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Mr. Chau's Blazing Comeback!

We see Tabo Kikai in his car form on top of Mr. Chau's seemingly lifeless body. Tabo Kikai transforms back into his usual self, and proceed to jump off of Mr. Chau's body.

"Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh." Laughed Tabo Kikai over Mr. Chau. "What is there to say about you? Here lies Mr. Chau, he was fast, but not fast enough. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Mr. Chau!" Yelled Scott.

"Oh please, human, he can't hear you, he's dead. And boy am I glad that it was my hand that killed him. Nobody makes a fool out of me, Nobody!" Said Tabo Kikai.

"Gr." Growled Scott.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Laughed Scott Pilgrim Gilagamese. "It seems we're at an advantage, three of your teammates are unable to fight, and one of them is dead."

"Shut up!" Yelled Scott. "Things look grim for us now, but I refuse to lose!"

"At this point, losing would seem to be the easy way out. Face it Scott, it's over. You might as well place your head underneath the guillotine." Said Scott Pilgrim Gilagamese.


Mr. Chau is shown floating through what seems to be nothingness.

? (Translation: Where am I? Am I dead?) Asked Mr. Chau to himself. "?...?,?." (Translation: My daughter...Forgive me, I could not avenge you.)

"Don't give up. You still have the will to live." Said a girl's voice.

"?"(Translation: That voice. Where did it come from? And how am I able to understand it?) Asked Mr. Chau.

Suddenly, a silouette of a girl shows up in the distance. She is shown to be wearing a scarf.

"?!" (Translation: You!)

"You can still fight. All you have to do is gain the will to live. You gave yourself a task, it is your responsibility to carry it out." Said the silouette girl calmly.

"?...?." (Translation: My daughter...My beautiful daughter.) Said Mr. Chau, tears rolling down his face.

"I love you too Dad." Said the silouette girl, now revealing herself to be Knives. Knives then disappears, seemingly by fading out of existance.

"Gasp" "?!" (Translation: Wait!) Yelled Mr. Chau before he is apparently thrown up into the air by some invisible force. "GAH!"

Back in the world of the living.

"I guess there's nothing left for me to do with this other than to burn it. Get Abura's oil supply and electric wire over here please." Said Tabo Kikai.

Mr. Chau's eyes open, and he get's back up.

"Mr. Chau!" Yelled Scott.

"What the Hell!" Yelled Scott Pilgrim Gilagamese.

"Huh?" Said Tabo Kikai, turning his head towards Mr. Chau, recieving a punch to the face. "Grah!" Yelled Tabo Kikai.

Mr. Chau proceeds to ram Tabo Kikai into the steel cage. He begins punching the ever so living shit out of Tabo Kikai. He then grabs Tabo Kikai in a bear hug, and throws him to the other side of the ring.

"GRAH!" Yelled Tabo Kikai in pain. "How, how are you still alive! My scanners confirmed you dead! Dead I tell you!" Tabo Kikai ranted.

"My scanners confirmed him dead to." Said Aaron. "And he didn't seem to have any extra lives on him either, so how is he still alive?" Said Aaron.

?,?,?,?,?! (Translation: Tabo Kikai, I have told you once, and now I will tell you again, I will not stop until my daughter is avenged!)

"Gr! You ingrate!" Yelled Tabo Kikai. "You should of stayed dead!"

Tabo Kikai once again turns into his car form, and begins to drive towards Mr. Chau.

"Oh no, not this again, this is what caused Mr. Chau to die the first time." Said Stephen.

"I wouldn't count this guy out just yet, he seems to be planning something." Said Aaron.

"Well whatever he's planning better work, other wise he'll end up dead again!" Yelled Stephen.

"I'll squash you like the insect you are!" Said Tabo Kikai.

Mr. Chau stands still, like he's waiting to be run over.

"Mr. Chau, what are you doing!? Move out of the way!" Yelled Scott.

Mr. Chau reaches into his pocket and grabs a couple of ninja stars and proceeds to throw them at the tires, which proceed to pop like balloons.

