Rating: PG-13

Summery:'Tony Stark has invited the Avengers to come stay at the newly rebuilt Stark Tower. Little did he know when he invited them that it would lead to Captain America hunting, hot pockets exploding, S'mores, Titanic Rants, Harry Potter movie Marathons, and most importantly...his feelings for Steve.'
A roleplay between two SBFF's (Stony Best Friends Forever) that went on much longer then we thought it would! XD

Couple: Steve/Tony, mention of past Tony/Pepper

Authors: TeamLadyCay (caycullen: Cayla and ladyofgeekdom: Nicole)

Cayla's AN: Where to begin explaining this marvelous masterpiece...well, I think I should start up with how it came about. Nicole and I met on Omegle (A place to chat online) wanting to do Tony/Steve roleplay. And we hit it off the second we started talking. We have everything in common and we think we may be long lost sisters or clones or something because there is hardly anything we don't have in common. Nicole is the sweetest roleplayer and person I have ever met online and I love her so much, she's like a sister to me. Anyway, once we started the roleplay we thought it was amazing and other people should get to read it's awesomeness as well. In this roleplay, you get a little bit of everything, some action, lots of humor, lots of fulff and even a little angst. Anyway, we both hope you guys have as much fun reading this as we did writing it. Enjoy! :)

Branching Towards You


Cayla & Nicole

Chapter One: Captain America Hunting

Tony knows it was a stupid to want all the Avengers to come stay for a week or two, but hey, once you save the world with a group of people you kind of grow attached. Also, to be honest, he wanted to show off all the money he spent on all of the rooms he had built.

It was a miracle that he had got them all to agree, he's still a little confused on how Thor even found out that he wanted them to come visit, but he's not going to question how he discovered the fact. They were all coming. Everyone, besides Thor and Bruce, fought him on it and said that they didn't want to come, but Tony had got them here. Clint and Natasha were the hardest to convince, but once Tony vowed to not leave them alone, they caved. Steve was coming too, and he hardly gave him any lip about it. Tony assumed he was only coming because the rest of the team would be there, and what kind of team leader would he be if he didn't' show up? Tony was honestly surprised that he agreed, though. After everything that had happened between them, he thought the Captain wouldn't even hear of it.

He did, though, and they were all about to arrive.

Steve was wary about accepting the offer. At first, he declined immediately. Why would he want to live in an ugly tower that contained nothing but technological luxury that he wouldn't understand? Not to mention he would be living under Tony Stark's roof, meaning that the "My house, my rules" comeback would constantly be used against him.

However, once Steve found out that the others had agreed to the offer, he began to warm up to the idea. It would be convenient for their missions if they were all together. He would never admit it to anyone else, but he also missed the team and hated being in his own apartment all by himself.

The first person to arrive to the top floor of Stark Tower was, of course, Thor. He was as happy as ever, and Tony had to admit that even though they didn't get to talk a lot before, he was very happy to see him. Thor was hilarious, and a lot fun when they weren't trying to save the world.

"Man of Iron! My friend! It is great to be in your presence again!" Thor greeted and shook his hand the second he walked in.

"Call me, Tony, Thor," Tony insisted in a slight groan, "I don't walk around calling you the god of thunder 24/7...and it's good to see you too." Tony confessed with a smile.

The second person to arrive was Bruce Banner. Bruce pulled up in a mustang that Tony had given him. He didn't ask for it, but Tony had insisted that he had too many cars as it was. 'Typical Tony,' Bruce thought. He grabbed the two boxes that he had brought and stacked them on top of each other. He walked to the entrance, locking the doors to his mustang during the process. He pushed a button next to the sliding doors and sent a phone call to the Tower's intercom.

"Sir, Dr. Banner is on the intercom." JARVIS informed them and Thor jumped at the voice. Tony laughed, if that made Thor jump, he bet it would make Steve jump.

"Don't worry, man. It's just JARVIS. He's an A.I" Tony explained and Thor looked at him with a confused, blank expression.

Tony sighed. "It's a really smart computer that knows just about everything. It's a friend. Not a foe. So, don't go slamming your hammer into the walls if he talks to you." Tony pleaded. "Tell him to come on up, JARVIS!" Tony added and walked over to where he kept all the alcohol, telling Thor to follow.

