Me: Howdy y'all its supervamp1000

SuperBoy: And me, hi *frowns at robin looks away blushing*

Robin: What did I do?

Me: Oh you'll find out alright trust me *smiles evilly*

Superboy: Idiot

Me: but you love me *huggles* and if you don't I have the power to kill you with just a simple slide of the keys.

Robin: ok now I'm afraid

Me: you both should be, now time to sign off the story.


Megan's POV

I looked into the minds of my teammates before I entered Mount Justice. I heard thoughts of joy of praise on fulfillment and most loudly of all confusion and well more confusion than anything. His thoughts were full of feeling of beautiful memories most off which took place in a place full of fear and anger. Such pain it hurts even me to see it through him and then to be covered by such love and hope. He doesn't understand how lucky he is to feel so deeply. He doesn't know of such compassion, and the only compassion ever given to him was that of that one soul. Robin the Boy Wonder.

"Oh Superboy," I whispered under my breath. I took to the minds of the others. I looked at Kaldur's and saw the ocean and its creatures. I looked through Kid Flashes and saw a mentor and happy family and most of all food. I looked to the last mind and all I saw was Superboy, thoughts of worry and concern and hope and pain.

Superboy, he's thinking of Superboy, Robin is thinking of Superboy, I thought as I felt my heart flutter for the two. No matter what I will help them, I will give them to each other, even if it kills me they will be loved, I vowed to myself as me and Uncle John (a/n: sorry shitty computer won't let me spell his name) entered Mount Justice.

"This is the Martian Manhunters niece Ms. Martian," Batman said addressing my uncle and me.

"hi," I said as I waved to my new teammates.

I was instantly ambushed by Kid Flash; I knew this cause of how fast he reached me. He introduced himself and stated instantly that he was single and clearly interested

"I'm honored to be included," I said mainly to get him to shut up.

They all came over and huddled together in a group circle. All but one who was still standing lost in his thoughts. I thought of something ingenious at that moment.

"Hey Robin, who's that," I said pointing over to the Kryptonian.

"That's Superboy," Robin said dreamily, "oh I'll introduce you," I giggled at him when I had heard the way he said Superboys' name. 'Oh glob he's got it bad, I thought to myself.

"Hey superboy, come meet Ms. M," he shouted over the distance.

Superboy was immediately pulled out of his thoughts with that sole voice made his thoughts stop flowing his heart beat faster. 'Wow, so does he, can you say awkward, I joked to myself as he strode over to me.

"I like your t-shirt," I said morphing my cloths to match his plain black tee. He looked up and gave me a cautious smile as Robin and Kid Flash came to his sides.

"Today is the day," Aqualad said to the boy wonder and kid Flash.

I felt a wave of emotions; they were warm and ablaze as if my heart was taken to flame. I gasped at the warm and fuzzy feeling. I looked to superboy and glanced to robin as our eyes met. 'He smiled at her and he's looking at her now too, oh why couldn't I have had a crush on Black Canary instead,' thought robin. I smiled at the boy next to Kid Flash. I heard a growl come from Superboy I quickly moved my eyes to Aqualad and Kid flash hoping to tame his jealousy. 'She knows something and I'm gonna find out what it is if it kills me' Superboy thought.


After I was admitted into the group they showed me to my room and helped me get settled in. it was about 2 in the morning but Martians never sleep so I was pretty board. I probed the minds of my teammates looking at their dreams. Aqualad dreamed of the ocean of a girl he had left there, his memories were of his kingdom and they made me homesick. Kid Flash dreamt of his favorite foods all kinds of things littered tables and tables at a time. Robin dreamed of Superboy, but in a way I cannot say in the presence of young children. (All the minors got their ears and eyes covered, no, ok then here we go)

"I've missed you Robin," he said in a sensual tone.

"I was starting to think you didn't care about me," he continued.

"I-I couldn't get away, things came up,"

He moved to my lips as he kissed me passionately. I kissed him back, my tongue intertwining with his.

"What do you say we take this to my room?"

He returned to kissing me, so all I could manage was a mumble. We started toward his room, I nearly fell but he caught me and lifted me gracefully into his arms, all while managing to never break contact with my mouth.

He pulled my shirt off in one swift movement and laid me on the bed gently. I looked at his exposed erect penis and at the pile of cloths lying on the ground. Blushing, I turned my gaze up to his face. I stared into his ultramarine blue eyes, which seemed to be devouring my every movement. He started moving down, moving his hands from my neck, then my chest, and lower and lower until he got to my zipper. Looking up at me he pulled the zipper down with his powerful and soft fingers and removed my pants, showing the now obvious, bulge in my boxers. It wasn't long until my boxers, too, were lying on the ground.

Superboy was standing, and I sat up positioning my mouth in front of his cock. I started to suck on the head while rubbing the shaft. I started slow, sucking on only the head, but steadily getting faster and faster, eventually deep throating the whole thing. I felt him tense up, and he moaned loudly, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" I kept sucking on his dick, prepared to swallow whatever he could shoot out. The next thing I knew I felt something warm in my mouth; it was more than I expected and some leaked out of my mouth and onto his bed. As I swallowed down the rest of it I heard him slightly clear his throat, expecting me to look up. I did, and I was surprised to see his face right next to mine.

"That was very pleasurable, but we can't let you have all the fun, now can we?" he said, holding my wrists down on the bed.

I know what's going to happen, and even though it's my first time I'm ready. He put lubricant onto his penis and looked at me hungrily, yet at the same time, lovingly.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, I'm ready."

He started to penetrate me and it hurt, a lot.

"Ahhhhhh…" I let out a pained moan.

He stopped, looking worried.

"I'm fine, keep going."

It started hurting less, and when I looked down, the whole thing was in. He started to slide it back and forth, slow at first, speeding up with every second. He was going so fast now, his balls slapping my ass every time; I started moaning in pleasure, with him joining in moments later. We kept going, and going, until…

"Ahh…" Superboy was trembling. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Wait… for… me… I'm… almost…ahhhh…"

We both came together, him spraying his cum into my ass-hole, mine going all over my chest. I looked up, seeing a blissful expression on his face, which turned mischievous as he bent down and started licking the cum off of my chest. He spent a lot of time concentrating on my nipples, sucking them, biting them, and twisting them with his hand.

"Ahhhh…." I moaned in pleasure. He went lower and lower, ending up at my cock. He began sucking on it, much more skillfully than I had with him.

"I'm gonna cum!" I cried.

"So am I," he said in a strained voice.

After we had both came, he lay beside me holding me in his arms.

"I love you Robin," he whisper into my ear.

"I love you too Superboy."

I felt my face heat up at the dream, but then I got a stroke of genius. I looked into Superboy's mind and played the dream to him. Bear with me here I gots a plan


The next morning I went downstairs to see Superboy at the table eating what looked to be cereal. He was accompanied by Robin Aqualad and Kid Flash.

"Hey Ms. M," said Robin and Kid Flash.

"I was starting to think you didn't care about me," a blush spred across robins cheeks as he looked away alarmed. I glanced over to superboy who seemed to have the same face.

"what's wrong with you two," Kid Flash said waving from Superboy to Robin.

"nothing, bad dream," they both said spontaneously. They quickly looked away from each other the blush on their faces deepening

"ok," Kid Flash said raising an eyebrow.

'Faze one sexual tension complete'

There chapter 2

Chapter 3: the triple 'H' coming soon

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