Young Justice re-write: Story of Superboy and Robin

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This is Conner's POV but in future chapters it changes a lot

I have spoken enough now on with the fiction

Oh and this starts when Conner is waking up in his pod



"This is wrong" I heard a voice say.

"We can't leave him like this," said another.

"Set him free" one said, "do it,"

'We are your masters and the ones who let you go free are our enemies, serve us and retrieve them for us,' said the voices in union.

I opened my eyes and set them on one of my three targets and attacked. I pounced onto my chosen target and struck a few blows to his face and chest. The other two targets were quick to hold me down. The one with the orange hair held my arm and the one with the mask held my head.

I could feel the heat from the masked one fill my core with a burn so soft it consumed me. I couldn't help but to relax for a moment to the masked ones touch. But only a second passed until I remembered my objective. I pulled back my hand and struck the orange top in the face. The masked one jumped from atop of me after spraying me with a foul tasting gas.

I tumbled backwards but regained balance just as the darker toned one kicked me sending me back into the control panel. I picked myself up clutching my throat gasping and coughing for air. The masked boy strikes me with a weapon in the chest with two ablaze ropes. I tugged the ropes hard pulling the agile boy onto the ground at my feet. I place a foot atop his chest in hopes to injure him the least possible without ignoring my objective. I watch him squirm as I press down further.

"Enough!" the dark one said as he threw me away from his friend. He quickly went to pick his partner to his knees only to have the masked one fall again. I attack the dark skinned one. "We are trying to help you," he said struggling. 'He lies, listen to your masters,' a voice said in my mind.

I attack him once more and fight until he is down along with the other two targets move towards the door and open it with little force but enough force to leave marks were I pried it open. The man the voices appointed as my master walked past me to inspect my work.

"Atta boy," he said with a grin.


I stood on guard as instructed by my masters when I saw my targets awaken.

"What, w-what do you want," shouted the ginger, "quit staring your creeping me out,"

"Uh, KF how 'bout we not tick off the guy who can fry us with a look," said the masked one.

The orange one is a pain, but the masked one was something else. He seemed much younger than the other two prime targets but he was different. I felt my heart rate increase and decrease when he spoke. What is this effect why does in just happen with him, I asked myself as I continued to look at him.

"We only sought to help you," said the darker one.

"Yeah we free you and you turn on us, how's that for gratit-"

"Kid please be quiet now, I believe our new friend was not in full control of his actions," the dark one said interrupting the red head.

I saw the masked boy out of the corner of my eye pull out a contraption from his glove as he quickly got to working his manacles.

"Hm, what if I, what if I wasn't," I said looking up to the three boys.

"He can talk!" exclaimed the annoying red head.

"Yes 'he' can," I said forcefully.

"Not like I said, it," he said looking to his friends.

"The G-Gnome Morphs taught you, telepathically," said the kind darker one.

"They taught me much," I said, "I can read, write, I know the names of things,"

"But have you seen them, have they ever actually let you see the sky or the sun," said the kind and gentle masked boy. I felt my heart flutter with warmth and my face heat up. I managed to keep a straight face.

"Images are implanted in my mind but no I have not seen them," I responded.

"Do you know what you are, who you are," asked the proper dark one.

"I am The Superboy," I said to the boys, "a G-Gnome Morph a clone made from the DNA of The Superman created to replace him should he parish, to destroy him should he turn from the light," I responded from the depths of my mind. The boys shared a desperate glance.

((One big choice later))

"You here to help us or fry us?" asked Kid Flash or so I came to guess from what they called him.

"I don't seem to have heat vision so helping is my only option," I said as a loud click rang through the room. Robin or the masked one fell to the ground rubbing his wrists.

"Ugh finally, lucky Batman isn't here he'd have my head for taking so long," Robin said looking back to his friends.

I kept my gaze on Robin as he looked over to the control panel. Is this what beauty was I thought as he moved gracefully to the other side of the keyboard. Kid Flash was saying something but I paid him no mind as I gazed to the boy as his fingers grazed the keys for open.

"Free Aqualad I'll get Kid Mouth," he said turning to me making my face hot again.

"Don't you give me orders either," I said as I quickly moved away from him to release his friend.

((One chase scene, choice, and fight later))

"See the moon," said Kid Flash.

I gazed up at the large and bright sphere in the sky. I saw a small mass form from the center until it came to view as a man.

"Oh and Superman, do we keep our promises or what," he said as I gazed up intently at Superman and the other heroes as they ascended to the ground. They all looked at me in question. I strode forward and showed them my sign, the same sign as the one on Superman's chest.

"Is that what I think it is," Batman said looking to me with an eyebrow raised.

"He doesn't like being called an, it," KF said in sing song.

"I'm Superman's clone," I said forcefully.

"Start talking," Batman said turning to his protege.


"this cave was the original secret sanctuary of the justice league we're calling it into service again since you four are determined to stay and fight the good fight, you'll do it on league terms, and you will now live here in case of an emergency arises we will have you ready ," Batman said continuously.

I got lost in thought after those words. 'Robin's staying here with me, no not with me with the team, this feeling doesn't even make sense, why must this be so confusing,' I thought to myself.

"Wait, five of us," Robin said walking up next to me.

"This is the Martian Manhunters niece Miss Martian," Batman said addressing an equally green girl in front of Manhunter.

"Hi," she said waving to the boys and me.

Kid Flash went straight to welcome our newest member. He sounded less worried to introduce her to the each of us than he was to introduce himself.

"I'm honored to e included," she said as my teammates went to welcome and meet her.

"Hey Superboy, come meet Miss M," Robin said immediately catching my attention. It felt right the way he said my name. I felt my face relax to his voice until it fell into a calm-but-board expression. I walked over and stood in front of the girl.

"I like your t-shirt," she said matching her top to my own. I gave her a small courteous smile as Robin nudged me playfully in the arm and KF sped to my side.

"Today is the day," Aqualad said to Robin and KF. I thought about when Robin touched me, I had felt the old sensation again I had back at Cadmus. I felt the warm and bright feeling that warmed up my core and clutched at my heart. I heard a gasp come from Ms.M I looked towards her as she removed her gaze from my own. I looked to make sure I hadn't said it out loud but the guys seemed to pay no mind to me. I looked to the Martian again. She was smiling towards Robin; I felt a strong surge of anger towards her. She moved her gaze quickly towards the other two boys and smiled to them in the same yet not the same smile.

'She knows something and I'm gonna find out what it is if it kills me' I thought to myself.


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