The sliding doors unlocked and opened for Bruce. "Welcome home, Dr. Banner." a computerized voice greeted as he walked through the doors. Bruce grinned. The Tower reeked of science. He couldn't wait to work in Tony's lab. He stopped at the elevator. The doors opened.

He stepped inside and JARVIS spoke to him once again, "Which floor do you desire, Dr. Banner?" The doors closed and Bruce placed his boxes on the floor.

"Top floor, JARVIS." He replied, hoping he remembered the computer's name. It had been a while since Tony spoke of him. After a few moments, he had reached the top floor. He saw Thor and Tony getting some drinks.

"Look who it is! Big green and scary." Tony greeted happily after pouring Thor a drink.

"It's great to see you, my friend!" Thor said and walked over and shook his hand.

"You too, Thor." Bruce said with a smile. He and Thor weren't that close, but apparently Thor and the Hulk were. Ever since they saved the world together, Thor seemed to like the Hulk more. "Here, we're drinking." Tony said and gave him a small glass. Bruce took it hesitantly.

"Tony, it's 10 in the morning." Bruce pointed out.

Tony rolled his eyes. "Yes, but it's okay because we're celebrating the fact I decided to get up at this hour." Tony said and took a sip of his own drink. Bruce laughed a little before taking a sip of the whiskey Tony had given him.

After not seeing any other luggage Bruce felt curiosity bubble inside him. '"Where are the others?" Bruce inquired. "I only see my two boxes and Thor's hammer," he said.

"They aren't here yet, and I'm going to give them another hour or two before I decide if they ditched us or not. If they did...we'll all suit up and go drag their asses here." Tony said simply and took a sip of his drink.

"I don't think they would like that, Tony." Thor commented.

Tony scoffed. "Of course they wouldn't, if they didn't want it to happen they should have showed up." Tony added.

"They'll come, Tony. There is no need to go on a hunt...yet." Thor said with a hopeful smile.

Natasha piloted the jet, while Clint made sure their things were in order. Clint had taught her how to pilot a jet after Loki's invasion. He wanted her to be sure to operate their vehicles if something ever happened to him.

"Well," Natasha said. "There it is." She nodded towards the Tower as it appeared closer and closer to them. Clint taped their last box shut and returned to the cockpit.

"Yep, that's definitely Stark's work." Hinting that Tony enjoyed showing off and had rich taste.

Natasha lowered the plane onto the nearby platform. She was thankful that she and Clint had decided to take their smaller jet rather than the bigger one that contained the more powerful weapons. Clint suggested that Tony would probably enhance whatever they brought anyways. Natasha shut the engine off as the jet came to a halt. The doors opened and she and Clint each grabbed their boxes. Through the glass windows, Natasha saw Tony, Thor, and Bruce drinking.

"Look, it's the assassins." Tony said once he saw Natasha and Clint heading towards the glass doors.

"Don't call them that." Bruce pleaded.

"Why the hell not? That's what they are." Tony said as he began heading for the doors.

"I just don't think assassins like to be called assassins. You could piss them off and they'll kill you when you least expect it. I mean, I have nothing to worry about, but you sure do." Bruce said.

Tony just rolled his eyes at him. "Don't worry about me, Bruce. Natasha loves me!" He insisted.

Thor and Bruce both let out a laugh because that was an obvious lie. "Okay, what about Clint then?" Bruce questioned.

Tony paused before putting his hand on the door. "I'm still working on him. He'll warm up to me, everyone does." Tony said before opening the door for them.

"Welcome, my favorite assassins!" Tony greeted.

Natasha stared at him blankly and then quirked an eyebrow. 'Are you kidding me?' she thought.

Clint, on the other hand, grinned and high-fived Tony. "Thanks, man of iron!" He replied. He walked up to Bruce and Thor and greeted them.

Natasha nodded her head at all three of them with a small smile. She wasn't much for small talk, unless it was necessary or someone else had initiated the conversation first. She rolled her eyes at the alcohol. 'Typical Stark.' she thought.

"Is Cap here yet?" Clint asked Thor and Bruce. "No, not yet. We're still hoping we get the chance to suit up and hunt him down." Tony said as he joined them.

