her strawberry shampoo. Yes, she smelled like his favorite strawberries, and finding himself intoxicated at the feeling, he tugged her kimono down to her shoulder, and trailed her skin down with flowery kisses, earning him a chuckle amidst several moans from the Shinigami Courtesan.

With all the ministrations that he did to her, Tsukuyo found herself responding to him — her hands had unfastened the locks on his black shirt, and her fingers were already tracing the contours of his bare chest. As she let out a moan when he lightly sucked on her neck, she then pulled his head towards hers, and kissed him helplessly.

And as their mouths have battled with each other for another series of open-mouthed kisses, Gintoki's hands continued to roam everywhere, until he had pressed on something soft, big and somewhat…bouncy.

He felt a trail of sweat trickle down his skin. He had a gut feeling that he knew exactly what it was, but just to assure himself, he gave it a squeeze.

..And the only answer he got was a loud, sensual moan from the girl beneath him.

He gulped in response.

He had just squeezed her breasts. He was touching them. And for him, that was complete suicide.

He can still remember his traumatizing experiences with her, back when his face had landed straight on her chest when he got scared of a spider, and back when he had accidentally touched her breasts. She did a massive suplex on him on those two incidents, and ever since then, he knew that touching her was a big taboo.

But.. wasn't he touching her now?

His fear of being beaten up getting ahead of him, he stopped all of his ministrations, and pulled away from her. Tsukuyo, seeing this, was surprised. She then sat up and looked at him with a questioning look.

"Gintoki… why did you…? Do you—"

"Tsukuyo," he then said, as he cut her off with a serious tone. "I'm sorry."

With this reply, the Shinigami Tayuu cannot help but to stare at him, dumbfounded.

Why did Gintoki do that? Why did he say those things? Didn't he want this too? She couldn't understand his actions at all — at one moment he'll act aggressively, and for another, he'll become a complete wimp. Why is he like this?

Still, this is Gintoki. There's a reason for it, and she's sure of that.

But… was it because of her?

"Gintoki," she then called out, inching herself closer to him. "Why are you doing this? There's nothing you should be sorry about.. Did I do something that—"

"No! You haven't done anything wrong at all! It's me.. it's just me.."

Tsukuyo furrowed her eyebrow. "Then why are you acting like that?"

"I… well… aren't you going to beat me up?"


"Aren't you going to beat me up?"


"B-Because I touched you, that's why."

Hearing this, Tsukuyo gave him a piercing glare. "You just destroyed the mood just because of that? Are you stupid?"

"Oi, oi, it's not like I can help it, you know! And besides, anyone who becomes a victim of your German suplex would be traumatized for life!"

"So you're saying that this is all my fault?"


"Then what is it?"

Gintoki then looked away, and heaved a deep sigh. "It's that, you know. That."

"What's that?"

He kept on fidgeting his finger on his cheek as he stared at the floor, looking away from her. "Well… I'm just saying that if you want to stop, I'll stop. I don't want to do the same mistake again, you know. I don't want to force you on doing something you do not even want."

Tsukuyo gave him a heartfelt look.

Gintoki… so you're even thinking of…

"I-It's just that if we continue this, then there's no more turning back. If we go on through with this, everything would change — you, me, even our relationship. And besides, you should do this when you're married and when you're on your honeymoon or something, or when you're with someone you love.. and not just anyone, even me.."

And she just looked at him, not knowing how to react.

Gintoki stared at her. "…Tsukuyo, are you really sure about this?"

"So you're saying that I'm not good enough for you, is that it?"

"Oi, oi, stop putting words into my mouth! It's not like that at all! The thing is.. uh.. well…"


And with that final nudge from Tsukuyo, Gintoki fidgeted even more. He then scratched his head lightly as he grumbled to himself, and at that moment, she saw something really unusual, even for him.

Gintoki was looking down the floor, scratching his head—and he was blushing.

"..The thing is, it's just that if we somehow continue this, I may not…you know, I may not be able to control myself any longer," he whispered, his voice decreasing in volume by every second. "D-Don't get the wrong idea here, oi! I-It's not because you're not good enough or anything like that at all.. It's just that.. if you don't mind going further… then.. I... I don't mind it as well."