"What the? Shit!" Yelled Tabo Kikai. Tabo Kikai reels left to right and begins spinning uncontrollably, he then crashes into the steel cage after Mr. Chau jumps over him.


We look to see Tabo Kikai's car form to be in complete wreck. He transforms back into his normal form, part of his visor cracked with a robotic eye showing,
we see large scratches in numerous other parts of his body.

"GRRRRAAAAHHH! LOOK WHAT YOU DID NOW!" Yelled Tabo Kikai, his voice slightly more robotic.

"Man, what a mess." Said Scott. "All of that caused by a simple crash too."

"?,?,?" (Translation: If I were you, I'd consider giving up right about now. Continue fighting and you will surely die.)

"I...I...I promise you this isn't over!" Said Tabo Kikai menacingly. Suddenly his hands begin glowing red, and he aims his hand towards Mr. Chau.

"What is he doing now?" Asked Stephen.

"BURN! BLAZING SUN BOMBER!" Said Tabo Kikai. A red fireball forms in his hand and he launches it, Mr. Chau jumps out of the way, and the heat begins to melt the cage.

"Jesus Christ, I didn't know the heat was that hot!" Said Aaron.

"How hot is it?" Asked Scott.

"Tsk. Man, if it's hot enough to melt metal, then I'd imagine it be PRETTY FREAKING HOT!" Yelled Aaron.

Mr. Chau is shown dodging fireball after fireball after fireball.

"Hold still, the pain only lasts for a few seconds before your skin completely melts off!" Said Tabo Kikai, anger ever so apparent in his voice.

?,? (Translation: Just a few more joints on this thing, and then I will proceed to finish him off.) Thought Mr. Chau to himself.

Like his thoughts said, Tabo Kikai launches a few more fireballs at Mr. Chau, who proceeds to dodge them easily.

?! (Translation: Now!) Thought Mr. Chau. As he proceeds to dodge more fireballs, Mr. Chau begins to elbow the cage, causing it to rattle.

"What is he doing?" Asked Scott.

Mr. Chau proceeds to elbow the steel cage, and eventually the cage begins to move.

"What the hell? The steel cage is moving!" Said Scott Pilgrim Gilagamese.

"Huh? He's right!" Said Scott. The steel cage begins to spin slowly as Mr. Chau continues to elbow the steel cage.

"Whatever you're doing won't work, now hold still!" Said Tabo Kikai, launching yet another fireball.

Mr. Chau continues to elbow the steel cage, which now begins to spin faster.

"Tabo Kikai, you fool, stop what you're doing this instant!" Said Scott Pilgrim Gilagamese.

Mr. Chau proceeds to elbow the steel cage, which is now spinning rapidly.

?:?!" (Translation: Ninja Technique: Rising Cyclone!) Yelled Mr. Chau. Suddenly a tornado ascends from beneath Tabo Kikai, who is then caught by surprise.

"Wha...What the!?" Asked Tabo Kikai who is then blown up in to the air. Tabo Kikai crashes on the roof of the cage, and breaks through it, leaving a hole to jump through.

Mr. Chau proceeds to jump out of the hole and grabs Tabo Kikai, and flips him upside down. Mr. Chau wraps his legs around Tabo Kikai's arms, and pull the robot's leg's back.

"What the!? What are you doing?" Asked Tabo Kikai, whose head then get's smashed on the steel cage.

"?!" (Translation: Descending Comet!) Yelled Mr. Chau.

"GUHA!" Screamed Tabo Kikai.

Mr. Chau let's go of the hold. And Tabo Kikai is still, his helmet falls off, revealing a robotic endoskull.

"The winner of the match, Mr. Chau!" Said the random announcer, people begin to cheer.

"Yeah, all right Mr. Chau!" Said Scott.

"Amazing, he managed to cheat death, and to turn the whole fight around." Said Stephen.

"Talk about death defying." Said Wallace.

"OK OK, I'll admit, it's pretty impressive that he managed to take down such an advanced and powerful model." Said Aaron.

"?,?,?,?" (Translation:I am now one step closer to avenging my daughter. Don't worry my child, I will not rest until your killers have breathed their last.)

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You fools, do you honestly think you've won." Said Tabo Kikai, his voice now sounding completely robotic.

