She was going 'stir crazy'. It was just fact. It didn't matter that Blaine was training with her every day or she would go running in the woods with Britt; she was growing tired of this increasingly smaller cabin every day.

It wasn't like it was a small cabin. After all this was Coach Sue's cabin of solitude. It was a spacious five bedroom cabin with it's own library, personal gym, and spacious amount of land at the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. However, between all of them, it was getting rather small. At least it was secure; the entire plot of land was surrounded by a ten foot fence that was electrified and covered in security camera's. Not to mention Coach had a handful of ex-military on a constant patrol of her property while they were all hiding out there until Steve and his league was taken into custody. It wasn't surprising at all to find that the security fence wasn't a new addition for them. Coach Sue did like her privacy and Santana fully believed she had some enemies she wanted to hide from as well.

As for Steve, their was no end in sight to this nightmare. Something or someone had tipped him off and he'd immediately gone into hiding. Over the past six months the FBI had managed to arrest and successfully gather evidence against the mayor's son, Chief of Police, and almost all of Steve's hit men. She would sleep better knowing they finally caught Steve and put him away for life but they were having no luck in tracking him down. Until Steve was caught, they were remaining in this cabin. At least they were all getting along now...

There was a knock at the door and it set her on edge. Coach Sue was here but did Quinn invite anyone else? Seeing the confused look on Quinn's face was answer enough. She reached for her knife again though she doubted a butter knife would do much damage but she wouldn't leave them defenseless.

"You seem a little shaken sandbags?" Coach Sue commented while sitting up straight and letting concern show on her face.

"I don't know who that could be," Quinn commented.

"You should all go hide. I'll answer the door," She made a motion to stand. If Steve was here perhaps he wouldn't search the place if she answered the door from the start. He'd kill her and go on his way.

"Nonsense. I'll answer the door. Everyone wait here," Coach Sue said standing from the table and leaving the kitchen. For a moment it was a relief letting an adult handle the situation but if it was Steve she just got her killed. She stood from the table motioning for Quinn and Brittany to stay behind. They really just needed to relocate somewhere with an exit strategy and where no one would come knocking on the door.

She edged the corner with the knife gripped tightly. She was surprised her scarred up heart could keep handling situations like these. "Well, well, well. If it isn't porcelain and his overly greasy boy toy," Coach Sue greeted the company at the door. She breathed a sigh of relief that it was just Blaine even though he wasn't alone. "Oh, and lets not forget the reason nightmares exists"

"Why hello Coach Sue. I see that the years away from us glee veterans have not lightened the bite in your harsh hellos," Rachel greeted. A immediate shudder of rage pooled down her spine and if it wasn't for the hand that gripped her arm, she would have spun from the corner and sunk that knife right into Berry's ugly mug of a face.

"Ssh," Brittany whispered in her ear, "It's okay." She breathed heavily for a moment and allowed Brittany to pull her back into the kitchen.

"What is Rachel doing here? We haven't seen her since graduation," Quinn hissed.

Brittany shrugged and pulled her into a hug. She breathed in the soothing scent of Brittany's shampoo and the delightful tone of sexual satisfaction that still clung to Brittany's neck.

Coach Sue came around the corner, "I forgot to mention something about taking you to witness protection."

"I swear to all holy things, Rachel, if you so much as sing while I'm trying to de-stress I will use you as the punching bag!" She turned and glared at the hobbit that was frozen in fear in front of the washer and dryer.

"I didn't mean to disturb your violent alone time with Blaine. I just need to wash this sweater before the kool-aid Brittany spilled all over it settles into a stain that will just beg for me to toss it out," Rachel breathed out her excuse.

"I love my girlfriend," She breathed with a chuckle knowing full well that Britt probably 'accidentally' spilled the drink on Rachel to get her to leave the room. Brittany was much more passive aggressive than she was in high school and she loved that about her girl.

"Focus, San. We still have almost an hour before we're done," Blaine tilted his head till his neck popped while bouncing on his toes to keep his heart rate up. She smirked as she turned her attention back to him and immediately twisted into a high kick at his face. He blocked and they were back to sparring in a fit of grunts and cusses.

"What's going on Coach?" Brittany asked stepping out from around the corner with Quinn. Santana stayed back out of sight. She wasn't sure she wouldn't attack Rachel on sight. She was almost surprised she still held so much rage for the short stack.

