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The week flew by so fast and before I know it, it's Friday. Sadly though dad and papa insists that I go to school just for today. Also they tell me to phone immediately if I don't feel well. I let out a sigh as I exit out of Alfred's car and look at my prison again. Some people have stop and look at me. I squirm a bit but Alfred wraps his arm around my shoulder giving me an encouraging smile. I smile a small smile and we head into the huge school.

I sit in math class while the teacher drones on and on about quadratic formulas. I have a high grade average in school but that doesn't mean that I should love math. Too many numbers and formulas and if you're not careful when doing it one simple mistake can mess up the answer. Anyway enough about my hatred for mathematics, as I continue to listen to Mrs. Knight teach the us about the formulas (me being a try hard and already got the work done two weeks ago) I feel something hit the back of my head.

I look down on the ground to see a paper ball. I lean down, pick it up and read the scribbling on it.

"Hey homo it's been boring without you. Me, you at lunch time at the parking lot. If you're late I'll freaking mess you up, if you run away you're doomed."

I stare at the note for a couple more seconds and I feel my stomach drop. How lovely I'm in my third class and I'm already falling back into routine. I quietly groan and look at the clock. Ten minutes until lunch time. I let my head fall onto the desk with a quiet thud. I really didn't want to come school, why was dad and papa so intent on sending me to school today. I drown myself in my thoughts not hearing Mrs. Knight calling my name. I look up to see the room empty except for her.

"Matthew are you alright? The bell rang a couple of seconds ago. Do you want to call your parents to see if one of them would pick you up?" She asks me. Mrs. Knight is a sweet old teacher whose always concern about her students. One of the reason why I can stand school. Her offer sounds really tempting but I have to make it through the day for dad and papa.

"No Mrs. Knight thank you for your concern. I'm just still kinda sick that's all," I reassure her. Well more than kinda sick but I'm not going to tell her that. She gives a small smile.

"Alright honey but if something is bothering you please tell me. I would hate to know that you're troubled and I can help but you won't tell me," she says. I smile to her and gather my things. Why does she teach math she's way better at English and she'll be perfect for that class. Well at least treated with more respect in that class than math class. I say my goodbye and walk out of the classroom. I walk to my locker and put away my subjects. The note falls out and I reread it. Well I better go before it gets way too late. I don't want to deal with an even more pissed bully.

I walk down the hallway and don't even notice Alfred calling me. I walk out through the east doors and walk towards the parking lot. I stop by Mark's car to see him smiling with an evil glint in his eyes. I bite my lip to hold back a shriek and watch as he comes closer to me. Then out of the blue Justin appears beside him. I feel my throat go dry and I shake. Oh god what's happening? I look back and forth between the two while they stare at me with a wild craze in their eyes.

"U-uh w-what's going o-on eh?" I ask nervously. I begin to shake as I they come closer and closer to me. Justin leans in and breathes downs my neck.

"Oh Matthew you had us really worried," he says quietly. He then punches me hard in the stomach. I gasp for air as my stomach turns in a nauseous way and a painful way. That too. Crap just when I can start to hold down my food they do this to my stomach. I look up from the ground to see Mark slap me hard across the face.

"Oh homo do you know sickening it was to pretend to be concern about you?" He asks me roughly. I let out a whimper and fall to the ground. I don't have much energy to do anything.

"Seven years of bullying you and I almost lost my punching bag because he tried to kill himself. Tsk, tsk you selfish pathetic faggot.," he says menacing.

"Well sadly I wish he killed himself. I abuse his ass for two years straight and he dumps me for his brother. Pfft how sad," Justin tells Mark. They both laugh cruelly at me and I feel my eyes begin to sting. Why? What did I honestly do to you two?

"Hmm maybe he should die he's a sad excuse and waste of a man. Everyone he meets either mistaken him for his brother or a chick," Mark says. Both men laugh at me and a tear falls from my eyes. Why? Just why!

"Hmm well you two are a pathetic excuse as humans and a waste of air because you bully and beat up someone who did nothing you," a familiar voice says. All three of us turn to see Alfred look at Justin and Mark. I see pure fury in his eyes. He marches up to the two, his usually happy-go-lucky eyes are replace with murderous ones.

"I don't like you two. I never like you two. I don't know which one I should beat the shit out of. But you know what I really, really hate you," he says. Out of no where Alfred punches Justin hard in the face and before anyone can react he punches Mark as well. Blood starts to run down Mark's nose and Justin's lip. He walks over and picks me up bridle style.