This caught Natasha's attention. "Now that sounds like fun." she said honestly. "Seems like our super soldier enjoys hiding." she added, referring to him hiding in the ice.

Clint nodded, pouring himself a glass of wine. "Winner should be awarded something though." He chimed. "Like biggest room, perhaps?"

"Sounds good to me." Tony said. He already had the biggest room, so whoever won was getting the second biggest. "I'm up for the hunt!" Thor said happily. "Are there any rules though?" He asked.

"Question. If necessary, can we hurt Cap if he tries to run?" Clint asked, cracking a grin.

Thor let out a cackle and Bruce snickered slightly. To be fair, it was a good question. Natasha, however, held onto her serious look. She wanted the biggest room and she was determined to leave as soon as Tony said the word.

"No. If we hurt him we'll never hear the end of it...and by 'we,' I mean 'me', since he likes to blame me for everything." Tony said and downed the rest of his drink. "How about we raise the stakes a bit more? Winner get's biggest room and get's to pick what we eat tonight." Tony suggested. He was going to win already; he had to make it somewhat interesting.

It was apparent that the others were slightly disappointed. Natasha especially. She loved the idea of whacking Captain America unconscious and dragging his patriotic ass to the tower. She lived for that kind of action.

"But what difference does it make? You and Cap always kiss and make up." Clint said.

"Haha. Very funny." Tony said sarcastically and then sighed. They were his house guests, he should give them what they wanted. "Fine. Do whatever it takes to bring him back here. Only rule is...don't kill him-if that's even possible…" He mumbled the last part.

And just like that, the race had begun. They all scrambled out of their seats and darted toward the multiple exits.

"See ya, boys!" Natasha announced, racing to the Jet before Clint. Clint cursed under his breath, then raced to his box and pulled out his bow and his set of grapple-arrows. He closed one eye and shot a grapple-arrow to the nearest building and took off in the opposite direction of Natasha. Bruce grabbed the keys to his mustang. He didn't want to turn into the Hulk and disturb the peace. Well, except if he got to Steve at the same time as someone else. If he had a shot, he wanted to win.

It only took a moment for Tony to suit up, and he even waved at Natasha as he zoomed past her. He knew where Steve lived, Brooklyn. All of the team knew that basic information but he had the upper hand because he had JARVIS.

"Okay, JARVIS, I need Cap's address." Tony said as he flew through the sky, looking behind him to make sure Natasha was far behind him. She was nowhere in sight and he smiled.

"I can give it to you, Sir. But what makes you positive he's at home?" JARVIS asked.

"Where else would he be? It's not like he has friends." Tony said and cursed when he saw a figure not too far in front of him. Thor. "Just give me the address, fast. I'm falling behind here." Tony said and began to fly even faster as JARVIS gave him the directions to Steve's apartment building.

Steve had gathered his belongings in a standard duffel bag. He packed his sketch book and pencils, a thin photo album, a medal he had earned from serving in the army, a couple pairs of clothes and his Captain America suit. Anything else he had, he felt like leaving behind. He grabbed the keys to his motorcycle and started it up. He drove down the familiar streets and stared longingly at the place that raised him. As much as he wanted to let go, Steve found himself pulling over at a river about 20 miles from his old apartment.

He stopped his bike and hopped off, letting his heart take in the river one last time. He sat down on a nearby bench and listened to the flowing water the same way he heard it when he was a child. Once his dad had died, his mom spent more time with Steve. They came here once a month, Steve and his mother. This place was special to him. He loved the way the water glistening in the sunlight during the day and reflected the stars at night. He loved the way the trees shaded the area and the way the leaves would change color during the fall. He loved the way the ground was wild, yet tame. He loved the fact his parents fell in love here. He loved every detail about it. He opened his bag and pulled out his sketch pad and a pencil and he began drawing the only place that felt like home to him.

Tony didn't know when fighting had been part of the rules but it now was, he was in a full on air battle with Thor, firing repulsor shots at him and doing his best to dodge that damned hammer. It had got him a few times. "

I don't think he's home, Sir. I've called him." JARVIS said.

"He wouldn't answer if he knew it was my number!" Tony yelled and fired another repulsor.