"Steve is aware of Blaine's involvement. Since they've been tracking him they've gained knowledge about Porcelain and night terror over here. In order to keep you safe, we also have to keep them safe. So you all will be going to my cabin and staying there until this is resolved," Coach Sue explained.

Son of a Bitch! She was going to be trapped in a cabin with the start of her mess and it's sidekick?! Hell no! She rather head straight out there and let Steve take her. Brittany turned to her with a worried look and immediately she knew Brittany sensed her thought. Brittany was always amazing at being able to read her mind or sense her emotions.

"Wait, why are we having to go into hiding for Blaine?" Rachel asked with an air of defiance.

"Because he's been keeping me alive," Santana said stepping around the corner and glaring at Rachel. Nope, she wouldn't kill the hobbit but she also wouldn't keep the bite out of her comments.

"Santana?" Kurt asked with wide eyes and a high pitched voice.

"You're dead," Rachel stated with a cocked face of confusion.

"Nope. Alive and kicking. In fact, I really want to kick you," She snarled.

"Ladies. At ease," Coach said pulling Santana out of her focusing glare. Coach's phone buzzed, drawing her attention. Coach Sue looked down and the expression in response to the message was enough to set their defenses up,"The situation is dire and we need to leave now.

She rubbed the towel viciously against her face. She felt like she was covered in layers of grime and dirt but really it was just a good sweat from her workout with Blaine. Aside from the need of a really hot and long shower, she felt amazing. She'd healed with minor scarring much to Brittany's relief, and since she wasn't fighting anymore she actually felt amazing. She wasn't sore unless she and Blaine worked extra hard that day or she had a sex marathon with Brittany. She also regained a lot of her flexibility back. She was stretching out muscles she thought she'd long lost use of from not healing properly after fights. Now though, she felt as good as she did before hell on Earth happened. She had to admit she felt really blessed.

Blaine was also seeing benefits from their workouts too. He wasn't so stressed out over learning new doctor things in case she was hurt in a way he hadn't fixed yet. Since he wasn't stressed, or studying as much, he and Kurt were just as cute and couple like as her and Brittany. It drove Quinn crazy and Rachel just acted more like a fool while awing over Kurt and Blaine and towering in fear over Santana if that awing was directed at her and Brittany.

All in all, being in Coach Sue's form of witness protection sucked but didn't suck. At least for now...

"She's going to say no Rachel," Quinn sighed as Rachel was once again on a mission to get them all to sit down and play games together for the night. Something about bonding in times of terror? No of them understood expect Kurt. When Rachel first came up with the idea Kurt was helping her put it together and try to get them all to play. Every time this happened however, Santana would adamantly say no and then seduce Brittany away for the evening. Blaine spent the evenings studying for when he was able to return back to school he wouldn't be so behind. That just left Quinn to play with Kurt and Rachel. Quinn did it the first few times but when it was clear that she was a third wheel between Rachel and Kurt, she quit playing too and would hide in the library for the night. Rachel hadn't tried getting these game nights together for over a month now. Santana had brief hope that hobbit got the hint that she didn't want to play with them. Ever.

"I will ask Brittany first this time. I finally realized that going to Santana first gives her time to figure an escape route. Not tonight! Because I also realized that Brittany is Santana's, for lack of another term' Kryptonite. Should I convince Brittany than she shall convince Santana, which will have Blaine join in since he won't have any reason to skip on his studies and then you'll play because you and I will be partners. It'll be like couple vs. couple vs. couple. Only we aren't a couple but I think we could play well enough together that we might fool everyone here into thinking we've been having secret rendezvous in the library."

"RACHEL!" Quinn had to shout to get Rachel off her rant. "If you get Santana to play, I'll simply join just to see that."

Rachel squealed in joy and bounced out of the room. It only took long enough for her to figure out how to get Santana to agree to anything. Brittany wasn't the only one who could get Santana to not be a prickly blow fish all the time.

She glared at Quinn who was trying so hard to hide her chuckles. On one side of her Brittany was giving her the 'please be nice and do this for me' look, while Rachel was bouncing in her seat with hands clasped tightly in front of her face.

She weighed her options. She could say no and Brittany would pout for a few minutes but then they'd go off for the rest of the night. Brittany wouldn't think any less of her for not wanting to play games with Rachel. But on the other hand, she did keep Brittany to herself a lot and she knew Brittany missed hanging out as the Unholy Trinity. She also thought of Blaine and how it always seemed to be work and no play for the two of them. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to have a game night even if it meant having to tolerate Rachel for a few hours.