"This isn't over. I will hunt you two down and make you regret for even looking in Matthew's direction. I'm just taking Mattie and when I find you two let's just say that you two will be in the hospital instead of Mattie. Come on Mattie dad and papa told me this morning to make sure that you eat something," with that Alfred let's out a feral growl at two and turns around. We head back into the building and when we reach the doors Alfred puts me down. His murder filled eyes now replace with concern. He softly touches my cheek.

"Are you okay? I was calling you in the hallway but you came out here to these jerks. You know you don't have to do that anymore. Remember I'm the hero, I have to protect you. It's my duty," he says to me. He leans his forehead against mine, our noses touching lightly. I stare into beautiful ocean blue eyes. I don't realize the tears falling down my eyes. He smiles gently and wipes away my tears.

"Of Mattie you don't have to cry," he says. I turn my head.

"I'm not crying chick tears, I'm crying freaking tears of manliness. So you can leave me and my manly self to sweat through my eyes," I sniff loudly. It's quiet for the moment until laughter fills my ears. Which then turns into choked snorts. Thanks Alfred you really know how to cheer someone up. I look back at Alfred to see him choking on his laughter. A smile grows on mine.

"Oh god Mattie yes, you are crying freaking manly tears. When you're done let us go frolic in flowers in our manry shorts, flowy tops and flower crowns. While we're at it let us run dramatically to the sunset, and then we jump up in the air while we then magically freeze in the air and the screen fades black, you know only manly like" he says and laughs louder. I punch him in his arm but I laugh non the less. Oh god we sound like dad when he thinks he's all by himself in the house. Absolutely insane.

"God we are just as insane as dad," I tell him. He smiles and nods feverishly. After our little out burst we go into the cafeteria. We enter the line for food but sadly that punch has left me feeling nauseous.

"Alfie I'm not hungry," I declare to him. He looks at me with surprise and I look back at him.

"But Mattie~ Dad and Frenchie pops ordered, no I take that back threatened that I make sure you eat something," he whines back to me. I sigh and look at the food again.

"Alright what if I share my lunch with you then," he suggests to me. I think it over and nod my head.

"Alright but if you put anything even remotely close to a burger I will smack. I don't think my stomach will be able to handle that right now," I order him. He puts his hands up in a surrender position.

"Okay, okay no burgers," he says in defeat.

"Honestly how do you manage to eat that everyday and not get sick. Any normal person would never want to see a hamburger again if they eat 1/4 of how much you eat," I scold him lightly.

"I don't know. I just love them no matter how much I eat them," he answers.

After we get our shared lunch which consists of fruit salad, salad, two ginger ale, and a chicken caesar wrap we look for a table. Everything I just said was chosen by Alfred...yes you heard me. Alfred F. Kirkland-Bonnefoy has chosen this healthy lunch. If dad and papa were here their eyes will burn. If I tell them right now they would probably laugh their asses off and tell me to stop joking. Anyway...on with life, I'm sorry for that moment but...that's so healthy and I said salad...twice...twice I say! Anyway moving on...

We search the lunch room for a spot to sit but we don't search for long to see Feliciano and Antonio waving their hands like crazy our way. We smile and walk towards our cousins and friends.

"Hey guys we were wondering when you'll be coming," Antonio says with excitement. I hum my yes while Alfred chuckles.

"Matthew where on earth is your lunch? I don't think you shouldn't be not eating nothing," Feliciano says. Everyone except Alfred nod their head in approval.

"Oh don't worry Mattie is sharing lunch with me the hero!" Alfred informs them. The four look at Alfred, then amongst themselves, then me, then Alfred. Lovino's eyebrow shoots up.

"Really now," he says. He looks at me and I nod. I reach for an apple slice and slowly eat it.

"How's your morning going Matthew?" Ludwig asks me. He looks at me with concern. I blush and look away.

"Oh you know very boring and uneventful," I answer quickly. Alfred snorts.

"Uneventful. Mattie your freaking motherfucking douche of an ex-boyfriend and son of a bitch bully ganged up at you at the beginning of lunch. Which reminds their dead meat as soon as I get them alone," he says darkly.

"What!" The table exclaims.

"You guys shouldn't worry about it, I'm fine really," I reassure them.

"Mattie you were slapped and punched in the stomach! Who knows what else would have happen if I didn't come!" Alfred exclaims.

"Shut up Alfred," I say quietly. He huffs and munches on a carrot from the salad.

"Oh Mattie. We can get rid of them if you want us too," Feliciano says way too innocently. I look between him and Lovino. Hmm sounds tempting and they'll probably cover the tracks really good. Wait! Back it up!

