Lin closed her eyes.

This was it, Amon was going to take her bending away for good. Never thought she'd see the day coming. And the interesting thing? She wasn't scared at all, in fact, she felt calm, sad.

Lin wasn't scared, she was proud of what she did. She protected her ex-boyfriend and his wife and their children, not to mention they were the last airbenders. Lin was proud of herself for doing this, for doing what was right and she was pretty sure that her mother would be proud of her right now.

Lin glared at the man in front of her, the man that started this unnecessary war.

"Tell me where the Avatar is and I will allow you to keep your bending."

The metalbender mentally scoffed at him. Amon really disgusted her. Here he was, a man that said that he will bring peace and eqaulity to all non-benders, yet he's starting a damn pointless war. Amon was nothing but a hyprocite.

"I won't tell you anything you monster!"

"Ver well."

Amon made his way behind her. One of his hand found its way to her neck. She closes her eyes.

This was it.

Amon was going to take her bending away.

Lin wasn't scared though.

She was sad.

Lin was saying farewell to a life that she was so used to. She was saying goodbye to bending she had grown up to love and cherish so much. A life where it connected with her mother in a different way and made her proud. She was saying goodbye to something she'll miss the minute it's gone. Lin wonders, what the feeling was like, having their bending taken away.

Amon's hand was on her forehead.

Her eyes shot open when an overwhelming emptiness consumed her body. It was like something just ripped out of her in the most painful manner and didn't bother to soothe the emptiness away.

So this was what it felt like to say goodbye to your bending.

I cried so much in this. No matter how many times I watched it, I cried. LIN! DX