"The number was blocked, he couldn't have known." JARVIS informed him calmly. Tony was now wrestling Thor in the air. "

What shall I do now, Sir?" JARVIS asked.

"I'll tell you later! I'm a little busy at the moment." Tony said and Thor seemed to be determined to bring Tony back to the ground.

Meanwhile, Bruce sped down the street and stopped in at Shawarma. He scanned the restaurant, looking for the blond outcast in early 1900s clothing. Nothing. When he came out of the restaurant, he saw Hawkeye grappling across the city, building by building. Bruce looked away, his anger boiling his blood. 'Not yet, Bruce,' he warned himself. 'Not yet.'

Thor had got Tony to the ground. Instead of fighting, Tony had been driven to try to reason with him. "Look, how about we work together? If you help me, I'll let have the room and I get to pick the food." Tony said.

Thor looked at him thoughtfully. "You're already in the biggest room. Are you not?" He asked in tone that indicated that he already knew the answer.

Tony sighed and lifted up his helmet so Thor could see his face. "Yes. It's my house. Of course I am! But you can have the second largest room if you help me." Tony suggested.

Thor thought for a moment. "I don't see why not." Thor decided but they both stopped to look up in the air when Natasha in the jet went flying by at an incredible speed.

"We better get moving, Point Break." Tony said, closing the helmet and resumed zooming into the air.

Natasha smirked at the two identified men below her. She pressed a button and began firing round of bullets at Tony and Thor.

"Sir, there's-"

"-I SEE THEM!" Tony yelled to JARVIS and dodged the bullets. A few hit him, but thankfully, they didn't wound the suit too much.

Thor launched his hammer at the jet. Natasha tried her best to swivel past the demigod's weapon, but he had thrown it at the perfect moment. The left wing of her jet was hit and damaged, but the jet was still in good shape to fly.

"Hit it again! Go for the engine this time!" Tony yelled when he was at Thor's side again. He would fire a few missiles at the jet but he didn't want to kill Natasha.

"I shall try!" Thor announced.

He soared over to the jet's blind spot and wound up his hammer. Natasha predicted the motion and lowered the plane at the last minute, causing Thor's hammer to miss the jet's engine by an inch. She smirked in victory towards the guys, but when she turned her head, she wasn't expecting the flashing light of an explosive arrow to be on the hood of the jet.

She gasped and quickly changed course, directing the jet to a safe landing. She unlocked the doors of the jet and dove out of the jet, while the mild explosion ruptured the jet's engine. A few buildings away, a satisfied look crept on to Hawkeye's face.

"Well, that's one down, bad news is now, we've found Hawkey." Tony said as he and Thor landed.

Hawkeye nodded at the men and decided that rather than engaging in battle, inspecting the area in a different direction was a safer bet. While they stood there, he resumed shooting grapple arrows, trying to locate Steve.

They were right in front of Steve's apartment building. Thankfully, not many people were around. Steve lived in an pretty empty part of town.

"We're here, we've won." Thor declared simply, as if being at the building justified anything.

"No, it's just getting started." Tony said in a sigh. He was starting to wish Steve would have just showed up at Stark Tower. This was becoming more work than fun.

Both Tony and Thor went inside by breaking into Steve's apartment. The two looked around everywhere. They had also broken a few objects and moved the room around. Once Steve got back home he'd probably be pissed, but they were focused on thing; winning. Steve was nowhere to be found.

"I thought you said this is where he lived!" Thor said a bit angrily. He was relying on Tony so they could win and Tony was letting him down.

"He does! Look at this place! It's so out dated! Who else's house would it be? He's hiding somewhere. He must be in the city somewhere…but where?" Tony asked himself.

He knew that Steve had a thing for drawing, maybe he went to go hide out in a coffee shop. It was a little modern for Steve, but very possible. "You in the mood for coffee?" Tony asked Thor who looked at him as if he had lost his mind.

"What does that have to-"

"-He could be at a coffee shop." Tony said, cutting Thor off and walking out the door.

