"Mother!" I ran into my home and went straight for my Mother's potions room. Mother turned to me and raised an eyebrow. 'Is everything ok?' she said. I took a deep breath and began my rant. "Everyone in class laughed at me because they say I have the worst swordsmanship of them all!" She opened her mouth to say something, but I wasn't done yet, this was far more important. "I mean, how is that even fair? The weapons themselves are about a million tons! I couldn't lift it up if I even tried! My teacher failed me in swordsmanship because I can't lift up a sword? That's so awful!"

"Well swords nowadays are really heavy!" She agreed. "Only a barbarian could carry those monsters!"

"Everyone else in the class could carry it..." I whimpered. She leaned forward and planted a quick kiss on my forehead.

"Because your the only civilized person at that school, you know that." She said. I beamed with a grin and nodded. Of course I was the only civilized person in class, anyone with eyes could see that! I'm best dressed, I use the best manners...you know, I'm just the best.

"But still.." I said. "Can't you come down to my class and tell my teacher how great I am? He can't fail me just because of some dumb sword..."

Suddenly, Mother turned back to her cauldron, as if trying to avoid me. "Well," She began grabbing a bunch of unmarked vials filled with bubbling goop and fluids. I cringed and leaned against a wall. "I could try and make some sort of potion to make you the strongest. But it would take a long time to make, Finn. Remember last time? Your arms were limp and numb for three weeks!" I remembered that. I couldn't grab anything,l couldn't lift my arms at all. Why was she proposing this idea? I was still terrified.

"No, Mother! I told you, I wanted you to come down to the university!" I said.

"The potion won't take too long to make, Finn," She changed the subject again!

"Mother!" I exclaimed in annoyance.

"Finn!" She turned back to me and clentched her fists, propping them on her hips. "I don't want to go down to the school! The longer I can stay away from your creepy teacher, the better!" I frowned and stepped towards her.

"But they're all going to make fun of me!"

"Either you take the potion, or go to school and face the music! That's final!"

I was taken aback by her. Mother rarely ever says no to me, let alone raise her voice. I felt tears filling my eyes, so I ran out before she could see. My face was burning red hot with frustration and embarassment, I looked down as I ran and wiped my eyes roughly. I just wanted to get to my room as soon as I could.

Sadly, I wasn't exactly looking where I was going. I got to my room much sooner than I expected. My sensitive head slammed right into the door and sent a violent jolt throughout my whole body. I yelped loudly for help, but didn't get any before I stumbled and toppled over, unconscious.

I awoke to feel a painful throbbing in my head, along with an unbearable soreness spreading throughout my limps. When I looked around, I wasn't even in my home anymore. I was out front, right in front of my home, lying in the grass. I wasn't in any place to question how I got outside, I couldn't even see straight. I called loudly for my Mother, but she didn't hear me. I groaned and sat up. I was feeling so awful, I couldn't stand it.

I wanted to go lay in my own bed and take a nice long nap. That's what I was going to do anyways! Before I went outcold. So I stood up and walked, stumbling still, back to the door. I saw a bush rustling out of the corner of my eye, and my heartbeat quickened. "H-Hevvin!" I exclaimed, out of my control. I wasn't too close to the door, but as I went to run, I tripped over my own foot and fell on the grass. I could barely breathe at this point, I turned my head and expected the worst. The bush kept rustling, but the person who came out was not that pesky unicorn.

It was his majesty- the king!

He popped out of the bushes, clad in the fanciest clothes I've ever seen, along with a small monocle over his eye, and a gigantic pocketwatch weighing down his coat pocket. "Your majesty!" I exclaimed, and attempted to sit up again. He jumped up and down, bouncing around for a while yelling absurdities I couldn't understand. "Bu! Buu Bu! Bu Bu!" He yelled. He brought out the thick gold pocketwatch and tapped it a ton of times, he looked panicked.

"You...Sir, I don't know what you're saying!" His chatter wasn't very good for my headache, but I was so curious. He tapped his watch again, his eyes darting everywhere.

"Bu! Buu Buu! Buu!" He slowed down to see if I'd understand. "BUUUUUUUUU!" I blinked. Why couldn't he talk normally? I've always wondered. He was still tapping the watch. Time to guess.

"Something with time...you need to know the time?"

He shook his head.

"You're..waiting for a certain time?"

He shook his head.

"Are you late for something?"

He nodded quickly and bounced around.

"You're late?" I repeated. His response was the same "Buu bu!" I began to mumble. "Note to self: buu buu means 'I'm late'? Weird."

With that, he took off, bouncing through the woods. My eyes went wide. The king was journeying through the dangerous woods with no bodygaurds near him. If something were to happen, and anyone knew I was the last to talk to him, I'd be accused and hanged. So that's why, despite my migrain and fear I'd be sckewered by a pyschotic unicorn, I ran after the king.

For a man who could only bounce, he was really fast. I could barely keep up with him on my own two feet! He was chanting over and over again loudly. "Bu Buu! Bu Buu!" I tried calling out for him, but he seemed to ignore me.

"He'd better stop!" I thought angrily. "If Hevvin comes, I'll leave him for sure!"

But then the strangest thing happened.

The king bounced right near a tree...

And suddenly he was gone.

I stopped in my tracks. I was puzzled. The king was nowhere in sight, he simply vanished. A slight image came in my mind. Me being hanged in front of everyone for the disappearance of the king. With that in my head, I almost lost it. "Your majesty!" I screamed and ran to the tree where I saw him go. I looked around and ran around the tree about four times, looking for him.