"Fine." She answered. Brittany smiled as bright as the sun and leaned in to kiss her. When Brittany pulled back she was left breathless and with the goofiest grin on her face. Rachel looked confused for a second before realizing she was happy and she shouldn't comment on the very rare sight of a smile on her face.

Kurt bounced and dropped a stack of board games and a deck of cards on the table in the kitchen. Her smile didn't disappear though as Brittany slid up into a seat next to her and held her hand. She thought back to her scared high school self and despite all the drama and pain in her life and the ripple it had on everyone's lives in this room, she was damn proud of holding Brittany's hand now. She didn't know if she would have had the courage to get to this point with Brittany had life not happened this way. Everyone would have expected her to end up with Puck in the end or another jock. Maybe even get pregnant like Quinn did and drop out or like Rachel insulted; she could have ended up stripping to make ends meet for the her and the kid she would have had trying to prove she was straight.

Brittany squeezed her hand and smiled softly at her. It pulled her out of the downward spiral her thoughts sometimes took. She focused back on the game that Kurt was setting up and began to mentally prepare for what was about to happen.

It was four hours in and she was ready to pull her hair out. She and Brittany were two points behind Quinn and Rachel, and Kurt and Blaine trailed her and Brittany by four. They could easily win this, they still had a chance. Until Rachel answered the question Santana wasn't certain she wouldn't know.

"WHAT! How could you possibly know that?" Santana asked in disbelief.

"Oh please, you like to think you were all sneaky back then but everyone in Glee Club knew you and Brittany were a thing. We knew before you even joined the Glee Club. Why do you think no one ever messed with Brittany? Even the jocks?" Rachel asked with a smug smirk.

She looked at Brittany in disbelief but Brittany just shrugged with slightly pink cheeks.

"I think Puck was the only one who didn't know. But I don't think it was from lack of clues. I just think he didn't care to know because you blew him once a week," Kurt chimed in.

Santana's jaw hung slack as she tried to form a response to Kurt. Did he really just say that? Even Quinn was starring at him in shock. Kurt just shrugged in response, "What? I'm not all innocent like you think."

"Apparently," She shot back.

"Fun fact; Kurt is a perfectionist. I'm sure Blaine can confirm this," Rachel chimed in.

"NOPE! I do not need to know this!" Santana burst out while standing up. Blaine had his face hidden in his hands but she saw how red his ears were turning so she knew how much Blaine wanted this conversation to be over.

"It was just a fun fact," Rachel shrugged.

"Well, no more fun facts that leave mental scarring. I have enough of that from having seen your face," Santana shot back.

"Wow. I think we should call it a night. This was more than enough fun for us, I think," Quinn added. Quinn started to clean up the game pieces.

"I agree with Quinn. Goodnight," Santana waved her hands in defeat and made way for the staircase.

The window in front of her shattered, glass crashing to the ground and breaking into tinier pieces. Time seemed to slow down as she turned back to everyone, desperate to see if everyone was still okay. Her legs moved but she didn't think of where she was going. Brittany and Quinn were out of sight from the window, Blaine had pushed Kurt behind the couch. She launched herself at Rachel, pushing them both into the floor as splinters ruptured from bullets hitting the table.

She leaned over Rachel, looking for Brittany. Blaine scrambled over from behind the couch after pushing Kurt towards the girls. "What's happening?" It sounded like a whisper but his lips moved like he was screaming. She blinked, processing the situation. Windows weren't safe. The bullet's were angled down so they had to stay low and out of sight. She was trying to look at everything at once; how close the exits were, windows and line of sight, possible routes to escape, the movement and positioning of her friends.

Time raced forward making her head spin. She couldn't pull Rachel fast enough behind cover as bullets hit inches away from their bodies. Rachel screamed in one constant gasp of terror. She looked back for Brittany. She couldn't do anything until she saw Brittany.

Blaine dove across the floor to the girls and Kurt and nodded to her. They were okay for the moment. What to do? They were cornered; her greatest fear. If they were shooting in then the patrols around the fence must have been compromised or they were all dead. If that was the case then they had no escape route from this cabin. Coach had been certain that isolation would be all they'd need. She should have known it would come to this. She should have simply known that she couldn't hide from the devil forever.

Blaine waved her attention to the staircase. He moved his hands in some absence direction trying to tell her something. She couldn't figure out what his rapid waving and gestures meant. Quinn poked her head around his shoulder and pointed to the railing of the staircase. She looked at what Quinn and Blaine were trying to get her to see.

