Scott Pilgrim: Survivor Series for the Wedding Teams Pilgrim Members:
Commander: Scott Pilgrim- Our main character if you haven t guessed already.
2nd in Command: Stephen Stills- Scott Pilgrim s best friend and best man, probably gay.
Advanced Guard: Kim Pines: Scott Pilgrim s Ex Girlfriend, although they are still good friends.
Center Guard(First): Wallace Wells- Scott Pilgrim s ex roommate, obviously gay. Can manipulate chi energy.
Center Guard(Second): Mr. Chau- Don t know why he s helping Scott out here, in his first appearance he tried killing him.
2nd Guard(First): Aaron Stonewall: Ex employee to Ramona s 7th ex-boyfriend Gideon Graves. Fun Fact: He s a cyborg and an OC.
2nd Guard(Second): Lisa Miller- I have no idea why she s here, maybe to bury the hatchet with Ramona in a way.
2nd Guard(Third): Mysterious Partner- I don t know, he s an enigma.
Iga Members:
Commander: Scott Pilgrim Iga- A Scott Pilgrim, not The Scott Pilgrim, possessed by the Evil God of Stealth.
2nd in Command: Augustus- A rather chunky slease ball of a man. Has the ability to become super strong for offense, and super fat for defense.
Advanced Guard: Viento Diablo: A robot who has the ability to blow high speed winds at his opponents. He can also suck them into the fan blades.
Center Guard: Falcone Owelett- If you haven t guessed already, this guy s abilities all have to do with flying and birds.
2nd Guard: Cameron Shades- This guy has the ability to alter images, edit images, and basically screw up reality altogether.

Hercules Members:
Commander:Scott Pilgrim Hercules- A Scott Pilgrim, Not the Scott Pilgrim possessed by the Evil God of Force.
2nd in Command: Morris Howitzer- Oh look, some guy who has the ability to perform Rollout. Fun Fact: No one cares.
Advanced Guard: Cole Mountains- This guy is bigger and meaner than Augustus!
Center Guard: Patrick Driver- This guy has a serious case of Roid Rage.
2nd Guard: Leonard Anchord- dead.

Gilagamese Members:
Commander:Scott Pilgrim Gilagamese- A Scott Pilgrim, not the Scott Pilgrim possessed by the Evil God of Endurance.
2nd in Command: Obelisk- An ancient golem from Egypt who has the power to petrify and mummify victims in some sort of goo.
Advanced Guard: Tabo Kikai- A robot with the ability to transform into a racecar. Fun Fact: In no way related to Transformers .
Center Guard: Vic Vicer- A cyborg who has crusher clamps attached to his shoulders.
2nd Guard: Abura- A robot whose only purpose is to refuel and recharge Tabo Kikai s engine and battery. He does possess a robotic claw though.

Commander:Scott Pilgrim Minos- A Scott Pilgrim, not the Scott Pilgrim possessed by the Evil God of Brutality or is he?
2nd in Command: Jeremy Sabotuer- Fellow Cyborg unit to Aaron Stonewall, also one of Gideon s ex-employees, also an OC.
Advanced Guard: Richter Hail- Fellow Cyborg unit to Aaron Stonewall and Jeremy Sabotuer, also one of Gideon s ex-employees, and also an OC.
Center Guard: Knives Chau- 24 year old Chinese Girl. Another one of Scott s ex-girlfriends. She had gotten over her crush on him, but still couldn t stand being in the sidelines when Scott is in some sort of danger. She will help him at any cost, even if it means working with an enemy.
2nd Guard: Thomas Thunder- Fellow Cyborg unit to Aaron Stonewall, Jeremy Sabotuer, and Richter Hail. Another one of Gideon s ex-employees. And you guessed it, another OC character.

Oedipus Members:
Commander:Scott Pilgrim Oedipus- A Scott Pilgrim, not the Scott Pilgrim possessed by the Evil God of Cunning.
2nd in Command: Thanotos- A demon with the title Infernal Bounty Hunter .
Advanced Guard: Dispersion Man- A being made completely of crystal with a deadly ability.
Center Guard: Mikhail Charger- This one s the heavy hitter of the group, insanely strong, and unfortunately insanely intelligent as well.
2nd Guard: Gemini- This guy can split into 2 people at once, and he has bipolar disorder because of it.

Disclaimer: "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" and it's characters all belong to Oni Press, and Bryan Lee O'Malley. I Do not, repeat do not own the franchise or it's characters in any way shape or form. I do however own the OC characters, but that's it. All the characters originally from "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" don't belong to me at all. With that said, see you next chapter.