Winter Twenty Eighth

Dear Diary, (That sounds so cool!)

Hi! My name's Akari! Ack, I have terrible handwritting...who cares! Not me! Anyways! I have boring brown hair, light purple eyes, and barely a penny to my name! Today is the day I start my new life! I finished high school a semester early, mostly because I took a few classes last summer once all the chores were done. Nothing better to do during the long summer days in that teensy farming town! Haha. Well, I'm tired of being a burden to Aunt Claire, so I packed up, did the tearful dramatic goodbye thing, and went on my way bright and early this morning! I'm sure she's glad to have some peace and quiet after all the chaos I caused. She gave me this journal as I started walking out the door of her house. She told me to write down all my adventures, feelings, and memories I would want to keep with me. She told to write down who I am and what I've been through. I guess what she means, is that I need to make sure I understand all my feelings about the death of my parents.

They died over three years ago when I was fifteen. I was always a carefree happy go lucky little kid. I guess I still am at heart. I'm a little bit more mature then when I was seven, but I still think you need to have a good, "I'm gonna get a six-pack" laugh every other day. Some people don't think I have any maturity, at all. I disagree with that, mostly because I can be serious when I want to be. Which is rare. Oh, and I love to smile a lot. I think everyone needs to smile more often! I mean, all it does is make people's days brighter! Well anyways, in my life I've lived with my Aunt Claire, finished school and here I am. Aunt Claire runs a farm, so I helped out quite a bit. I really have no idea on where I'm going, or what I'm going to do when I get there. I plan to play it by year. Is it possible I'll be sleeping on this very bench tonight? Yes. Am I scared? Nope! I'm kinda overly optimistic like that sometimes.

Right now, I'm sitting on a bench at the docks, waiting for something to happen. Might as well give my complete life story! Alright, so my folks, Aunt Claire talk for parents, were accountants. Typical normal people. I loved them, like any normal kid would. I grew up in a modest home in a modest town named Piano City. It wasn't really a city. The name just seemed to fit. Well, I went to school there, made some friends. Entered high school, started to grow apart from my parents. Got my first crush who became my first 'beau' as Aunt Claire would call boyfriends. She has a lot of 'nifty' words in her back pocket. As I said it was high school so it didn't last. Especially since my parents died a few days before he and I broke up. He was too big of a jerk to help me through such a hard time, so he took the easy way out. After moving out of my best friend, Michaela's house, I moved to Aunt Claire's ranch. She's married to Uncle Gray, he and I got along fine. Aunt Claire says its because I'm just like herself. Aunt Claire was devastated over her sister's death, but in a way she was happy she had me. She has this medical thing and can't have kids. I loved helping out on her farm.

I feel this little kid staring at me. I try to give him a questioning look.

Oh crap, its really hard to write and do stuff at the same time. I'll write this conversation down later...


Ha! Awesome! I'm so happy! This is how it all went down...

"Hey lady, wanna buy a paper? One gold piece!" The little asked me. He had tan skin, and black hair with a black band tied around his head. He was really short, and had a adorable, squeaky, little voice.

"Why not?" I said, picking out a piece of gold I had in my pocket. I hand him the small amount of money, and he hands me a paper. Nothing interesting. One good story about a thief who was stirring up trouble in a small town finally got caught. I opened to read more about the silver haired thief, when this green flyer flew out onto the ground. Everyone around looked at me like I killed someone, so I picked up the green pamphlet. Man, you litter ONCE, and everyone starts to hate you...anyway, it said something about a paradise island needing a rancher...maybe...

No. It can't be this easy...

But then again...I got nowhere to go...and this bench is starting to make my butt numb...

Its really not supposed to be this it? Aunt Claire found her farm in a newspaper ad...


Well that's that! I just called the town, spoke to a very cheerful mayor, named Hammy or Henry or something, and now I have myself a job! I'm supposed to catch a boat in a half hour, ride the waves for a day and then I will arrive tomorrow on the first of Spring! Way more then enough time to get my first crops in.


Man, if I didn't have this diary, I'd be bored to tears. I've been on this stupid sailboat for two hours, and I'm already going crazy. Crazy in the head. This Pascal guy keeps asking me questions, and I'm flattered and all, but he's getting on my nerves. I almost told him,

"Unless your giving me a plate of food, stop asking me about food!" I yelled in my mind, but bit my tongue. I have tendency to not have a clue at what I'm saying, then say the wrong thing. Then everybody would think I'm some kind of a freak.

So yeah. I'm just lying here in a hammock type bed. Pretty sure I'm annoying the heck out of my roommate with the light I'm using to write. He looks like the kind of person to get annoyed easily. Maybe I should play a joke on him, and steal his cowboy hat! Eh, he's too old to take a joke like that, considering he has silver hair. Okay, better stop staring before he magically looks up. I hate it when your staring at someone, and they have this magical idea to suddenly look back at you! Ugh! I would say I'm dead tired, but I'm not. I've been sitting all day, ad I'm restless. I can't sit still for a very long time. FIrst on that bench, then on the deck, and now on this stupid hammock that makes my butt feel as big as neptune! Ugh...

What to do, what to do...?

Hm, well...not a good idea to waste paper like this. And I should be getting some sleep...nah, sleep is for wimps. Wimps without toes. I think I'll go up to the deck...who cares if its midnight! Duh, not me!

Well, now I'm writting by the light of the stars. I sound like some romantic poet! Tee-hee. His eyes sparkled with more brilliance then the nightly sky. He made every female heart play the part of a drummer in the symphony of life. Wow, I'm good at this! I don't know who I'm writing about, considering there's no one around me. Everyone with common sense is inside. No one ever accused me of having good common sense.




Well...I'm back. I decided to leave the first chapter alone, and you can expect another update soon.