A business trip

My father kissed me gently on my forehead and walked away. I smiled and waved him a goodbye. I let out a breath I'm finally on my own. Then fear struck me; how was I supposed to find his business partner? My father had left for a business trip, nothing weird about that. He's always gone off business trips. This time, he wanted me to stay with his business partner. Who was somewhere around in this building.

I pushed my dark brown hair over my right shoulder. Don't freak Dakota I told myself and shifted my weight to my left leg. I bit my lip as I tried to recall my father's words. "You will be staying with my business associate, look for him in the front of the airport he should be waiting there at 11:30" I blinked, still frustrated that he didn't trust me to stay by myself anywhere. I walked swiftly over to the front of the building, dodging crowds of people with suitcases and children. It was unusually crowded in the airport this morning, and I couldn't help but wish it wasn't the holidays.

While my friends were with their families, celebrating, I was here searching in a crowd of people for my father's business associate. Why, lucky me. I reached the front of the building and walked out. I instantly shied away from the sun's rays. This is what I hate about 'Pure Michigan' "Dakota!" I heard a voice. I was snapped out of my thoughts and looked up, searching for the person making the noise.

A much older man, far away from my father's age approached me. I instantly wanted to take my mace out and scream stranger danger. But he seemed kind and didn't look like he wanted to do anything to me except help me. "Ah, you are Dakota, aren't you?" He asked me, his voice had a slight Indian accent to it. I smiled and nodded "Are you my father's business associate?" I asked like a child. He nodded and smiled "Come, we have a long trip to go."

I slid into the passenger's seat of a black interior leather van. It was silver on the outside and caught my eye, even though it wasn't out of the ordinary. "Have you ever been to India?" He asked as he started the car. I shook my head. I'd been to many places all over the world, so many I can hardly name them. My father and I started traveling around when I was about six. It was right after mom died in a car accident with a drunk driver. In the twelve years I'd been traveling around; I'd seen many things that others wouldn't. I know five different languages including Hindi, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, and of course English.

"Dakota, did you hear what I said?" He asked, a smile coming over his lips. "Oh. I'm sorry! I was just thinking." I said, feeling my face go warm "Could you repeat that?" He nodded "I'm Mr. Kadam, as you know I am your father's business associate and you will be staying with us." I smiled and nodded then paused. Wait…Us? I looked at him "What do you mean us?" I asked, if there were going to be other people there I just pray they're not one of those 'I sell dope' people.

"Oh, no need to worry, Dakota." He said with a smile "These three are very friendly." He added. Oh no Three? "Mr. Kadam, where exactly are we going?" I said, keeping my eyes on the road. The sun was very bright today, and it made me feel hot and uncomfortable in the leather seats of the car. Especially since it was black, this only absorbed the color. Making it worse for Mr. Kadam and I.

"India." He replied simply. My mouth gaped open. India? I thought. Thank god I know Hindi. "So, the ride's going to be long." I said under my breath, he could obviously hear what I said and he laughed. "So Mr. Kadam, tell me about you." I put my elbows on my knees and my hands on my chin then blinked my eyes. "Well…" He began.

I enjoyed hearing about Mr. Kadam's life story. He thought he wasn't that interesting, but I can listen to any story and be interested in it. I guess that was one of my good quirks. When Mr. Kadam was done he yawned. It was already getting dark, and we needed to make it to the other airport before the sun came up again. Just when I thought the ride would never end, we pulled up into a large airport building. I pulled my small messenger bag over my shoulder and fixed myself up.

When we walked inside, Mr. Kadam talked to the person behind the desk while I picked up little pamphlets of the different countries. I picked up the one of India and quickly put it in my bag. I hadn't noticed, but we were in Florida now. So that's why it took about twelve hours. I thought and laughed at myself. I was always the one to underestimate the power of the car.

First class

We boarded the plane with about a million other passengers. I groaned we're going to be crowded. But instead of going to Business class (second class) we went to First class. I blinked, Mr. Kadam was doing way too much for me and I felt bad. I'm just glad my father hadn't told him to come to my house to pack my bags, then that'd be too much. Mr. Kadam took us into First class and we sat near the front, he let me have the window seat since he guessed I would like it.

After we were settled down Mr. Kadam started up the conversation. "Dakota, you never told me about you." He said, leaning back in his chair. "Well, my life isn't all that interesting, honestly." He raised a skeptical eyebrow, he obviously didn't believe me. "Well, I know your eyes haven't always been that color, have they?" I almost forgot about my eyes. When I was younger they were just a normal dark brown until I became older and they turned hazel, to blue, then to a vibrant green. It stopped there, but every now and again it would look gray.

"Oh well, when I was younger they were brown then hazel, blue, and then finally this green." I said, letting out a breath. He smiled and nodded "I've never seen such one of kind eyes. They looked hazel in the car, but now they look emerald. Care to explain?" I shrugged "Well, it's always been like that. I think it's the different lighting." I replied simply.

A flight attendant's voice was heard over the intercom; "Welcome to the Delta airplane, dinner will be served shortly." I leaned back, looking out the window and at the beautiful sky. The large clouds looked like pounds of un-dyed cotton candy. I ran my fingers through hair and sighed. I was lucky I get to fly in First class, and go to India. Whoever gets to do that? Even though it was on the holidays, I was lucky that I even had the opportunity to go to India.

The First class seats were very comfortable. I'd land for this any day. Mr. Kadam had already fallen asleep after reading his book. I remembered how much I wanted to read my book right now, but I didn't have it. I sighed and closed my eyes. Before I knew it, I was asleep.