Lost in your Expectations

They had expected Santana to attack Rachel after that insult. No one expected her to just stand up and walk out of the choir room. Even more so, no one expected she would never walk back in.

Rating: M

(Violence, Language, Sexual content)

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Chapter one: What did you expect?

"Maybe you're right, maybe I am destined to play the title role in Broadway musical version of Willow, but the only job you're going to have is working on a pole!"

The words echoed as no one breathed. Rachel had never dared lash out at Santana like this. Everyone waited for the fiery Latina to turn in her seat and rip Rachel limb from limb. But nothing was said and seconds slowly ticked by. Those closest to the pair flinched when Santana finally stood from her seat. They were prepared to jump in the way and hold Santana back, like they've had to before but they didn't have to this time. Santana just grabbed her bag and walked out of the room.

"Holy crap,she just left?" Puck is the first one to break the silence. No one expected that to happen. Rachel was actually visibly shaken. Possibly fearing the attack that would be waiting inthe hallway. "She's going to get everyone to slushy you, just so you know,"Puck adds since no one else wants to talk or they just can't find the words

"Oh please,Satan had that coming. All she ever does is lash out at us. About time someone was brave enough to give it back. I, for one, applaud you, Rachel, for having the guts to do it," Artie spoke, giving a firm nod in Rachel's direction. Brittany pulled her hand out of his and stood. Everyone's gaze snapped to her.

"You guys are unbelievable. Did you guys ever once think that maybe her vicious, vicious words are just her way of feeling safe? That she has to cause others pain just so she's not swallowed up by her own? Or that maybe she's just as damaged as we all are? After all, we're one, happy misfit family," Brittany's words caused even more silence. Rachel shifted in her seat again, Quinn was suddenly very interested in her shoes and Finn just rolled his eyes.

"No offense honey, but that is stupid. Santana just likes to make everyone feel like nothing and she enjoys it. I doubt she's capable of real human emotion," Artie spoke, clearly not touched by Brittany's wise words. After all, she was the dumb blonde who just said things. If Santana had still been in the room she would have paralyzed the rest of Artie's body. But she wasn't in the room. Nor was she coming back.

Brittany snapped.

For one, Artie called her stupid and that was never okay with her. Normally Santana would be there to instill that person with a new respect for the word, but she wasn't here. Secondly, how dare he! Santana was more than capable of feeling human emotion. Brittany knew that better than anyone. She just wasn't comfortable showing it. Brittany had found her more times with tear streaks than she could count but she remembered every single time. When Santana's cousin, who was like a brother to her, died, or when they found out Quinn's family kicked her out when she was pregnant, or after they laid in each others' arms and she couldn't bring herself to say what Brittany was waiting for her to have the courage to say. Santana was more emotional than all of them and she was too good at hiding behind her aggressive words and stone-cold glare.

All of this built up in Brittany's chest and then snapped. Her hand stung but no more than Artie's now flaming cheek. "How dare you! I'm not stupid and you're wrong about Santana. You are all wrong." And then Brittany was gone, running out of the glee room and into the hallway calling out Santana's name. She wasn't in the hall. Brittany ran towards the parking lot but her black jeep was gone. Santana was gone. Santana was her ride home so now Brittany was forced with riding the bus home. She pulled her phone from her pocket and quickly typed out a text to Santana, Call me.

Santana never called, nor did she answer the door when Brittany went over after school. Her jeep was in the driveway but no lights were on. Brittany even went as far as to climb up the tree outside her room but she wasn't there. Brittany sighed and went home. Santana just needed time, to heal and shake off those damaging words Rachel had screamed at her. When Brittany got home she sat on her bed, knees tucked tight to her chest, phone gripped in her fist. San would call her, or text her when she was ready and Brittany would be there for her. She would always be there for her.

The next day at school Brittany eagerly looked for the girl that had claimed her heart butshe was nowhere to be found. Perhaps she was just avoiding all the glee kids,which unfortunately also included her. Glee practice finally came around that day but Santana never showed.

"Maybe Satan finally decided to go back to the pit of hell she crawled out of and quit Glee," It was Lauren who uttered the insult and it left Brittany gripping her thighs in anger. How dare she! How dare they all! She turned in her seat but Quinn stopped her, placing a calming hand on her shoulder.

"Santana will come back when she's sure she won't murder us all but simply breathing the same air as her. I doubt she would quit. This is the best part of her day,"Quinn was always good with words. So much better than Brittany and so much more peaceful than Santana. Brittany knew the truth of Quinn's statement. Santana loved singing and she wouldn't quit the club just because of this. She wouldn't quit, right?

For once,Brittany was wrong about Santana. Everyone always joked that she could teach a class on San 101 because she knew everything about her. She could calm her with a touch, and have her protection with just a look. In the dark, away from judging eyes, she would excite her with just a touch or whisper. She knew everything about Santana or at least she had thought so.

Santana never came back. It was a week before her parents had even noticed and got in touch with the school and that was only because they had just returned home for one of their very short visits and noticed the rotten food, piled up mail, and stale air of the abandoned house. Everyone just figured that she was tired of the school scene and dropped out, thus also quitting glee club. Brittany was the only one to know how wrong that was. San would never just disappear, never just leave her. Not without a call or text but Brittany had heard nothing. Her phone was full of unanswered calls and texts messages. Quinn's almost matched that number.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into a month. Brittany had taken a turn for a worse just like her fears. Either Santana left town, like she always threatened to do but not without her, or she had done something bad, something destructive like she was prone to do once her fit of tears passed when she was drunk. Brittany stopped expressing herself in creative clothes only wearing jeans and hoodies,her hair framing her face lifelessly. Nothing ever reached her ocean eyes anymore, now just a pale blue. Quinn never left her side, reassuring her that Santana was coming back, she just needed time to get over her anger and hurt. Reminding her that Santana would always find her way back to her. Her and Artie were officially over, which would cheer San up if she ever came back to hear the news. Not that she hadn't texted the news to her in hopes it would draw her out of hiding.

It was exactly 46 days when the police officers entered the classroom where the glee club got together to practice. Mr. Shue called everyone's attention with a grim expression. Brittany immediately gripped Quinn's hand, getting an equally firm grip in return.

"These officers would like to ask you all some questions in private. Your parents have been contacted and are on their way here and Ms. Pillsbury will also be present during and after they ask you questions," Mr. Shue informed them.

"Whatever it is, I didn't do it," Puck raised his hands.

"It wasn't you this time Puck," Mr. Shue shakes his head, running a hand through his wavy hair. Everyone notices and Couch Sue is now standing in the doorway. She looks equally upset, with her arms folded over her chest.

"Then what is this about?" Kurt asks, daring to know the details everyone else doesn't seem to want to ask.

"We're here for information on one, Santana Lopez," One of the officers spoke.

"Why ask us? None of us were really friends with her," Artie spoke. Quinn winced as Brittany nearly crushed her hand in a death grip. Quinn didn't know if it was from the officers being her about Santana or what Artie dared to say. Perhaps both.

"We still have questions for you, weather you were friends with her or not," The officer answered.

"Santana's a runaway. Why do we have to deal with this crap?" Finn asked. Artie raised his hand like he always does when shouting out 'Praise' or 'Preach'. Quinn immediately shot them both death glares.

"We are investigating her murder," The officer said. For once the choir room was silent until a strangled cry escaped from Brittany's lips.