And with those words, all love had swelled into her heart as she stared at him in silence, giving him a pleading look. Her lips had crooked into a smile. She then took his hand… and pressed it firmly against her breast.

Gintoki was surprised at this. He expected her to do a suplex on him once again, but she clearly proved him wrong.

"T-Tsukuyo..? What are you..?"

"Gintoki… Please, listen to me."

And with that, Gintoki stopped on his ranting and stared at her, curious on what she was about to say.

Their eyes met.

"Gintoki… I… I don't mind it at all," she trailed off, her cheeks now a tinge of deep red. "I… I don't know what these feelings for you are all about but.. if I may end up doing that, then I don't want anyone else but you."

He stared at her, and observed her every movement. He can clearly see just how sincere her words were, and he was touched by it — every bit of it. The look in her eyes clearly depicted just how much she wanted this, just how much she wanted him, and something… much more. It wasn't a look of lust or desire; it's something that even he could not decipher, and could not even explain.

It was the same look that she had given him earlier.

And she took hold of both of his hands, clasping it tightly with hers. And at that moment, Tsukuyo gave him an expecting look, and shot him the sweetest smile that she had ever managed.

"Gintoki… I… I want you to make me into a woman again."

As soon as she said those words, Gintoki knew that he had lost any of the remaining doubts that he had left. Without a moment's hesitation, he quickly dipped his head down to hers, claiming her lips with his. And this time, his kisses were far different from before — it was still gentle, yet more intense, and full of passion.

Tsukuyo spread her fingers into his silver locks of permed hair, and pressed him closer to her. She then opened her mouth, accepting the intrusion of his tongue, matching his fervor and heat. She had matched his kisses with her own, and as they kissed each other intensely under the soothing glow of the full moon, he then kissed her forehead gently, sighing slightly.

He smiled at her. And upon seeing this, Tsukuyo knew that she was already trapped in his witchery; she was spellbound. She cannot think of anything but him at that moment, and as she looked at his delicate features, she cannot help but be reminded of how good-looking he was, that every look from him makes her heart skip a beat.

Her heart was melting under his fierce, possessive gaze. No matter how much she denies it, there's no escaping the fact that he is the only one who could ignite such feelings in her. She had to admit that.

Tsukuyo cupped his face with her hands, and gave him a soft, chaste kiss. After she had pulled away, she didn't even know what happened as she found his lips touching her skin, his mouth sucking on her neck, making her moan in the process.

Those moans are like music to his ears — it only encouraged him, making him wanting more. He pressed her closer to him, her chest touching against his own. He then gave a trail of wet kisses on her collarbone and on her shoulder, as his hands were busy loosening her obidome from its knot.

Her obidome now free from its tie, he also loosened the red silk obi around her waist, and pulled her kimono down just at the top of her breasts, kissing the creamy white skin just near her cleavage.

And as a gush of wind brushed against their skin, he noticed that Tsukuyo was shivering slightly from the cold, since her back was completely exposed to the chilly nighttime air.

"You're cold," he pointed out.

"I'm not. I'm fine."

Clicking his tongue in disapproval, he then stood up and took off his usual white yukata, and placed it atop of her shoulders, covering her exposed back. And with one swift movement, he cradled her in his arms, carrying her bridal-style.

Tsukuyo was surprised and extremely embarrassed at this. "P-Put me down, Gintoki! Oi, put me down!" she shouted. "Where are you taking me? I can walk by myself, you do not need to carry—"

He cut her off again with a kiss, much to her surprise. Her earlier worries seemed to vanish as he lightly nipped on her lower lip.. and as she kissed him back, she didn't even notice that Gintoki had already trudged his way towards the room, and slid the fusuma open.

Now inside the room, Gintoki still had Tsukuyo imprisoned in his arms as he pinned her against the fusuma, making her stand on her two feet as they continued their exchange of deep, torrid kisses, their hands now roaming everywhere.

Tsukuyo tugged down the zipper of his black shirt, his broad chest now completely exposed. She trailed her fingers on his warm skin, relishing the feeling of her skin against his, as she moved her fingers to his torso, down to his abdomen, where she memorized every inch of his abdominal muscles. Her every touch seemed to bring tingles of pleasure down his spine, as she noticed that his breathing was becoming ragged by every second, and his actions were becoming fiercer than ever before.

