The next day was Jellybean Day, a day celebrated all over Toontown rejoicing its wonderful currency. There was no school on Jellybean day and Doremi thought it was the best day to start her report. She pulled out a Transportation Hole and flew down into the ground. Suddenly she was underground inside a black pod. She buckled her seatbelt and scanned her ToonBadge, which showed her laff points and completed Toontasks. Suddenly the window of the pod turned into a control panel, displaying all the playgrounds Doremi could teleport to. Since Doremi was of low laff and had no time to complete Toontasks in between school and sleep, Toontown Central was the only option that she was able to access. She pressed her glove clad paw onto the touch screen and off the pod zoomed. Toontown had a series of tunnels to and from each land, the higher in laff points you got the more tunnels you could use.

When the pod was at its final destination, it shot Doremi out of the ground. Until you get used to using the Teleportation Hole, this could make a toon dizzy and sick. Doremi felt no sickness; she was very used to the underground pod system. She popped up under the gazebo, a great spot for toons to hang out on a sunny day. She turned around and headed for the stairs. On the platform stood Toontown HQ, Mickey Toon Hall, Toontown Bank, and the Toontown Library. The library was a grand golden building with huge yellow windows and columns on either side of the front door. She entered into a huge room with bookshelves on every wall. In the middle of the room sat a frazzled cat sitting upon a four-sided task. He had maroon fur, a tall forehead, and very long limbs. He wore a yellow polo shirt with "Library" printed on the back and blue shorts, this was his daily uniform.

"Doremi, how are you?" greeted Librarian Larry.

"Fine, Larry. I am looking for a book on Sellbots, Sellbot HQ in particular."

Larry directed Doremi to the Cog section of the library. She noticed how dark and dreary the books were compared to the bright and animated books written about toons. She climbed the book ladder and reached for the book with the Sellbot symbol on it. Its pages where ripped and tinted gray. The binding was broken and the hardcover was worn beyond belief. She climbed down the ladder and made her way to the lounge. The lounge consisted of two coaches and one recliner chair. In the middle was a table with a paper laminated to the counter top display all of the library's rules.

Doremi sat in the recliner and wiped off the layer of dust that caked the cover. She slowly opened the book, coughing as more dust arose. The first page read Sellbot HQ: A History. It was written by M.H. Sellbot, an author unknown to Doremi. The table of contents included such topics as "Founding of the HQ" and "Symbols and Social Structures". Perfect, though Doremi, this report will be a piece of cake! She flipped to page 7, where the chapter "Founding of the HQ" began. She quietly read aloud…


Exactly 113 years ago oil was discovered in unclaimed territory located close to Daisy's Gardens. The greedy toons sought this founding as an opportunity to take the land for them and keep the profit from the oil. A group of Sellbots got together, now remembered as the Honored Eleven, to take the land from the evil toons to prevent them from gaining too much power. A treaty was drawn up by then Mr. Hollywood 5Z, whom is now our cherished and beloved Vice President, to persuade the toons to think selflessly and give Sellbots the homeland they deserve. Flippy, the ruthless toon tyrant, refused the treaty and declared war on Sellbots. The toons then hoarded to Daisy's Gardens, killing any and every Sellbot Cog they could find without mercy.

The Vice President then met with the Honored Eleven to discuss the massacre that wouldn't stop. Together, the twelve decided us Cogs had to fight back to achieve the homeland we deserved. A team of scientists quickly went to work to invent something powerful enough to tell the toons to leave Cogkind alone. This is how the glorious Dip was created, and is still used till this day to ward off crazed, murderous toons. The Honored Eleven flew over Daisy's Gardens and dropped Dip on every toon alive. This is when the toons finally got the message, and handed us Sellbot HQ from their greasy gloved paws.

Doremi closed the book swiftly, her mind racing with a new view of thoughts. I was always taught how evil and mean all Cogs were, Doremi thought, But, I never heard the Cogs' point of view. Book in hand, Doremi stormed out of the library. She was headed to Toon Hall.

"Aren't you going to check that out first?" yelled Larry from his desk. But Doremi was already out the door.