Mizuki had started working at the Academy as an Assistant Instructor two weeks after his "friend" Iruka. Since they "Worked so well together", he was assigned to assist Iruka in giving his lessons. The work wasn't bad, but it hadn't been what he'd seen himself doing with his life when he'd started out. The only blot on the perfection of this portion of his career however was the fact that Iruka had been assigned to the class that contained the Kyuubi.

It wouldn't be so bad if Iruka would let him misdirect the creature under his watch. The man wanted to treat it as just another one of his students and give it the same education he gave the others though. This meant that anything he did to sabotage the animal's education had to be done either when the man wasn't looking, or so subtly that the man didn't notice it, much the way that he didn't notice that he'd been deliberately picking at his sore spots.

He'd gotten a bit of inspiration from little Hibachi earlier, and had come up with a good way of teaching the Kyuubi how to get itself killed as soon as it was sent out into the field.

From a practical standpoint, corpse robbing wasn't advisable because there was a chance that it would turn out that the "corpse" wasn't actually a corpse, and the presumably deceased could spring up and kill you as you were attempting to loot their body. Over the decades, as an increasingly civilian viewpoint made its way through shinobi culture, being brought in by the increasing number of ninja who were descended from said civilians, it was a matter of respect for the dead, and robbing corpses could get you stabbed by one of your own comrades as well. These days, corpse robbing, aside from the taking of the occasional trophy here and there, wasn't something which was openly done, and even trophy takers were looked down on to a degree.

The Kyuubi, having not been educated in normal social behavior didn't seem to notice this fact, as the adventure that Hibachi had related illustrates. The creature had been perfectly willing to rob a corpse in order to gain "friends". A few words at the right moments, and the animal would be willing to do so for the hell of it...