His hands fumbled for the fusuma as he gently kissed her ear, locking the sliding door from the inside. However, as soon as he did that, Tsukuyo pulled away from him, and as she switched on the two small lamps nearby, she took off her boots, and walked barefooted along the tatami, heading towards the tokonoma at the far end of the room.

Scanning the area with her amethyst eyes, she chuckled at the realization that she had.

"Did you plan this? Seems too much of a coincidence, isn't it?"

Gintoki raised his eyebrow in confusion as he took off his boots and placed it at the corner, and walked towards her. "Huh? What do you mean by that?"

"This zashiki.. is the same one that we've used back when Hinowa had set us up.. don't you remember?"

He chuckled at this. "Of course I remember that. How can I forget that? You've beaten me up back then!"

"Well, past is past," she replied, which earned her a grumble from the silver-haired man. She then heaved a sigh. "As for me… I still remember it. I remember it clearly."

Tsukuyo smiled to herself. Of course she remembered it clearly… this is the place where Gintoki had said those words, after all.

Say.. if.. if I didn't have this scar.. could I have lived a different life?

The memory of her sudden question towards him that night resurfaced once again in her mind as she reached the tokonoma, took the kouro in her hands, and lighted the incense. Somehow, that particular moment became one of the reasons why Gintoki was so important to her, and no matter what, that fact wouldn't change.

You wouldn't be any different. That's the path you've chosen, your way of life. There's no need to regret it. There's no need to feel any shame. You, and nobody else, chose this path yourself.

It's true, though. Just like what he had said back at that time, becoming Yoshiwara's protector was what she chose for herself. And now… this is what she chose. She had chosen Gintoki over her resolve to give up on being a woman. Once she gets into that futon, she knew that she would completely regain her womanhood… but is she ready for it?

Just puff out your chest, and walk proudly. There's nothing wrong with your face. As long as the soul you carry doesn't get scarred, your face would remain beautiful.

She still doesn't know what she felt about him, whether it may be deep friendship, admiration, respect, or even…love. But she had to admit, there's no other guy who can make her feel like he does—make her worry about him so much, stir up her feelings and resolve, make her feel agitated, happy and important… He's the only one who could do that.

She grumbled to herself. Here she was, in front of him, and they were even making out earlier, so why is she having second thoughts now?

However, as soon as she turned around and gazed at his handsome face, all of her doubts had vanished.

She then got on her knees and bowed down to him, akin to a real courtesan greeting her customer. "I'll leave myself under your care now, Gintoki-sama. Dozo yoroshiku onegai shimasu."

"Gintoki-sama, eh? It has a nice ring to it," he remarked, grinning to himself. "So you're finally using your title as a courtesan.. It's kinda weird, somehow."

"Just shut up and follow suit."

He sighed. "Okay, okay," he replied, as he also got down on his knees and imitated her. "Well then, same here. Yoroshiku tanomu ze."

And with that, the both of them stared at each other, their eyes meeting in silence.

"Well then, what now?"

Gintoki gave her a blank look. "What?"

"What now?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"What are we going to do now?"

"Isn't it obvious? We're inside a zashiki here in Yoshiwara. The place itself implies what we're about to do."

"No, I don't mean it like that, Gintoki. I mean… what are you going to do now?"

Gintoki gulped the huge lump on his throat. Truth be told, he was actually becoming more and more nervous by the second, and hence, he still sat there in front of her, just beside the futon. It's not like he's actually ignorant of what he should do there, though — after all, he's a healthy young man who enjoys his porn. But still, now that he's in that exact situation, all rational thought had left him to his own devices.

"Do you even know what to do?"

His pride deeply hurt by that comment, he scowled. "Of course I do!" he exclaimed. "I'm an expert! Of course I know what to do!"

"Stop bluffing. You're a cherry boy, it's obvious."

"What the — I could say the same thing to you!"

"Of course," she replied, giving him a smug look. "Didn't I tell you? I've given up on being a woman a long time ago."

"So why are you doing this now?"

"This is an exception," she scoffed, and tore her gaze away from him in embarrassment. "And what about you? At least I have a valid excuse."

"How did that seem to be a valid excuse? Are you blind? That's no excuse at all! No normal girl would throw away her womanhood just like that!"