"I'll think about it," I say while I reach for a strawberry now. Mmm how I love strawberries. Not as much as maple syrup but pretty close.

"Anyway enough about me how about you guys?" I ask. Instantly Feli's face brightens up and he dives in about his morning.

After everyone talks about their morning, Feliciano's face grows sad and nervous.

"Feli is everything okay?" I ask him. He looks up at me tears threatening to fall down his face.

"Oh Matthew later please accept our apology. We're only doing it for the best. Please don't be angry at us," he begs. I look at him with confusion.

"What are you talking about Feli why will I be upset with you guys?" I ask him. Everyone at the table grows unusually quiet and I look around. What the hell?

When the end of lunch finally reaches, I shudder. It's the afternoon which means that I have history class last period. Also it's Friday, so that means I have tutoring. I feel my lunch turn in my stomach even though I didn't eat a lot of it. To everyone's dismay. I say my goodbyes and Alfred walks me to my locker.

"Well I guess I'll see you in...history class," he spat out the class with venom. I nod nervously. Well atleast I won't be in history class all by myself. I'll have Alfred there with me. We walk to Alfred's locker which is down the hall from mine. After that we walk to the basement where my art class is. We stop just before the door and Alfred touches my cheek that was slapped.

"If you get a note like that don't go okay. Show it to me and I'll deal with it," he says. He searches my eyes and I nod. I try to fight a blush because I'm now realizing how close we are.

"Alright I will," I tell him. He smiles a small one and he hesitantly leans down and kiss my bruised cheek. My heart stops and my eyes widen. He scratches at the back of his head after he pulls away.

"Alright I guess I'll go to my gym class then. Bye Mattie," he says while avoiding my eyes.

"Bye Alfie,"I whisper. He nods and I watch him jog up the stairs to the gym. I stay in my position for a couple seconds and touch my cheek. I wince a bit but I keep my hand there. Alfred kiss me. He, he kiss me. A stupid smile grows on my face. He kiss me!

"Well someone looks ridiculously happy," a voice says. I quickly turn to see Lovino and Feliciano. Oh god how much did they see? The two smile and drag me into our art class.

XXX Time Skip oh yea! (I'm sorry, please don't kill me...)

I nervously sit at my desk and look at the clock for what seems the millionth time this class. Mr. Smithers talks about the American Revolution and of course Alfred corrects Mr. Smithers every time he says something wrong. Alfred why do you test his patience? I shift in my seat once more catching Alfred's attention again. He gives me a smile but something about throws me off. He looks awfully nervous, if anything I should be the one nervous. I watch him as he scribbles something down and he slides it to me.

"Hey Mattie I have to go to the gym before class ends. Do you think you can handle being alone for awhile? I promise as soon as I'm done I'll come immediately for you."

I look at the note for a couple of seconds then at Alfred. My heart squeezes a bit.

"Sure I think I can survive but try not to stay too long or get distracted. Please for my mental and physical well being."

I slide the note back over to him and he reads it.

"Alright sorry, Lovino and Feliciano would have been with you but they left class. When I talked to them they said something about an appointment. But Mattie I'm terrible sorry for what I'm going to do to you. Please forgive me and the others."

He slides it back to me and I read. I bite my lip and look to the spot where the Italian brothers would usually be. Nope their not there. I sigh under my breath.

"That's okay, and what the heck are you talking about? Why on earth do you need to apologize for?"

I slide it to him and hear him slip the note somewhere in his binder. I look to him with curiosity but I'm greeted with nervousness, fear, and regret swimming in Alfred eyes. He looks into my eyes and I see his eyes water. He mouths I'm sorry and I stare at him. What the hell are you talking about Alfred and why are you apologizing? I look back up to look at the board. My eyes wonder a bit until it stops at Mr. Smithers he gives me a knowing smile and my lunch leaps up. Oh great he didn't forget that it's Friday. How wonderful.

Ten minutes before the bell the P.A. system calls Alfred down and I watch as he leaves. He gives me one more encouraging/regretful smile and then disappears behind the door. I feel familiar eyes on me and I look to see Mr. Smithers giving me a huge smile. I feel myself grow pale and I slide down in my chair. Maybe I won't be able to survive. I watch the clock as minutes turns into seconds until finally the home bell rings. I quickly pack my stuff and get up.