"Huh?" Said Scott.

"Cough cough cough cough" "You fools, this is where things get more interesting. My only regret is that I won't be around to see it." Said Tabo Kikai.

"What are you talking about!?" Said Scott. "Tell us!"

"Soon, very soon, BC Place and McMahon stadium will become one. And they shall do so by meeting each other in the heavens." Said Tabo Kikai, now falling through the hole. The steel cage rusts and disappears after that.

"Meet each other in the heavens? What do you mean?" Asked Scott.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You will find out soon enough. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! GUHA!" Said Tabo Kikai coughing up red oil. Tabo Kikai's body begins to rust, and soon discintegrates into nothingness. Tabo's body is then replaced with $604.19 in coins.

"Tabo Kikai!" Yelled Scott. "Damn it, what did he mean, what was he talking about?"

"BC Place and McMahon Stadium becoming one, and meeting each other in the sky? What does that mean?" Asked Wallace.

Suddenly the entire arena begins to shake, people begin to scream.

"What is going on!?" Asked Scott.

Meanwhile at McMahon Stadium, the same situation is taking place.

"What the? What is this?" Asked Scott Pilgrim Minos.

On the outside of the stadium, it is shown being lifted up from the ground, large mounds of dirt and a small layer of concrete holding the large stadium in place.

"What's happening, is it an earthquake?" Asked Richter.

"I have no idea, but it feels like we're being pulled to some random direction." Said Jeremy.

"Which one?" Asked Scott Pilgrim Minos.

"I don't know, my scanners are acting up!" Said Jeremy.

Back at BC Place

"What's happening?" Asked Scott.

"I don't know, whatever's happening, we definately ain't on the ground anymore." Said Aaron.

"Wait a minute, BC Place, and McMahon stadium becoming one, and meeting each other in the heavens. That's what's happening now!" Said Stephen.

"Oh really, so when are we supposed to meet up with Mc..." Said Scott. Before he can finish his sentence, a loud crashing noise is heard and all the contestants are thrown up into the air and crash into the ground.

"Does that answer your question?" Asked Aaron.

Scott get's back up, and looks around, he notices a second arena, and more people on the other side.

"Well well well, would you look at that, all 4 remaining factions are under the same roof." Said Scott Pilgrim Oedipus.

Mr. Chau get's up, and rushes toward Scott Pilgrim Oedipus. "?!" (Translation: Die murderer!)

Scott Pilgrim Oedipus notices him, opens his mouth and shoots out a silk like substance which wraps itself around Mr. Chau.

"?" (Translation: What the!?) Said Mr. Chau before he get's kicked back to the arena he was just in.

"Save it for the finals old man. If you even live that long." Said Scott Pilgrim Oedipus.

"So, we have Scott Pilgrim, Scott Pilgrim Oedipus, Scott Pilgrim Minos, and myself under the same roof. How can we be so sure we won't turn on each other."
Said Scott Pilgrim Gilagamese.

"Warriors honor, I will not proceed to attack either of you during our consecutive fights." Said Scott Pilgrim Minos.

"I'm going to finish what my team started before trying anything." Said Scott Pilgrim Oedipus.

"I don't like this." Said Scott.

"Don't worry, if they try anything funny, we'll stop them." Said Aaron.

"How? You're all injured!" Said Scott.

"You just worry about your own hides." Said Aaron.

"Enough. Scott Pilgrim, you and I are going to finish this here and now. Scott Pilgrim Oedipus, Minos, keep true to your word." Said Scott Pilgrim Gilagamese.

"Don't worry, we will." Said Scott Pilgrim Oedipus.

"Hmph." Said Scott Pilgrim Gilagamese. "Obelisk. You're up."

"Of course my liege." Said the large purple golem. He enters the ring.

"Stephen, you're up." Said Scott.

"Wish me luck." Said Stephen.

Scott gives him the thumbs up, and Stephen jumps in the ring.

"Do you honestly think you can defeat me? My prowess in strength and magic will be your downfall, human." Said Obelisk.

"Bring it on!" Yelled Stephen.

To be continued.

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