"What do you mean by that, you jerk? I'm normal among the most normal of the very most normal standards! And besides, you're the one who's not normal — you're already past twenty yet you still haven't used that screwdriver you have down there!"

"Oi, oi, it's not like I can help it you know! My perm's a curse, and it drives away all the women!" he replied, scratching his head in annoyance. "And besides, I'm not someone who'll just bang on anyone! I'm saving myself for Ketsuno Ana or for my future wife!"

"Oh, really? Why are you with me, then?"

Faced with this sudden question, Gintoki fell silent, and looked down the floor.

"That's an exception," he then replied. "You… you're a special case. But it's not like I l-love you or anything like that, oi!"

Tsukuyo smiled at him, which made his heart skip a beat. She knew that despite how harsh-sounding his words were, he meant it when he said that she was a "special case" for him. It made her happy, since of course, she just felt the same way about him. And for her, that's enough — that's all that she needed.

All she needed… was the fact that she was special to him, and that he wanted her. And if his actions were any proof to that, then she wouldn't even think twice about it.

Hence, at that moment, she then took hold of both of his hands and drew closer to him, kissing him tenderly. She then felt him smile against her mouth as he quickly carried her up effortlessly, and laid her down carefully on the futon.

She was settled beneath him, pinned once again in his arms. She then straddled her legs apart, and Gintoki brought himself towards the open space, his body pressing against hers. As he pulled away from her mouth, he then looked at her lovingly, and took off the piece of kunai that held her hair, resting it on the floor. Her blonde locks of hair were now spilled in different directions as she lay down there, he then brushed off the fringe of hair which had settled itself on her forehead.

He touched the scar that went through her forehead, and down to her cheeks. He traced its contours with his fingers, and much to her surprise, he brushed his lips against it. He gave a trail of light kisses along her scar, as if telling her that the marks would be all gone with just a single brush of his lips on her skin.


Hearing his name come out of her mouth, he then focused his attention on those dainty red lips of hers, and immediately crushed his lips with her own. Somehow, the way he kissed her seemed to become more and more aggressive with each moment, and she found herself moaning against his mouth due to extreme pleasure, not only because of his kisses, but also because of his ministrations on her body.

His hands roamed once again into her kimono, tugging off the obidome and the obi which had prevented him from exploring the upper half of her body earlier. As her kimono became looser in the process, he then nudged her to sit down and lean on him, even though their mouths were still busy devouring each other. He then slowly removed her kimono, and just as when the clothing was on her shoulder, she yanked it away from her, as if desperate to remove the piece of clothing which had shielded her from his gaze.

Pulling away for a second, he then looked at her intently, his lips crooked into a smirk. Before him was an almost naked Tsukuyo, with only her bra obstructing the view of her naked body. Noticing this, his hands quickly found its way onto her back, and despite his difficulty to unhook the locks on her brassiere, he had still managed to succeed. She then raised her arms, and with one sharp tug on the undergarment, it was suddenly removed from her body, and was tossed to the floor.

With the last covering gone at last, Tsukuyo's breasts had sprung forth before him, serving as a delectable eye candy to his lustful gaze. Feeling embarrassed, she immediately covered her chest with her hands, and looked back at him with a look that was a mix between uncertainty and desire.

"Show it to me, Tsukuyo," he told her in a husky voice. "I want to look at you."

Before she can even comply, Gintoki had already caught both of her hands, and entwining her fingers with his, he pushed her back into the futon. Hoisting himself up in order to get a good view of her naked upper body, he allowed his gaze to rest upon her, studying her body in detail.

She had marks all over her skin—marks that he made when he lightly nipped and sucked on it, reveling on the feeling of her sumptuous body. Her neck had the most number of marks, and as he moved lower, he then saw her naked chest… It laid there exposed in front of him, lush and full in his eyes.

Tsukuyo was breathing heavily, her chest moving up and down in response, the pink buds of her breasts now protruding by the second — as if inviting, wanting, waiting for his touch. At that moment, Gintoki then dipped his head down to kiss her senseless, and as he did that, his hands had trailed all over skin, his fingers spreading out towards her chest, cupping both of her breasts with his hands.

The feel of her lush, ample breasts was just perfect in his hands. He fondled them lovingly as he continued on showering her face with feathery kisses, until he went back to her dainty red lips, teasing it with the tip of his tongue, begging for entrance. When she opened her mouth in acceptance, he hungrily thrust it hot and deep inside of her, signaling the duel between them that had begun in earnest.

