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This is my first Taxi story! Hope it came out all right :) Enjoy! ~markaleen

Chapter 1:

Alex and Elaine were traveling Europe together, as friends of course. They had a pact that they weren't obligated to spend time together (except for their daily postcard writing). If one of them had a date they could go off and do as they wish. This sounded much better to Alex when he and Elaine were still in New York. Maybe that was because he thought he'd be able to get a date. It was very hard for him to see Elaine go out every night while he sat lonely and bored at the hotel. He was so thankful to still have his postcard time with Elaine, but lately she had been cutting it short and bringing her dates with her.

When Alex finally did get a date, it didn't work out. She was a French model. She had her heart set on going to a very expensive casino that was way out of Alex's price range. The model left Alex and once again he had to spend another night by himself. He couldn't help but wonder how this happened. This was Europe, supposedly the most romantic place in the world. It's all one big lie he thought angrily. Though, Elaine was certainly having the time of her life. Was it him? He knew he wasn't the most stunningly good looking man in the world, but all the women were avoiding him like the plague.

Eventually he just stopped trying. It wasn't worth the heartache. He couldn't wait to go home. Everyday got more and more depressing. He was starting to run out of money, he was having trouble sleeping, and he had completely run out of things to do. He had his Rubik's cube but he got so frustrated with it that he finally just tore off the little color spots and put them where they should be. Thank goodness that in a few days he would be home and things would be back to normal.

Elaine had just gotten back from a date. She was grinning, she had been having the most romantic time the past couple weeks. She started getting ready for bed, thinking of the wonderful time she's had. Then, she heard a weird noise. She listened carefully. It sounded like it was coming from the room next to hers'. Alex… she thought. Slowly, she crept up to the door and pressed her ear against it. It almost sounded like he was crying… was he crying? Her heart sank. She had known that he hadn't had the best of luck on this trip, but she didn't realize just how bad it was. He sounded miserable. A flush of guilt ran through her. If she hadn't pushed for Alex to come with her he wouldn't be so upset right now. She stood the door for a few minutes contemplating on what she should do. Should she go in there? Or would that make things worse… Should she ignore it? Or would Alex feel more alone… Finally, she decided to go in. She slowly opened the door and peaked in. He seemed to have calmed down. Quietly she pushed the door all the way open and walked in.

She whispered, "Alex?"

He jumped slightly and turned over to look at Elaine. "Elaine, what are you doing here?"

"I… um…" there was a long pause.


Cautiously she walked towards Alex, "I kind of thought I heard you crying and I wanted to see what was wrong."

Alex turned red. "You heard that?" he asked, shocked.

Elaine shyly nodded.

He quickly turned away, he was humiliated.

Elaine slowly walked over to him and sat down on the bed, "I'm sorry for barging in here. I just couldn't bear to hear you so upset." She waited a moment to see if Alex was going to say something, when he didn't, she continued. "I'm sorry you haven't enjoyed Europe."

Alex turned again to face Elaine, "It's not your fault."

"Of course it is. I begged you to come. I convinced you that you'd have the time of your life. Instead, you're having the worst time of your life…"

"Well I wouldn't say the worst time…"

Elaine half smiled. If only she knew what to do to make things better or him. Before she had the chance to ask him, he told her that he would like to get some sleep. She went back to her room to try and get some sleep herself. Sleep never came though, she kept tossing and turning. She felt so bad and guilty about Alex. She tried to convince herself that it wasn't her fault but she knew it was. Even though she had no control over him finding a date, she was the one who said that this would be the perfect vacation. What was worse was the fact that he even stated that it's been his experience that nothing that sounds so good ever really happens. Apparently he was right.

After a couple hours at attempting to sleep, she had finally had enough. She had to see what she could do to make Alex feel better.