There! Under the first step where the railing was a tiny catch, almost like a button. She reached out, applying pressure till she felt it click. The paneling by the stairs popped loose. She pushed and a secret door swung open into a panic room. Of course; Coach Sue was one paranoid woman. Naturally, she'd have a panic room. Why she was only know finding out about it was beyond her.

Rachel wasn't screaming anymore but her mouth still hung open in a terrified silence. She shoved Rachel into the room and turned to frantically wave the others over. Bullets stopped tearing through the walls. They were running out of precious seconds to find safety.

"Blaine! Get them over here. Now!" Her voice was a harsh and panicked whisper. Get Brittany to safety. Lock her away from the devil that was marching down on them. Blaine knew what was coming. Why wasn't he moving?!

Blaine was starring at something in the room behind her. She turned, seeing the large monitor on the wall. It took her half a second to realize it was the front door to the cabin and a group of men were about to splinter the door down. She didn't know or care how many Steve brought with him. She was going to keep Brittany safe. To do that, she had to get them into the panic room and now.

She moved, diving across the table and sliding into the space beside Blaine. She shoved him hard, towards the panic room and glared at Kurt and Quinn to get them moving too. Brittany grabbed her by the shoulders; tears pouring from her already red rimmed eyes, "San."

She leaned forward, cutting Brittany off with a kiss. She couldn't possibly guess what was about to happen. She simply knew that she loved this woman and would do anything to protect her from the darkness that always seemed to be at her heels. "I love you. I need you to be safe. Go with Blaine. Go now."

Brittany paused at her expression and then nodded, biting her lower lip. "I love you, San." With final words spoken, Brittany scurried across the broken and scrambled game pieces to get across the room and into the safe space. Blaine motioned for her to come but she shook her head. Steve knew she was here. If he didn't find her, he would burn the place down looking. No; once again the only way to protect those she loved was to face the devil himself.

But she wasn't hurt, this time, going in. She knew they were coming in the front door and she had hidden knives away their first week here. She was ready. She could do this. This time, Steve was going to die.

Stay low. Move quickly. She hesitated long enough to hear the click of the panic room door closing before she was crawling against the floor towards the front door. She had a small fish knife hidden under the coat rack. If she was armed, she could take these guys quickly and prepare for Steven. She made it to the corner that faced the front door. She could hear them trying to get passed the locks on the door and a rough tearing sound. She peaked her head around to see a saw cutting around the hinges. They were almost inside. She pushed against the wall, launching herself against the polished wooden floor. She flipped the coat rack over and pulled the knife free from the tape she used to secure it. She hooked the knife into her boot and picked up the coat rack. It was heavy on one end but she could defiantly knock one of them out with it. She only had one shot for a surprise assault and she knew she better make it count.

She stood with her back to the wall, arms hanging loosely, and breathed. 'Focus on your breathing.' Deep in through the nose, slowly out through the mouth. Her heart rate slowed, her muscles unclenched and as the door broke away she moved. She felt the wood splinter before hearing the crack of the first man's skull. He immediately went to the floor and didn't move again. With the splintered remains still in her hand she lunged forward and drove the end into the second mans chest. The coat rack was ripped from her hands as the he fell backwards, clutching at the remains of the wood sticking out of his chest. She dropped to one knee, reaching for the knife in her boot. Her hand grasped the hilt just as the third man pushed his way into the foyer. She reared back and drove the knife into his boot, feeling as it's sharpness slipped through boot and flesh like butter until her wrist jarred from the force of sinking deeply into the hardwood floor. She pushed up, using her momentum to drive her fist into the underside of the mans jaw. He stumbled back, hissing from the impact, face twisted in pain. She reached forward, grabbing the collar of his jacket and pulling him forward; tilting her head just in time to feel his nose crack in a fit of blood against her forehead. She pushed, and he fell backwards, screaming as the knife in his foot cut through his boot to remain perfectly imbedded in the floor. He remained conscious though, holding his foot and rolling back and forth in the entrance. She didn't think as she moved forward, driving the heel of her boot into the man's Adams apple. He coughed and sputtered, a drizzle of blood erupting from the corner of his mouth to drain down the side of his face. He squirmed and clawed at his throat. If she lived through this she doubt she'd be able to forget the sounds of him choking on his own blood, his strangled cry. She would almost regret having to kill them if it wasn't for the fact that she wasn't fighting for her life, but the lives of her friends hidden away in the center of the cabin.