Tsukuyo let out a loud moan as Gintoki pinched her nipples between his fingers, before kneading her soft mounds in a circular motion, squeezing them firmly. Losing herself under his skillful ministrations, she found her whole body heat up against his touch, shuddering slightly in excitement. Her hands had wormed its way inside his shirt, her fingers roaming on his broad back, nails digging deeper into his skin with his every squeeze onto her breasts.

Much to her surprise, Gintoki had pulled away his lips from her own, only to find him trailing kisses down her skin, until he reached the top of her chest. He kissed the sides of her soft mounds of flesh in earnest, until his lips had found its way onto the little pink buds on her breasts, the teasing of his tongue making her whole body tremble.

She mumbled his name in-between moans, the ticklish yet feverish sensation caused by his movements sending her to the edge. He then captured her left nipple with his mouth and suckled on it, while his right hand was busy massaging her other breast, his fingers teasing the pointed nub at the center. And as soon as he did this, Tsukuyo's breathing became more ragged, until it had broken into small gasps. Still, she only encouraged him by working her fingers on his thick silver hair, pulling him closer so as to give him more access.

Gintoki then used his free left hand to his advantage by snaking it lower than it already was, until it reached the skin that was exposed by the slit of her kimono, stroking it up and down in succession. He slowly pulled the fishnet stocking down to her thigh, to her ankle as well as to her leg, moving it slowly so as to create friction against her skin. Pulling her leg closer to him in order to give him a better leverage, Tsukuyo gave another loud moan when he stroked her thigh frantically, before he had finally yanked off the stocking out of her leg, tossing it next to her bra that laid forgotten on the tatami.

Simultaneously, his mouth had also captured her other breast, doing the same things that he did to its partner a while ago. Sucking on it tenderly, he then nipped at the hard bit and watched her gasp loudly, as she made incomprehensible sounds while he continued on stroking her upper thigh.

With all the things that Gintoki had done to pleasure her, Tsukuyo found herself becoming hotter by the second, the sensations forming on the pit of her stomach driving her to the brink of insanity. She even found herself pulling down the other fishnet stocking on her right leg, as one of her hands had moved its way towards his waist, her fingers skillfully fumbling for the zipper of his black pants. However, as soon as her fingers came into contact with his zipper, she then noticed the huge bulge on his pants, and along with the fact that her hand had just come into contact with this, she then smiled to herself.

Gintoki really wanted her — and the proof of it was just right under her hands. He looked at her as a woman. He wanted her as a woman. This is everything that she wanted.

And with one swift movement, she then unzipped his pants and started to tug down the black garment away from his waist. Gintoki, now finally noticing this, groaned in ecstasy as she touched his throbbing member atop the layers of his boxers and pants.

"O-Oi, e-easy there, Tsukuyo," he grumbled as he stopped all his other ministrations on her body, his face leaning towards hers once again. His lips were just a few centimeters away from hers, yet still touching. "Don't rush things yet.. Let's take it nice and slowly, shall we?"

"I — I'm not rushing things, idiot," she moaned against his mouth, as he quickly dipped his head down onto hers without hesitation. "I'm just… I'm just — AAAAH!"

Tsukuyo let out a scream as she found herself surprised when Gintoki had nibbled onto her neck once again, before caressing it with wet kisses of his own. Both of his hands had quickly taken refuge under her kimono, and with one tug at the garment, he completely removed it from her, now exposing the lower part of her body.

Smirking to himself, he then captured her mouth with his for the umpteenth time, and as he caressed her breasts with one of his hands, he then trailed his fingers along the waistband of her panties. But just as when he was about to sneak his fingers inside the now-soaked fabric, he stopped halfway, and instead touched her most sensitive spot through her silk undergarment.

"G-Gintoki..! Stop teasing me!" she cried, as she felt herself squirm beneath his arms, her back arching forward, her naked chest brushing against his bare skin. She felt herself tingle as he continued to trail his fingers along her womanhood, despite the fact that her panties were still hindering him from touching it completely. He then rubbed his index finger relentlessly atop her clit, and with the additional friction coming from her undies as he continued on stroking her, she moaned and gasped and breathed in his name, her head shaking uncontrollably. Gintoki then silenced her by kissing her fully on the lips.

