Somewhere…I think the world likes to play tricks on the most innocent and smallest of all the people…weather or not you believe there is a god…or a heaven or a hell is a trivial matter. But out story takes place in a small apartment, not to far from her fathers, a young woman, at the age of 21, lives with her boyfriend from America, they attend the same school, ouran private university. The school for the elite and rich. On the outside of these confining apartments, they look like the happiest couple in the whole world…but if only, she wishes, that sweet, kind, and flirty demeanor and his acts of public affection…she just wishes his real personality wasn't so painful.

"im sorry! I didn't know you wouldn't like it! I thought it would be a nice surprise for you!" she screams

"well who the fuck told you I wanted a fucking surprise! Stupid bitch you know how much I hate them! Why you gotta fuck shit up?"

he hollers as he raised his hand and brought it down to her once white and impassive face, punching her with all of his anger balled up into it,in the heat of his passionate rampage on her small body his handsom face pulled into a sneer as he watches her cringe and shrivel up as tightly as she could while he grips the back of her head by her hair. Hell bent on beating her till she admits her fault in the matter.

"im so sorry! Jason please! I don't think I can hide it from them anym-"

Her please were cut of by a hard kick to her gut.

"who haruhi? Who tha fuck do you need to hide it from? Your god damn host friends you whore your self out too? Are they all you care about?"

He kicked her one more time, but this time around the sickley sound of bones cracking resounded of the walls of there once loving home. Jason then walked out muttering how 'the stupid whore deserved worse…'

"please…forgive me"

That night…haruhi fujioka made one of the biggest mistakes of her life…instead of, as Jason had requested, making dinner she had ordered take out.

Haruhi slowly picked herself up of the ground and made her way down to her car and drove to the nearest hospital and spit some lie about falling down her stairs and hiting her head on the railing.

After her ribis were rapped the nurse asked her if she had someone to call to drive her home and watch her (she had gotten a concussion and they were scared to let her drive or sleep)

'takashi…' "yes I do…do you have a phone I could use?"

"of course dear"

After the nurse left haruhi dialed the all too familiar number. As expected he picked up on the first ring

"yes?" his monotone voice came throught the speaker

"t-takashi?" haruhi asked skeptically, automatically expecting the be scolded

"haruhi? Whats wrong? Did he do it again?"

"c-can you come and get me? Im scared he will be angry if he knows I left with out telling him…"

"ill be there in 5 minutes" with that he hung up.

Her last thought before setting the phone down and going the the front was ' I know he said it was the last time…but how much more can I take of this?'