Bruce had gotten lost for the second time. He had checked out a few other local places, but Steve was nowhere to be found. He sped down the street he was on and at that very moment, a deer pranced out of a bush and jumped in front of his mustang. He gasped and swerved into a small nature preserve. He saw a river approaching and slammed on the brakes. He panted and then looked up and saw a terrified Steve Rogers staring at him with his jaw dropped.

"Well, this is the last place I expected to find you." Bruce said with an awkward laugh and Steve just stared at him. "Everyone's looking for you. Hunting you to be more specific. Oh, and they're all willing to take you by force." Bruce informed him.

Steve sighed. "Can't you guys ever settle things in a more organized fashion?" He asked, shaking his head. He returned his attention to his sketch pad, adding a few finishing touches to the trees. He was almost done. "Sit with me, Banner." He said, motioning towards the empty space of the bench with his spare hand.

Bruce hesitated, he didn't want to tell Steve about the bet. That would only make him not want to come back with him, so Bruce got out of the car and hoped the others wouldn't find them. He really didn't want Tony to show up and have to fight him as the Hulk just so he could win this hunt. Bruce sat beside Steve and looked down at his sketch.

"You're really good. The guys told me you could draw...but when Tony said it, he made it sound like you just doodled or something." Bruce said.

Steve smiled at Bruce. He had never drawn in front of anyone in this decade. He liked to keep it to himself. People knew about his talent when he was fragile and tiny Steve. He loved it. It was something his grandfather had possessed. It made him feel closer to him.

"Thank you. Yeah, it kind of was a doodle. I drew a map for Stark to show him how to get to my apartment once. It was an effortless sketch." he added, shading in the trunks of the trees.

"This is the place where my parents met." Steve said, changing the subject.

"That's...neat." Bruce said honestly, he could tell that everything they were talking about was very personal to Steve.

"It's a very nice place. When did they meet? I mean...if you want to talk about it." Bruce said awkwardly. He wasn't good with personal stuff, but he could try to be.

"Isn't it? It's the only place that I would like to take with me to our...new place." Steve said, lifting the sketch pad. "They met in the 1906. I don't know the whole story," He lied, not wanting to go on and on about his parents.

He knew he had the potential of drowning Bruce with every boring detail. He loved the story, but that didn't mean everyone else would love it. So he continued, giving Bruce the short-version of the story, "but my mom liked to climb trees and my dad was a lumberjack. He wanted to cut down the tree and she screamed. They became friends and spent all their time together here and fell in love. They carved their names on that tree." Steve said and pointed with his pencil at the specific tree.

"Wow. That's a great story." Bruce said honestly, it was still kind of mind blowing for even him to think about Steve's parents being alive in 1906. "That kind of story will get you any girl you want in heart beat." Bruce said with a laugh.

Steve laughed. "I'll keep that in mind." He said, and then added, "I think it's a great story, too." He said just as he completed his drawing. He smiled at his work and then looked over at Bruce. "Thank you, Bruce. I needed to do this before I left."

He grabbed his bag. "Are you ready to go home?" He asked.

"Yeah, and no problem. Let's get going before the others find us." Bruce said and began heading back to the car. "Oh and just to let you know, I think this whole thing was Tony's idea. Natasha and Clint just put it into action." Bruce said and got in the car.

"Stark's idea, eh?" Steve said. "Well, in that case, we're leaving my bike behind just to throw him off." He said with a chuckle. He loved picturing a pissed off Tony flying across Brooklyn and then seeing his motorcycle standing in all its glory without him. He would be beyond furious. Steve laughed.

"How long until they figure it out?" Steve asked, as he got in the car, buckled his seat belt and watched as his childhood started to fade into the background.

"Hours. At least, until it gets dark, they're all looking near where you live, they'll never come looking here, and even they do, the bike will only make them look even longer." Bruce said with a laugh.

"When we get back to the tower, you and I will get whatever rooms we want. We also get to pick what we want to eat tonight." Bruce said proudly.

Steve laughed. He couldn't wait to make Tony get a taste of his own medicine. He made a mental not to have a camera ready when Tony gave up and returned to the Tower to find he and Bruce hanging out. Steve grinned and looked at Bruce. "Biggest rooms and dinner? Wow! Does that include dessert?" he asked.