Tsukuyo lifted up her hips in response to his caresses, and using that to his advantage, he had pulled her panties down from her hips, leaving her womanhood into full view. Hoisting herself up in order to make it easier for him to remove the undergarment, she then removed it from one of her legs, while Gintoki himself had yanked it off her completely.

Her fully naked body settled under his gaze, she then turned into a deeper shade of red as she realized this same fact, and due to extreme embarrassment, she quickly grabbed Gintoki's white yukata and wore it atop her shoulders, using it as a futile attempt to restore her modesty.

Seeing Tsukuyo wearing his yukata, with her creamy white skin, luscious breasts and womanhood still in his view made him smile to himself. Combined with that embarrassed expression and that cute pout on her face, he realized just how good she looked at that exact moment, with the dim lights making her glow amidst the surging darkness of the room — and he wouldn't mind seeing her like that every single day. He would even love that, actually.

"It really suits you," he remarked. He then pulled her closer to him, hugging her tightly against his arms as he kissed the top of her head. "My clothes really do suit you, Tsukuyo. It makes me want to remove it and leave you naked.."

"Such dirty talk coming from you, huh?"

"I've always been doing the dirty talk. I'm prominent for my sentences full of scatological innuendo."

"And where did you get that?"

"From TV Tropes. The author said that she just read it off there."

"What are you talking about? No one would get that, idiot," she replied, chuckling to herself. She looked back at him with pleading eyes, and as their eyes met, she leaned closer to him and puckered her lips, kissing him softly.

And at that opportune moment, Gintoki had removed his yukata away from her body, leaving her naked slim frame into full view.

"Y-You need to get naked too… I'm not the only one that—"

He cut her off with a sudden kiss. As he pulled away from her, he then moved her hands towards his shoulders, allowing her to remove his clothing with his assistance. Tossing the black garment beside the pile of discarded clothing on the tatami, they then kissed each other again, as they lay down the futon, still making out, caressing their naked bodies as they held each other in a tight embrace.

The feel of his bare skin against hers was incredible. Tsukuyo felt herself jolt up with his every touch, the feeling of his fingers on her body sending tingles down her spine. He took great care upon touching her — and she can feel it with his every touch, his gentle caresses making her feel wanted, making her feel special. As the sweat from both of their bodies trickled down their skin, she then breathed in his scent, making her intoxicated at the feeling.

She loved it. Everything.

But she wanted more.

She wanted him. She wanted to feel more of his bare skin, of his body, of… him. She wanted to brush her hands and trace every bit of his body with her fingers, she wanted to press his muscles and feel every inch of it, she wanted him to go deeper inside of her, and cradle her in his arms as they went off to sleep.

Hence, without a moment's hesitation, her hands had quickly resumed its position back on his trousers, and with one sharp movement, she started to tug it off of him, his strawberry boxers appearing right in front of her.

She chuckled upon seeing this. "Nice design," she teased.

"As a strawberry milk lover, I need to love everything strawberry-related," he insisted, and helped her remove his black pants. He also started to tug down his boxers, and Tsukuyo found herself staring at the sight of his fully erect member. As he yanked his boxers off his legs, he tossed it somewhere in the room, not even caring if it fell down on the futon, or in the heap of discarded clothes.

With the last piece of clothing now completely gone, the two of them stared at each other, memorizing the alluring sight in front of them, keeping to memory the contours of each other's body. Gintoki then caught her in a warm and tight embrace, their naked bodies touching against each other. Pressing against him with renewed urgency, Tsukuyo bucked her hips towards his in an attempt to close the very little distance that they had left.

"Oi, steady there, Tsukky. I told you to take this nice and slowly, right?"

Tsukuyo bit her lip, grumbling to herself. How long would he make her wait? She's ready for him.. Every bit of her body called out for him, wanting him inside of her. He just kept on teasing—

"..Aaaaaaahhh! G-Gintoki..!"

Much to her surprise, Gintoki had caressed her womanhood with his bare fingers, stroking them fervently as her own juices flowed out against his skin. He then inserted his finger deep inside of her, and as he did that, Tsukuyo gasped loudly in response, before bringing his head closer towards hers, digging in for another kiss.

