After a severe shock, Garrison finally woke up. He shuddered at the nightmare, but then sighed, for this was not the first the nightmare had appeared. He looked out the window, to find his sleeping best friend, Alexis Mae Jones. In sleep, she looked younger then going on fifteen, but then again, who didn't look younger when sleeping. Garrison smiled, and opened his window, carefully throwing a small ball at Alexis' window. Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw Garrison quietly staring at her. She opened her window, and said, "Hey, Garrison. Want to go surfing?"

Garrison's face went blank. Only two months earlier, he had been hydrophobic, which was the fear of water. Alexis was the only friend of his who had known of his fear, and she didn't make fun of him for it. After his moment to think, Garrison smiled, and replied. "I wouldn't miss it. It's a great way to start a new school year."

So, the two headed out to the beach. Alexis immediately ran to the water, but Garrison was hesitant. Alexis saw him, and she ran back out of the waves, and straight to him.

"Gar, it's okay. I'm not going to get hurt this time. You don't have to be afraid of the water, anymore, okay? Now, take my hand, and we'll go together." She said, taking his hand. Garrison's face went a bit pink, for he was embarrassed that a girl was braver then him. But, the feeling subsided, as Alexis led him into the water. And they had a blast. Garrison had never felt happier.

No wait, he had felt happier. He had been happier when Madeleine Masterson, Maddie to him, had kissed him two months ago, at School Of Fear. The smile faded from his face, as he thought of Maddie. He really missed her, and he probably would never see her again.

"Garrison, what's up?" Alexis asked him. "Nothing, let's go get ready for school." Garrison said, heading toward shore. Alexis rolled her eyes, and followed him to shore. After a quick shower, and a change of clothes, the duo departed for school. They always had walked together, ever since they had met. The day Alexis had her accident

It had been nine years ago. Garrison was a total beach bum. He spent whole days there, until he saw Alexis, whom he hadn't known then, get attacked by a shark. Although there was nothing lost, just a lot of blood, it had scared Garrison. He wouldn't go near the water. Alexis never forgave herself for that. She always felt like it was her fault that he became water-phobic.

When they got to school, Garrison saw something that he would of never thought he would see. There was a girl, with raven hair, talking to Ashley Minnelli. Garrison knew that girl well. He was staring at Madeleine Masterson.