She turned from the doorway after realizing the door itself was useless after they cut their way through. It would be impossible to secure the entrance with her exposed so openly. She'd have to risk it and move on to another room. Of course, the only way she'd know how they were coming in would be by the monitors in the panic room. She paused to breath again, to gain clarity in her thinking. She would only survive this if she kept calm and remained in control of herself. As she focused on breathing in and out, the eerie quiet of the cabin took over. No bullets were tearing through the walls, no saws cutting away at the front door. All she heard was the subtle beating of her calming heart in her ears.

The floor boards above her creaked. Her gaze darted upward as she remembered the layout of the upstairs and tracked them by their footfalls. They were making their way to the staircase. She pressed herself flat against the wall out of view from the upstairs landing. She was certain their were at least two heading for the stairs. Steve wasn't one for sneaking in like a thief, no; he would appear after he was signaled that she was caught. Meaning, she was either going to kill everyone in this cabin that was after them and then run out into the woods blindly to try and find him herself or give herself up as bait and bring him to her. Either way, she had a feeling she would see a bullet before she saw his face.

But despite the current situation, she was happy events led her back to being in the daylight and not just abandoned warehouses in the middle of the night. She got time to be with Brittany. She was given the chance to tell her how much she loved her and to truly get to be with her and not something warm beneath her. She never wanted to leave Brittany again but she didn't want her to die either. She really only had one option. Steve wouldn't stop; not knowing that everyone hidden here knew about him and his operation. She knew he would also make her death painful in response to bringing down his underground by telling the FBI what she knew and who she knew. His power was lessened and his wealth at a standstill. She had given him a blow beneath the belt and he was coming to get revenge. He had to know she wasn't alone here. Why bring so many men with him otherwise? She was just one person; although she did just kill three men within a minute. She had to take the chance that the men coming down the stairs wouldn't kill her on sight. She had to believe in Steve's character; that he would want to kill her himself. She also had to trust that Blaine would keep everyone safe in the panic room; that he wouldn't let Brittany watch what was about to happen.

The boots thudded heavily against the wooden steps as the men descended the staircase. She crept around the corner, reaching for another hidden knife. She was going to let herself get caught but not in a willingly manner. The more injured of his people, the easier it would be to save herself. At least, she hoped. She knelt with her knife pointed down and away. She had barely managed to slip into a crouch when two legs entered her view. She reacted instantly, driving the knife into the man's crotch. He howled as a spray of bullets ripped through the wall in front of him. She twisted as she pulled the knife out, bring her right fist to catch the side of his knee. She winced for the man as his knee popped loudly and buckled under his weight. She slipped back, staying low as the wall above her head splintered from the bullets his partner shot at her. She twisted around the corner with the plan to sneak around and attack him from behind. Instead she rounded straight into Steve. "Hello precious," His snarl immediately made her freeze in terror. She didn't plan on that. She did expect, however, the closed fist aimed at her face.

Her head snapped back from the force. White sparks shot across her vision as warmth gushed over her lips and chin. She hissed, stepping back and kicking out at his knees. He knew her well enough to know how she fought and he twisted out of the way in time to bring another fist up and into her side. She blocked by bringing her elbow down but where she was fast he was stronger. She gasped in a quick breath from the shock of the blow, grateful that it didn't hit fully or she'd be coughing through a broken rib.

She heard the other one behind her but the pop from a gun was much different and from across the hall. She dropped and swiped her leg at the back of Steve's knees while maintaining the advantage of being low to avoid getting shot. Steve sidestepped away from her leg and pulled a gun from behind him. Another shot rang out from across the hall, the bullet hitting the picture beside Steve's head sending glass to shatter to the floor. She dove towards the pieces realizing she had a good chance to end this. She grabbed a jagged piece and rolled to her knees. She caught a glimpse of blond hair around the corner and paused. Brittany? No! She needed to stay in the panic room.

Steve shot at the corner, following the trail of blond hair as it disappeared from sight. She brought the glass up and drove it as hard as she could into lower back, closest to the spine. He looked down in shock, gasping. She pivoted forward and drove back with her elbow into his gut. His legs buckled and sent him flying back into the wall.

