Hello Lily, Your Time comes today. Will you do me a favor

- Death deals with Lily Potter


Once every hundred years, Death lives one day as a mortal. Today is October 31st 1981. The place is a cottage in Godric's Hollow. Death appears in the bed room of the cottage, and wakes Lily Potter after casting sleep and silence spells on James and little Harry. "Hello Lily, Your Time comes today. Will you do me a favor?"

Lily sat up in surprise and looked over at the goth woman with the eye tattoo that was seated at the edge of her bed. At first she was going to scream then she saw the tattoo and looked closer. Seeing the silver ankh her face paled, "We failed didn't we?"

Death smiled softly, "Yes and No, you and James die today. But Harry has a long life ahead of him. Will you do me a favor?"

Lily took a deep breath, "How can a mortal do a favor for Death?" She was upset but also in shock, most likely she will crash and cry later if she was alive later.

Death smiled, "I need a mortal to take the place of for twenty four hours. I would like that person to be you. You leave your body a bit earlier. And I am reminded of compassion and pain." She sat back. "Would you be willing?"

Lily starts to cry though she is not sobbing. "You swear Harry will survive and be okay?"

Death rested her hand on Lily's knee through the covers, "He may not be as happy as he would be if Peter never betrayed you. But I will be watching him for the rest of his life."

Lily tried not to sob, "But will he have a full wizard lifetime? I won't see him before he has lived a wizard's lifetime. Promise me!"

Death sighed, "I won't promise you that you won't see him, you will understand why later. I will promise you he will be old when his time comes.

Lily nodded her head and closed her eyes, "I will do it for Harry."

Death helped Lily lay down. She rested her hand on Lily's forehead and wordlessly triggered her power. There was a flicker and where once Death stood a transparent Lily stood. At first the spirit was confused until she heard Death's voice telling her that she gets to watch.


"Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off!"

"Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!"

"Stand aside you silly girl … stand aside now."


Death came back to herself standing beside the crib. She looked over at Harry and finds him unwounded and silently looking back at her. As she watched the All Seeing Eye appeared around his right eye, matching her own. Not sure what is going on she touched the boy's cheek.

Harry reached up to grasp the entity's hand. Though he did not speak, his feelings crossed along touch. Feeling of missing his parents and yet understanding they had passed on. Feelings of worry and fear, of wanting his uncles. And yet a feeling of unconditional love, somehow the child knew her again.

Now she wasn't sure if he would forget her ever again. Somehow this touch, affected her, she felt her hair change, with a thought a mirror appeared and Death looked at the blood red highlights in her hair. With a smile she whispered to Harry. "So be it child, I am Death and Life. As long as you travel this world, I will wear the mark you gave me."

Harry giggled and clapped then looked up as he heard the sounds of a engine, "Fadfoo!"

Death nodded and stepped back away from the child, "I will always be watching Harry Lord Potter, Mage" Death touched Lily and James' souls. The three faded from sight yet somehow Harry tracked them, the All Seeing Eye of Horus glowing with a dark golden light. "We love you Harry" whispered Lily. Totally shocked when Harry said, "Wub you.", before he fell back asleep.


Dumbledore looked down at the child of Prophecy. "Why would Tom mark you with the All Seeing Eye of Horus?" The old man shook his head and took out the Elder Wand, "No matter, the same ritual that binds your magic and you to the blood wards will make it fade and stop working." The old man smirked, "Can't have the tool be too independent, its for the Greater Good, after all." He began a long ritual that he knew would bind and in the long run kill the child, it had to be done.

Death looked on and as soon as the old goat left to rest after hours of casting, she walked up to the child. Reaching out she tore the old bastard's spell from Harry's energy core, then finding a hole in need of filling she pulled out a glowing red gem. Placing the red gem in the center of emptiness. There was a soft smile on her lips as Harry's magic flowed into the gem. Now to the lesser eyes of a wizard his core would be the lesser amount the Dumb bastard excepted when he returned. Softly she stroked Harry's hair and sang him a lullaby. Finding him sleeping peacefully now that the bindings were gone. Death leaned down and kissed his forehead before fading out of sight.


Dumbledore came back late that night and ran some scans, finding the core of the child at the level he planned for. He spent an hour binding a glamour on the fading Eye. With a grin and twinkling eyes. He took the child that was to be the downfall of the Dark Lord and headed far into England. After speaking with McGonagall, he lay the child with a note on the door stop and taking McGonagall by the arm forced her along with him back to Hogwarts.

Death looked on and walked up to the child in the basket. She reached down and the child's magic reacted why he still slept on. For a moment the glamour fell and the Eye remained, then Death herself hid it so it would only be seen by mortals when Harry was surrounded by free flowing magic. With a smile, she stepped back and faded away.