She gripped his hair as there kiss got more demanding and they rolled so he was over her never once seperating there lips he moved down to kiss her jaw and neck stopping to bite the nape of we neck and then sooth it by slowly sucking on it his hand in her hip slowly started to move up it was just under her bra when- BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP WAKE UP TAKASHI! WAKE UP TAKASHI!

'why the hell did I keep that damn clock?'

" I'm guessing the twins gave it to you?"


" oh come on, 'ah'? Don't tell me wer back to that."

He chuckled softly" no just a little sleepy... But not that sleepy."

" I see. Then how bout after school we come back here and... I don't know... Continue this?"

To answer her he smashed his lips to hers in his last show of passion and how much he wanted her. Teeth clashed and lips bruised but nether wanted to stop but alas... That damned clock just had to go off again, now showing not only the twins but that blonde idiot tamaki to had a part in this, as his shrill voivlce rang through its speakers.

" god can't we just brake it?"

" just wait for kyoyas, that's my favorite."

They waited and sure enough kyoyas was next, " Wake the fuck up."

" we'll that was... Nice of him."

" socialite of the year that one."

" we'll then how do you feel about breakfast and a shower?"

"shower first." She said

"mm'kay" he said as he got up and started to go towards the kitchen to make food for them

"she grabbed his arm while standing on his bed, making then the same height

"ill cook while you shower…isn't that what you ment?"

"hmm…but I might get lonely while youre all the way in the kitchen" she pouted

He smirked and steped closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, while she wrapped her legs

around his waist and her arms around his neck he kissed her slowly, and passionately and she returned

it. With that he headed off the the shower, her still hanging off of him.