I should really look where I'm going.

As I was running, I saw a rabbithole in the ground, right when the king disapeared. I was running way to fast to be able to stop near it, and I slipped and fell right into the hole. I closed my eyes as tightly as I could and let out a yell, expecting to fall on the king and hurt him. Instead, I just kept falling.

And falling..and falling... I opened my eyes to see where I was. The hole seemed never-ending. I was falling so fast, I felt like my skin was coming off! I couldn't yell anymore, at the speed I was going, I couldn't even move!

But soon everything came to a halt, and I began going slow.. I was floating down now like some sort of fairy! When I looked down, I could see it clearly. I was somehow now in a dress! It was blue and poofy, with a tiny white apron. Sort of like what Harv's Mother wears, only I'm sure, even as a boy, I looked a hundred times better in it.

Now that I was falling slowly, I could see all around the hole. I was under the impression that this wasn't a hole, but someone's underground home! Furniture was floating everywhere. Mirrors, rocking chairs, even beds! It looked so royal down in the hole, I was amazed! I tried to grab onto something, but I came to the end. I hit the floor roughly, and looked up to see if I could see the surface.

I couldn't.

I was stuck down here without any way to get help from my Mother or Harv. And what if the unicorn came down? I'd be murdered. The only assurance I possibley had was the king's voice echoing down a long hallway. I took a deep breath, rubbed my aching arm, and marched down the hall. It was a good thing that the hall wasn't long, I was still bored from the long flight down!

I was brought to a room with a table made of glass in the middle, and a vial with red goop in it. There was a very small door in the room, that was the only way out. "It's you!" I heard a voice say. I jerked my head around and looked for the familiar voice.

"Down here!" It said. I turned back to the door and looked down at it. Oddly enough, I was greeted by the tiniest little boy by the tiny door. It was Harv's annoying little brother, Rhodri or something. I cringed, and got on my knees to lean closer. He was grinning from ear to ear, yelling "I told Harv you were a girl! How can you not be? You're wearing a dress!"

"What're you doing here?" I asked. "And why are you so small?"

"Why are you so BIG!" He snapped back.

We stood in silence for a moment, neither of us knowing how to answer.

"You know, I like my women bigger!" He said with a smug grin. I winced in disgust, it took all of my willpower not so squash him like a bug.

"Shush. What's through that door?" I asked. He kicked the door open and gave me a quick glance. It was gorgeous! I saw the palace, only it looked decorated a bit nicer, with more shades of purple. It was glimmering in the sun. "Why are you in here when you could be out THERE?" I asked.

"I tried to steal some tarts the queen made," Rhodri rolled his eyes. "I was hungry!...So I ran away. And now I'm stuck here." I wasn't surprised, I groaned and looked back at him.

"But this isn't fair!" I said. "I'm too big to get through the door!"

"Then I guess we're stuck here together!" He was grinning wider now, I felt myself go pale. That's when I turned back to the vial and grabbed it. His eyes widened. "Are you crazy!" He said. "What if that's poison?"

"I saw it in my Mother's potions room once," I said. "Nothing there can KILL you unless it's MIXED!" With that being said, I drank the entire thing. It was bitter and left a burning sensation coating my throat, I gagged a couple times. My whole body went sore again, but this time I wasn't going to pass out! My body was shrinking! My limbs went smaller and smaller until I was finally the same size as Rhodri and the door. I smiled wide, and made my way out.

"Wait!" Rhodri grabbed the handle and shut the door in front of me. "Don't leave me here!" He said. "I wanted to spend time with you!"

"Get out of my way, you freaky kid!" I grabbed his head and pushed him down, then grasped the door handle. I tried to open it, but it didn't budge. I shook the handle over and over again, then pounded on the door. I was growing furious as I turned to him. "IT'S LOCKED?"

He jumped up and tried opening the door in many ways. First by trying to shake the handle, then by pounding the door, then by throwing himself against it. He rubbed his arm. "Huh. I guess so!" I grabbed the front of his shirt and brought him close to me, my face was turning bright red again as I glared at him.

"Where's the key!" I yelled. Rhodri was just staring into my eyes, so I let go and backed away. He looked around, then pointed to the glass table, which was now extremely tall and wide, with a rust colored key on it. I groaned in frustration. "Now I'm too small..."

"But I found this earlier.." Rhodri handed a tiny, bite-sized cake to me. "I know you like cakes. See? It says 'Eat me'...If the drink made you smaller, maybe this'll make you big!"

I took the cake, then threw it over my shoulder, watching it smash and crumble onto the ground. He crossed his arms. "What the heck was that about? Don't you want the key?" Little did he know, I had an idea. I looked over at him.

"Just pick the lock!" I said. He crossed his arms.

"Why should I?" He said with a scowl. I bit my lower lip and clentched my fists. That brat! He needs a punishment, but I didn't wanna be the one to give him one. Instead, I took a deep breath, and put on my best puppy-dog-pouting face.

"Please, Rhodri?" I whimpered. He looked at me like he was hypnotized, but quickly began working on the lock. I smoothed my hair back into place and chuckled to myself. "Moron," I thought. Within a minute, he had the door opened again. I merely patted his head, said I very hurried "Goodbye" and ran out, shutting the door behind me.

But when I made it through the door, there was no palace. There was only a large forest in front of me, the trees were so thick, I couldn't see anything beyond it. I was so angry by this point, thinking I had been tricked by Harv's snotty little brother. I turned around to the door to give him a peice of my mind, only to find...

The door wasn't even there anymore...