Chapter 10

Cat's POV


My heart stops, I drop my pencil and rush over to my bed and pick up my phone.

"Robbie" displays on my screen, I hold my breath tapping view on my pearphone.

"We need to talk"

It reads, I gasp for air.

Anxiety and butterflies fill the pit of my stomach.

Eating at me, I feel like there's a nuclear bomb in my stomach about to explode.

This could go both ways…. Is this a good or bad thing? Should I be happy or sad?

"Just reply to the message Cat and you'll see" I murmur to myself.

I tap reply, my fingers shake as I type "Okay….Where?"

I softly set my phone down, only for me to pick it up again hearing the ringtone.

"I'll be there in a few"

"Okay…" I reply as I take a deep breath.



Every mixed emotion possible is surging through me.

I just want to see him again….

I just want everything to go back to normal.

Robbie's POV

"Do you have roses?" I ask the saleslady.

"We sure do, would you like a dozen?" She asks, smiling.

"Please" I reply, smiling back.

"There you go, that'll be $10." She says, handing me the flowers.

"Thanks" I say, giving her a ten.

I walk out the door with the dozen of roses in my hand, carefully placing them in the passenger seat.

I stare straight ahead at the road before putting my keys and driving off.

"If you love something, don't let it go. Because once you do, you'll realize it's too late to get it back"

Cat's POV

Where's Robbie?

It's been 30 minutes and he still isn't here.

I pace back and forth in my room, combing my hand through my hair.

I quickly grab my phone, scrolling through my contacts until I find Jade's name. I quickly press call, and sit on the corner of my bed.

It rings about 3 times until Jade answers, "Hey"

"Hi" I reply shaky.

"Are you okay? Did something happen?" She says in a worried tone.

"That's the thing Jade. I don't know if anything happened. Robbie told me he'd be here in a few and it's almost been an hour and he still isn't here!" I say overwhelmed.

"Cat calm down, he's probably in traffic"

"He doesn't live that far from me…."

"No, I don't mean like that. As in, he's stuck. He doesn't know what to say or what to do." She replies calmly.

"Is he going to break up with me? Or is he going to forgive me?!" I reply, even more overwhelmed.

"Cat, sweetie I don't know. Waiting is probably the best option right now."

"Jade I'm scared….I don't want him to break up with him."

"What did I tell you? He isn't going to break up with you! He loves you too much to do that!" She says reassuringly.

I sigh, "He does love me…" I clutch on the locket he gave me, grasping it tight between my hand.

"He does. He truly does Cat" Jade says softly.

"I hate my parents…" I murmur.

"No you don't Cat, if anything I hate your parents. But you shouldn't, they're the ones who gave life to you." Jade replies.

"No I hate them; they always ruin the best things in life for me. I don't want to go to New York University!" I say, crashing back on the bed.

"Then don't." She replies bluntly.

"Easier said than done" I retort.

Jade sighs on the other end, "You're right, I wish it was that easy though. But knowing your parents…."

"Exactly…." I say quietly.

There was a moment of silence between our conversation, all I hear on the other end is Jade breathing slowly.

"Can…." I say.

"Yes?" Jade asks.

"Can you stay on the phone with me until Robbie gets here?"

There was a slight pause before I hear Jade open her lips.

"Of course I will Cat"

Robbie's POV

Is that what I'm going to say?" I say to myself in the car.

"Think about your words Robbie, do you think this is okay to say?" I murmur again.

I have to stop talking to myself.

It's insane.

I stare to the side, looking at Cat's house.

I haven't stepped out from the car for 10 minutes now.

I'm already late enough as it is.

I take a deep breath before taking the flowers.

I slowly approach the front door.

Here goes nothing.

*Ding Dong*

Cat's POV

"Oh my gosh! Jade he's here!"

I quickly run downstairs, peeking through the door hole.

"It's him" I say again, to Jade.

"Answer the door! BYE!" And with that, she hangs up.

"Ugh!" I groan, placing my phone in my pocket.

I quickly fix my hair and grab the door knob.

Here goes nothing.

Robbie's POV

The door slowly opens, revealing Cat. "Hi…" She croaks. "Hey" I reply softly.

Cat's POV


Robbie's POV

"Those are beautiful flowers…" Cat says, admiring the dozen roses.

I can't help but stare at Cat.

She looks so beautiful, even when she's in sweats and a tank.

She's….just so perfect.

"They're for you" I reply, gently handing them over.

Cat faintly smiles, "Thank you"

I rub the back of my head, "Cat….there's something I want to say"

Cat looks up at me, showing me her heart melting brown eyes.

"Okay…..would you like to talk about it inside?" She asks.

"No…I won't take long…"

Cat nods, "Okay"

"Cat….I'm sorry"

Cat's POV

"Sorry? Robbie if anything I should be sorry…." I reply.

"Cat let me finish" Robbie says.

I slowly nod again.

"I'm sorry….about everything. I shouldn't have left without hearing your side of the story. I didn't mean to just walk out on you when you probably needed me the most…" He says.

"I really needed you…." I quietly say.

Robbie steps closer, "I know….It's my fault Cat. Everything is. I got heated in the moment….."

I stare at him for the longest time, trying to process his words.

Why is he blaming himself if this is all my fault

"Robbie…." I quietly say.

A brief silence spreads over.

"Which is why we can't be together…."