It was early morning. Nikita thew up for what seemed like the 100th time that week. It had been exactly 8 weeks since she lost the two men she loved and respected. First her father, whom was shot, in return for Michaels son's freedom. Then she said her goodbyes to the only man she had ever truly loved, not knowing when or if they would see each other again. The first few weeks as operations was hell. Nikita had been in charge once before but only for a short time. She had no idea of how stressful the job was or how important it was to mask any emotions at all times. Not to mention the constant pressure from Center.
In the beginning Center was not happy about her being put in charge. The first two weeks they constantly challenged her and attempted to get her killed. After two weeks of that she got sick of it, and threatened to destroy all of the sections. That got them to stop trying to kill her and showed them that she had balls. By the fith week she began getting sick. She had recalled Walter back from the farm, as she needed a friend and someone she knew she could trust. She had him check for virus' or any kind of poison someone could have slipped her. All those tests came out negative. Then she looked at the calender. She was late. The color drained from her face. There was no way...
Two days later she sat in her bedroom in her tower appartment in total shock at what the white and blue stick she was holding said. Pregnant. How could she have been so irresponsible. Children were not permitted to be raised by their parents here, or were destroyed by abortion. She knew she could never abort her child. This would likely be the only child she ever had. She also knew she would fight satan himself to be able to raise her child.
Three weeks after that she was sitting in a doctors office. The doctor was a friend of Walters and someone he trusted. She was in discuise and there under a false name. After a complete exam and bloodwork she was lead into a small room that contained a chair, a lamp, and a computer. A few minutes later she saw her baby for the first time. Her heart melted. The nurse did some calculations and told her that she was about 10 weeks pregnant. Nikita drove back to section and put the mask back on. However anyone who knew her, could tell that something was different. Her eyes held fear, and something many of them hadn't seen in a very long time. In her eyes was hope and defiant fire.