"We can find another way."

"There is no other way."

Their blue and green eyes were locked in a battle of wills. The staff lay behind Morgana, humming a contented tune that was the only sound in the crypt.

"Morgana, please." Merlin pleaded with her, his eyes welling up at the thought of the girl he used to know, so different from the one in front of him now. She kept her eyes locked on his as she shook her head, raising her chin higher in protest. A sneer curled her lips, distorting her natural beauty.

Kilgharrah had warned him, yet he never listened, always hoping to see the best in people. He didn't want to hurt her, but it may be the only option left to him but he would keep trying. Trying to get the old Morgana back.

"Stop this, Morgana." He whispered, his voice breaking on her name. Her face remained blank, yet she gave no immediate answer. She raised herself to her full height, being as intimidating as she could be. She looked coldly into Merlin's eyes, his heart breaking at the emptiness in them, and raised her sword. Merlin let out a breath and buried his emotions and mimicked her motions. They held their stances, waiting for the other to move.

The room started to shake, Merlin looked up judging the stability of the ceiling, he brought his gaze back down just as Morgana moved forward and raised her sword. He quickly brought his up blocking her attack. Their swords clashed, ringing out in the crypt. Morgana continued to attack while Merlin dodged and deflected her blows. She as the better fighter, but Merlin hoped that his luck wouldn't run out. He saw her become angrier and angrier as he failed to retaliate.

Merlin grew weaker. He started to stumble back, hitting the tombs trying to get away from Morgana. She lunged at his right side causing Merlin to jump to his left and trip over rubble that had once been the lid of a tomb. He fell backwards, the sword dropping from his hand and clattering to the floor. Merlin lay on the ground, gasping air into his lungs.

Morgana strode over to him and placed the point of her sword over his heart. He watched the blade lift with his every breath. She did nothing but stand by his side, her arm taut holding the blade still. The blade dug deeper into his chest with every breath. He looked up seeing that she was watching the blade rise and fall rhythmically with his breath. He closed his eyes and laid his head on the ground. He realised that this was the end, she couldn't let him live and he couldn't hurt her to get away, magic or not. He thought of his mother, his father, Gwen, Gaius, the Knights and Arthur. He lay there cherishing every breath, ignoring the pain. He waited.

The sword twitched. He cautiously opened one eye. The sword was shaking. He raised his eyes to see her arm shaking. Her jaw was clenched but the rest of her face remained blank. Her empty jade eyes now stared him down.

She opened her mouth, and then closed it. She continued to open and close her mouth, her frustration mounting. Her grip tightening on the sword pushing it further into his chest, Merlin winced.

Her face slackened at his wince, shock covering her features. Her eyes followed the line of the sword to her hand. She took a step back from Merlin in shock, the sword pointing uselessly to the ground. He let out an involuntary sigh of relief as the pressure was removed.

He saw her glance to his chest where blood was stating to seep through his tunic, staining the fabric. He idly thought about how difficult the stain would be to remove, if he was still alive to do so.

Her left hand came up to cover her open mouth. She glanced down at her sword, promptly letting it fall and clatter to the ground. Both her pale hands were now covering her face.

Merlin slowly pushed himself up on his elbows. Moving up on his knees watching her cautiously. He stopped. Morgana fell to her knees. He watched suspiciously as she hunched over herself, burying her face further in her hands.

He slowly reached his left hand out to grasp the blade of her sword. He tried not to flinch at the cuts it created as he pulled it agonisingly closer. Once he had the sword away from her he grasped the hilt and rose from the ground. He stood over her still form. Her shoulders had started to shake imperceptibly.

He glanced over his shoulder towards the staff, then back at Morgana. Wondering if he should make the same decision he had to before: Camelot or Morgana? He haltingly turned away from Morgana and walked towards the staff with the sword scrapping along the floor behind him. He stopped in front of the staff, hefted the sword over his right shoulder and proceeded to bring it down. He watched as the top half of the staff fell to the floor. The humming ceased, bringing a crippling silence with it.

Merlin stood still with his back to Morgana. Slowly he turned around, seeing Morgana standing proudly where she had fallen. His sword was now resting in her pale fist. She stalked over to him, bitterness and hatred distorting her features. He realised he had missed his opportunity to help her, again. She stopped a few feet from him. He looked sadly to the floor and tossed his sword down in front of her. The clang of metal against rock echoed in the silence.

