I've never been happier in my life when I finally was released from the horrifying depths of the forest and brought to the palace. I knew I could get home from there, even though I'm not sure how I got here in the first place. I went to walk in the direction I knew was home, but I came to a stop when I heard a group of hurried voices yelling quietly at each other. I turned my head to see none other than Emet and a couple other students from the university grabbing bunches of beautiful white roses and painting them pitch black. "Hurry, guys, hurry!" Emet painted about three roses at a time, getting her hands stained with black paint.

I ran over to them and tapped Emet on the shoulder. She screamed and turned around hurriedly, then glared when she saw me. "Don't scare me, I thought you were the queen!" She growled.

"The queen?...What are you doing?"

Emet held up a rose and waved it in front of my face. "The queen isn't happy until all of the roses in the palace grounds are BLACK! We're painting the roses black!"

"Painting the roses black..." The other students agreed.

"Why you though?" I asked.

"Cuz we're warriors to the queen!" Emet said proudly with a big grin. I raised an eyebrow at her, and she looked down with a blush. "Well not YET..but we WILL be..."

"That's what I thought." I nodded. "Here, I'll give you a hand!" I took a paintbrush and carefully painted a rose as perfectly as I could.

"What're you doing?" Emet gave me a weird look. "You're taking too long!"

"It needs to look right!" I argued.

Before she could object, I saw a shadow loom over her as she screamed. I turned around to see the Headmaster from university looking down on us (or I think he was looking). He had a jagged crown placed on his head...skull...I'm not sure what it is.

"The queen!" The other students yelled in terror.

"QUEEN!" I said, looking up at the Headmaster.

"Your majesty, we're sorry!" Emet cried out and bowed on the floor. Headmaster didn't even listen as the rest of the palace knights approached.

"Off with their heads." He said. Emet ran off into the forest screaming for mercy while the other students were pulled off behind the palace. A knight approached me, but the Headmaster stopped him.

"You're not the queen!" I said.

"Yes I am." Headmaster said, then pointed to my teacher. "And that's the king."

"I hate you." My teacher growled.

"It's complicated." Headmaster said.

I frowned and began to stomp around. "I don't want to be here! I want to go home!"

"I can take you home," Headmaster said. "But you have to beat me in a game first."

"Let me guess," One of the knights said. "Is it croquet?" Headmaster turned to him.

"No. A swordfight. Why would you say croquet, that's a dumb answer. Off with his head!"

That knight was pulled away...The Headmaster brought a ton of swords to us and he took one without hesitation. I picked the tinest sword, but it was still way to heavy for me to hold. I groaned and struggled with my weapon. The Headmaster took his sword and swooped it over my head, nearly taking my head off, but missing on purpose. I screamed like a girl and nearly fell back, watching as Headmaster turned to the cheering crowd proudly.

And wouldn't you know, that's when Hevvin appeared in front of me. He took my sword with no trouble and held it over his head. "Need some help?" He smirked crazily, and pointed the tip of the sword at Headmaster's back. "I'll get him for ya!"

"N-No.." I whimpered. "I'll be killed...Please!"

As Headmaster turned around, Hevvin disapeared, leaving the sword pointed mid-air at him. I stared in horror.

"He's a witch!" Headmaster pointed to me. The sword dropped on the ground, and I could hear Hevvin's cackle ringing in my head.

And that's all I know before I was suddenly being chased off into the distance by every single person in the palace, screaming my name!

"Finn! Oh god, Finn wake up!" I was awoken by my Mother shaking me rapidly. I coughed, feeling pressure on my weak neck when she shook me.

"Mother?" I asked, confused. Her eyes went wide and she hugged me tightly. She couldn't even speak at this point. I looked around and saw I was on the floor in front of my bedroom. When I looked down, I saw very clear that I wasn't in a dress! But a migrain was still pounding in my head and my whole body felt numb.

"Of course!" She said. "Who else?"

"I'm your son?" I asked. She gave me a strange look and let go of me abruptly, letting my body hit the ground again.

"Well duh...oh god, do you have amnesia? I don't know how to deal with that!"

"No, I don't...I just.." I quickly sat up and hugged her again, I was very emotional from the ordeal I had just suffered. Even if it was a dream. "You're the best,Mother!"

"I know," She grinned. "Oh but um...your friend Harv has been outside...I didn't let him in."

I let go of her.

"How long? How long has he been here?" It was hard to understand her through her nervous giggling but I heard her say 'about a half an hour...'

I quickly went to the front door, despite how exhausted and weak I already felt, to see Harv sitting in the grass. I went to him and immediately fell to my knees, tired. "Hey, where've you been?" He asked in an annoyed tone. I took a deep breath, then replied,

"I really don't know..."