Sakura looked at the oddly shaped package Naruto was dragging home from Wave suspiciously. There had been a sword on Momochi Zabuza's grave when they'd buried him but, it hadn't been there when she'd visited it prior to their departure. The package she was looking at wasn't quite long enough to be the gigantic sword with a handle that could be stood on that Zabuza had owned however. That, and it was nearly twice as wide as the massive blade that had been a treasure of Kirigakure for generations before Zabuza had taken it when he left following his attempted assassination of the Mizukage.

Since the package didn't quite match the proportions of the sword that had served as Momochi Zavuza's headstone, she hadn't tried to call Naruto on it in case she was wrong. It was entirely possible that Naruto had been given a present by one of the locals who thought of him as a big hero despite the fact that Sasuke and Kakashi did most of the work and Naruto pretty much just made a fool of himself and nearly got Sasuke killed. Calling Naruto on the possible grave robbery only for the "stolen" item to turn out to be a present would be beyond mortifying at this point, especially since everyone including Sasuke and her sensei had given her funny looks when she'd pointed out that Sasuke had done more of the fighting than Naruto who couldn't even follow the plan.

Naruto watched Sakura watch the package he was dragging home on a small toy wagon that Inari had given him for said purpose waiting for the girl to say something. So far she hadn't. He had a feeling he knew why she hadn't, and it was because the wrapped package was the "wrong size".

Apparently, she had failed to notice that the handle to Zabuza's sword was capable of unscrewing for easier carrying.