Time slowed again as she watched him crash into the wall and begin to slide down to the floor. His arm raised, aiming the gun at her. She could see down the barrel, knowing the bullet would hit between her eyes. It would be a quick death at least but she wasn't going to not try and move out of the way. She watched as the hammer pulled back before snapping forward and sparking the powder that ignited the bullet forward but she had already dropped her weight to her side, hoping to hit the ground quick enough.

She blinked, feeling pain. Her right hand was pulsing with it, little places on her arms and neck stung like bee stings, and her nose screamed at her. None of that pain was from a bullet. She propped up on her elbow, starring as Steve redirected the gun at her again. Fighting was like chess. You had to think two to three moves ahead; already have the checkmate in sight before taking the first move. She hadn't thought ahead of this and now she was starring at her checkmate. It seemed familiarity would be what would finally kill her. She couldn't keep starring down the barrel of Steve's gun without the bullet finally doing the proper job. But then Steve wasn't aiming at her again but back down the hallway. Brittany! She launched herself forward, grabbing Steve at the wrist and elbow. She pushed at the elbow and pulled at his wrist. He howled as she broke his arm at the joint, gun falling to the floor but she didn't stop there. She would keep Brittany safe from him. He tried punching her again with his good arm but she leaned back and away, driving her fist into his side near the glass embedded there. Blood splattered her forehead as Steve coughed from the attack. She pushed herself forward, reaching for his neck, and twisted.

She expected silence when it would finally be over. Instead she heard her heart rushing in her ears, the thump of dead weight hitting the floor, the final piece of loose glass falling from the picture frame, the groan of the man still bleeding to death in the next room. She breathed deeply through the mouth staring at the lifeless body of the man who tortured, raped, and terrorized her for years. She knew it was her fault for being in the situation to begin with but he still hurt her and scarred her and it felt almost fairytale to be starring at his dead body. She never believed it would end this way; her alive and Steve dead. She almost believed he would pop back up like out of a horror movie but she had felt the bone twist and snap as she killed him.

"Santana?" She fell back against the wall at the sound of Brittany's voice. Relief. That's what she felt. Steve was dead and Brittany was alive. She was alive too. This wasn't the ending she expected but as she turned to look at Brittany, she was stunned. She was relieved and as Brittany rushed to her she finally saw an ending to her life that didn't come from a bullet. She saw an ending of gray hair, grand children, and a life she never expected.

Brittany fell to her knees beside her, running her hands from bloodied cheeks to her sliced hand, back to her face. She reached up and gripped Brittany's hands in her own, "I'm okay. It's finally over," She whispered.

"You're bleeding. Oh babe," Brittany's voice cracked over the sob she was forcing back.

"But I didn't get shot so I'm okay. Minor flesh wound," She tried smiling but the sharp shock of pain stopped her immediately.

Brittany chuckled in relief and turned to look at the man crumbled against the wall, "Is that Steve?"

"A very dead Steve," She pulled herself up more and looked behind them at the sound of something metallic clunking against the ground. Quinn walked around from the corner, dropping the gun she was holding. It wasn't Brittany she saw at the corner but Quinn. "Q?"

"I wasn't about to hide away and let you get killed again," Quinn shrugged.

"Neither was I," Blaine hobbled around the corner with a bloodied lip and favoring his left leg, "A few more slipped in while you dealt with Steve."

"I think we got them all though," Rachel commented appearing holding a clothes iron. Kurt followed behind while clutching a broom.

"Looks like it," Her nod wasn't meant to be sarcastic but really? A clothes iron and broom?

"We called Sue from the panic room. She'll be here in minutes with the FBI," Blaine hobbled forward to kneel beside her.

"I'm fine. Just a couple of scraps this time," She lightly swatted him away. He smiled with a amused huff before turning his attention to Steve's body. "The wicked witch is dead. Can I just click my heels three times and wish to go home now?"

"I must applaud you Santana for calling upon such a great reference at this perfect moment. I couldn't have done it better myself," Rachel beamed.

She groaned and rolled her eyes looking to Blaine with raised eyebrows. He just shrugged back and stepped out of the way as Brittany pulled her in for a tight hug, "I love you."

"I love you, Brittany. Maybe now we can start a life together," She offered out loud. She wasn't sure what she could offer. She was technically dead with no high school degree and no work skills other than fight moves and a high tolerance for pain. Not much of anything physical she could offer. But she could love this woman with all her heart till it stopped beating and remained that way.

"I want nothing more than that," Brittany smiled while taking her hand and holding it close to her heart.

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