His fingers continued to stroke her velvety walls, making the woman beneath him moan and whimper in ecstasy. As he inched in deeper, he then realized that her maidenhead was still intact, which he expected. Excitement coursing within him with this realization, he then inserted another finger on her tight opening, into which she had responded with a muffled scream against his mouth.

"G-G-Gintoki.. s-stop teasing me.." she whimpered, whilst his mouth continued on pressing against hers, deepening the kiss. "P-Please.."

"Do you really want me to stop?"

Hearing a different tone in his voice, Tsukuyo looked at him intently, and realized that his question had meant something else. There was a tinge of seriousness in his eyes, and at that moment, she then realized what he had meant.

He was asking her for affirmation, despite his obvious desire to keep on going further. Knowing him, she knew that if she had backed out of this, he would stop himself, and would let it go without an argument.

And she didn't want that to happen.

"No, please…don't," she told him, kissing him fully on the lips. She kissed him like she never did before — as she put all of her feelings, all of her desires into that kiss, her mouth hungrily claiming his own. Gintoki took those actions as permission, and without a second thought, he then positioned himself towards her entrance, the tip of his shaft slowly teasing her opening.

Bracing himself, he then thrust deep inside of her, which earned him a loud scream from the Shinigami Courtesan.

She had known that it would hurt, even expected it, but the strangeness of the pain took her by surprise. He pulled back at her faint cry, an apology about to spring out of his lips. But before he could even say anything, she kissed him full and deep, pulling him back to her. The pain would stop, she told herself, it would stop — and even though it didn't quite stop, she realized that it was all worth it, since it had faded away with each passing moment, replaced with something just as intense, almost like pain, but something much more.

He then looked at her intently as he cradled her in his arms, his weight pressing down on her, his member still inside her secret spot. She bit her lower lip; her face expressed the sudden pain that she had felt at his intrusion, as she took several deep, heavy breaths before looking back at him.

"G-Gintoki," she called out, moaning. "M-More.. I need…more.."

Complying to her requests, he then pushed himself deep inside her, thrusting his throbbing member against her womanhood. He let out a loud groan as he felt her tight walls around his shaft, hugging him closer, constricting with every passing second, sending him to the edge. He then withdrew himself from her, but before the girl can even complain, he then thrust it back deeper as the both of them kissed each other fervently, both of their hips bucking up and down in urgency.

They started out awkwardly; their hands had roamed everywhere in clumsy abandon, his thrusts starting out with an uneven timing, until their actions became sharper by the second. At that moment, everything ceased to exist — the only things that registered are the feeling of their bodies against each other, trailing with sweat, and their passionate screams, moans, whimpers and groans of ecstasy and encouragement as their hips bucked up against each other, his every thrust falling into a steady rhythm.

His every thrust drove her insane — as he thrust deeper and deeper into her, her mind was a complete mush that the only thoughts that she could think of were all about Gintoki, and of the different feelings that he ignited deep inside of her. Everything around her was a blur, and the only thing that she can do was to dig her fingers deeper into the strong flesh of his shoulders, and mutter his name with his every movement, chanting it as if it was a mantra.

She moaned loudly at his every action, until it was replaced by a scream as she had slowly gotten closer to her climax. However, before she could even bring herself to the brink of an orgasm, Gintoki had pulled away from her, smirking at the agitated expression on her face.

"G-Gintoki..! Please! I — I need—"

"I don't wanna," he groaned, bringing his lips closer to hers. "I don't want you to. I'll bring you to the edge all over again if I wanted to… the only time you can do that was when I allow you to."

"S-Stop being so sadistic!" she cried, spreading her fingers along his muscular frame. "G-Gin—"

She was cut off when Gintoki kissed her deeply once again, and positioned himself towards her entrance. And with one deep final thrust, she let out a shrilling scream as she convulsed in his arms, her womanhood tightening against his shaft, sending him to the edge as he felt her juices cover him completely, her spasms and contractions making his whole body tense as he released his seed into her hot tunnel.

He collapsed on top of her, his full weight pressing against her naked body, all energy spent from their exertions. Panting heavily, he then rolled beside her on the futon and pulled her into a tight embrace, her head resting against his arms, their intertwined hands settled atop his chest. Pulling the covers up to their naked bodies, he then looked over to the unconscious girl beside him, her face and body glistening with sweat, her lips formed into a faint smile.

