Spring 1

Dear Diary, (It still feels weird to write that...)

Busy day! Where to start, where to start...

Well, Castanet Island is one of the most beautiful places on earth! Well, actually, the buildings are a little rundown, the grass is kinda dry, and the ocean is something fierce, but other than that, this place is amazing! Well...I think I'm comparing the island a little bit too much to the boat I was trapped on. I should start from the beginning...

I woke up this morning, on one of those sun-bathing chairs on the deck of the ship. Pascal woke me, telling me "Your future home awaits you". What he meant was, that we had arrived on the island. I was so excited! I walked off the boat, and I found myself staring at a field. I don't know how, but I somehow got a ride to my farm by a guy named Cain. He was driving this wagon that hay on it, and I was able to catch some shuteye! Until I felt this odd thing hit me in the head. When I opened my eyes, I found myself staring a creepy...little...fairy...thing...little did I know, it was a harvest sprite.

I had always heard the tales of these little guys. How they all wore cute little hats, and had high squeaky voices. How the Harvest Goddess created them when the earth was cold and lonely with no one but her mean brother, the Harvest King.

"Hi! I'm FInn! I'm here to help you on your journey to save the island, you lucky hero!" FInn said, in a squeaky high voice. I smiled.

"Uh, I'm just going to the island to farm. And I'm not a hero." I whispered. I didn't want Cain to think I was crazy. All I know about him is that he owns one of the two farms on the island.

"Yes you are! We have to go see the Harvest Goddess really, really soon! She can explain the whole thing better then I can!" Finn told me. I smiled again, while closing my eyes, and leaning back on the hay. The next thing I knew I was standing in front of my new house. It had wood everywhere, paint was peeling off, and the roof was rotted. The field was over-ridden with weeds, and the barn...don't get me started on the barn. While trying to stay hopeful about the mess I had gotten myself into, a short, plump little man came running down the path. That reminds me. I gotta remember to keep this diary hidden.

"Hello Miss. Akari! I'm Mayor Hamilton, we spoke on the phone." He said. I bowed, and he chuckled. "I'll be taking the five thousand gold pieces now!"

"What?" I said loudly. I was so terrified. I only had a thousand pieces to my name. And I really didn't feel like spending another night on some random boat.

"Don't worry if you can't pay up front. You can pay over time if you wish." He said, as I took a sigh of relief. He then gave me some seeds, a watering can and a hoe. I went straight to work, which sent Finn up a wall. He kept lecturing me, and he kept going "The Goddess is that way! THAT way!" while pointing down a path, opposite of Gilberto Farms.

Gilberto Farms is my farm, by the way. Who is this mysterious Gilberto? Well, you see last year Aunt Claire's dog had puppies, and the only one that survived the first week was the one I named Gilberto. So now, the name Gilberto means 'good luck' to me. I really want my farm to do well, even if I am only gonna be here a year. I really just want to build up some money, and then leave the island. I hope to leave by the end of autumn, before winter starts.

Well, after I finished planting the seeds, I went to Flute Fields, (mostly to aggravate Finn. Which is an easy thing to do) to see if I could find anybody interesting. I met the people at the seed store. Craig, a really creepy lazy dude, his wife Ruth, a lady who kinda sucks all the sunshine out of the sky, and their son, Taylor, who I think ran away from home. Then I met the people at Horn Ranch. I recognized Cain, and apparently he recognized me too, 'cause he gave me a cow! She has black and white spots, and her name is...

I'm not proud of this.

Her name is Name. When Cain asked me what her name should be, I was all,

"Name?" And he thought thats what I named her.

"Name? That's a great name!" Then 'Name' mooed. She kinda liked the name. Now I'm getting really sick of writing 'name'. So I'll stop writing it now. I also met Hanna, Cain's wife and their daughter, Renee. She is so nice! She offered to help me out anytime I needed help, and I gladly excepted her help.

Then, I blew all my money on feed for Name, and I started to make my way to the mining district. I had to cross this bridge, and there was a sign that said, "Thank you, Bo!" Whatever that meant. Probably some fancy pants dude with a lot of money who donated the bridge. Anyways, I met the people at the carpentry, Dale and his nephew Bo (maybe not so fancy pants as I thought...), and Dale said he had another son named Luke, but he was in the forest gathering wood. Then I met Mira, a depressed widow, Julius, a man or woman, I can't tell, Owen, a guy with major muscles, an old guy who works at the blacksmith, whose name escapes me. Ramy...Remi...and his granddaughter Chloe, who is so cute and adorable. After coming back up from the mine, which is a very interesting place, by the way, I finally decided to give Finn a break and visit the goddess.

I'm gonna spare you the details. I have a 'pure heart' and I need to save the island like Finn said, by ringing the five bells. I already know that the red one is stuck the old guy's chimney. Bo was playing a game with Chloe, and...

You know what, I don't wanna think about it. All I know is now, I have to collect a bunch of ores from the mine. Oh yeah, and I met Barbara, a kind happy lady who runs the general store.

After searching the mine for all the ores I might have missed the first time in the lower mine, I made my way to Harmonica Town. There were a lot of people there, and I really don't want to write about all of them. The only people who stuck out to me were the people who worked at the Brass Bar. They were Chase, a sort of cute cook. Kathy, a girl who is very nice, but is missing half of her clothes, and her dad, Hayden who is the bartender. Also the people at the tailor's were very nice as well. Candace is around my age, and she's painfully shy. Her grandmother is one of those kind old ladies who have warm freshly baked cookies. She didn't have cookies, I learned this. Oh yeah, and lastly, there was this house that had a sign that said 'Wizard's House' on it, but when I tried opening the door, it wouldn't open. I wanna meet the Wizard!

And that was basically my day. I met everyone, and I got myself into saving the island.