Bruce laughed and thought for a moment. "I'm not sure but we'll be there way before they show up, they can't stop us from ordering it." Bruce said. He sent a smirk over to Steve and they both couldn't wait to get back to Stark Tower just to see the look on everyone's face when they walked through the doors.

Hours later, it was now dark. Everyone had given up on fighting and was now simply determined to find Steve just so they could kick his ass for hiding from them for so long. Tony was flying right with Thor, scanning the area down below. When all of a sudden, he saw Steve's bike in the middle of nowhere.

"You have got to be kidding me." He hissed, causing Thor to look down towards the bike.

"That's not the Captain's source of transportation, is it?" Thor asked.

Tony had JARVIS double check and JARVIS informed him that it was, in fact, Steve's bike. "I cannotbelieve this! We've spent all day and night looking for him, I've got dents in my amour because of him! And he's been in the freaking woods all day? That's just- He's never going to hear the end of this from me!" Tony threatened.

"I am seriously considering wrecking that bike of his right now..." He mumbled and he and Thor began to make their landing near Steve's bike.

Natasha gave up a long time ago. After the jet breaking down, she didn't feel like chasing Steve. It was too much work. She was about 10 miles away from the Tower, so she thought she would just explore the town and grab something to eat. She stopped at Starbucks and grabbed a black coffee and continued down the streets of New York. The bright lights flickered and illuminated the shadowy streets. A couple hours later, she could see the glowing shape of the Tower appear closer and closer with each step that she took. She was greeted by Bruce and Steve sitting in Bruce's mustang outside the Tower, listening to music. 'Lucky bastard.' she thought.

"Hey Cap, good to see you again." Natasha called as she approached the men.

"Miss Romanov," Steve said with surprise and smiled at her, "Good to see you too." Steve greeted and shook her hand.

"We've all been on a man hunt looking for you, how long ago did Bruce find you?" Natasha asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Bruce laughed. "Crashed into is more like what happened. I almost hit a deer and I found him at a nice spot in the woods." Bruce explained and caused Natasha to almost smile.

"We got here a LONG time ago. We don't want to go in because-what was that thing called again, the computer that's Stark's best friend?" Steve asked Bruce.

"JARVIS." Bruce answered.

Steve thanked him and looked back at Natasha. "We don't want JARVIS telling Tony that Bruce found me. We want to keep the wild goose chase up for as long as possible." Steve said with a smile. Natasha smiled very faintly.

"Sounds like a good plan, but what are we going to do while we wait?" She asked.

"I say we go get something to eat. We can eat without them. Makes our victory even sweeter." Bruce suggested and Natasha and Steve nodded.

"Where are we going?" Natasha asked as she squished into the middle of the mustang.

"A pizza joint. Steve and I thought that pizza was the best, but after, we're going to find Steve some apple cake." Bruce said and started up the car.

Clint had shot another grapple arrow on the tree where Steve's bike has standing near. He glided down the zip-line and landed on his feet. He remembered the bike. The bike even had a small, patriotic star sticker on the license plate.

'Definitely Roger's.' he confirmed to himself.

He checked the ignition for a key and found nothing. He cursed and decided to scope the area for any sign of human activity. He found a tree with a large heart enclosing the letters "S" and "J" carved into it. It looked like it had been there for many years. Clint turned around and he noticed some weird tire tracks about 30 feet from Steve's bike. That was all the evidence he needed to inform him that he wasn't getting the biggest room. He cursed and began making his way back to the Tower; arrow by arrow.

"Okay, I'm starting to think that Captain America has gone missing." Tony said to Thor as they were now flying back to the tower. They were giving up. This was just stupid. It was 9 at night now and they had been looking for Steve since 10 in the morning.

"I'm sure one of the others has found him and taken him back to your very tall home." Thor assured him.

Tony scoffed. "No. JARVIS would have told me if he came back to the tower. Let's just get home and get something to eat, I don't care if they're there or not." Tony said simply. Thor laughed at Tony's clear anger. He couldn't even see his face but he could tell the man was seething.

Steve, Bruce, and Natasha were just picking up the pizza. "Hey! Here's an idea. We could make those campfire things with the marshmallows in front of the Tower." Steve suggested.

