I saw a story like this earlier and I liked the idea, I changed it around a bit. I do not own Total Drama. I am no longer accepting Ocs. However you can still read this part. The actual story starts after Bruno's audition. Make sure to read the auditions so you can get the feel of the Ocs. They auditions were written by the creators of each Oc. They put time and effort into them!

Chris Mclean sat on the porch of a mansion. A camera zoomed in on him.

"Hello there, fans! Welcome back to a new season of Total Drama. This summer the kids will be here, the house of Dr. Monstrolopolis, in Total Drama-" he was cut off by his phone ringing.

"Hello? Ya, I'm kinda in the middle of the trailer for the new show. What do you mean by, "fired"? You can't fire me! I am what makes this show run! What do you mean the fans think I'm lame? I am not lame!" Chris was escorted away from the mansion by security. He continued to scream obsenities into the cellular device.

After Chris was no where in site, Chef came on screen.

"Why hello there, Maggots! I am Grand Master Chef. I was not fire by the producers because I received better ratings than Chris. I am still the chef in Total Drama but we have a new host," Chef explained.

A tall, young man with blue hair came on screen.

He flashed the camera a cheesy grin and said, "Hello there, people of Earth and Beyond! My name is Ethan. I am the new host of Total Drama. And as your new host, I will command you to send us in applications for Total Drama: House. You see, so far we only have three contestants. Apperently, Chris made the ratings really bad after everything he did to the last season's cast. Don't worry, this season will not be like that. It will be worse! I'm joking. It won't be that bad. Think of me as Chris, but better looking with blue hair. The cast will not be put through dangerous tasks but you will have to stay in Dr. Monstrolopolis's haunted mansion and eat Chef's cooking! This is no ordinary haunted house. All the ghosts are one hundred percent real, but stay away from the Doctor, if he catches you wandering around his house late at night, you will disapear."

That first chapter sucks because I don't have anything to go off of. But send me your applications! I am using 17 contestants but I have 3 already. 9 girls 8 guys I have 2 girls and 1 guy. I need 8 girls 7 guys! Send them in!


No more than 2 entries.

No double entries can be the same gender.

You have to write your own audition. Make sure you incorporate the camera.

You have to fill out all the entry form.

You can send the form via private message or review.

Submit the audition by private message.

Entries will not be accepted unless they meet all rules.

Audition does not need to be sent when the form does.

I am allowing a 3 day period between the time the form is sent and when the audition needs to be sent.

Entry Form

Name (Last, First):



Why they want to be apart of TDH


Appearance: (List Form) (Hair style/color, eye color, skin tone, body type, etc.)

Extra (Piercings, scars, birthmarks, makeup, etc.)


Personality: (4-7 sentences)





Fears: (reason)



Fav/Least Fave (food, drink, color, animal, movie, tv show, book, etc.)

Enemies (type)

Friends (type)

Form a relationship?

What type of person in relationship?


Random Facts

Ideas for challenges


Team name ideas