He stood, his head bowed to the ground waiting for her revenge.

"Why?" she asked quietly. His head jerked up, her eyes were full of anger.

"Why didn't you fight back?" her volume increased with each word. He wordlessly watched her, not knowing how to reply.

"Why!" She shouted at him. Deciding to tell her the truth for once because she deserved it, he answered.

"I didn't want to hurt you." His voice wavered slightly at his confession. She scoffed, rolling her eyes.

"That didn't stop you from poisoning me." She said, her lip curling in disgust.

"I didn't want to! I had no choice!" He shouted at her, the pressure of destiny pushing him to his limits.

"Had no choice?" she asked incredulously, "We all have a choice, Merlin. You just made the wrong one." She spat his name venomously.

"I know, and I'm sorry. You have no idea how sorry I am." He brought his right hand up to his face, trying to cover his shame at the memories.

"Oh, I forgive you, Merlin." She mocked him. "You left me to die! And sorry doesn't cut it."

"I saved you! Like I saved Camelot!"

"You didn't save me Morgause did!"

"She needed my help to save you, if I hadn't told her it was Hemlock then all of this never would have happened." He waved his arms around at the destruction of the tomb.

"If you hadn't of poisoned me in the first pla-"

"NO!" He shouted, interrupting her. His anger taking over as he prowled towards her, stopping a breath away from her shocked face. "If you didn't let your hate for Uther control you then none of this would have happened." He whispered cruelly at her.

His jaw clenched. His magic was racing under his skin wanting an outlet. She said nothing to this new, darker Merlin. Her left hand shot out at his cheek only to stop an inch away. Merlin's hand gripped her wrist painfully tight as she tried to pull it away. She released her sword and raised her other hand to hit him. He held both her wrists forcefully as she struggled to get them free. He started to walk her backwards as she fought against his surprisingly strong grip.

Her back hit the wall breaking her struggle. He pushed her hands against the wall either side of her head. She looked up at his face, shrouded in darkness now. She raised her chin high showing she wasn't afraid. He looked down at her, a smirk beginning to emerge. Her anger grew as he smirked at her; only she was allowed to smirk. She started to wriggle around, forcing Merlin to step closer, their bodies touching. She gasped.

Merlin didn't seem to notice her reaction as he pressed her hands further into the wall. He took a deep breath trying to calm down. It wasn't working, Morgana just made him so angry. He had tried to help her and she threw it back in his face, making him feel like nothing. He continued to grapple with his emotions.

Morgana started to lean forward, pushing herself up against Merlin. He opened his eyes, not realising they had closed during his emotional torment. He looked down at her, and chuckled at her. A smirk curved his lips.

She stopped suddenly and watched him, her anger coming back in full force. He was laughing at her, and that was not something she took lightly. Her anger and want to wipe that damn smirk of his face caused her to lean forward and pressed her mouth against his. He pulled back in shock. Shoved her harshly against the wall. They scrutinised each other, rage and revulsion dancing in their eyes.

Simultaneously they both surged forward, fusing their lips together. They fought for dominance in the kiss. Merlin pressed his body fully against hers into the wall. She gasped against his lips and he slid his tongue through her parted lips. His right hand moved into her hair, tugging painfully, his left wound around her waist pulling her closer. She clawed at his shoulders and tugged his hair at the nape of his neck. He pulled his mouth roughly from hers and kissed a path down her neck. He stopped at her pulse point, sucking, and then bit down, hard. She let out a gasp that morphed into a moan. Their anger twisted into passion. Leaving their common sense behind they focused only on indulging their darkest fantasies.

He brought his face back up to hers and she captured his lips. Merlin moaned, and this time she took the lead. They pressed against each other, their primal instincts to take over.

Her hands continued to roam over his back. She pushed her hands under his jacket and lifted his tunic. As her hand made contact with his skin he gasped and abruptly pulled away from the kiss.

He walked back until his legs hit a tomb that he proceeded to lean against. Morgana stayed leaning against the wall, trying to make sense of what just happened. They started intently at each other, unsure of how to act. He looked to the floor then glanced up into her eyes, and then she realised they both wanted more. She was about to take what she desired when he jolted. He looked at the crypt entrance, then at her. They stared at each other, waiting for the other to move. He had to make another choice.

Camelot or Morgana?

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