He had no idea what they were called, but he remembered Phil, may he rest in peace, talking to him about how he went to camp over a summer and while they made the unnamed snack, he would pretend that he was Captain America and the marshmallows were grenades and the fire was a fit of lava or something. Steve smiled at the thought of Young Phil running around pretending to be him. It was a cute thought.

Bruce laughed and Natasha cracked a small smile. "Believe it or not but I'm up for a great campfire, and S'mores would be great, but I think we could get arrested for starting a fire in the middle of the street." Bruce and Steve looked slightly disappointed.

"We can always go to the park though, I know we can have them there." Natasha suggested.

Steve perked up a bit, but then Bruce's phone rang, he pulled his phone out and saw that it was Tony.

"It's Tony should-"

"-Answer it!" Steve urged with a smile. "Tell him your still looking for me!" He added.

Bruce laughed a little before picking up the phone, he had no idea Steve was such a prankster. "Hey, Tony." Bruce greeted.

"Where the hell are you? It's 9 at night." Tony said.

"Well, good evening to you too, Tony." Bruce said sarcastically.

Tony groaned. "Don't start with me, I am pissed off! We couldn't find, Cap! I'm starting to think he's screwing with us or something." Tony said.

Bruce had to fight a laugh. "Maybe he's just avoiding you, Tony." Bruce suggested.

Tony sighed. "I don't even care what he's doing anymore! I've been looking for Stars and Stripes for 11 hours now, and trust me, I am not a desperate man. I will not look for him any longer...Thor! Put the Wii remote Down! Clint, don't you dare let him near that thing! I will not have you breaking my television!"

Bruce actually laughed out loud at that, Tony was at home with a video-game-curious-Thor.

"Stop laughing, Banner! It's not your TV they could be breaking. Anyways, where are you?" Tony asked.

"I'm still looking for Steve." Bruce lied.

"Well, give up and come home." Tony said simply. "We have Chinese food." He added.

Bruce looked at Steve and Natasha with a smile. "Tony, do you like campfires?" He asked.

"Are you high, Bruce?" Tony replied without missing a beat.

"No!" Bruce replied. "I'm just asking because I thought we could have a camp fire at the tower, isn't there a fire place on the top floor?" Bruce asked.

"Why the sudden urge to camp out?" Tony asked curiously.

"No reason." Bruce lied again.

Tony sighed at his odd behavior. "Come on home and we'll get you some S'mores and call it a night." Tony said and hung up without another word.

"So, what did he say? Is he mad?" Steve asked eagerly. He loved torturing Tony like this. It made up for all the countless jokes and nicknames he would use on him. Tony liked to be a trouble maker too.

"He's furious," Bruce said with a chuckle. "And he said he's back at the Tower. He also has Chinese food, thinks I'm high, says Thor can't play on the Wii, says Clint doesn't have custody of the TV, and he said that we can roast S'mores on the roof. Oh! And did I mention that he's furious?" he finished, bursting into a fit of laughter with Steve.

Natasha laughed too, but then shook her head. in disbelief "You two are going to be so dead!" She said with warning.

"Worth it!" Steve beamed. He turned to Bruce. "So, should we head back?" He asked.

"Yes, we should. Let's hurry! I can't wait to see his face when we walk through the door with you." Bruce said.

"I'll admit, that is going to be worth seeing." Natasha agreed.

They all got back in the car and headed for Stark Tower. Tony was in the living room, watching Thor and Clint very closely because he wanted to be sure Clint didn't encourage Thor to break the TV while he played the Wii.

"Why isn't Natasha, back?" Tony asked Clint curiously.

"She probably found something better to do. Hunting Steve wouldn't' have kept her entertained long." Clint said.

He was perfectly happy not bringing up the fact that he was positive that Bruce must have found Steve and they probably met up with Natasha somewhere. Clint just looked back at Thor, who was bowling.

"Hold that button down…No! Don't try to throw the ball!" Clint said and got off the couch to help Thor. Tony couldn't help but laugh at the sight.

"Sir, Dr. Banner is on his way up." JARVIS said.

Tony got off the couch. "Finally!" Tony said.

"But he's brought-"

"-Marshmallows? Idiot! I told him that we have some." Tony said.