He smiled to himself. He wouldn't mind teasing her, if he can see her like that beside him every day.

He would even love that.


Tsukuyo woke up to the sounds of the birds chirping outside the room, the warm sunlight passing through the slit on the sides of the fusuma. Her eyes slowly adjusting to her surroundings, she then found herself on the arms of a young silver-haired man, his face just a few inches away from her.

It was Sakata Gintoki — and he was sleeping peacefully beside her, snoring lightly.

Seeing his sleeping face next to hers reminded her of the events that transpired last night. The memory of it is still vivid in her mind, and she knew that she would never forget that moment for the rest of her entire life. After all, that was the first night which she had spent with the most important man in her life.

She then gazed into his sleeping face, and smiled to herself. She had never seen Gintoki sleep at such a distance before, and she realized just how lucky she was to be able to do that now. His mouth slightly open as he slept, she then reached out her fingers towards his silky silver locks of permed hair, hoisting herself up in order to give her a better view.

Gintoki still didn't budge. He was still sleeping peacefully, and faced with that fact, Tsukuyo smiled to herself. She then cupped his face with her hands, as she spread out her dainty fingers against his face, touching his pale skin.

And as she looked at his sleeping face with loving eyes, she then let out a small chuckle as she lightly pinched his nose, amused by the fact that he had let out muttering sounds as she did that, even though he was still asleep.

Her lips still crooked into a smile, she then slowly closed her eyes as she dipped her head closer to his, kissing him gently on the lips.

"Is this what someone should do to people who were still sleeping, huh, kono yaro?" he then trailed off as she pulled away from him, startling her. Resting his head up in one arm, he then looked at her intently, and entwined his fingers against her slim ones. "What kind of pranks are you pulling now?"

"What the — so you've already woken up."

"Of course I'll wake up." He then brought his lips closer to hers, kissing her tenderly. "..If someone as cute as you would come to wake me up.."

As he inched himself away to gaze at her face, he then smiled as he saw her looking at him tenderly, akin to the way that she had looked at him earlier last night.

Tsukuyo stared at his crimson eyes. "Today…"

"Hmm?" he asked, smiling at her. His eyes never straying away from her gaze, he then hoisted himself so as to settle himself atop of her, his hands now reaching for her blonde mane.

"Today…It's okay for me to have a selfish request, right?"

Gintoki smiled at this. "Of course," he replied, before dipping his head down to hers once again. "For today, you can selfishly request for anything, no matter what or how much it would be."

Reveling on the feeling of his lips against hers, she then leaned deeper towards the kiss, and closed her eyes.

There's only one thing that she would selfishly wish for at that moment — for him to be by her side, always.



Obidome – obi tie, sash clip

Obi – a silk sash worn by a Japanese person in traditional dress to fasten the kimono

Yukata – a light cotton kimono

Tokonoma – is a space in a Japanese-style room that is a step higher than the rest of the room, and has a wooden floor. Kakejiku, flowers, calligraphy scrolls or paintings are displayed in the Tokonoma. This is an alcove.

Zashiki – a room which is completely covered with tatami (straw mats) and was used for guests.

Kouro – incense burner

kono yaro『コノヤロ』- Impolite phrase meaning "you/that bastard!" even though "kono" refers to "this". This is one of Gintoki's catchphrases.

Yoroshiku tanomu ze 『よろしく頼むぜ。』- Informal phrase which means "I'm counting on you", "I have a favor of you". It is short for yoroshiku tanomimasu.

Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu『どうぞよろしくお願いします。』- Obvious phrase is obvious. But still, for consistency's sake, it means "Pleased to meet you" or "Please treat me kindly."

The last scene (the aftermath of the lemon part of the story) is just a novelized version of one of my favorite GintokixTsukuyo doujinshis in Pixiv, 銀月で月詠誕, made by one of my favorite artists, カナ. Of course, the dialog and everything else was tweaked in order to fit this story. Why did I include that? I have no idea.

More Author's Notes:

So the very first lemon that I've ever written is now complete! Now, I can finally rest from writing! Seriously, I've gotten tired now and I really need to concentrate on my studies, so I think the next chapter of Truth would come out by mid-July, or the last week of July… don't worry, it would be posted in July!

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