"Mr. Kirkland-Bonnefoy we have tutoring I hope you didn't forget," Mr. Smithers remind me. I feel all the blood drain from my body and I sit back down on the chair. I listen to everyone trying to get the hell out of the school because you know it's Friday who the hell wants to stay back? Oh Alfred where the hell are you? When the last of the stragglers leave the whole school grows to quiet for my liking.

"Well you miss two tutoring sessions Matthew," he begins. I feel myself shake and my breath grows unsteady.

"I-I'm sorry e-eh," I tell him. Praying that he isn't in the mood to do anything. He seats himself on his desk and he curls his finger in a come to me motion. I whimper silently and slowly walk to him. Alfred please I'm begging you please come right now, but sadly the door only stays slightly a jar. When I finally reach Mr. Smithers he reaches and tilts my face. I gulp while he examines my cheek.

"Who did this to you?" He asks me with authority, and most disgustingly possessiveness in his voice. I tremble.

" Eh M-Mark Stewart did s-sir," I answer. He grumbles something under his breath which sounds a lot 'I'm going to smack that boy'. He then turns my face back toward his. He smiles a small smile at me.

"Can you believe that it is exactly seven years ago today that I had sex with you," he says in triumph.

"Exactly seven years ago you raped me and made me loose my innocence and childhood," I correct him.

"Oh Matthew my little boy you. You make it sound so horrendous. It wasn't my fault that I couldn't control myself anymore around you," he purrs, "Oh how I miss you soft, delicate, scared body withering underneath me. You've made me pretty lonely, I nearly screwed the poor boy from Finland. Sadly his Swedish boyfriend kept giving me death glares every time I look at the boy," he says chuckling at the end. Are you serious? You nearly ruined another person's life because I miss two damn sessions?

"But I don't think it would have felt the same as you. I love when your hoarse voice screams for help. I love how you beg me to stop. How you would bite you lip to keep yourself from screaming. I love how you're too scared to hit me because you know I will beat you," he rubs his hand slowly down my body. I try to back away from his touch but he has a strong grip on me. Alfred!

"I wanted to be nice on you because of today but since you were missing those other two Fridays I take back my kindness," he says rather darkly. His eyes grow dark and it glistens with lust. Oh god. No please I beg of you!

He slides off his desk and he traps me in between him and the desk. I feel tears prickle my eyes and I try not to cry. He takes my two hands and grips them painfully. I start squirm a lot and tears start to roll down from my eyes.

"Yes Matthew cry for me. Beg me to stop!" He says in a craze voice. I begin to sob. Alfred! ALFRED! Mr. Smithers unbuttons my uniform shirt and harshly pinches my nipples with his free hand. I cry out in pain and try to escape him.

"Please! Please stop. I beg of you please!" I cry out. He laughs and ignores my pleading.

"I'm tired of foreplay," he says. He unbuckles my belt and pulls down pants. I find my voice and start to scream.

"Please! No, please!" I scream out loud. He spins me around harshly and lean my stomach on to his desk.

"Let's do it like the first time we did it," he growls in my ear. I shake my head like mad. No, no! Alfred where are you? Please save me! I hear Mr. Smithers pull down his pants and my tears come out in fast steady streams. No please no!

"Alfred! Papa! Daddy! Anyone! Feliciano! Lovino! Ludwig! Antonio! Please anyone! Please help me!" I scream at the top of my lungs. Anyone! Anyone. I scream louder my voice already hurting from screaming. I feel dizzy and sick but I don't care about that. Then he sticks his penis in me dry. My heart stops for five seconds as excruciating pain shoots up my ass and spine. My world gets fuzzy but Mr. Smithers pounds into me without giving me a second to adjust, just like he always do. I cry out in utter pain and beg him to take it out. He just laughs at me in an insane way and pounds harder and faster into me. I dig my nails into my hands and scream out for my family! I scream out for my friends! I scream out for anybody outside hearing this! But importantly I scream out for god to kill me!

After fifteen minutes of pounding and me cumming five minutes ago Mr. Smithers finally cums into my body and I cry louder. He chuckles and pulls himself out of me. My head spins really fast and I let out a hoarse groan. I can't scream anymore I've lost my voice probably eleven minutes in. I shake vigorously while Mr. Smithers lets go of my hands. I stand up and I feel the blood and cum run down my legs. Then I hear the door open with a bang. Mr. Smithers and I look to the door to see my whole family, Antonio, Ludwig, Elizaveta, and a man I don't recognize staring at us in horror. Alfred shakes his head while tears run down his face. I watch him mouth 'I'm so sorry' to me. I give them a small smile and then everything went black.

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