"No, Sir-"

"-It doesn't matter, JARVIS. He's here now." Tony said and opened the door for Bruce as he walked in.

"Took you long enough." Tony said. He had no idea Natasha and Steve were waiting in the hall.

"Okay. You don't get to go hunt for Cap anymore. It makes you cranky." Bruce scolded playfully.

"You don't get to go hunt for Cap anymore, it makes your cranky." That was the ticket. Both Steve and Natasha knew that this could drive Tony crazy and cause him to become so distracted with fighting that he wouldn't notice his surroundings. Natasha and Steve calmly snuck their way into the Wii bowling tournament.

"Me? Cranky? Oh, NO!" They heard Tony shout as he paced back and forth. Natasha gave a small wave at Clint and nodded at Thor. Thor gasped when he saw Steve.

"IT IS THE CA-" He was cut off by Natasha placing a hand over his mouth.

"Shh! Don't let Tony know he's here." she whispered.

Thor shrugged and resumed playing with the Wii. Steve sat next to Clint on the couch, who greeted him with a snicker and a high five. After the wasteful and tiring day Tony put them through, Tony deserved what was coming to him.

"You haven't seen cranky yet, Bruce! Cranky will be when I see him again. I'll kick his ass for making him making us chase him all day long!" Tony yelled.

Bruce just smiled at Tony. "Him making us chase him? You do realize that this was all your idea, right?" Bruce asked.

Tony opened his mouth to argue, but he quickly closed it and deiced on something else. "In my defense, I never thought we'd actually have to hunt Mr. Patriotic down." Tony barked back. He turned around to go sit down on the couch.

"I thought we would have found in ten minutes. No big deal. I didn't think we'd end up like this. And what's with the campfire thing? I really don't understand why you want to do that!" Tony said,

As he sat down without even looking at his surroundings. But he did notice that whoever he was sitting beside had gotten a lot bigger. He turned his head to see Steve smirking at him. Smirking at him smugly. At first, Tony was shocked and then kind of relived to see him but then he just grew angry.

"Y-You! You bastard!" He said with utter shock and now noticed Natasha here as well. "How-Who- When did you- HOW THE HELL ARE YOU HERE RIGHT NOW?" He yelled. Tony was confused and angry. Everyone was laughing which only made him even angrier.

"I believe you said something about kicking the Captain's ass, Tony." Clint added with a laugh and Tony shot him a glare.

"You kick my ass?" Steve questioned. "Now there's a thought. Not a possibility, but a thought." He said, purposely trying to push his buttons even further. Natasha, Bruce, Clint and Thor, all laughed as Tony continued to spiral through different emotions like a PMSing woman.

"I'll make it a possibility if you don't start answering my questions, Rogers! When did someone find you?" Tony demanded.

"Easy there, Stark. You're beginning to make Banner look harmless when he gets angry." He said, rolling his eyes. "When? I have no idea. It was still light outside. I would say around noon?" Steve answered, truly unsure.

Tony was outraged he had looked for Steve all day, had even worried about the man a little, and he didn't even know when someone found him? This was insane! "Who found you?" Tony asked angrily.

"Ironically, it was Banner. Banner first, then Natasha." Steve said. He could have sworn that Tony's arc reactor flashed red for a second.

Tony looked away from Steve and turned his attention to Bruce, who was sitting at the table just laughing his ass off. "I thought we were friends!" Tony hissed, which only made Bruce laugh more.

"We are! I'm just your friend who loves to see you this angry and shocked." Bruce said.

Tony glared at him before looking back at Steve. "I spent 11 hours looking for you, I didn't know if you were hiding, or kidnapped—"

"-Kidnapped? How could I have be-"


Bruce looked at him with an honest smile. "Calling you when we found him was never a solid rule." Bruce said simply.

Tony stood up. "You're all horrible! Every single one of you! Well, not you, Thor—Wait-I changed my mind, you are horrible for laughing!" Tony decided and began heading for the roof.

"Where are you going?" Steve asked in a laugh.

"Why do you care? It's not like you'll come looking for me for 11 hours!" Tony huffed.

"You were hunting me, Stark." Steve corrected.

"I don't care! I'm going to the roof!" Tony yelled and walked out the doors.

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